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In or Out: Penelope Cruz

Let's make one more swing through Cannes, shall we?

Penelope Cruz attends the 'Broken Embraces' premiere at the Grand Theatre Lumiere during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival.

Marchesa Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Kiki Kang

We're not quite sure what's going on here. Marchesa is normally not to our taste - too ethereal, too drapey-foldy constructed, WAY too "THIS DRESS WAS MEANT FOR THE RED CARPET!" But we can usually admit that, for what it is, it's done well and quite often the dresses are pretty.

This is another pretty dress, for the most part. It's a lovely color (even if it is a little bridesmaid) and because it's Marchesa, it drapes beautifully. But what the hell is going on with that bust? We realize that a bust like that needs some major behind-the-scenes architecture in order to stay in place, but it's SO stiff-looking and so... far away from her actual boobs that it looks more like an armored breastplate than the bodice of a red carpet gown. There's this weird disconnect between the floaty, wispy bottom of the dress and the rigid, overconstructed top.

We don't know. It's weird. You judge it.

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It looks like there is aluminum foil under the purple fabric.

I don't like it.

That dress looks like a broken embrace, if you ask me.

Poor lady had food poisoning, which makes her look a little pealie-wallie herself.

Agreed that the bust has fit issues, and I think it's making the adorable Cruz look waistless, somehow.

Looks like she could hurt someone with that bodice.

Don't like the dress anyway. Prommy.

too bad we can't get a camera from a birds-eye-view. Everyone taller than her (which would be most people) must get quite a peep-show, unless she has blocked the view with something.

oh, maybe that is where the aluinium foil comes in russellH88.

Are some of these pictures of the newlyweds?
If so, she has done two downtrades:
Tom Cruise to nobody
Nobody to unhappy guy in ill fitting tux.

If that's her husband acting possessive, he's so rich he should look better in custom clothes. If he's not her husband, ????

The dress is such a pretty color, but it makes her look really thick wasted. It looks poorly made. OUT.

"too many cats said...
Are some of these pictures of the newlyweds?
If so, she has done two downtrades:
Tom Cruise to nobody
Nobody to unhappy guy in ill fitting tux."

isnt she dating javier bardem? i would call that trading up.

Umm..."Too Many Cats" you are thinking about Salma Hayek. Penelope here is not married.

I think I would like the dress more if P hadn't been sick so that her spirit was there. As is, it is just okay. I think it would have been more interesting in another color. Maybe deep purple?

And yes, she is definitely dating Javier and it is a major upgrade.

That's Pedro Almodovar.

Dress: Out. Way out, like the bustline.

I still hate that awful Marchesa "models in pretty dresses after a night in the slammer" show.

I like the dress, but perhaps the fitter got Penelope mixed up with Selma Hayek too. The bust of this dress looks like it is about 5" away from her body.
Other than that IN.

too many cats
5/29/09 11:45 AM Are some of these pictures of the newlyweds?
If so, she has done two downtrades:
Tom Cruise to nobody
Nobody to unhappy guy in ill fitting tux.

If that's her husband acting possessive, he's so rich he should look better in custom clothes. If he's not her husband, ????

That's Pedro Almodovar,Spanish director (All About My Mother, Volver, Live Flesh, etc.).

He considers Penelope to be his muse, and is as gay as pink cookies in a plastic bag.

So he ain't her husband.

Tom in Chicago

"Hi. I'm Penelope Cruz. And these are my breasts."


The too purple, too sparkly, and weird fit all make it look like a blown up Barbie dress.

Poor thing looks like she still wants to heave. Could be she doesn't like it, either!

The dress is meant to fit a woman who is bigger than Penelope -- taller, and broader through the chest and shoulders. She's lost inside it. It's a pretty dress in the wrong size.

Wrong for her. Wrong for Cannes.


--Sally in North Bend

This dress is exactly to PC's taste, looks exactly like her "look". She makes it work, it is too PR-Austin Scarlett for me, but my opinion is nada. She likes it.

If you're going to design a diaphonous dress, why make the bodice into a shield?

And what RussellH88 said.

Thank you, Brooklyn Bomber. I'm a huge Pedro Almadovar fan, although I'm not a fan of his tux.


I'm not liking this on Penelope-There is something about the construction of the dress. The bust is odd, and it almost makes her look thick around the middle.

Not the best choice

It makes her chest look like the prow of a ship.

Out! That breastplate armature is too much. It's crooked and Miss Cruz looks like she's about to pass out from the terror of it all.

