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In or Out: Sharon Stone

Darlings we are so behind on our Cannes posts! We have some major catching up to do.

Sharon Stone attends the 'Inglourious Basterds' Premiere at the Grand Theatre Lumiere during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival.

Balmain Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Anna Selezneva

Oh, Sharon. You crazy old whore. While this is clearly a dress meant to be worn by a woman half your age, it's not as if youth would have made it any more tasteful. It's your basic slutty dress that got caught in some drapes on the way out the door. We'll give her a pass on this one because

a. Crazy, attention-getting dresses are de rigeur at Cannes
b. We kinda like the bodice, and
c. She's Sharon Stone, bitches.


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Absolutely nothing on this outfit works. Hair, makeup, shoes...... slutty drapery... nothing!

OUT, OUT, OUT!!!!!!

Beyonce, half Sharons age, was OUT in nearly the same dress done in sequined fabric. Sharon Stone ROCKS!

The snugness of the skirt and the shine of the satin create an unfortunate set of wrinkles that leaves me thinking either:
A. Sharon Stone has belly pooch, or
B. She's giving us a topographical map in case we're not sure exactly where her lady bits are located (assuming of course that the public is dying to know).

So out. As she is in general.

I first saw it and thought it was totally dated and hideous, and then I saw it on the model where it actually sort-of works. Sharon can't pull this off no matter how good she looks for her age (which she truly, truly does). She is just too old. Out.

(I do like her hair and makeup though. Much better than usual.)

I'll give her a pass because this is Cannes. IN


"She's giving us a topographical map in case we're not sure exactly where her lady bits are located (assuming of course that the public is dying to know)."

All they need to do is watch Basic Instinct!

At least Sharon had the sense to wear far better shoes than the ones the model was sporting. But, yeah, my first impression was "mutton dressed as lamb" even if the mutton is looking fabulous. Would it kill her to drop the hem a few inches? But, hey, it's Sharon Stone.

In general I'm not a fan of short dresses with all that fabric in the back. The bodice is nice but it's an OUT for me.

I never got the "She's Sharon Stone, bitches!" argument. She's no Tilda Swinton or Madonna to me, and I think she just looks crazy/slutty here. Sorry, but OUT.


Just because you CAN wear something doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Such desperation. I'd rather remember her Gap tee at the Oscars and other positive highlights from her fashion-past.

Haha good call guys.

If the main part of the dress were a few smidges longer, I would be in love with it.

i don't care for the dress but i'd be lying if i said i didn't want to look that good at her age.

I wonder if she shaved her meow-meow, you know, just in case.

Dress OUT, Hair OUT, Shoes IN!

On a positive note her hair looks less wiggy than on her last T.Lo appearance.

So not a fan of the poohing fabric out the ass look.

Dump the rear curtain and lower the hem two inches, and this would be a surprise winner.

As it is, OUT. So what if she's Sharon Stone? No excuses, bitches!

Is that top too tight? It's smooshing her left boob or something. There's a strange crease there, and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be there..

Eh, she looks slutty, but at least she doesn't look crazy.

In, just because she looks somewhat sane haha.

Ick. Hell to the no. Out.

woo-hoo! Bring on the Crazy! I love the Sharon. IN bitches! (Hey if La Jolie can wear that ugly ass Morticia Addams and get a pass...)

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Did Demi Moore design it?


The new perfume by Sharon Stone...because desperation has a scent all its own.

Tlo, you guys are a riot. You make my day a lot.

Hellooooo 1988!

Joan Crawford needs to just stop right now.

Beaucoup de toot!

"Is that top too tight? It's smooshing her left boob or something. There's a strange crease there, and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be there.."

She has pitties.

It is just way too short and too tight. That's all.

the camera woman in the background of the first shot looks extremely concerned: "her ass is wrinkled but her face is smooth beyond recognition! bon sang!"
as for me, i'm kind of enjoying it. it's not every day you see batshit crazy parading in cannes.

too many cats

I'm so tired of ugly knees.

