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The Fashion Show Tonight!

Darlings, just a reminder that The Fashion Show has its debut tonight on Bravo at 10PM EST.

Are we psyched? We will be SO disappointed if it's not good.


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I can't wait! I already set up the DVR :]

I'm so excited about this show. I think Bravo knows exactly how to make this show a success. I'm also looking forward to reading your recaps!!



I really hope they blow PR out of the water.

Oh, my beloved TLo. It's... it's supposed to be... well.. not good.

We can watch and wince together...

YAY!!!!!!! Boys, I can't wait for your recap!!!

I'm excited! Even if it sucks, it's still something fashion-y. Exactly my sentiments with "The Rachel Zoe Project".

It's kind of silly but I am so excited. I canceled all my appointments for tonight.

"TheNYCourier said...
I'm excited! Even if it sucks, it's still something fashion-y. Exactly my sentiments with "The Rachel Zoe Project"."

I can't wait for The Rachel Zoe Project either. I hear that's going to be a LOT of fashion and shows.

I can't wait!!!!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)


I don't care if it sucks, as long as you blog about it. We'll rip it to shreds : )

Hmm...that one designer said that she loves designing but hates the sewing. I never understood why people would come on a show like this. Obviously you will have to sew your own things. Maybe in the real world you can get people to sew your pieces.

In any case...EXCIIIIIIITED! =)

I'll be watching! (Well, technically, I'll be watching the new Star Trek movie but I'll be recording it and watching it later!)

Who's going to be the bitch?

"Anonymous said...
Hmm...that one designer said that she loves designing but hates the sewing. I never understood why people would come on a show like this. "

Me neither. Seriously. We know in the real world you don't have to sew if you're a big name, but this is a freaking competition where it is expected of you to freaking sew.

According to the Boston Globe, the one we're going to love to hate is Merlin. We'll see. They also said the elimination fashion show is cringeworthy. Can't wait!

Eric3000, I'm jealous - I'm going to see the Star Trek movie this weekend!

"Bye-bye, darling!"

Aw, it feels like the old days. A reality show about FASHION and SEWING and MODELS!!!!



I'm so excited. I need a drink. Let's celebrate and who are you wearing, darling?

Why why why why WHY is it not for sale on iTunes? That's where I get ALL my Bravo shows, and they have a lot of junk there I'd never go near, so why not this???

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

"Are we psyched? We will be SO disappointed if it's not good."

Me too, and the Times ripped it a new one. (Yes, I cheated and read the review before actually watching the show.)

But the editing at the beginning of clip 1 is a total clone of PR.

I'm withholding judgment until I see the whole thing but good god, show me something new!

There's a scathing review online at

"Anonymous said...

Why why why why WHY is it not for sale on iTunes? That's where I get ALL my Bravo shows, and they have a lot of junk there I'd never go near, so why not this???"

You can get it on

I hope it's good. I think Isaac is hilarious.


TEAM KRISTIN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The underwear guy is cute : )

I Am Doing The Happy Dance Right Now.

Tlo, 5 posts today. Is this a record?

Somebody please please please put it on YouTube!

I'm excited! I've missed my fashion TV. I set up the DVR yesterday, and I'll be watching with my cats and a cocktail or two.

It got a pretty unequivocal dismissive advance review in today's New York Times, saying that Heidi and Sir Tim's absences are not for the good.

I'm not sure that this link is going to be useable.... those interested can ferret the article out at

Oh well, everyone's entitled to an opinion, and we'll certainly have ours.

All the best,


Cant wait =)

Hope it is good!!!

(but....I've seen reports it's not that good.....=(....we'll see...)

Mo Ryan at the Chicago Trib was not impressed, but is willing to give it a chance.


I'm so excited, I can't wait, tlo!

I'm so nervous about this. I'm getting a very Top Design Season 1 feel, but I hope I'm wrong.

LaFemmeFataledeNY said:
I'm so excited. I need a drink. Let's celebrate and who are you wearing, darling?

Yes, a drink!! I miss the TLounge!! TLo, you MUST bring that back, it was, well, just too, too for words!!!!

I am so looking forward to this. No matter what, Isaac, Fern and the crazy designers will be fun.

We all are saying "I'm concerned" about the absence of Tim Gunn but we'll see how it goes.

I'm avoiding the NYT shank-piece until after I see it and read about it here.

"I'm avoiding the NYT shank-piece until after I see it and read about it here."

DUH. That should read:

I'm avoiding the NYT shank-piece until after I see THE SHOW and read about it here.