I say OUT.

The style of this dress is PERFECT for Ms Cruz as well as the color.

The fit is OFF.

As well as the gentleman with the bad fitting suit.....

Agree....when your boobs are facing one way and the bodice is staring at the opposite direction? Not good.


Way too heavy on top. First couple of shots looks like Pedro is helping to hold the bodice up. She's wearing someone else's prom gown.


That stiff bulky bust look never works. It's seperate from her breasts, like a hard casing that really isn't holding them right.

Bad fit. OUT.

The dress SCREAMS Marchesa - " Marchesa is normally not to our taste - too ethereal, too drapey-foldy constructed, WAY too "THIS DRESS WAS MEANT FOR THE RED CARPET!"
They are right and she is out.

I think had she not had food poisoning she would have looked a million times better. Her tummy was probably so tender from being so sick she didn't wear the usual sculpting foundation under it to give her a smaller waist.

I bet this dress really stood out on the hanger before she even wore it. Can't imagine how you'd pack it.


OUT. I like the color on her, but the dress? No. It's simultaneously stiff and drapey. Not a good combination.


I think the dress is working on the model, it has a very statuesque look on her very petite frame.

But out in the real world, if even Penelope Cruz can't pull it off, then its not well-designed. The bust looks like it is badly papier-mached with gum wrappers.

Also, can we talk about her hair... YUCK. Greasy on the top, frizzy on the bottom, like a bad mullet.


all i have is three-letter words for this.

I'm an engineer, so fashion is well beyond me. To me, the bodice looks like an elaborate railroad-bridge truss system. While it's great for bridges, not so good for dresses. Further, it contrasts too much in style with the bottom of the dress.


I hate the criss-crossy mess.


That dress would have been much more beautiful without the aluminum foil stuff. It just ruins it. If this had been made on PR, Nina would have told the designer that she needs to learn to edit her shit.

The fit on Penelope is awful. I don't know what is going on with that bust, and she looks very thick-waisted in that dress.

I think she probably fell in love with this dress and decided she had to wear it no matter what and even the mirror couldn't convince her otherwise.

Reluctantly, OUT.

Penelope Cruz usually does these hugely dramatic gown so well. But even though the color is magnificent and the draping so elegant, this dress just doesn't work on her for all of the above reasons.

too many cats

Thank you for the correction. Didn't PC date Tom C at one time?

I had a mind image of the man behind the mind that has made the Almodovar films. That image has now been shattered, probably for the better. This also explains their enthusiasm for each other.

I agree, it stands to far out from her body and looks very thick. I also think it makes her look thick through the middle, which, I'm sure she isn't. Not very flattering, although I like it on the model.

too many cats said...
Are some of these pictures of the newlyweds?
If so, she has done two downtrades:
Tom Cruise to nobody
Nobody to unhappy guy in ill fitting tux.

If that's her husband acting possessive, he's so rich he should look better in custom clothes. If he's not her husband, ????

You seem to have confused Penelope Cruz w/ Salma Hayek, who married PPR CEO Fran├žois-Henri Pinault on Valentines day, 2009.

Insert snarky similarity admonishment here.

As for the dress, too prom specific for me. But the color is gorgeous.
As is La Cruz!

I think for me a huge head-scratcher is the success of Penelope Cruz as a "glamorous" star.

She is simply unattractive to look at... the lack of space between her nose and upper lip, the disproportionate size of her forehead, and her oddly narrow smile...

I don't get it. And as for the look? Also OUT. Blech.

I really don't mean to sound bitchy, but she just makes no sense to me.

Totally agree, that bust is weird. It's a beautiful dress but it looks far better on a standing-still model than on a real-life person trying to move around in it. Looks like the kind of thing that is made for photographs or sculpture, not the red carpet.


Ellen CA 5/29/09 12:16 PM said:

"It makes her chest look like the prow of a ship."

Exactly my thoughts.

To those who find Ms. Cruz' features less than lovely, that's the beauty of personal taste. I think she is far, far prettier than most actresses. Some of whom others rave about, and I am simply unable to see it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I agree, what the hell is going on with that bust!? Throw the dress at Miss Hayek, she has the boobs to fill that crazy thing out at least. I LOVE Marchesa but the bust is too distracting and I don't think lavendar is her color. OUT

I think she's to big for the dress. And the boob line is weird.

This comment has been removed by the author.

She looks as though she's been TP'ed.

(In case you didn't grow up in the white-trash suburbs, like me: Toilet-Papered.)

