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In or Out: Amy Adams

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Amy Adams attends the premiere of "Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian" at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

Roland Mouret Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Hanna Rundlof

There are a lot of things to love about Amy Adams. One of them is that she has so far resisted the urge to purge diet herself down to an 00. She was never what we would call "curvy," but she's always had a healthy-looking figure. Having said that, either she's put on a couple of pounds or this dress is really unflattering to her. We tend to think it's the latter, because those side shots reveal she's as thin as she ever was but from the front, she looks thick-waisted. In addition, it's just kind of a bleh dress. We usually love Roland Mouret but this one isn't doing it for us. She's a beautiful girl with a great figure and lovely coloring but the dress isn't doing much for either. On top of that (geez, we are being REALLY negative here), we don't love the hair or the makeup.

Take a step back and of course, she's a beautiful girl looking better than most of us ever look leaving the house, but when you get in there and really look at the details, it's just not working. Not for us, anyway. OUT.

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I usually like her outfits, but the color of this is so drab. I don't like her hair either, so I guess it's OUT for me.

You bitches are up early! LOL!

No on the dress. The color is drab and it just looks wrinkled.

Amy is a beautiful woman who really shines in bright colors.

(BTW, LOVED her Oscar necklace, even though it was slammed here.)

Sort of reminds me of Miss Keith's monstrosity from the last Fashion Show epi.

The color of the dress really washes her out, and the cut does nothing for her. Alas, this time she is OUT

Oh, I love Roland Mouret. I'm making a knock off of one of his dresses for my birthday :).
That being said, this dress isn't typical of him or her. She does look better in jewel tones and siren type gowns, but perhaps she was going for a more sporty 30's look to reflect her role in the movie. I've seen her look better. But over all I'd say IN.

That was the nicest out ever...

Anonymous said...
(BTW, LOVED her Oscar necklace, even though it was slammed here.)
The cabochon cut rubies and emeralds? Two of my favorite stones and my favorite cut. I loved it too.

The dress looks better on Amy than the model.

On the human hanger it looks like something she took out of her suitcase that's been sitting in it for a couple of week.

If she tied up her hair and made that an above-the-knee dress, I think the look has a chance...

I love Amy, but I do not love this look on her. Her makeup is way over done and she probably should have pulled back her hair. I also don't think this is the shade of purple for her. She should go darker.

When will Hollywood actresses learn to wear their hair UP, when wearing gowns? She looks neckless.

" Anonymous said...

The dress looks better on Amy than the model."

I think it looks much better on the model.

I'd say OUT. Not loving the style, the color...very bad RM.

"The dress looks better on Amy than the model."

Are you blind... or nuts... or both? Looks great on the model, not so much on Amy.

A regretful OUT. Agree this dress doesn't look optimal on Amy. But, with a little tweaking, it has potential.

It would look great as a short dress in, say, lipstick red. It's got wonderful styling in the front. But from the knees to the carpet is just blah and detracts from the rest.

Or, do a Shelley O and cut it down to a blouse. The first pic shows marvelous detail drawing attention up to the face.

The other thing is that it's a surprisingly covered-up looking dress for warm weather. Where's the cleavage? This seems like more of a winter look.

I like the hair and makeup, but that is NOT the dress for her. You nailed it: wrong color, wrong cut, wrong, wrong, wrong - out:(



5/18/09 8:47 AM "The dress looks better on Amy than the model."

Are you blind... or nuts... or both? Looks great on the model, not so much on Amy.

Nope just have taste. What's your excuse?

Not flattering on her. And I wish she'd stop putting her hand on her hip; I realize you have to do something with your hands, but she always looks like a recent graduate from Posing School.

And the shoes on the model are ridiculous with that dress.

The dress is too matronly for Amy,



I love Amy Adams, but this color is doing absolutely nothing for her...out, alas.

where were her gays?????

I don't like the dress. On her or the model. Looks wrinkly and baggy.

The neckline is too high; to borrow from the Duchess, "if you're going for demure, this doesn't cut it." Its old looking, the color is a bit MOB (on Amy).

That said, it IS nice to see a starlet type move away from slinky, body showing clothes or big poofy "princessy" dresses and go for something with minimal frills and interesting lines.