The wind in LA has blown my last few marbles away.


i'm giddy with excitement.... yes, tlo, please bring back the TLounge! merlin sounds like a real bitch, no?

can't wait!

I got the champagne! Who's with me?

I am not seeing it on Amazon. I usually get it off torrent but I just can't wait. That Merlin guy is already annoying me.

YES!! Another vote for the TLounge!! (And I'm wearing--sniff!--Gap.)

I'm VERY excited about this. Glad I didn't get rid of cable.

Let them sew and TLo rip!

Note from Angel Chang, darlings:

"Hi there, love your blog! Follow me on Twitter as The Fashion Show is airing tonight and join the TV party group chat."


Jeez, are we all a bit fashion/sewing show deprived, or WHAT?

I'm going to have a hard time warming up to this -- just feel so loyal to Tim Gunn. Still, I hope it's a rousing success anyway.

Huh! Apparently, Bravo hasn't set up any Boards for The Fashion Show yet.

Looks like this is it, gang.

Couldn't think of a better place to hang out.

Egads, why is it scheduled for so late? I'm tuckered out by 10:00pm!

They did this with PR too. I never understood why it was on so late. Guess I'll watch one of the endless repeats that are bound to be on tomorrow.


I'm sticking right here.

LaFemmeFataledeNY said...
I'm so excited. I need a drink. Let's celebrate and who are you wearing, darling?

I'm wearing my Isaac Mizrahi dress from Target and I'm drinking beer.

I am so bummed out. I started to watch the show and couldn't take the fast scene changes. God, the camera work sucks! The editors and camera people must have gone over to Lifetime!

Where's the lounge these days?

for fuck's sake- a harem pant? REALLY?

I'm SO disappointed--but I'll still probably watch it next week...Good Lord, bring back PR!

Two snaps up in a circle.

is anybody watching?
I have mixed feelings, I'm trying to like it, but somehow it feels off.... I guess I was expecting Tim Gunn to show up at any minute to save the day....
I hope it gets better with time...
I was upset that Merlin's outfit was in the top, because the guy is unbearable, but I have to admit that the design he did was pretty nice.....
I liked the winning design and I liked Reco's also....

I'm feeling rotten... I HATED IT... pretty much every single thing about it.
I miss TIm....

Was I the only one who thought Just Chicago's "Dinner Party" when they showed the runway?

Ms. Vanda.

How come NO ONE on the show can properly construct a garment? I just need one word to describe the clothes and the show: OUT.

Judy* too...

..watching the show now and I am shaking I am so upset.

Will end up watching anyway, fashion is still fashion even it is bad.

Ms. Vandal*
(Who butchered my own name...)

I didn't think it was that bad at all. I rather enjoyed it. Tacky and unfinished, granted, but the little black dress challenge was clever and some of the results were super cute. Did no one else like it?

Holy shit! This show is an abomination. Isaac is tentative and his co-host, whatever her name is, is forgetable. Don't see The Fashion Show garnering anywhere near the audience as PR, ever.

" Anonymous said...
How come NO ONE on the show can properly construct a garment? I just need one word to describe the clothes and the show: OUT."

You saw ONE episode. Remember Project Runway Season 1 Episode 1?

And if I have to hear "I miss Tim Gunn" one more time I'm going to throw up.

I miss Tim Gunn. And I'm not even watching the show, haha. No cable for me!

Ugh, this was bad. There was just none of the fun of PR. Everything felt so joyless and miserable.

I kinda dug it. I can't wait to see how the season develops.

Oh, and I really want a "The Fashion Show" Caboodle!!

JESUS CHRIST. I need a drink after that.

It wasn't Project Runway. Hopefully it will get better. The first few episodes there are always so many designers that it's a bit hectic.

And I sort of don't hate Merlin? I mean, that one comment was pretty out of line, but honestly, who the hell takes anyone named Merlin seriously anyway? And I thought his criticisms were sort of on target. Before he cut up the jacket, the shape was really rather boring.

I dunno. I think this challenge suffered from being too boring because we really didn't see each individual designer's creativity. Black dress? Oh, never seen that before. Every look has to have one of the same item? It's too repetitive. They should have chosen a better opening episode.

