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In or Out: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway attends the 54th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards at Webster Hall in New York City.

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Hanne Gaby Odiele

Matchy-match purse! Matchy-match purse! Oh god, this is the trend now, isn't it? It's gonna kill us.

Aside from that, it's an interesting little frock, isn't it? We kinda like it. It should definitely have a belt, though. We're gonna say IN despite her poor accessorizing simply because we watched Get Smart the other night and laughed our asses off, proving once again how arbitrary we are.

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a third laura

Yes to the IN. and also to Get Smart.

however, i feel like her hair should have been styled differently.

I love the dress, but sonofabitch if it isn't another Fall dress. Now that's a trend that I'm not crazy about.
Didn't Sarah Jessica Parker have on a dress similar to this (at least in this fabric) some months ago?

I don't understand you guys. Every time I look at a post I try and guess what you'll say and I am ALWAYS wrong! I thought for sure Anne would be out. The dress is too long and does nothing for her shape. I think it's a great color for her but then her legs dissappear in super black tights! I don't get it!

not particularly flattering

It's a youthful, happy happy dress that actually fits and flatters.

The color and pattern are also perfect for her coloring, making her face just pop.

A big IN!

Do not like the black tights. i think it needs a neutral/natural leg to highlight the dress. Like the length of the dress worn by the model. Anne needed to chop of several inches and shorten to above the knee.

Anne looks good but no WOW! factor.


It doesn't look like it fits her all that well, and on top of that she looks like she's modeling the new evening wear for House Slytherin. Out.

I love Anne, nice color and nice dress, BUT too long, and I don't think it's all that well fitted on top. Look at her chest/side silhouetted on her arm. Something lumpy-bumpy going on there (on both sides, actually). And what's with the big stompy boots? At least I think that's what she's got on her feet; hard to tell with everything so dark.

She looks great (apart from the matchy matchy bag) - but I'm with Sewing Siren - what is with all this Pre-Fall business? Why are they not wearing stuff from the Spring collections? Is it soooo important to wear something no one else has ever worn, even if you look seasonally inappropriate?

She's also very much on the '80's revival boat in terms of the fabric used in this dress.

I was just going through a bin of old, well-made clothing I had stored in the attic for possible future rejuvenation. Turns out I had several silk blouses in that same repeated small pattern design. It was really big in the late 1980's.

not crazy about the pattern

the bust area looks a little big for her

Bah! Two In/Outs in two days and I don't agree with either!

The styling is bad.
The black tights/dark shoes is fall.
The dress shape is WIERD.
The accessorizing is bad.

I like the colour of the dress, but the fact that she's made it rather drab disappoints me.


IN. I love the dress and she is fabulous!

My eye can't stop my brain from thinking Sesame Street - "which straps do not belong?"

4 dress straps are 2 too many. they just look odd, not cohesive.

and yes, belt needed, black tights bad.
but she is as cute as can be - I like the hair and makeup.

Weird. Tights look good on the model, but look like ack on Hathaway. Definitely needs a belt.


SHE looks beautiful, but it has little to do with the dress.

Color, fabric and style are great; fit, length and accessories are not.

Still, IN.

Could I make a comment on the original model and the whole dirty, messy hair thing? I had hoped this trend was going away, but it seems to be getting worse. Really hate it. But Anne looks great. Clean. Combed. Great.

You guys must really love her.
I think the dress is terrible.
It is not flattering.
It doesn't fit her well.

Ugh...the fabric reminds me of the fabric Kenley used on her awful Botanical Gardens "snakeskin" gown.
Maybe that's why this entire look is a big OUT for me.

That model looks like she just got fired from her receptionist job.

I like the dress well enough, but those tights and boots have GOT to GO. It'd be a fine look for fall, but we are on the cusp of the Memorial Day weekend. Are bare legs and some strappy heels too much to ask?

Out. It's shapeless, too monochrome, and I don't just mean the matchy-matchy purse. Better fitted, or with a contrasting belt, it would be fine.

It's been unseasonably cold in NY lately. Her outfit makes total sense when you realize that.

I am completely unashamed to concur with the hilarity that was the Get Smart movie, but I think a lot of it was the nostalgia of watching the show with my dad growing up.

But on to the dress! I like the dress, but I do not like how she acessorized it. I would ditch the tights, get more interesting shoes or even the trib two's would be better, definitely add a belt and swap the purse for a cute shinny black purse.

