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It's Very Uli

Darlings, if you're anything like us (and you should be) then you miss PR season 3's Uli Herzner.

Luckily, has a series of videos that demonstrate why we all love the adorable German Beach Princess and they're called "It's Very Uli." And y'know? It really is. Enjoy.

"Fashion designer and stylist, Uli Herzner, takes us into her world of beautiful, printed dresses, gorgeous models, and friendly, talented people":

"In this segment, Uli spends the day at the beach as she styles a group of models for a well-known, beer company which must remain secret (see if you can figure it out). Unfortunately, only Uli's wit seems to be going well this day":

"Uli Herzner heads to a red carpet, star-studded, lingerie fashion show gala; and later she makes her way to Gen Art's newest venture, Fashion Escape, where two of Miami's new and best designers showcase their work, but first Uli must finish her dress!":

EDITED TO ADD: Whoops! Embedding the videos totally screwed up our front page. Go here to view all 3 or click on the pictures above.

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Uli is my all-time favorite! Thanks for these!

Yay! Uli news is always welcome.

She's fabulous -- as always.

She's just the Uli-timate! <-- sorry, that sucked, huh?

Anyway, she knows her look, she knows her clients, she knows how to style and the clothes look clean and simple (very German) while the prints are bursting with wit, colour and movement (very Miami).

I'd actually love to see what she'd come up with if she moved to NY. I'd expect more muted colours and heavier fabrics but I think her four-season weather style would be just as fabulous as her Miami Beachy Stuff.

She's one of those designers who I like very much and would not buy any of her clothes even if I could.

I like them but I just don't think they'd translate well out of a certain geographic area.

But when they're in their element, they are beautiful.

Still want to see her NY collection, though. I think I'd be much more inclined to buy something from that since I'm the the geographic area that's heavy with rain, cool sunny days and periodic snow.

She really is one of the most likeable and dependable contestants in the show's history and I would give cat-butt face to anyone who didn't think she deserves all the good stuff she gets.


I LOVE Ulihertzingermariavontrappoktoberfestheinekenichbineindeutschlandrammstein!

That was fun! Glad to see she's doing well. It's nice to follow up and see what the designers are doing after the show ends for them.

Love her!!!

She's so much fun and I love her prints.

Uli is one of my favorite designers of all seasons. Glad she's doing well.

"Anonymous said...
She's one of those designers who I like very much and would not buy any of her clothes even if I could.
I like them but I just don't think they'd translate well out of a certain geographic area."

Yes, but if you are in that "certain geographic area" you would love her stuff. Not everything piece of garment has to fit all and be appropriate for every region of the planet.

She's darling. It's nice to see she's going strong.

Hey TLo, do you guys know where I could find Uli's swimsuit/dress from her finale show (she was robbed!) You know the one I'm talking about, the audience about had a stroke when the model unhooked the skirt and revealed the swimsuit beneath it. I want to buy it but have not had luck finding it online.

Ulrike is the best! Even though I don't know that I would wear(or could pull off) her beachy clothing, I do think it's beautiful.

I would love to be friends with her and sit on a porch drinking homemade smoothies while talking in a mish mash of German and English.

La la la la~
La la la la~
Uli's world!

I really didn't like the outcome that year of PR. Both Uli and Laura had distinct points of view and cohesive collections, and then Jeffrey wins. He had a few stunning pieces but was just scattershot. Both Uli and Laura fall into that category of designer who makes a statement about herself as a woman with her designs. Uli's aesthetic was for the beach and the warm climates, and Laura's was more urban, society style, but both were great. Uli needs to do a line of resort wear pronto.

Post of the year :) I commented a few months back, asking for an update on her career, so this was very welcome.

I always liked Uli she seemed so natural and unaffected and thats how she comes across in the videos.

I hope she will be more and more successful in future.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)


She's so sweet!!!!

" Anonymous said...
Post of the year :) I commented a few months back, asking for an update on her career, so this was very welcome."

Same here, I even sent an email to TLo : )


She was always so cool and relaxed in the workroom with Laura and Michael.

I miss PR. Sigh.

I like these updates with past Project Runway designers. Do more please!

I love her! Where can I buy her clothes? I've been looking for her website forever!

Aw. I finally got chance to watch the videos.

"The beer is safe"

What a doll.

Uli is adorable. I enjoyed watching these, thanks.

LaFemmeFatalede NY

" Anonymous said...
I'd actually love to see what she'd come up with if she moved to NY"

I remember TLo asking her (some old post) and she said that she'd missed the beach, the dolphins... : )

I think she's happy where she is doing what she does. I just wish I could find her clothes here in NY.

Remember crazy Vincent designing for her mother? And Tlo's post about Heidi translating what she had said? That was so much fun.

She's uli-licious!!!

Ich liebe dich, Uli!!!!!

ULI!!! I love how she uses color and crazy patterns. Check out the dress she's wearing to the party, third video I think, she looks awesome.

Uli is awesome.I wasn't a big fan of hers in the beginning, but she grew on me. She has an amazing eye for color and prints.


I've been wondering about Uli, so this is a great update. Loved her prints, and her final collection for PR3.

I love the dress she's wearing in the first picture. Uli. Uli. Uli. She's adorable, isn't she?

I love, love, love Uli's look and I'm happy that she's doing well. She is one of my all time favorites from Project Runway.

Oh. And her final collection was exquisite. She was robbed.

Oh there she is! She looks happy, and kittens, that's important. Go Ulrike!

It was nice seeing Jeanna from Real Housewives of OC wearing an Uli dress on the finale of the last season. It looked so good on full-figured Jeanna, which is why we love Uli so much.

Sewjourner said...
Oh. And her final collection was exquisite. She was robbed.

5/19/09 10:14 AM

Well, that's what happens in PR world when you follow the rules and do your own sewing.

It's so nice to see someone looking like they enjoy their work. I love her clothes, though they are mostly not my style.

Her photo shoot with Brazilian model Ariana reminded me of Harper's Bazaar fashion layouts of my youth, right down to jewelry and hair.

I love Uli! She was one of my favorites from S3. Any news from her is very welcome. Hope she is doing well!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Awwww, I miss Uli too!

Great to see her working. Loved it when she said "not too slutty" about her own 3-hour creation!

Thank you guys for posting this!

These are wonderful! Good for her!

Show some Uli love!

How great is it to see Uli again? She's always been such a delight

Uli! She's so cool and upbeat. And I tend to think when someone makes it to the top three in a show, they've basically won already, it's just that only one person can take home the prize. She's a real winner and she's going to be successful no matter what.

It is so good getting an update on Uli. Now I want to see some Uli designs for "de hawt vedder."

Why hasn't Tim Gunn gotten an Uli line for Liz? She could be a younger, hotter, Lilly Pulitzer. And she's adorable to boot. (No need for a real answer, this is the kind of rank speculation warranted on blog posts. Should you choose to respond, thanks!)

I just realized: Uli did the "maxi dress" way before the rest of the world caught up with her.

I want her clothes! I want her clothes NOW!

I do miss her. You're right!

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