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In or Out: Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks attends the premiere of ''Spring Fever'' at the Grand Theatre Lumiere during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival in Andrew Gn.

Andrew Gn Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Yulia Kharlaponova

It's a high-impact dress, that's for sure. Very "movie star." We're not fans of people replicating a runway look right down to the jewelry and she did so here. We don't particularly like those things on her wrists. The dress is dramatic enough; the jewelry should be understated. We suspect the bracelets are supposed to call back to that thing in the middle of the belt but that's a little too Wonder Woman for us. Still, everything else looks great from the hair and makeup down to the clutch. IN.

And don't worry, kittens. We'll be getting to the rest of the Cannes dresses in the coming days.

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In. I like the dress's structure and color and glamor. I do like those cuffs but maybe one would do?

And you fab guys, looking forward to more from Cannes! I have to catch up on my starlets, I don't know who these bitches are anymore. *sigh*

"So you want to play bullets 'n bracelets, villain?!"

On the one hand, the matching bracelets do look like Wonder Woman cuffs. On the other hand, had she worn only one, it would have looked like one of those pin cushions one wears on one's wrist.

I thought her hair looked well with the neckline.

In, though I would have preferred the introduction of a touch of color (or simple gold/silver) on wrist or clutch.

Great dress, too much jewelry and i can't help but think it's much more flattering from behind - the over the shoulder shot looks fantastic, but both on her and the model it looks like they have a little belly pooch - which i'm sure they don't!

First of all, it is a fabulous dress and I usually hate sequins. It looks amazing on her, look at that behind : )

I like the dress (though it's "a lot of look") and the jewelry. Just not together.

The bracelet close-up on the front page? I thought it was a pastie! "Uh oh! Foxy Brown must be out of jail and attending some function!"

I don't know who she is but the dress seems a bit too much. Neither in nor out.

I like the blue (that she is wearing) much more than the black (of the runway).

oof, that gown looks HEAVY.
IN because it's Friday and Fridays are full of win.

can't wait for more Cannes!

Ooh, she looks great! But I agree, the bracelets need to go. Love that dress.

She looks uncomfortable and that's always OUT.

The dress is okay, not great, but I really dislike her makeup. OUT

I love her hair, but I have a hard time with neck to toe sequins. I just don't think it's that flattering on her - gives her a belly pooch as mentioned earlier.

I'd have preferred ONE of those bracelet/cuff pieces to the two she wore. A little too Wonder Woman bullet deflecting cuff for me when there's a pair.

Oops, I see formerlyAnon said much the same thing. Oh well, means we both saw the problem

Like the look, but she sure doesn't seem to be enjoying herself.

Dress, hair, make-up, clutch....In.

If she had nixed the bracelets it would be a BIG In.

Love the dress, but the person inside of it makes it impossible for me to make it an IN. She did an interview a while back where she was a little too high and mighty seeing as she isn't a very good actress. Self-absorption is so 80s and, therefore, OUT.

I LOVE the neckline!!! And that COLOR!!! Make-up is great. Just an amazing look overall.

Dress is too heavy-looking, and makes her look old. Also, the cuff jewelry is just too much. OUT.

I love the dress, but one bracelet would have been more than enough. Also, I don't really like the look on HER. It just doesn't really suit her, and she seems to know it in how uncomfortable she looks.

I would love to see this on Helen Mirren, for some reason. Not that the dress is best on an older woman, just that I think Helen would rock it like a hurricane! I love edgy old broads!

i gotta say i hate the make up... her eyes look weird... don't they? i don't know...

Is it just me or does she have some serious uneven tan issues? Its distracting me so much from the WAY too much black eyeliner, ICK!

I agree with others who say the dress is FAB, but doesn't fit her body or personality.

This is a tough one. On the one hand, the dress is kind of fabulous - as someone noted, it is a real high-impact, "movie star" type of dress. I can imagine Carole Lombard wearing this and looking fab. On the other hand, there's something vaguely reptilian-looking about the dress that's really turning me off. And it does look very heavy.

As for Elizabeth Banks herself, she's an arrogant dolt - so I don't think she's ever IN.

Enhh...don't love it, nor hate it.

And who is that chick? Never heard of her.

oof. Really? In? I think she looks dreadful. That dress misses the mark by about a yard and a half of fabric. Out.

I guess I'm really out of the loop on new celebrities and starlets.
I have never heard of Elizabeth Banks.
The dress, the jewelry, just too much look. Ms. Banks looks exhausted from lugging all that around. And I absolutely hate the makeup.
That all adds up to a big OUT for me!!!


I think she looks fabulous though I could have done without the bracelets too. I couldn't put my finger on it until you said Wonder Woman.

Actually, a woman with longer limbs, say SWINTON, may have been able to pull those things off.

To me, she seems too young for this dress - not that it's a mature style, but more that a mature confidence makes it sing. She does look uncomfortable, like she doesn't quite understand what's required to bring it to life.

IN. She looks amazing.

For me....Heaven is made of sequins, and this dress therefore is heaven. I agree on the jewelery, but hot damn, that is one sequiny amazing dress.

This dress is GORGEOUS. I mean, look at all the details...stunning!!!

I like the dress but not the cuffs. Really hate the makeup and hair, as it looks very harsh.

And Elizabeth. Would it kill you to smile a little?

I may not be one to question you guys, but I'm not 100% IN on this one. The bracelets are whack and I think the eye is a bit severe for her coloring and would have prefered a more smudged/smokey eye.

She's a lovely girl and the color is great on her. The dress looks better on her curves than on the model, and yes the rear view is stunning.

I actually like the bracelets, but they're a bit too much with the dress. Too matchy-matchy or something.

The hair is great, very Hollywood glamorous, but the makeup is too pale and bland. I could live with the eye makeup if her lips had a touch of color.

Overall, a beautiful dress and an IN from me.


She isn't wearing the dress - the dress is wearing her.

(I don't like the makeup, either)



She looks stunning and very much like a movie star :)

She looks fabulous. Love the jewellery too.


I think that color would look better on a brunette, but she does look great.

I like everything but her eye makeup. It's too dark, and she has a beautiful face. There is no need to smother it in black!

IN. She looks gorgeous and I love her!

I was immediately drawn to the cuff on her arm. A little overdone, but the dress is fabulous.

The bracelets push it to overdone, and she looks uncomfortable. While gorgeous, Banks comes across like a self-satisfied jerk in interviews, which is a little bizarre for an actress I know mainly from "Role Models." The look-at-me quality of this style makes her look humorless.


In. I love the entire look, but it really is too much for Cannes.

Well, it's not like she'll be getting an Oscar anytime soon, so I guess she's seizing every opportunity.

Ugh, the chick that drove Scrubs to jump the shark...:0P

While she does look all movie star-ish and everything seems put together something about it seems a bit too polished perhaps a bit too severe.

I would definitely say that this look is wearing her and not the other way around.

Who the HELL is Elizabeth Banks??? Am I just so decrepit that I'm completely out of touch?

I have to say, I think she looks like a 10-year-old who got into Mommy's makeup and closet.

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