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Eva Longoria in Harper's Bazaar Singapore

So, Eva Longoria sat for Harper's Bazaar Singapore in Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 and our marriage is threatened.

Model: Heloise Guerin

Model: Heidi Mount

Model: Constance Jablonski

Model: Irina Kulikova

Model: Anna Gushina

Model: Siri Tollerød

Lorenzo thinks the clothes are gorge, the shots are fab, and the model is pulling it off. Tom thinks the clothes are just okay, the shots are fab, and the model sucks. Some actresses can do these sorts of things and some are all "I'm POSING NOW!" Tom tends to think Eva is of the latter persuasion. She didn't pick the clothes out, so it's not her fault that everything she's wearing is either tight, shiny, see-through, or short (and sometimes all four), but a better model could have found another pose besides "sexy." Still, Lorenzo thinks Tom is a crank and he loves the spread.

[Photos: - Scans: TheFashionSpot]

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Is she still famous?

Sorry, but she's now one of the pretty, but bland Hollywood faces, and just dosen't have the "it" factor to pull these looks off.

I love it. Considering her stature and demeanor, one can hardly expect her to be a perfect model; for what she has, she's working it.


Was this all just to feature the fishnets?
Really? Every look?

Hate the cover, the rest is OK.

Ugh, I hate Eva Longoria with such a passion, but I must side with Lorenzo on this one. This is much, much better than I expected, especially considering the fact that she is 5'2" and has never really seemed to me like she knew what to do with her body. A lot of these seemed very Josephine Baker to me and I was surprised she was actually pulling it off. I'm still laughing that it's for Harper's Bazaar Singapore though. You know she'd never get a huge spread in like, American Vogue or Vogue Italia.

it's all so very madonna vogue, and while she is no rita hayworth giving good face, and despite her relative tweeness, it ain't bad. nothing my 15 year old self would pin on her bedroom wall, that's for certain.

and to her apparent "must have item", criss cross tights, i say, "no thank you". ok, maybe just not in every single shot.

Couldn't they have found any short skirts for her to wear?

The cover has too much writting on it. If it was cleaner it would be very nice.Back in the 90's both Bazaar and Elle were doing real clean artistic covers with very little writting, and for some reason they went back to the cheapy Womens World model.
I like the green feather dress and the cha-cha skirt. The others not so much.

I had to laugh at them reporting Kate Hudson as a "pop culture phenom."

speaking of the front cover, when did Kate Hudson emerge out of irrelevance into becoming a pop culture phenomenon?

i figured out something else that irks me...her hair. it's a little...wiggy.

The shots with slicked down hair need comparison shots of Josephine Baker in addition to the runway photos, especially the one with the fan and feather skirt added - the "inspiration" is pretty obvious although Eva's version is rather bland.

ha! great minds think alike, anonymous.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the jewelry.

Sorry Lorenzo - I'm with Tom. She just doesn't have the character in the face to pull it off here.

The clothes are horrible and the styling worse

The shots are lovely

the model is an attractive lady but who cares?

I normally tend to agree with Lorenzo in these little domestic disputes, but this time, I gotta say, Tom is right on the money.

I liked the black & white photo the best and, given the color stories here, I think they all would have looked better in black & white.

I'm not really liking anything I see rom LV, but she does look better in everything than the runway models do (especially that Muppet dress).


Nothing and no one could save those clothes.

What's wrong with her FACE?? It's seems so plastic and overly photoshopped. Don't like it at all.

Eww. You might be able to save these shots if you get rid of everything from the armpits up. Her arms, hands, head and face are just awful.

I love her in the Josephine look with the feathers and the fan. But I'm having a hard time putting that shot (the only really great one in my opinion) into a context with the others. 80s prostitute meets Versailles?

In the shot of the muppet-green-feathers dress, her face looks like a melting Barbie.

You ladies are crazy! (for the most part).

I love the photos - I think that the clothes look better on Eva than on the models, and frankly, I like the cross-cross tights.

I think it's all quite pretty.

Considering how pedestrian and boring she typically looks, HB Singapore did quite a nice job. Nevertheless, is she one of the actresses I would be happy to never see again on a magazine cover? Absolutely.

Lorenzo, my darling gay bundle of joy....I have to agree with Tom! *sob*

I think the shots are fabulous and the clothes are ok but I really got annoyed at Longoria's "hey look at me pouting it's really sexy and oohhhhh swoooonnnnnn" modelling. Irritating and aggravating and girl needs to get off my screen.

