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In or Out: Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly attends the Vengeance Premiere at the Grand Theatre Lumiere during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival:

Valentino Spring 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Charlotte di Calypso

We miss Lost already!

This dress, while gorgeous, is not the dress for Evie here. She's definitely got a slammin' bod, but like Jessica Biel, because she has such a fit look to her, not every dress is going to do her favors. She's broad up top and has almost no hips to speak of. We realize that most women would love to have such a "problematic" body, but that's not the point. She looks great in a bathing suit and we have no doubt she looks great naked, but she doesn't look great in this dress.

Plus, we no likee the styling. Hate the hair and the makeup is too heavy. Love the jewelry and clutch, though. OUT, for the sin of not dressing for her bod.

But wait! There's more!

Evangeline Lilly attends the Looking For Eric Premiere held at the Palais Des Festivals during the 62nd International Cannes Film Festival:

Valentino Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen

Now here's a funny thing. Hanging on a rack or walking down a runway, we'd have to say we'd like the first dress way more than this one, but on Miss Lilly, the second dress looks way better. It works with her broad upper half instead of against it and it gives her hips where the other dress took them away. Plus, the color's great on her. Love the hair and makeup, but we're not crazy about the shoes with that dress. Still, it's an IN.

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#1 - Fabric looks too Liberace sofa

#2 - Love the gradual shading

Have no idea who this chick is.

I love that first dress. The second one is not my style, I hate ombre chiffon; it always look retro to me.

I never recognize her without dirt smudged on her face...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the second dress. Oh, my god, I want that dress NOW.
Love her on the second dress, not crazy about the first one period.

In and In. The back of the first dress is to die.

TLo, this rarely happens but I disagree with you on this one. I like the first dress better than the second. However, I must admit I am not crazy about either dress on Ms. Lilly.

I definitely think her hair is wrong in the first look as I do feel it complimenting the dress.

Like the previous poster, I have no idea who Evangeline Lilly is.


MAKE THAT: I definitely think her hair is wrong in the first look as I do NOT feel it complimenting the dress.


totally agree on the first dress, but kudos to her for altering that hideous hem.

2nd dress IN, color is fabulous.

1st dress - borderline OUT, but not because it doesn't flatter her athletic body (I kind of like seeing a gal who looks solid, rather than wispy or billowy busting out of a dress.)

Out because I don't really like the "busting out of a dress," - like bad cover art for sci-fi paperbacks - design. The horizontal strapping and narrow halter effect looks too Barbarella for me to like the dress, even though I do like the fabric, a lot.

I do love ombre...and that shade is lovely. Certainly a better color for her. More shapely, as well. But the hair in #2? Really? that is one ratty-ass ponytail. And babe, you're young and gorgeous, tone down the spackle.

You bitches are rolling : )

First dress: the hem is hideous; good riddance. It looks great on her but I don't know it just doesn't look like her kind of clothes. Well, maybe I'm thinking Kate.
Second dress: Gorgeous on me, on her...

i'm a lost fanatic and i miss it (and your posts) already too!

i think the makeup looks too heavy in both dresses. here and on the show, to me she always looks better when she is more natural. you know, showing the "freckles" and when her hair is down and wavy or curly.

a third laura

It's always a shock to see her glammed up when she consistently looks incredible in sweaty jungle-beaten clothes and a dirty face.

I like where the first look was going, and it gave her a nice neckline, but I can see what you mean about the shoulders. Mostly IN for me.

Prefer the first hairstyle to the severe hairstyle with look #2, which, when paired with clunky shoes and a bondage top that is eating her boobs and neck, is a little OUT for me.

How anyone can read this blog and not know KATE when they see her is both not surprising (given her typical state of attire on LOST) and also kind of hilarious.

Oh, my gods! WHY does every single post have people commenting "I have no idea who this person is." WHO reads this blog?! It's about celebrity fashion AND Tom and Lorenzo specifically blog about some of the shows that these actresses are featured on.

That aside (it's been bugging me for weeks), I agree about the first dress but think the same holds true for the second. I think the styling is wrong (still too much makeup AND her severe hair looks weird with the severe bandaged top) and the fit on top makes her shoulders look even MORE athletic.