Vic on 5/18/09 at 9:07 AM said: Dowdy.

It so true I will say it again: Dowdy! Dowdy!

Hair, lipstick and dress OUT. It all ages her 10 years.

Both the shape and color of the dress are really unflattering for her. I personally think the dress looks great on the model--guess it needs a tall stick figure to pull it off.

It makes the model look thick-waisted--which is to say, three dimensional--so Amy never had a chance. It's almost a great dress. But not quite.

A total and complete OUT. How did she even walk in that dress without tripping all over herself?
The hemline is about 3 inches too long. But that's not the least of the problems with this. Out color, out fit, out hair and makeup. Amy, Amy, I love you, m'dear, but whoever styled you should be given the heave ho.

Whatever, I think she looks pretty. Not her best look, but pretty.

"She was never what we would call "curvy," but she's always had a healthy-looking figure.

Thank you so much for resisting the urge to redefine "curvy" as "not a size 00". I am sick to death of the overuse of this word to the point where it is virtually meaningless.

TampaBay, you are so right. That is what I thought when I saw this the other day. FRUMPY, unflattering in every aspect, and old. It's a big premiere for her!!! WHY did she choose such an unsightly outfit?!

My beef was with the length too. It's so obvious that the dress has to be returned to the studio tomorrow morning. If they showed a close-up photo of the back of her head, we would likely see the outline of the tag tucked behind the collar.

I like the IDEA of the dress (the color & the fabric gathering - it has an interesting 1940's type look), but I hate the way it is skrinched together in the front - almost like a Hefty bag with a twist tie.

And not a great red carpet dress (unless you have the coroner's guys deliver you to the event lying down on a slab) because it obviously wrinkled in the car. I think that, is what made it look unflattering. She's certainly not thick waisted at all. It's the dress.


Maybe she's pregnant? I agree that she looks much less pretty than she is, but the extra poundage seems to be in her cheeks. I guess that could just be really bad hair/makeup, though.

I actually really like the dress, but agree with others who have said it would look better shorter. It should have ended just above her knees.

I think the color's doing her no favors, the cut's doing her no favors, her makeup and hair are doing her no favors... it's just not a good look for her. It's better on the model, but I don't love it there, either. OUT.

The color, high neckline and short sleeves make it look very twee.

Hair up, open the neckline, shorten the hem, add some killer shoes to balance "the twee" and she might have been IN.

As is, OUT.

Nothing original to say, except I think the makeup is what is washing her out more so than the dress color.

I prefer Mouret when the cut is cleaner & more structured. And this one is unflattering to her on a front view, but the worst part is that it seems to be several inches too long, which just accentuates the sloppy, unmade bed impression.

So it can't be IN but I'll abstain from calling her OUT because I just don't think she's an objective disaster, more a series of frustrating near misses. Plus I like her usual style.

I like her makeup, but I don't like the color of the dress on her. On top of that I she doesn't have much of a defined waist to begin with, so I'm not sure that a dress, where the look greatly depends on the waist, was the best decision

OUT. I hate the shape and the color of the dress.

She's so pretty. The dress is doing nothing for her. I hate that knot right in the middle.

This dress is making her neck look short. She's a wee little person and there's just something about this dress from the waist up that is not doing her favors. I think hair and makeup are good. Taken as a whole, OUT.

Amy is too youthful and vibrant for this matronly look and Rami color.

It's too mother of the bride, imo.


definite OUT I'm with Tampa Bay, this dress is so matronly, it could be a mother-of-the-bride dress. Amy usually rocks her outfits, typically love her colors and styles. She's way too young and cute to be buried in such a frumpy dress.

just.not. working.

I love Amy Adams to death, but...and I think this every time I see her...would it kill her to buy a decent bra?

Anonymous said...
Rami color!


She HAS put on a few pounds, but it's for a role in her upcoming film, "Julie & Julia," a biopic of Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep) and a modern-day woman (Adams) who cooks (and eats) all of the recipes in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" over the course of one year and keeps a blog about it. All that butter was bound to go to her face a little bit, but I agree she still looks fabulous and it won't be long before she's lost the extra weight.

