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Lost, S5E15: Follow the Leader

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Just so we're all on the same page...

Sayid and Jack are traipsing through the 1977 jungle with Eloise Hawkings and Richard Alpert; Sawyer, Kate and Juliet are in a sub heading off of 1977 island where they will presumably recreate Three's Company off in the '70s somewhere; Jin, Miles, and Hurley are basically wandering around not knowing what to do next; and Locke is off with 2007 Richard (as well as Ben and Sun) to kill Jacob.

Alrighty, then! That's EXACTLY what we thought was going to happen. Say what you will about this show, it's damn good at going off in directions you couldn't have imagined.

So, it looks like we're back to Hero-Jack. Leader Jack, instead of Janitor Jack or Junkie Jack. Which means only one thing: we're back to "insanely focused on one thing while disregarding what everyone around him is saying" Jack. We've been down this road before with him and a LOT of people wound up dead. We're not feeling very hopeful about Jack's plans to literally blow up the past.

What exactly IS that plan, anyway? Detonating a hydrogen bomb is going to kill everyone on the island, unless we slept through that day of nuclear physics during grade school. Why is someone like Eloise rushing off to do this? Yeah, we get that she wants to erase her murder of her own son (whom she appears to be pregnant with, judging by Charles' little belly caress), but she'd be killing both herself and unborn Daniel just by setting off the bomb. Are we missing something here?

And how exactly is he planning on detonating it anyway? We doubt that was covered in med school. Last week they had Jack set off an explosion by firing a gun at some fuel tanks, a classic movie myth that's been debunked so many times, we half thought the writers put it in there on purpose as a wink to the audience. We can accept it once, but if Jack tries to detonate a hydrogen bomb by firing a gun at it next week, count us out.

We suspect this is why Sayid's tagging along. He always was basically The Professor on this Gilligan-free island, able to whip up or repair pretty much anything mechanical or electronic that comes his way. Of course he can figure out how to set off a hydrogen bomb! He's Sayid, motherfuckers! He kills men with his feet!

So Kate and Jack have another little spat. This time, it's not over whether or not his plan will work; it's over why he would ever want it to work in the first place. Kate brought up good reasons why they shouldn't try to change history, but we couldn't help thinking, "Uh, Kate? 300 dead people, remember? Who gives a shit about you wanting to preserve your little love triangle? Just say it: you don't want to go to jail." And so Jack and Kate SPLIT UP. FOREVER. AGAIN.

If there's one thing Kate's really bad at, it's exits. If she's not literally riding away from explosions or pulling people out of cars she deliberately crashed, then she's getting her childhood sweetheart killed in a hail of police gunfire. The girl can't walk out of a room without setting it on fire. This time, she escapes from the island by almost literally stepping over the dead bodies along the way and jumping into a submarine right smack in the middle of Sawyer and Juliet's profession of love to each other. We originally applauded the writers for recognizing that Kate and Juliet were too smart to get caught up in a hands-off-my-man catfight, but we have to admit that Juliet gave her a look last night of utter hatred and frankly, we couldn't blame her.

Not that Kate's trying to get between them or anything. She just wants out at the moment. But Juliet and Sawyer had been through so much together;much, much more than Jack and Kate ever went through; and it was so sweet, seeing them tell each other again that they've got the other's back. They have seriously replaced Desmond and Penny as Favorite Couple in the Lost yearbook. And we felt doubly bad for Sawyer because he was so proud of himself for being a leader and saving his people and he got what seems to always happen to those who would presume to be leaders on the island: a busted up face and a forced exit from the island. But this is James Ford, people. He may look a little downtrodden and confused now, but it remains to be seen how he's ultimately going to take all these latest developments.

And since this episode is all about the leaders; from the deposed Ben and Sawyer to the revitalized Jack, no discussion would be complete without John Locke. We confess, we have no freaking idea what's going on with him. When he first did the Jesus thing, we liked the new confident, purposeful Locke, but last night he was coming off like crazy Locke again. His gleeful "I've got a purpose now," to Richard was groan-inducing. It just sounded too much like the old Locke to us and let's face it, the old Locke was a bit of a fuckup, wouldn't you say?