However, I do like the color and do hate the shoes with it.

(OH, and I LOVE dress one - just not on her - although the view from the back is stunning...)

This is the first time I *strongly* disagree with you guys on one of the In/Outs! I think she looks *gorgeous* in the first dress!! And I even think that the hair and makeup are perfect (the eyes might be a little bit too heavy). I think that the second dress is just "ok".

I do not watch the show "Lost" and because I do not watch the show I do not read TLo's blog on the show. Sorry!


I think the cut outs and apparent lack of a lining make the first dress look cheap (and I know that lace is unbelievably costly). It looks like something a porn star would wear to an awards show.
The second dress looks nice except for skimpy overlap at the front which gives a free show when the wind blows.

Hillary - THANK YOU!!! I don't understand when people say, "no idea who this is," and that's it. Even if you don't know her, this post doesn't have anything to do with that. It's an in or out post!

I've never seen an episode of Lost in my life, never read a Lost blog, but I've seen her on Letterman, or on the cover of People in a doctor's office, or...I dunno, turned on a tv in the last 5 years.

Either way, I'm not offended if you don't know who she is, and I don't care - I'll just never understand the people who bother to click "Add a Comment," just to say that they have no clue who someone is!

I agree mostly with TLo here, except I don't think the first dress is all bad, especially from the waist up. But still an out.

Hillary said: "Oh, my gods! WHY does every single post have people commenting "I have no idea who this person is." WHO reads this blog?! It's about celebrity fashion AND Tom and Lorenzo specifically blog about some of the shows that these actresses are featured on."

Yes! Thank you! If you are not sure who the featured "celeb" is, then please go to google first! Comments like the ones Hillary references just clutter the blog, when we are supposed to be discussing clothes, styling etc

Um, since when do you have to know who the person is to comment on the clothes?

Where did this rule come from? Because *I* never saw TLo post it.

"Um, since when do you have to know who the person is to comment on the clothes?

Where did this rule come from? Because *I* never saw TLo post it."

you don't! But you also don't need to tell everyone you don't know who it is!

5/19/09 3:31 PM "Um, since when do you have to know who the person is to comment on the clothes?

Where did this rule come from? Because *I* never saw TLo post it."

you don't! But you also don't need to tell everyone you don't know who it is!

Nonsense. You don't set the standards here.

Not a fan of dress #1. It looks likes its wearing her and not the other way around. Tis a shame, since I don't know who she is.

Now, if we get to dress #2, I like it, even though her boobs look like their under duress. It looks like VictorYA's evil influence is under way.

Did she have the bottom of the 1st dress changed? The model's version has some type of border. Either way - I like the one Evangeline is wearing.

love the dresses, but they would suit someone more curvy

It may be just the weird camera angle, but I hate what dress 2 is doing to her legs. I don't like that I can almost see her crotch in one shot. Someone tell this girl that you can't stand with such a wide stance in that dress! Especially with cameras around!

I like dress 1 better.

I've been wondering when you will get to do the Cannes festival. Yay! Having said that, I don't have major opinions on these dresses. I kinda sorta like them both, I guess.

I think she looks gorgeous in both outfits! IN and IN!

I have to say that I love the first dress on the model (except the hideous bottom). The model looks absolutely divine in it.
The second dress looks weird b/c of the midriff. It makes both of them (the model and the actress) looking like they are leaning back. Otherwise the dress would be OK.


yeah, i wish i liked the first one, but there is just something about her that calls for a more streamlined look. her body is BANGIN' and needn't be hid by lace and fluffles. the second dress is such a beautiful color, and i think the heaviness of the color on bottom is balanced by the neckline and beautiful detailing on top. i do kind of wish her hair was a little less severe, but i like it better than her weird part in the first look. overall, i would give my first born to look as naturally gorgeous as her.

and yes, i echo previous posts here: if you don't know who the subject is, that's fine, but it's worthwhile to point out that you are costing us precious scrolldown time by announcing it. it comes off sounding like you don't know why TLo would ever feature them. disclaimer: I realize you are going to continue to do whatever you want, and that's fine: we are simply pointing out why it can get old.

thanks for all the posts recently TLo! you bitches are tearing it up!