1) Isaac, I love.
2)I CANNOT stand Kelly rowland, and her voice. Her diction is worse than Heidi's and she isn't Austrian (German?)!Her dismissive, threatening tone at the end is over the top. At least Heidi has kind eyes, and a industry-wise air. What the hell has Rowland ever done in this arena to make her remotely acceptable as a critic?
3) Talent of the contestants is quite improved from Runway.
4) Producers are cramming too much into an hour. I want to see how the contestants do it,dammit!
4) Alright, I guess I'll watch. Until Runway. And with the mute on. Arrggggghhh. I am such an addict.

My impression: needs work. The echoes of PR are rather sad, and we can't help but make comparisons. Is this show merely all personalities or is there real talent amongst the designers?

The fellow who won tonight was the clear best-of-show. Looks like Christian Siriano from afar, but not so much up close....

Gosh, I was mentally saying "He looks like Christian; she looks like Allison; she looks like Judy Noodles...."

Ohhhh, TLo, we'll be awaiting your verdicts.

All the best,


I kind of liked it. Le Miz is great, Kelly is adorable and that Merlin is fricking awesome. I also liked the sumo wrestler. Haven? Not so much and where were her pants?

I thought the challenges were creative and the runway show was kind of fun.


I liked it a lot, but I love any show about fashion. I thought the runway show was far better than PR's; I liked the mini-challenge more than the main one, actually.
I have to say that some of the comments were a bit rude and unnecessary.

Loved it! Merlin is a riot. I'll watch just for him.

When are you boys opening the Lounge???

I need a drink to celebrate the premier episode!

In the pool I am in I have Markus and Livia.
Hopefully they will do well...

Oh, dear.

The pure genius of the Magical Elve's stagecraft, showcased in every single episode of Project Runway, was highlighted by the miserable staging and editing of tonights episode.

It was barfarrific. And that's being charitable.

Here's why:

1. Isaac's trying to play every single part gave the show a cheap, low-budget feel.

2. The "huddle in the closet" form of judging lacked dignity, excitement, and drama. It didn't foster any sense of camaraderie, or banter, or unity as a judging team.

3. Completely lacking here was the teaching aspect that makes PR so damn interesting year after year. Clothing construction was so short-shrifted it was just about non-existent, and we didn't see any constructive comments or drawing designers out about what they were trying to achieve. This was just "give us a quick report." "Stop." "Next."

4. At no point did the episode select a few designers to follow as they worked in trial and error mode toward an unexpectedly smashing success or a deplorable hot mess. We missed the entire drama of creation. A few seconds of video on disagreement about the color of a garment and random shots of cutting and sewing does not a story make. And the "drama" of stealing another's sewing machine? You've got to be kidding me. So PR Season 2.

5. The judging was also short-shrifted. With PR, we get extended discussions of what the designer was trying to do, whether they could see the earnestness even if the garment fell short, and discussions of precisely how the garment falls short and how a slight change or two could have made it better. The judges are also in teaching mode, drawing the viewing audience in to see the strengths and weaknesses of the garment construction process. We also learn the various standards by which a success is measured - a treasured learning experience. In contrast, the most we got here was Kelley R. saying coldly that she'd never get caught dead in that outfit. It was all negative, all the time.

6. I confess, I appreciate the way the PR set is lit. The spotlights are used to great advantage, defining the action and riveting our eyeballs to it. This show - meh.

7. Isaac's voice doesn't have enough sharpness to it, with the result that he always sounded like he was speaking into his muffler.

8. And, of course, NO TIM GUNN. Did we all really need a lesson in how he is the make-or-break personality that creates such a successful show? There is no love in the bones of The Fashion Show.

And that truly is a crying shame.

Well......didn't jump up and down for joy, but I will stay tuned.

I liked Reco's outfit, the top part anyway.

But alot of it was just "meh", really poorly done. Did not see much innovation..alot of the tops were really simple, specially considering the time they had.

They had 2 hours the first night and 11 hours the next day and they mostly came up with some blah tops that did not showcase any style or sewing skills. Stella, Santino, Christian, Jillian, etc... came up with alot more complicated pieces in the same amount of time. I also didn't see anything about a dollar limit on the fabrics, trims, etc...which was usually part of a PR challenge.

My initial impression is: these designers are putting a hell of a lot more thought/time/energy into their own clothes/makeup/hair than they are with the clothes they are supposed to be competing with. What's up with THAT?

I don't blame Isaac for saying he was kind of embarassed.

Then again, the runway show was so quick, I didn't really get to see alot of detail with the looks.

We'll see. Kelly Rowland did look great though! And not cheap, tight and shiny!

It reminds me of a cross between that haircutting show and a bad Food Network Challenge involving cake. Um, yeah: not good.