Oh, yeah. a bit figurehead.

Does anyone think it makes her look kind of wide in the mid-area? and a little stumpy?

OUT...too beauty queen, pageant looking. Poor PC looks a little green around the gills after that bout with the tummy flu.

I wanted to give her a pass cuz she was ill, but Lord knows she picked the dress out before she got food poisoned. honestly though, i like the dress, i think the fit and tailoring were neglected and that is a shame.

this dress reminds me of reese witherspoon's oscar OUT.

as for penelope herself, i recently netflixed vicki christina barcelona. i know everyone raves about scarlett johansson (although i certainly don't profess to "hate" her), but i find her vaguely horsey and think penelope is just so gorgeous and sassy that I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

so yeah, formerlyanon, it is all a matter of personal taste.

Model: IN (barely)
Penelope: OUT

I like PC's hair, makeup and jewelry. The dress looks good on her at certain angles, but overall there is too much going on with the dress to work on La Cruz. It would probably be a challenge for almost anyone off the runway / showroom. A dress like this helps me understand why people hire stylists - you need to be directed on how to stand, walk, wave, etc. Even your escort needs special instructions.

Marchesa was a bit Jerrell-ified with this dress. It would work better with the existing bodice, but then let the skirt drape a little more simply, rather than all that tucking and swirling.

Reposted to correct an error.

The bodice of that dress looks like it's going to start walking the carpet without her. The dress is definitely wearing her. But I do like the color on her.

I believe that the gentleman with her is Pedro Almodovar. And he don' need to look good, because he is the greatest living Spanish film director.

shes to curvy for this. curves are beautiful but this dress makes her curves not curves but pudginess. this dress is for some skinny bitch. so no.

I think all these comments about the bust of this dress not fitting her are incorrect, mine included.

Take another look. You don't see any air between her and the dress, even from the side. Evidently, the ruching is just so thick that the thing sticks out a mile, like armor. She appears to be fully wedged into the thing.

It's just an unfortunate silhouette, IMO.

Unless that model is on her way to a beauty pageant, out.

On PC it mades her look thick waisted and pale. Out.

That dress is so damn ugly that it's making me angry.

I LOVE Marchesa.

I do not like that bust. Out- she should have noticed.

I recognized Almodovar because I remember him as the cab driver in "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown."

I don't think Penelope is too big for the dress. It's just that it was super styled in the picture with the model. They make a lot of 'adjustments' to make the clothes fit better. The draping also looks much prettier on the model; on the runway it looks kind of puffy rather than crisp and drapey. I imagine that diaphonous fabric can be hard to drape.

I just think this is a dress that doesn't ship well, for one thing.

I think that Penelope is a gorgeous woman with a terrific presence and personality. She's got "it."

If her food poisening was like mine, its possible she lost 15 pounds in one night-who would want to put that thing on after a night of bodily excretions?!

I don't particularly like the colour, the bust is a disaster and the metalic detailing... I'm not sure if it was the lighting or the way it was shot but it's a little too 'Terminator Barbie got hit by a truck on the way to the prom'.

OUT The fit is horrible. That bodice has no connection with her body.

OUT - the bodice thing looks too messy

Out Out Out. I don't like the color on her either. Never mind the bust issue (which is real), the dress makes her look stumpy and dumpy. She looks like an over-aged prom goer.

Hmmmm... I think both sides of the dress need the "sleeve" piece. Something to soften the structure of the bodice.

Or something.

I hate those boobs in that dress.


It doesn't fit in the breasts.
It's like they had her measurements, but it wasn't fitted to her particular shape.
It looks great on the model.

Pedro just looks like Pedro-- kind of schlumpy.

I guess my main issue with the dress is that having the one side shoulder strap makes it appear that her right breast is larger than her left. It looks a bit odd.

gorgeous on the model, but poorly fitted on her

not really an in or out, just kinda blah

It does not fit. Period.

If your dress is two cup sizes bigger than you, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Her legs are not long enough for the drapery to look right.

Miss Heather

Awkward boobage = automatic OUT.

Out! I love the dress, just not fitted properly. Too big in the bust by far, makes her look deflated.

She's with Pedro Almodovar, the wonderful director from Spain, in whose movies she starred in (and the best ones) from the beginning of her career.

I'm not crazy about the dress. It looks like something that belongs in a Disney animated movie. The bodice looks like it just stands up on its own and doesn't move with the dress.

All in all, not one of her better days.

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