Ha! Sarah Jessica Parker did wear a very similar dress to some ballet affair, IN or Out March 11th. Except it was L'wren Scott.

Is she auditioning for a remake of the Maria Montez vehicle "Cobra Woman"?

I love that dress! I want it!
She looks beautiful, but I agree on the matchy-match purse. No good.

Still, she's IN.

Sharon T said:
"modeling the new evening wear for House Slytherin."

Thanks for the laugh out loud!

I really like the dress on her, but tights are way too heavy & dark (it is May!) and shoes that heavy looking need a higher hemline, I think.

I'm inclined to call it OUT, except that I like basic dress so well on her. So, I'll fence-sit.

She looks like shit. I like her but the dress is too long, the straps are ugly, and the tights aren't working. Her hair and makeup are quite plain, and not really doing anything for her. You'd be crazy to call it all "in."

Love it! IN.

She looks FAB! In, darlings.

i heart u guys

the fit looks atrocious.
(The bust and right under it.) It looked much better on the model. COnsidering that I usually think cut out shoulders look good, I am very disappointed with this one.

It doesn't seem to fit the season at all. Oh sure, call those shoulders Spring, but from the hem down? That just screams Winter.

If the stupid black-reminds-us-of-fall-&_winter stockings/tights continue, we're going to need a support group.

I'd love to know what the back of the dress looked like. Taking those straps to the back could opt for brilliant solutions, but probably not.

The dress doesn't fit her well and I don't like the colour for a spring dress. OUT.

Sorry boys but its a big OUT without the belt or proper fitting. It looks like she has another set of boobs hiding under the first pair.

Love the dress, love the look. IN.

She looks HOT!

It isn't the same without the belt. It looks far the better on the model, I think.

IN. I would change the shoes, and I'm not big on matchy matchy. But I do like the hair and the dress looks better on her than on the model.

If you a copy an entire look from a designer including, dress, stockings and shoes, you are not stylish. Hathaway's outfits always look as if someone else chose them for her.

Like the color like the pattern but meh on the cut and feh on the length. Also feh on the hair, the matchy purse, the tights, the missing belt and the shoes.

Sorry - but that adds up to OUT for moi.

The dress is nice, but I don't like the tights on the bag.

In. This is one of the reasons we like celebrites - they can wear stuff we can't and make them their own. Anne is happy being Anne and she makes the frock her own. Lovely long gold circle chains would have been super nice with the front bib.

She made it work. I will keep my eye on her!

yucko. seriously, this does not look young to me and embodies the tacky part of the 80's that should remain there. YUCK. but yes, get smart was funny in a way that i'm embarassed to admit.

She looks like a lizard.

OUT. It looks like a home made sewing project. Not very flattering either.

Looks like a home ec project. Don't like black opaque tights and boots for spring.


If you think you don't like Anne Hathaway, check out Get Smart - she's pretty great in it. As for the outfit, it needs work but it's got potential. Neither in nor out.

needs a belt, needs to be hemmed... anne looks way princess-diaries with that hairstyle. curly WORKS for her. also sick of matchy purses! what's next, dyeable shoes?

not so sure i like the tights, either. but maybe they would look better if the dress was 3-4 inches shorter.

i don't understand why more celebs don't hem. models are 7 foot tall, and moving a dress from them to a 5'6'' actress requires a little reworking.

potty mouth princess

The top could have been fitted better. Nice color on her, but don't like the tights in late May.


OUT, mostly because of the fit. Although kudos to Anne Hathaway for being more adventuresome in her wardrobe choices. Nice smile.

The dress would work better on a curvier figure. I really, really like the dress, almost to the point that I am disappointed that it was not showcased on a better mannequin. Maybe it will become like that Roland Mouret dress that we keep seeing.

Sewing Siren at 5/21/09 9:23 AM said...I love the dress, but sonofabitch if it isn't another Fall dress. Now that's a trend that I'm not crazy about..

Heck yeah!!! I am already breaking out in a heat rash over all the dark velvet ensembles that we are going to see at the August and September red carpet events. Pass the Gold Bond powder.

Her hair is so boring! I do love the dress.

I've been away, G*d, you bitches have been busy!

Like this dress. But hey, yes, Fall in May? WTF?

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