Th dress is meh. I think Demi Moore wore it back in the 80s. But the shoes are a total IN! Whose are they, darlings? Manolos?

Me, Myself and Anonymi

OUT. Great look for her 20 years ago.

Now, not so much.

Gorgeous Things on 5/23/09 at5:24 PM said> The dress is meh. I think Demi Moore wore it back in the 80s.

Demi wore a different version except her get-up had a no skirt! It black spandex bicycle pants.

I do not think Rachel Zoe styled Demi for that 80's occassion! LOL! LOL!


OUT. I am getting the sinking feeling that very, very soon Ms. Stone is going to be revealing to us what Nancy Reagan would have looked like had her taste been, well, slutty. Ms. Stone is gradually getting those wiry, skinny old limbs.

The model looked beyond fab. Aside from looking like Charro (a near baldie version thereof) I immediately noticed the crushed quality of the dress (remember Laura Bennet's "french maid" dress whose white flounce was crushed in a transatlantic flight and unfortunately was pronounced DOA by the judges? After being stunned at the ultra mini length of the skirt of this dress on SS (how does one move or sit in such a dress without pulling a "crazy Brittney"?) I next noticed the sadness of all the bows and train. No joy in this house. So why bother? OUT

Meant to say model looked beyond fab; all the rest is about SS's version.

I'm a huge fan of entertainers, like Cher, who know the red carpet is a place to steal attention by wearing something outrageous. However, this outfit is less outrageous and just couture that's wrong for her age. She wears another black dress at a different Cannes red carpet event, and looks really glamorous.

Yea...she's Sharon Stone and any frock other than crazy slutty, especially in Cannes would certainly disappoint. That being said, this is just an idiotic dead look. It's never worked on anyone. Period. Her facelift/Botox/Bitch regime for her face is F'ing Fabulous, however!

Ghetto Prom dress circa 1989.

I think I wanted this dress in 9th grade (1988).

That said, I LOATHE clothes worn out of season. Why, why, why is this happening? I feel like there's been a lot of it lately, and I fear the day when, while reading Marie Claire in line at the grocery store, I'm told: "Your down jacket! The great new look for summer!"

How much crack are you guys smoking?

A big ol' OUT! She just won't go quietly into the night and insists on trying to look 20 sumpin. While her makeup and hair are nice this time and her shoes are to die for the dress is too damn short and mod for her. She always just tries too too hard. It's a rather awkward pose the way her feet are positioned.


I'm calling it:


Well...I kinda like it, although I do think it looked better on the model. In.

"Demi wore a different version except her get-up had a no skirt! It black spandex bicycle pants.

I do not think Rachel Zoe styled Demi for that 80's occassion! LOL! LOL!"

Tampa, Demi designed that "dress" herself! I guess she was ahead of her time. lol

Hey, why go quietly? Why not go out kicking, screaming, and getting all the attention that you so crave?

It's OUT but Sharon, never change! You're a force of nature, like Cher!

And the weird wrinkling doesn't indicate a "pooch"--the model has it, too.

How come it looks longer on the model?

i'm not dorothy gale

LOOK at me! Look at ME! LOOK AT ME!

Just because you have people filling and freezing your face and doing God only knows what to your body DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE 25.

I see Sylvia Miles in the rearview mirror.

I wondered if you'd do this one!

Nah. The dress is a mess.It could work for Sharon as an open coat/cape drape thingie with a catsuit underneath. Or sans overcoat drape thingie but wearing the dress (you're right, boyz. The bodice is good) tight down cocktail length to mid-knee with a big ol' slit up the back.

Either of those would be better. I think.

The more I follow fashion, the more I realize that I desperately want to meet a designer from the House of Balmain.

So I can SMACK THEM. Not. A. Fan.


First I see her tummy, then her hips (what hips? It's the dress that makes her look this way). Then I notice how much skin she's showing and think - wow she looks pretty good for her age. Most likely not the thoughts she was going after.

I like the shoes.