Whew! Those judges are mean! But I liked the fashion show and the fact that you can hear the judges' comments during it. And all the deliberately eccentric looks and poses of the contestants -- Merlin, of course, and the Samurai Warrior and the girl with the very short, shaggy bangs. Heh. This is fun.

Katyola, I love your hair : )

Heck, I'll watch it. It's the first episode...

I liked it and will watch again, not project runway but interesting still. And love the new people. I thought I would hate merlin but I think he is very talented!!!

People, please!
It wasn't awful at all.
It's just different. It's like getting remarried & everything is different, yet similar.

Yes, Kelly Rowland was a bad idea, the editing is choppy & disjointed & the judging process isn't the best.
But it beats Top Chef & Millionaire Matchmaker.

I do miss Nina & Michael though.

I can't believe that no one has made the snow white comment about Merlin's outfit. It looked like Snow white's romper. And did that fabric come across like denim to everyone? It was so much dark on dark that it looked like a short denim romper made out of snow white's sleeves..

I've assessed The Fashion Show, and now I'm going to rewatch season one of Project Runway. I doubt there will ever be a fashion show that can top the Tim, Jay and Austin Show.

I liked it. I think it still needs a bit of time to completely find it's grove, but it's a keeper for me. The major change I would make is that huddle after the runway show. We all know the decision is judged for more than 5 mins. so let them sit down.

Anonymous said:
"Yes, Kelly Rowland was a bad idea, the editing is choppy & disjointed & the judging process isn't the best.
But it beats Top Chef & Millionaire Matchmaker.

It beats Top Chef? On what planet?

The Top Chef production values alone, courtesy of the Magical Elves, make that show must-see tv. Additionally, however, we see character development, highlighting individual chefs in each episode, genuine judging at a genuine judging table, rather than a tacky coatroom huddle, and meaningful praise and criticism.
Plus, on that show, we get the patented Magical Elves skillful editing of personality clashes and get into each contestant's mind.

This show better than Top Chef?

No and no and no.

5/7/09 11:54 PM

Shut up? Male domination? Whaaaat?

I think what I dislike about having all the "industry insiders" judge the garments first is that we don't hear any of their thoughts on why something is good or bad. We're left in the dark about what standards they are judging the clothing by and why they think something succeeds or fails. Presumably, they communicated their responses to the judges via comment cards. But we, the audience, aren't privy to their thought process.

In PR or Top Chef episodes with comment cards, we'd always hear some of the juiciest comments being read aloud, whether trashing the food or garment or praising it.

Maybe this was such a low-budget deal that they did it with a simple show of hands.

I didn't crack a single smile of enjoyment during this show. Maybe after sleeping on it, I'll see something praiseworthy in it.

But for now, I'm with the New York Times. This "so there" response to PR's leaving Bravo is just awful.

Merlin's outfit did look like Snow White....or like some kind of jockey/court jester combo. However, at least it wasn't boring and it looked really well sewn (from what little I could see).

I dunno. I'm holding off till I've seen a few more episodes. I must say, however - that I LOVED Project Runway from the get go. This.....we'll see. And I have a bad feeling about Merlin - really bad. He's not fun bitchy like Santino - he's nasty and he flat out lied to Isaac about what he said. That doesn't bode well at all. I want entertainment - not Bellevue the reality show!

So Bravo suddenly dumps in a new section for The Fashion Show, complete with a message board. But, as yet, no dialog started and no way to start it.

Just as well. It would NOT be pretty.

What a disappointment - I was so hopeful it would take the best of PR & build on it, My biggest complaint is the horribly choppy editing of the actual looks during the fashion show (you know, the thing the show's named for!) I couldn't get a good look at any of the garments & it drove me crazy! That, and Kelly Rowland BUGS. I'll probably watch one more episode to see if it improves, but I'm not holding my breath. (Sigh) I so my beloved Tim...

Anonymous said:
"And if I have to hear "I miss Tim Gunn" one more time I'm going to throw up."

Here, have a barf bag.


Kayne Gellaspi

butjustwasntyouknow? AllthatGORgeousfabricandtheypick


It may develop OK. Hard to tell. Like looking at a newborn. They tend to all look the same and are really only attractive to their parents. Could grow up cute.
I liked the challenges that actually had them sewing fabric. I didn't like the group project so early on when who the designers are hasn't been established.

Kayne Gillaspie



James Paul did a great job and he was humble to boot.

That's a pun, right?

Isn't he the one who tried to call dibs on a sewing machine by leaving his boots on it?