I think she looks stunning in both.

In the first look (and much better than the model who - and what is the deal with the odd hem extender on the model's dress??) I think the dress actually IS very flattering to her. And I ADORE THAT CLUTCH!

The second dress, not as flattering because it looks like it's bandaging her boobs.

But with both looks, I think it's the hair that is wrong (especially with the first). The first look should have something swept-up. The second, not necessarily, but a ponytail doesn't really do it.

I think she's IN, but an IN-.


I like the second dress better than the first. Neither is terrible. But I don't think either hits it out of the park, either. I really dislike her makeup in both. The first just looks unkempt. The second looks like Courtney Cox circa 2007.

Both dresses are gorgeous but I don't think that either is particularly flattering on her.

Love the color of the blue dress but the neckline appears to be choking her.

I'm not particularly enamoured of either gown. The first looks better on the model (except for that idiotic white, needless band around the hem).
The second, blue, looks too ace bandage like, though the color looks good on Ms. Lilly.
Hairstyles on both looks are meh. I hate the over the shoulder, because you don't know what else to do with the mop look. And I hate the pony tail look for the same reason.

1) She almost pulls it off, but she's not a stick and therefore it doesn't quite work. OUT

2) I would normally hate this dress, but somehow she makes it work. IN

another laura

Notwithstanding my TLo love, I do not watch "Lost" and so am seeing this woman for I think the first time ever.

It's Canne, it's all about sexy starlets. I therefore heartily approve of the Valentino with her boobies in danger of being freed from their harness. Plus, I really like that fabric, and kudos for getting rid of the crap runway hem that others have commented on.

The second dress, you know, I just don't like it. I don't like the color, I don't like the slit up to there, I don't like the bandage wrapping bodice.

I don't like either dress (first one is too BOBBS!; the second one looks like a cheap Rit dye job). Nor do I like the actress in either dress. She looks like a Munchkin that has stumbled onto the Riviera. OUT and OUT.

That should be BOOBS!

I really like the first dress without the ugly pillowcase-like hem, but only on someone as flat-chested as the model. For women with a fuller bust like Evangeline, something about how that first horizontal band hits right under the num-nums is unflattering. Otherwise, it looks good. The second dress is much better for her, but the bust is a bit too constricting.

The first look, IN! I think she looks great in that dress and it shows off her figure. The second dress not so much.

The second dress is much better on her. However, her makeup is still horrifyingly overapplied -- LESS overapplied than in the first look, true, but still... TOO MUCH.

Dress #1 would look smashing on Rene Zellwegger, but has that boob-smashing look here. Some tailoring on the top and more fullness in the skirt would have really flattered in this case.

Still, a conditional IN for it.

Dress #2 has the skirt's proportion and drape right for her body, but the top is too covered up. Looks like a winter bodice on a summer dress. Spectacular choice of color, though.

Also a conditional IN.

I don't know how this happened! She's gorgeous, the dresses are gorgeous--why?
In all seriousness, some people simply look better the less clothes they have on (okay, that came off kind of weird and pervy, but hopefully y'all know what I mean). She's beautiful, but she's swimsuit model beautiful, not clothes-hanger-with-hair beautiful. She should stick to simpler looks, IMO, and more natural looking makeup. She's lucky she doesn't have to get all trussed up to be gorgeous like most celebrities do!

She looks fabulous! I love the dresses!!

The makeup is bad but she looks great in both dresses.

IN and IN. Stunning!

All I can think of when I look at that 2nd dress is how much her boobs are going to be hurting when she takes it off.

Look at those things! They're strapped down and pointed at her navel, full speed ahead.

I think she's one of the few women who looks better with no makeup, wearing jeans and a tank, drenched in sweat, and running through the jungle. Makeup, "done" hair, and formal clothes make her look like she's in drag.

First dress: back when they called this being "built like a brick s___house" -- that's a compliment. I like it even tho she is all out here. She looks natural and happy in this dress. She's proud of her girls!

