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January Jones in Harper's Bazaar UK

Betty Draper appears in a Harper's Bazaar UK editorial in the June 2009 issue, photographed by Paola Kudacki

Givenchy Spring 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Sigrid Agren

Giambattista Valli Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Anna Selezneva

ChloƩ Spring 20009 Collection
Model: Raquel Zimmerman

If we don't get this out of the way first, we're going to burst: that Giambattista Valli, while pretty fabulous, does look like something we would use to exfoliate ourselves. Having gotten that out of the way...

The last time we talked about Miss Jones, we pointed out that, even though she's a beautiful girl, she needs a little extra something in her styling because young, thin, and blonde is about as basic a look as you'll find among Hollywood starlets. Whoever she hires to style her should take a look at these pictures. We can understand why, as an actress, she'd want to stay away from the ice-cold Hitchcock blonde look (since that's what Betty Draper is), but the fact of the matter is, a slightly retro vibe serves her very well, taking her from just "pretty blonde" to "hardcore goddess." Sleek hair, low-key makeup and tailored looks are the way to go, January. Make a note of it.

Also, she looks much better in profile than she does straight on. We're not loving the cover but all the interior shots are gorgeous.

Photography: Paola Kudacki
Stylist: Alison Edmond

[Photos: - Scans: The Fashion Spot]

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The exfoliation dress is my favorite. By far.
How long has it been since an actual model has been on the cover of a major fashion magazine?

I looked at the G-V dress and immediately thought "poodle". I think she's too generic looking in these shots. She's definitely better served with retro styling.

Enhhh...have no idea who she is.

The Chloe just looks baggy and saggy on the model.

Plus I've seen this silhouette over a million times. Nothing interesting about it.

Didn't Suede have a dress like the second one in his BP show?

I notice the dresses more than the girl (which may or may not be a bad thing).

Love the Givenchy. I think she looks great; much better than anything else I've seen her in before.

"Anonymous said...
Enhhh...have no idea who she is."

She's on Mad Men on AMC (See Tlo's posts about Mad Men).

the Givenchy dress is really awful. It looks messy and uneven. I prefer the exfoliation dress.

and while I agree that her makeup looks understated and good, I vote for just a bit of pink on the lips. Please oh please?

I think the Giambattista Valli dress looks much better on her, maybe it's the angle, I don't know, but on the model it looks like half a loofah.

a third laura

i think the retro makeup serves her well but am torn about the styling.
as Scarlet said, the dresses are the focal point, not the girl wearing them.

an interesting contrast to the spread of Alex Wek.

please tell me she wears colours sometimes on the show.

The Giambattista Valli poodle dress looks like the sister to my fuzzy bathmat.

She's fabulous!

I can't wait for the next season to start.

I wish they had used more color. It's Spring, no?


I love her name.

Very Grace it!

i'm not familiar with her but she looks stunning.

Givenchy - The color is gorgeous on her, but the dress looks sloppily made.

"Did you see those big tears? I really want to get a picture of her crying one day."


"Tlo said: We're not loving the cover but all the interior shots are gorgeous."

I was actually thinking just the opposite. That cover is so much better than most of the recent Harpers' covers here in the US. But I'm not crazy about those interior shots/poses (except the head shot which, if I was the editor, would have been the cover).


'Gorgeous Things said: I looked at the G-V dress and immediately thought "poodle".'

I saw the dress and immediately thought bottle washer.



If we don't get this out of the way first, we're going to burst: that Giambattista Valli, while pretty fabulous, does look like something we would use to exfoliate ourselves.

It is an odd duck of a dress-exfoliator/slash bootscraper.

Her makeup looks great but I can't help but think that her body language is stiff and uncomfortable, especially in the Givenchy. It's like the post you had awhile ago with Eva Longoria Parker and the debate over whether she was too "posey." I think that's how JJ comes off.

Was she a model?

Meh. I'm so over the pale blonde in white look. Washed out and boring. She looks like a piece of paper with eyes.

Meh. They're ok, but how does someone with so little presence become an actress?

"Bailey said...
Meh. They're ok, but how does someone with so little presence become an actress?"

She's truly wonderful in her role as Betty Draper. I'd like to see her doing something else, it'd be really interesting to see how good of an actress she is.

Another Meh. She's kind of Cheryl Tiegs-y. Models make better models than most actresses.

She's a beautiful woman. But nothing in this spread looks good to me. The first interior shot looks like she tripped over those heels and is falling onto the chair. It looks like an action shot of an accident happening.