That's it.


really? I think the Duchess said it best when he said "slutty slutty slutty" Even if it Sharon Stone.

It's more like a small bath towel that a ruffled shear curtain became caught in. I really don't want to see Sharon Stone getting out of the shower.



Everything is a big IN except for the length of the dress, but damn she still has great gams.

She is Sharon Stone; but that doesn't mean she can wear that. She's out. OUT, OUT; OUT!

Furthermore; she needs some gays so she doesn't look like a desperate cougar.

call me crazy but I think she looks great. Have you seen how she's been looking this past year? While Sharon will nevr be demure (and would we want her to be?) this is the best I've seen her look in a long while. Yes it's short, yes it's tight ... this is Sharon's what she does...

Friend, you said "that's what she does". Hon, her modem is clothes that molest her. And that is not good.

TLo started off the blog correctly.

Something is wrong with that girl (as Jed Clampet used to always famously say about Jethro: "there's something wrong with that boy"). SS is a double naught fashion icon. I guess she wears her I.Q. not her shoe size. A legend in her own mind.

Slutty, slutty, slutty. OUT!

as great as her legs are, and yes they are fab, she is far too old for this dress. OUT

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sharon Stone possesses the kind of delusional self-confidence that I wish I had myself. Unfortunately for her, what she lacks is someone who will say to her, 'You are not leaving the house looking like that.'

She's gotten to the point where dressing so far under her age range starts to look desperate, and the little procedures are becoming apparent.


She's both in and out. Literally

I won't repeat anything that's already been said, but I will ask this:
why, o why, do these people sport tan lines? Didn't anyone teach then halter-top tan line avoidance 101?

icky! and it has bows!

no thanks -- OUT!!

Age inappropriate, but still IN.

It would be better if the dress was a little longer, fit better and was less frou-frou / peplum-y.

Great legs, Fab Shoes, good hair and make up.

She is "working it" much better than she did at the Oscars, but there is still room for improvement. [armchair psychology] Oddly enough, even though she is not a spring chicken, I think she has a confidence problem (or just doesn't want to be there). [/armchair psychology]

I love how the short woman in the background has the "WTF?!" look.

The dress and face don't go together. She's looking skinny-old, and her lack of subcutaneous fat is adding years to her actual age. This too youthful dress is merely making matters worse. Plus you can drive a truck through the gap in her legs.


I actually like it on the model...on Ms. Stone however...NO NO NO. You're too old, honey.

I'm not getting the concept of the dress. It makes the wearer look like a peacock in mourning.

I confess that the runway shot looks pretty good but that's because you're not looking at it from the side so you miss the entire bird's tail thing.

Bitches, you crack me up! I love that you gave her an IN and all the reasons why you did it.

But I know YOU know this is a big 'out', for all the reasons you said it was out.


She's IN. The bitch is FABULOUS!!!!

Needs to dress her age. This is really pathetic.

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! You all are so funny- feel free to make fun of me anytime :)

I would adore this dress if the skirt were, oh, knee length?

I may be in the minority here, but I think it's an IN (which surprises me, because she is usually a total OUT in general).

Hated it when Beyonce wore it and hate it just as much now. Both ladies are lovely and deserve better. And most of Balmain's Fall collection was interesting in a good way.

Oh yes, she's in! It's Canne, bitches. Starlets, tackiness, topless beaches. She totally achieved the look she was going for. congrats to her.

Now this is how you're supposed to wear that dress.

IN IN IN!!!!

You go Sharon! I love you :)

I wouldn't know what to think if Sharon suddenly started wearing age-appropriate clothes. I'd probably blow up the pictures to look for signs of alien/government influence.

Normal Actress Standards: OUT!
Crazy Old Whore Standards: IN!

It looks like a 1950's Jantzen one piece bathing suit with a train.

This dress is clearly meant for someone with much narrower hips. It looks better on the model because you can see that the draping actually start at the side of the hips and is not just in the back. The way Sharon is wearing it, it looks like a mini skirt having diarrhea...

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