Compounding this was the revelation that Jesus Locke sent Richard to time-bouncing Locke with the instructions that he had to get them all back and die in the process. It was a fantastic scene and we all love when the puzzle pieces fall into place on this show, but it opens a can of worms. If we consider that Locke left the island and died, not because it was destiny but because a time-bouncing Locke told Richard to tell him to do so and also consider that Richard appeared in Locke's life for years, checking in on him from the time he was a baby, not because of destiny, but because a time-bouncing Locke told him to do so, and we add to that that Locke failed his first test with Richard (when he was a kid) and it's looking to us like Locke might not be following some grand destiny at all. Locke's just getting bounced around by the island and he's got delusions of grandeur about it. We could be wrong about that but Richard seems awfully skeptical of Locke's place in the hierarchy.


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That was a crazy episode. So what does it mean? Sawyer and Juliet back to the real world? And Kate trying to get between them? NOT good.

Amanda in Austin

This episode was truly a mind fuck. I am completely "Lost" with all this time jumping stuff.

But I'm glad to see confident Obi-Locke back in action, and can't wait to find out Richard Alpert's back story. Why doesn't he age like everyone else?

This is what I want to know.Why are there so many torture experts on the island? When the Dharma people wanted James and Juliette to talk, why didn't they give them the acid? And why didn't they just tell the truth anyway, with absolutely nothing to lose..

This episode just epitomizes why I can't joyously join the Lost bandwagon, although I am constantly battered by friends, co-workers and children who love it. I thought the TLo commentary might get me over the hump by showing it in a new light.

But no. I can't embrace the random inscrutability of so much of it. I remain tone deaf in the concert hall.

I know, Sewing Siren! I hoped that William Sanderson would make a encore appearance last night. I also don't know why they didn't drug the Dharma people on the sub for the return trip. Or do they only get drugged on the trip to the island?

As for Locke commanding Richard to talk to himself to get him back to the island to command Richard to talk to himself... That whole part kinda smacked of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure": "If you're me, what is my favorite number?" "69, dude!!!"

Well...BECAUSE of TLo...I went and bought all 4 seasons on DVD...and I finally catched up to last night's episode...I am totally hooked on this show and enjoy reading the past accounts through TLo...I especially love the 'WHAT WE KNOW' - 'WHAT WE DON'T KNOW' recaps. For this episode...I was a bit disappointed, only because I've been swimming in Lost for a few weeks now...and I just wanted more. A friend of mine at work thinks that detonation of the H-Bomb will be contained by the 'force' that's under the Temple & Smokey. She thinks it will short out the time skipping, and Oceanic 815 will land in LA as it was supposed to - and that Season 6 will all be about where their lives WOULD have gone. Crazy, I know...but fascinating theory. Me? I think the bomb won't go off, but the leaking radiation will somehow interact with electro-magnetic energy to return the displaced to their time. Damn...this is deep and I'm loving every minute of it!!!


Things are really getting wild now, aren't they? But I still love my man Locke and believe he is destined for greatness. Ben was his usual underhanded self, playing both sides of the fence with Locke and Richard. And I love Richard -- always good to see him. And we got to see Sayid again! Woo hoo! Gotta love that. I agree Jack needs Sayid to put his plan into effect because he can talk a good game, but he really doesn't know what he's doing, usual. And I hate Kate. Still.

Crazy episode. It's about time the writers truly mess with our heads again. Things were getting too predictable lately, even though it was enjoyable to watch things starting to come together.

After this episode I was like "waaaaaaaahhhh". Which is good because I have no idea what's going to happen.

Juliette is an amazing actress. That look she had when Kate came on the sub was spot on.

I agree with you best new couple. However, Penny and Desmond had their moment last season, and this season's couple is different.

I still <3 Penny and Desmond, but I don't think we're going to see much of them until next season. remember Eloise said Desmond wasn't finished with the island. I doubt they will be developing that bit until next season.

I'm starting to think it's the losties that caused the war between dharma and the others. Just seems like there was a truce until they showed up.

Are the Losties the good guys or are they just a bunch of people who ruin things for other people?

We'll see. I don't think Jack's plan is going to work, but maybe it will change things and some people will come back from the dead? Eloise was very intent on having things happen the way they did. It seems like something really important must happen that doesn't result in misery.

All I can say is WTF, y'all. WTF!!!!

That Locke (tell me what I want to hear) thing better make sense soon or I'll be really mad.