She always looks amazing.

Maybe that's why this dress doesn't work. Just not out of the ballpark.

I adore her!!

GothamTomato said: "And not a great red carpet dress (unless you have the coroner's guys deliver you to the event lying down on a slab) because it obviously wrinkled in the car."ROFL!!!!

Like Amy, don't think I like the dress. Plus she has no feet!

I think she looks better than the model, too. I don't see think she looks thick-waisted at all. I'm glad I'm not famous, b/c I don't think I've been half as "In" as her any day of my life :)

I generally like her, but that dress is pretty fugly.


She doesn't look thick wasted at all. Weird. I'd kill to look that thick wasted.

Still, the color sucks. A richer shade of a different color would have been way better.


Too much dress. Way to long. Too much blush. It looks bad on her and the whole look looks forced. Never a good thing.

This dress is a good example of the style elements that apple-shaped women (who have undefined waists, broader shoulders, shorter necks) must be careful to avoid:

1. Avoid shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, or anything that makes your shoulders look bigger or broader. Your neck will disappear entirely and you may end up looking like a linebacker.

2. Avoid high necks. You want to elongate what you have in the way of a neck, not eliminate it. Always go for a v-neck option -- the deeper the better. (For daytime, go with a camisole under a jacket, or a jacket with nothing underneath.)

3. Avoid excess volume or draping over your waist. Your clothes need to define your waist where nature did not. Many fashions that are currently in style use a lot of extra fabric on the upper body, and these will almost always make you look thicker-waisted than necessary. (The exception to this rule is where the fabric drapes in a well-defined, SNUG criss-cross over your waist and hugs your body: the wrap dress or wrap top will always be your friend.]

Unfortunately, most of what is in stayle right now just does not work for us apples. High-necked and/or blousy tops & dresses are swarming the runways. For example, has Michael Kors designed a single neck-friendly garment recently?


I disagree I like the dress. It's refreshing to see something other than the cookie-cutter starlet in a tight dress on the red carpet. It's gotten so that sleeves are an unusual look.

But I agree on the make up - it's a little too china doll. She has a sweet face, she doesn't need to overdo the candy colors on her cheeks.

In picture #3, hand on hip, right after the model, doesn't she look just like that Different Strokes actress, Dana somebody? Am I dating myself? Tell me someone else knows what I'm talking about.

The shoes are what rescue it from being totally boring on the model -- and on Amy Adams, we can't even see her feet!

Yeah, um, no. The color could have worked if she were sporting the winter version of her hair -- something even bolder and more present. The makeup, I'm not crazy about the fact that she went heavy at eye and lip because it makes her look almost pinched.

This dress didn't really work for her, particularly at the waist, as TLo pointed out. Too bad. So sad. Out.


Not loving the dress. It totally washes her out.

Have to go against the tide. She looks very pretty in this color and her hair and makeup looks great. This look (including face hugging hair) with all the unusual flaps and pulls and full length is what someone who's put on some weight chooses. It's a diversion from having put on some poundage. I still think she makes it work just fine.

Usually, a redhead in a lavender dress is quite striking, but this dress is more of a greyish lavender. Again, I think the proportions of these RTW gowns favor taller, leggier women (like models), so it is just off for her. It also seems to be fastened lower on the model's neck. To me, the main problem with the makeup is that it is at odds with the gown.

I think she was going for an elegant, tailored gown a la the '30s and 40s, but it needs a more flattering neckline. The hair is OK. (I'm thinking some of Katharine Hepburn's looks in Bringing Up Baby, etc.)

It also looks bad on the model. It seems to be riding up on her as she walks.

That dress would look so much better on her if it ended above the knee.
She looks like she is being swallowed by a giant grape jelly bean.

I have no idea who this chick is, but she looks a true fright.


I like the color. It looks like she has gained weight, hey there's no shame in that and it's maybe temporary, she just needs to know how to dress herself for different weight classes.

it's kind of an overly-complicated dress, with all those pleats and knots and twists and whatnot. It's just too much going on in one dress.
I usually love that dusty lilac kind of color, but it's not flattering on redheads.

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