Another Anonymous

Hey, the Bravo message board is up. You have to search for it though, as it isn't under "Episode 1".

Comments over there boil down to: bleh.

I changed the channel after 30 minutes. I couldn't watch anymore.
It was too unbearable.
It is cold and mean, completely lacking any heart.

watching tonights show reminded me just how much i miss project runway:(

Not sure yet. I do know I hate Daniella. She tried to play the victim card and lacked any maturity to admit she was wrong or applaud the success of others (good for tv). Merlin was right she did dress like forty. He is a caricature so it will be interesting to see if he has talent.

So far not enough on the construction part of the design which made PR a step above other shows. Letting us watch the process was part of the fun.

Too many characters looked like they stepped out of a "Pimp my Hide" tv show, but I'll stick through a few more episodes to see what this chunk of coal turns into.

Oh, please...
This was a big contrived mess!
It was so much worse than Runway! Really, a poor man's version.
And it is trying to *BE* Top Chef, which never had the pressure of trying to be some other show....

Merlin has quite a portfolio.

'Nuff said.
Holy crap.

Ugh....disappointed. Giving it a chance though. Lifetime need not have delayed the PR premiere, because TFS is not the same at all.

ooohh girl. i am not feeling this, even though I was certain that any old fashion show at this point would get me going.

the production quality was GHASTLY. editing, lighting, staging, just awful.

Kelly Rowland has GOT TO GO! she is useless. no, the fact that you've "worn hundreds of little black dresses" or "wouldn't be caught dead wearing" anything is not relevant.

as previous posters have commented, the show lacks heart. i like isaac, but i don't think he can carry this on his own.

ps. am i the only one who thought everyone was a little melodramatic about Merlin's comment? god, it was a joke from an incredibly non-masculine little equestrian. relax.

Stupid skank Kelly couldn't even use the English language correctly. "Issac and myself" should have been, "and me." Stupid bitch. Typical of this tragic show....

There was nothing positive. Only negativity for the sake of being mean/perceived entertainment. The NY Times review was right on. Bitchy times are passe, at least give us a little something positive...

Anyone know where I can download this on torrent? I live in another country and I really want to watch this and see how it compares to Project Runway.

Project Runway is waaay better than this.

But I'm sure there's some good talent among the riff raff here, and I can be entertained just by seeing strong work.

If they continue to suck, I'll lose interest.

Even John Paul's (is that his name?) dress didn't excite me that much.

I think perhaps a team challenge on the first episode may not have been a good idea. Let the designers get into a groove a bit of designing an outfit in 13 hours.

Hey anonymous,

it's already up on youtube. That's how I watched it.

As a good little student, I watched took notes!
Oh dearie, this is recalling the 1st season of top design. There's potential, but any changes will happen next (iffy) season. I'll keep my finger's crossed, but this is not top priority for my DVR. Very poor editing, misuse of the judges (whether strolling the workroom or actually judging), and a lack of direction. Does it want to be viewer decided or left to people who really know what they're talking about? (Kelly doesn't count)

A lot has already been hashed out here (you east coasters have a three hour lead!) so I'll just mention two major problems I had:
1) The mini challenge. I liked the idea of it, but what was the point if as a viewer I didn't get to really see all the dresses? And what is the point of judges if they don't actually judge? Boo editing.

2) There's less time spent with the designers working in the workroom than spent on the fashion show. There should not be a commercial break in the middle of their fashion show. I want to see the creative process. Not random "fashion insider's" two cents. How can I become invested in a particular designer if we don't spend time with them?

One last thing: I laughed SO loud when Isaac glanced straight at the camera during the buhbye. He seems uncomfortable in the dual judge-host role.



@Jenga, right, I was thinking Sheer Genius all the way thru. Someone(s) who was involved in that is up to their eyeballs in this, and not just that it's Bravo. Ugh. I found the over-long dramatic pauses -- while the audience is allowed to view facial reactions -- ridiculous. And too much whining, geez. And the guy who won the challenge also work with ____ (damn, I'm blanking, the same fashion house Christian worked with) ... is that the regulation hairstyle?

I liked it. Project Runway had gotten pretty stale in the last two seasons (and last season was pretty horrible). This seemed to freshen things up alot. At this point even Tim Gunn seems tired of saying "Make it work."

I really did try to stay up to watch the "expanded version" that Bravo ran in the middle of the night.

Bad editing there, too. I found myself trying to figure out what was new, meaning I had to watch the dreck extra closely, and concluded that first part had nothing new.