Second dress: tortured fit on top and it appears choke-like. Design nothing special, cut too high; a sun dress with full length. Makeup way too dark. Hair too severe, makes her look juvenile. Leave this one to Miley Cirus. Sorry, don't take it personally TLo, we just have different opinions, and I always want to hear yours.

At the risk of sounding like an old, out-of-it curmudgeon-- who ARE all these vaguely-pretty but entirely forgettable starlets? I feel as though I'm looking at junior prom photos.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Fabulosa! In y In

Actually I like the first dress better than the second one. Although the hair is just awful on the first look...

ARE YOU KIDDING? The second dress makes her look pregnant and the first dress is extremely figure flattering. Not to mention the first dress looks elegant and beautiful while the second is a horrid color that brings Nicolette Sheridan's roberto cavalli disaster to mind.

I am so off today. I actually like number 1 over number 2. I happen to think that dress looks better on someone with actual boobs. However, I hate her makeup in both pics and hate the hair in 1.


I don't love the neckline on the second, but I otherwise agree.

Someone needs to teach her how to stand and move on the red carpet -- she's striking strange gladiator girl poses for some reason. I'm also getting tired of the current craze for raccoon eyes -- everyone looks like an extra in a zombie movie. In the first dress, her eyes just look like black holes. Other than that, nice dresses.

I love that first dress! Not so crazy about the second one.

I'm curious what you boys think about Olivia Palermo? I'm not fan of hers personally but I admire her style, and I adore how she mixes in inexpensive pieces with pricier ones.

The first dress you KNOW she's got tits (the band under the boobs, very porn star)
The second dress her tits have been all smoooched to the side.
Love the fabric of the first, hate the hair and makeup.
Second one hair and makeup made a beautiful woman look plain, though the color is nice.
Out on both

To combine a couple of threads, wouldn't you love to see her on the red carpet in a "simple," beautiful Uli dress?

I love her in Lost. She has such a fit body and gorgeous natural beauty.

Both outfits are ugly, but she looks good.

This comment has been removed by the author.

It may just be the pictures but to me the second dress makes her butt and hips look big and out of porportion with the rest of her body.


agreed that the dress is beautiful, but really doesn't suit her. The blue looks better. The hair is terrible in both.

I think she looks stunning in both. I do wish that the second dress were a little less restricting on her upper half and the slit wasn't quite as high. For a girl that is used to running around in a jungle with sweaty/dirty clothes, she looks great.

Hate the second as much as the first. Though she seemed to have lost the hair and make-up by Exxon Valdez for the second, she again chose a dress that makes her look super butch. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't think it was what she was going for!

Wow, for the first time, I totally disagree with you on both pics, TLo!

I like her in the 1st dress - I think the only real problem is her hair, which should have been pulled up to show the lines of the dress; her hair down makes it look too busy.

I don't like the 2nd dress at all! She looks stumpy and she looks like she hasn't got a neck. Thumbs way down.

~ muellersdayoff

I think both dresses, though gorgeous, are a mistake on her figure. Both dresses really do look best on someone not quite so busty; the second one in particular looks great from behind but the very high neckline creates a "bound" effect, like everything is squashed in there. The models each look better in the dresses than she does and to me it seems the biggest flaw in each beautiful dress is in the way they're meant to fit against a very slim top half: that comment about the first dress making her look like an illustration on the front of a sci-fi paperback is dead on, yet it looks pretty on the model, not sci-fi or Kiss Album Cover at all.
Sadly the gorgeous colour of the second dress flatters, but the cut makes her look stumpy: the darker shading at the bottom only worsens the effect.

Hey, I also had no clue who this woman was, by face or name. I appreciated reading that others didn't also. I also don't watch Lost, therefore don't read the Lost threads in case I ever rent the DVDs.


i think with the first dress the ravishing miss lilly (who can have my children any day she likes) is showing that she's not just a pretty. and, similarly, that she not just an adorable butt, but that she also has a beautiful pair. most beautiful woman alive. along with christy turlington, penelope cruz, and biel.

odd that people don't know who she is. lilly IS the woman most men would marry no questions asked. they wouldn't marry megan fox.

i meant, not just a pretty face.

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