That Valli looks like a giant white chia pet dress. It's an odd look, like she sprouted white fur on her frontal area. Not appealing.

And the model sporting that wilma looks like she was slapped with a giant wet roll of toilet paper.

ha! i saw the g-v dress and immediately thought "someone needs an appointment for a wax."

she looks looks beautiful, but that dress really cracks me up.

oh well, at least the carpet matches the drapes.

evolutionista wrote:

"oh well, at least the carpet matches the drapes"

HA! I also had a more vulgar view of the GV dress. It's a hoot.

These photos are not speaking to me. I guess you need a model to do a model's work.

she really looks like she is falling and not posing in that inside shot

Sewing Siren: This month's Vogue has 9 models on the cover. But your point is well received. Vogue puts models on the cover every so often but now it's always group shots.

GothamTomato said... "I saw the [G.V.] dress and immediately thought bottle washer.

Me too.

I thought she looked good in the dresses, and I thought they looked better on her than on the runway (though that is as much photographer, set & lighting as model, I think.) But I also agree with those who found the full body shots somehow "off" - not quite awkward or stiff, but approaching it. I toyed with the idea that it might be the hair-caught-mid-toss juxtaposed with the very mannered mid-century liquor ad clothes & styling that struck me as off.

Or maybe I'm being over-critical

I'm really startled at how a gorgeous woman can look so generic. She's not a woman who looks great in everything, and somebody had a great eye to cast her as Betty Draper, where the look suits her so much more. I like the third photo here best, I think. She does indeed have a great profile.

Funny about the varied reactions to the Giambattista Valli dress. MY first thought was that it looks like the brush I bought at the health food store for scrubbing vegetables.

I hardly recognize her in the cover photo.

For those of you who don't watch Mad Men, what about the movie, "Love Actually"? January was one of the girls Colin (I think that's the character's name) met and with whom he stayed during his Milwaukee, WI adventure.

5/19/09 8:17 AM said

Didn't Suede have a dress like the second one in his BP show?

LOL, that's exactly what I thought of with the Cloe piece.

Ever notice how many designer's (Including Michael Kors)garments are starting to look like Project Runway rejects with more expensive fabrics?

I just find her so generic and her ice princess acting on Mad Men does well for her there but the only two other things I've seen her in (a 'Law & Order' and something else) has her doing exactly the same brittle acting style.

She does absolutely nothing for me (and neither do these photos).

Love the GV dress : )

If you want to see JJ in 200+ different looks, all colors and styles, go to: My fav. is #148, multi-color black wrap dress with zig zags piping of every color. She has a very malleable face. She looks different in each look, and you will see lots of color on her face in these pictures. The worst pic was the MET gala dress recently in TLo's blog; it made her long torso look awful. She knows how to dress. Check out the pics.

She is gorgeous in moving images on TV. We're talking goddess. But I have to say that all the photos I've ever seen her in are hugely forgettable, including these ones. Exactly the opposite of Kate Moss. I guess that's why one is a TV actress and one is a model.

Not liking the one shot where she takes on a Cameron Diaz look, but otherwise, it's not "bad". I just don't think they did January any true justice

I actually like the photos. She looks sexy.

She's a beautiful young woman but her face does not photograph "beautiful." I'm thinking of some of the other "icy blondes" like Grace Kelly, with her incredible bone structure, and JJ just doesn't have that. I think that is one reason that this monochromatic look doesn't do her justice.

Pretty girl, but the spread is nothing special. The dresses are just ok.

She looks gorgeous and I am glad that she got such a high profile gig. I love her hair and make up and therefore the pictures that are focused on her face.

Neither the runway nor the editorial clothes excite me, although I like the Chloe. I was meh on Chanel's resort collection that TLo just profiled, but if the HB editors were looking for whites they should have pulled from Chanel's last couture collection.

I never heard of her before but she is definitely a very beautiful woman. The pictures though look awkward. Maybe posing is not her strength, maybe the photographer sucked - whatever happened, the pictures sre meh.

I think she looks stunning. Probably the second best photo shoot I've seen of her, after the Vanity Fair one she did.

She's gorgeous and I do know who she is : )

" ULLE said...
Was she a model?"

Yes, she made her first mark as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Blayne's caterpillar crotch was simply ahead of its time.

Oh my gaaawd, the exfoliation the side-on photo of January, it looks like a growth. Yikes.

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