Result? I started to fall asleep THREE times and finally just gave it up. If there was any solid gold in the expanded version, the show still lost its interest way before the promised good stuff came on.

Twenty-four thumbs down.

my bf and i enjoyed it, almost identical to PR don't see why people are so upset.

i thought the t-shirt challenge came up with a ton of variety for such a short challenge.

i liked the concept of making the fashion be in lines and be individual. i loved it's a real show and all these people are going to see it.

they certainly picked larger than life characters but that's interesting to me; to see people living and owning their looks compared to how most of america is. ballsy people, love it.

i do agree with the comment about the over the top fancy editing, --just show us the runway show like in PR so we can see and judge for ourselves-- was there no immunity, they're obviously should be.

i liked the hosts, i thought Issac seemed very comfortable and fun as host, seemed like a pro already. not robotic like tyson or 3rd grade teacher the former girl host of that show.

did i miss TIM GUNN of course, did i miss the model aspect of course, but again magic eleves gave a very entertaining show, i don't see why every episode couldn't be 1:30, with so many designers.

i'm wishing it luck: it was much better than i'd feared, and retains most of what i love about PR. i even liked the the ax line!

i'm not dorothy gale

Project Runway reboot apparently lost something in the translation. I didn't hate it, didn't love it; the Judy Chicago "Dinner Party" runway was contrived, Isaac was painfully self-conscious and the only interesting/memorable thing about that Kelly person was her pendant/necklace cascade.

I think Bravo's programs are becoming absolutely predictable/formulaic and I can't decide whether it's because of the editing or my familiarity with watching them.

As always, looking forward to TLo screencaps and snark.......

I love Isaac Mizrahi, and I loved his comments. It's nice to see someone who is active in the business giving blunt, sometimes harsh feedback to the contestants. Though he's not the walking quotation that the Duchess is. If the first set of challenges was a harbinger of what's to come, it looks like it will come down to a whole lot of meh on that runway.

And if I have to watch another commercial for The Real Housewives of New Jersey (WTF???), I'll scream.

Whoa, let's get something clear here. The production company Magical Elves produces PR and Top Chef. They had nothing to do with this show.

The Fashion Show is produced by 3 Ball Productions.

To me, this production company's name suggests either a super-testosterone thriller or a deformed mutant.

"You decide."

I'm not sure I get the hate. It was a first episode and there are far too many designers for us to really see what they're doing. It's the same early on on PR, too.

I'm pretty sure that blonde monster, Daniella?, was a character on the first season of Slings and Arrows.

And I got a snort over the Judy Chicago runway. Great idea for a challenge...


1. Another set of clueless designers: Merlin's statement about not wanting to work in teams, and Haven's admission that she doesn't sew well.
2. One of the criteria for the winning design is that it will sell - which is why Kelly (a consumer) and Fern are there.
3. Not nearly as good as PR, but better than the first season of Top Design at least.
4. Designers were picked more for their personalities than their skills.
5. The girl who fought with Merlin is way too sensitive (like I would probably be in the situation).
6. The designs were extremely disappointing and NONE of the criticism was constructive, which does note bode well for improvements in design.
7. Must-have pieces for me would have been a great trouser (NOT a hammer pant), a real pencil skirt, and a well-constructed jacket - they started on the right track, but missed it by a mile.
8. I'll keep watching, but only for TLo's recaps.

Oh, will you lighten up? It's the first episode, and some of you are proclaiming this as the worst televison show in the history of time.

Such drama queens...

WhitLin said...

Kelly Rowland has GOT TO GO! she is useless. no, the fact that you've "worn hundreds of little black dresses" or "wouldn't be caught dead wearing" anything is not relevant.

Give the girl a chance. Kelly Rowland is "West Coast" not NYC. I bet she will come around, improve and add to the show.

Enjoyed Fern M. and E. Tahari arguing about who was going to grt the boot. Both had good points of view with regards to design.


I also think the guest judges are under used on both PR and FS. I want to hear what Tahari, Cavalli, etc...have to say about fashion, design, execution, etc...


"WhitLin said...

Kelly Rowland has GOT TO GO! she is useless. no, the fact that you've "worn hundreds of little black dresses" or "wouldn't be caught dead wearing" anything is not relevant."

Oh, c'mon, like Heidi is any better. At least, so far, everything Kelly has worn is tasteful.

I know that comparing both shows is inevitable, but people are being too harsh and not giving this show a chance.

Sounds like a Bravo exec to me.