It keeps getting better and better. My bf and I were like WTF? WTF? the entire time.

I thought Charlie was Gilligan...Would that make Rose and Bernard the Howells?

That leader memo you guys are talking about, someone needs to send it to Locke stat because like you said leaders get it bad in the end! And I agree he is getting a little umm annoying.
I'm not a Juliet ( hello her names Juliet i.e. bad at love) and Sawyer fan so the look on Juliet's face in the sub made me gleeful!

I'm just sad to know that Radzinsky isn't going to die in the purge. Maybe Phil will, at least.

Favorite moment: the conversation between Dr. Candle, Miles, and Hurley (Jin didn't really participate) in the forest. I don't know exactly why Dr. Candle started to suddenly think seriously about what Daniel had said, though...

At first I thought that Locke wanted to kill Jacob for full control of the island, but I just remembered! The first time Locke saw Jacob, Jacob asked him for help. I think he's going to kill Jacob to free him?

And for the statue, I was recently looking into Anubis, and I don't think the statue is Anubis. There's a household god named Taweret; she takes the form of a hippopotamus (which is four toed) and is the god of fertility and childbirth...

Another thing that seems connected is how back in 1977? when the statue is in its fine state, people are able to have babies, but cannot in the time zones when the statue is destroyed.

Either you love the inscrutability and WTFness of Lost or you don't. I happen to love it.

Juliet and James are a great couple, and I didn't used to like Juliet. But she is a good person, and Kate is not. Juliet brings out the best in James, and Kate brings out the, um, not-best?

Why did James's face miraculously heal when he got on the sub? Did the Island do it?

I think ol' Locke knows what he's doing. Jack, though, is not a hero. He is at best, a misguided do-gooder. Does he really remember his life before the crash so fondly? He seemed like he was in a sort of hell.

They will need another bomb to detonate the nuke--the Black Rock dynamite might work. Remember "Fat Man and Little Boy"--it takes TWO bombs to make a nuke. They could explode the bomb underground without destroying the Island or killing everyone on it, if they were far enough down. They used to do it in Nevada all the time.

I don't think we should rule out the presence of Anubis though, because I, like the above commenter, think that Locke does know what he's doing. Maybe the Island talking to him is related to the fact that Locke is or has been dead; Anubis, being the god of death, and the island, having been CALLED death can communicate with Locke because of what happened to him.

And Locke is the only one of the "leaders" of the others that actually put in enough of a faith to know that he should die and to sacrifice himself for the sake of the island, and for that, he's becomes more special than what Ben was, along with being rewarded with..the knowledge that he seems so sure that the island told him(?). Maybe.

Suzie Smartie Pants

Go goggle John Locke's theory of government- it is a big clue, or at least this government major thinks so, it talks about leaders and free will. Destiny and free will, is that not the repeating theme of the show. Can't wait for the season finale .. but then it will be over six months until it returns.

I really thought Kate was shot.
I actually shouted out with glee.
And of course, my joy was gone a split second later.

Crazy episode indeed. I'm sad that Daniel Faraday died.

"Sewing Siren said...

This is what I want to know.Why are there so many torture experts on the island? When the Dharma people wanted James and Juliette to talk, why didn't they give them the acid? And why didn't they just tell the truth anyway, with absolutely nothing to lose.."

I know, right? Somebody needs to beat the shit out of that asshole, zavinsky or whatever his name is.

Just a couple of sidebar type of things: 1. I kind of didn't like the way Richard Alpert was being all "yes massa" to John Locke. It really spoiled my admiration for that character. He should have been more omniscient like he was in earlier episodes. 2. I really like the Jin/Hurley/Miles trio and the Dr. who's name I can't remember now. It reminds me of the Shakespeare plays with the doofus soldiers talking to their superiors in Much Ado About Nothing. I hope the writers use this scenario again.

I think due to the timing of things (unless we are in another Charolete continuity accident) that Daniel has already been born when they go to set off the bomb. If mom was 17 in the 1950's, then she is already at least 40. Most women have children earlier than that. And if Daniel was born in 1978 or later, he would only be around 30 and I think he looks older than that.

Can't wait to see what happens next week!

Worst thing about the show right now = knowing Radzinsky lives through all this.

I *loved* that callback when Hurley was asked who the president of the US is in 1977!

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