Heidi bashing? You actually want to go there? DON'T get me started on defending the golden girl of PR.

Zero of Rowland's personality is coming through on the camera - very much like what's-her-name in Season 1 of Tim Gunn's guide to style.

Anonymous said...

I know that comparing both shows is inevitable, but people are being too harsh and not giving this show a chance.

I agree 100%. Give the producers time to work out the bugs.


They totally ripped off the Little Black Dress challenge from the Miss America challenge show that TLC did. The pageant contestants had to make a LBD out of a black T-shirt, too! Frankly, some of the pageant girls' dresses were better than some of the ones we saw last night. That said, I think it was a cute mini-challenge. I liked the elimination challenge, too. The results in both challenges were mixed.

Did anyone else keep having flashbacks to John Belushi in the SNL Samurai Deli sketch whenever Johnny D was on screen?

I'm a fan of both PRcanada and australia so I know the show can survive without our beloved Tim Gunn and even Heidi, especially when Iman shows up as host. So I'm not decrying FS just based on who it does have. With that - seriously, have we learned nothing from PR? More fashion, less drama! This isn't an MTV reality show. Let us get good looks at the design process and less little cats fighting. PRAustralia had some of the best dynamics I'd ever seen with the contestants actually caring about each other and helping each other (well, for the most part) and it made for a show you cheered on and just loved watching. And they were still funny, just not in the train wreck sort of way.
So yeah, please, please, more shots of the runway, of the design process, and less DRAMA!!! please.

Alicia -- Agreed, PR Australia's contestants present wonderful examples of how to be vivid on camera without being an asshole. Good teamwork -- and I like the feedback that they give on camera each other's designs. They're not afraid to praise each other and as a viewer it helps me know which designs have buzz even before the runway.

About The Fashion Show
-- Merlin is fatiguing, and has a fatiguing leadership style.
-- Love Isaac and Fern, but Fern isn't speaking enough (yet), and Isaac seems marooned.
-- Work room, runway and set are too grim & gray. It was depressing after a while. Like watching dresses be made in prison.

I really did like the short challenge though and how the designs were then used to pick teams. Thought that was cool.

The judging process needs to be streamlined, though ... and I didn't enjoy the on-camera feedback from the "cognoscenti".


Like Anon 7:04, I think the last couple seasons of PR were not that great. So I was open to this, and frankly, I liked it. The work was abysmal, but I like the format of the show, and I thought Isaac and Kelly were just fine. I'll keep watching.

Kelly is dreadful... I join with all those who said that having been to a fashion show is not enough to make you a fashion expert. She is very cute. But that doesn't really cut it. Love Isaac. Hate, hate, hate the little red man. He is like the dwarf in that Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland movie. Creepy.

Total lol a the Samurai Deli--absolutely!

And it's Haven that looked like the horrid bitch character from Slings & Arrows (top 5 show EVER, people), not Daniella as I previously asserted. I do not like her and her hamfisted nose job.

I've watched other PR imitations like PR Canada and PR Australia. Both of those shows have won me over and that's watching them in low res youtube.

The Fashion Show suffers because it is too aware that it is trying to replace a classic. It felt tense and humorless with a big old cup of self importance. It's as self conscious as a High School Freshman.

Maybe that will work itself out as it goes along, maybe not. In the meantime, it's something to rip about.

I'm not too sure about how well the talent search turned out. Hammer pants? Pink Hair? Samurai? Pimp Hat? This does not bode well.

Anonymous said:
"-- Work room, runway and set are too grim & gray. It was depressing after a while. Like watching dresses be made in prison."

That's it in a nutshell, isn't it?

Godd reality TV people are great but for the show to succeed the producers must find great undiscovered talent like, Daniel, Laura Bennett, Uli, Jayus Chrysler, Michael...etc...etc... that are also great TV or the show will not work.


it is what it is ... I liked it. I always enjoy Isaac M. And let's be honest, do you want to watch this or another one of those dreadful, cringe inducing "Housewives of whatever, wherever"....
Sign me up for this season, if I can stay awake. 'Cause I'm not gonna waste space on my DVR for this thing...

Wait, that guy was a sumo wrestler? I thought it Toshiro Mifune playing a nerd.

Hm. Mixed feelings about it. The construction skills are abominable, for the most part. I didn't get that high I normally get from PR, the one that comes from watching people be creative. I didn't feel like anybody was particularly inspired. And harem pants???

I think the reason so many people are talking about missing Tim was the lame-ass walk-through that Mizrahi and Rowland did through the workroom. BORING. I'm willing to give it a chance, though.

I watched about 3/4ths of the show. It lost me at the commercial break during the runway show.

The whole Isaac as previewer and judge (he's not trying to be a coach at all) is akin to Tom Colicchio's role on Top Chef. So we can't compare Isaac to Tim Gunn.

I loved the quick-challenge but hated the snarky judge. I agree that there wasn't enough construction featured on the show, but is suspect that since the whole point is for each contestant to produce "mini fashion shows" that we're going to continuosly be overloaded.

I'll watch it to see if it grows on me, but I'm not loving it that much. Still, you've got to love a moniker like "The Pantychrist."

Anonymous said...

Stupid skank Kelly couldn't even use the English language correctly. "Issac and myself" should have been, "and me." Stupid bitch. Typical of this tragic show....
You're joking, right? Grammatically speaking, the correct form would actually be "Issac and I," unless you think the sentence "Me think that those clothes are ugly" is correct. I love people who criticize others' grammar without having any of their own.

Come on, now, sweeties -- sheath the claws a bit and give this show a chance! Isaac is fantastic -- I loved his comments and his attitude. Less bitchy than the Duchess and more substantive. I was worried about him, but I think he is fabulous and I'm rooting for him!

Someone said the show is formulaic. (Insert cricket chirp sounds here) How could it NOT be, when it's following the formula that PR pioneered and that has been copied by every make-something reality show since? The trick is to make the formula work, and I think this show could.

As for the designers and their first projects--it's the first episode!!! And really--weren't there a couple of designs you liked? Just a little?

I love Merlin--he is so much fun to watch and listen to. A great moment with his "up to 5" and Isaac having to figure out he meant "after five." He's the bitch with the gift--his runway design was terrific.

And we have our small-talent, big-ego, big-mouthed bitch in the appalling Daniella. Whine, whine, whine! Move over, Kenley--there's a new vineyard in town!

I thought it was good. A little too reminiscent of PR4, if I'm being honest, where nobody really stands out as being a "top designer" from the get go, with the only one I thought as being a truly good piece was James-Paul. Who's totally cute in a nerdy, less confident than Christian kind of way.

Merlin can get over himself now, by the way. Same with Reco. I'll watch it again though, because while it's not PR at the moment, it's good in its own right.

Oh, and Isaac is too big a personality for Kelly to deal with. I liked the little touch of being able to hear Isaac bitch about the shitty dresses to Fern and Kelly during the show though.

The thing I kept thinking: In any other reality show, the results of this elimination challenge would have been the time when the judges decided that nobody would be declared a winner. The problem was, this was the FIRST episode, so they probably didn't feel that was an option.

Something isn't working in the casting for this one. I wonder what is different.

Did the people complaining about how they shot the runway even WATCH Project Runway? The Fashion Show actually displayed the looks much better than PR ever did. PR always did the annoying "split screen" shit, showing each garment for .75 seconds and usually showing the top two-thirds of the front only. This show had problems but people complaining that they shot the final garments so terribly need to just go watch their collections of PR DVD's, since it is clear they are intent on not liking anything but that show.

I'll give it a C+ for now. It wasn't awful. There are some things I liked, like the new runway show with an actual audience. I want to see more construction of garments and much, much less of Laura Brown. I hope she won't be judging all of the mini-challenges. She dares to pick Johnny's dress after saying it had built in air bags. WTH? If you like it then say something nice about it! They should have saved us some time and sent home everyone in the pencil skirt group. Not one person thought that stretch fabric was a bad idea?? I'll keep watching, the characters seems enjoyable enough.

Am I right that Lidia's model is Shannon from season 1 of supermodel? I don't see any info on about the models.

I liked it. Yes, it has some problems some of which will be ironed out when they have fewer contestants and they've had time to develop as a show.

Isaac Mizrahi is a TREASURE. Bow down, bitches.

Kelly Rowland is not a treasure, no bowing down required.

Fern Mallis - another TREASURE, re-commence bowing.

I miss Tim but I'll get over it and he'll be on PR in August or whenever Lifetime grows a sack.

I like to refer to Kelly as

Take heed, girls.

When I saw Merlin's outfit, all I could think of was DISNEYLAND COSTUME. Yes, it looks like something that would either be in a parade or used by a ride operator. Sorry, as fun as I think it is, as something I "have to buy," it misses the mark on several levels.

He's very talented though, and I can't wait to see him get ground down over the course of the show.

Kelly = BeNOTce

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