Sorry darlings, I hate to choose sides but honestly, I can't say I love her looks here.

Love the clothes; can't stand her, too much of a media whore, but again, aren't they all?

The first Josephine Baker shot is nice, but the clothes are mostly dreck.

TLo said:
"So, Eva Longoria sat for Harper's Bazaar Singapore in Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 and our marriage is threatened."

Ok, you guys kill me!

I have mixed feelings about this shoot. First of all, as somebody said...fishnets for ALL the looks? Really?

Secondly, I only like two of the shots...the one where she's laughing and holdind up the feather thingy and the one where she's sitting there in shadow, looking directly into the camera. I only like those two, but I think they're both REALLY good, where the other ones are pretty crappy. On the other shots, I completely agree with Tom.

Another thing about Ms. Longoria...she's very beautiful, but to me, she's completly devoid of sex appeal. I don't know what it is about her, but when she does the sexy thing, it's just not believable for me.

I love the shot with the show girl fans.

The rest I am meh to neh about. I think the shoot would have been better in all b&w.

'Slutty, Slutty, Slutty' to quote MK. Ms Eva obviously IS a desperate housewife, looking at these shots...sorry Lorenzo. Tom is correct on this one. My DH even thought it was over the top and all his taste is in his mouth (and occasionally in mine). Oooops, bad pictures, bad pictures made me write a naughty thing. I have to stop looking at them now. The FedEx man is on his way up to the door and I need to calm down...

First few poses are great, the last two, her face isn't very good.

So Good and bad. I think the clothes do look better on her. could be the lighting/airbrushing.

The shoes are gorgeous.


I started out inclined to think that, while no-one is going to pull ANY of these for a retrospective article, Tom was, indeed being a tad cranky. After all, the clothes, sets and photography are not in her control. (Though I will say the sets and clothes together strike me as overwrought.)

Then, I realized that I actually liked the b/w shot a la Josephine Baker. Partly the black & white, which tames the general overwroughtness - but also, her facial expression! It conveys emotion! It seems not to be wooden!

So, maybe Tom has a point.

I like the Josephine Baker shot, but that's pretty much it. I really liked Longoria on the first season of Desperate Houswives, but now I am tired of seeing her everywhere. I guess I'm kind of cranky this week too.

Tom, why don't you and I meet at the crankybar this afternoon and have a cranky martini?

I'm with Tom; the model is totally ruining this for me. I like Eva, but she just can't pull off high fashion. Please go stand in the corner with Miss Zellweger, dear.

I'm on Tom's side on this one. The clothes are ok at best, and she has only one look. Tyra would skewer her alive.

Just take a look at Alek Wek wearing one those LV's looks and see the difference.

I love it! She's rocking it!

Not digging the green Oscar The Grouch dress.

Add me to the Tom column. It all looks too costumey. Not "stage" costumey, but "Wallmart" discount Halloween.

That's what I have coming in the mail for me this month? Harper's Bazaar, you're letting me down. I'm not digging the short hair on Eva.

"LaLa said...
That's what I have coming in the mail for me this month? Harper's Bazaar, you're letting me down. I'm not digging the short hair on Eva."

If you live in Singapore, yes.

Isn't that the dress Madonna wore? It's hideous.

I always have trouble comparing these things, because the magazine photo shoots are so carefully planned, lit, edited, Photoshopped, etc. while the models on the runways are just out there doing their thing. I do think the clothes look better in the magazine - but, then, that's the goal of a photo shoot.

Too many pix! Just too auf for a whole spread.

A single side-by-side would have more impact. Especially the first Josephine Baker one! That's nice.

So, Eva Longoria sat for Harper's Bazaar Singapore in Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 and our marriage is threatened.OK, it totally misinterpreted this. I was like, "I didn't know that Eva had those kinds of skills."

I think Eva is pulling off the Josephine Baker-esque Folies Bergère styling better than the photos with the more modern styling.

Louis Vuitton seems to have increased in popularity and visibility recently.

How on earth did HB Singapore get Eva? I always thought we bought our covers and editorials from other Harpers... at least those not featuring asian/eurasian models.

I might actually buy a copy to check it out for once.

And I'm kinda over the LV muppet dress too :)

the photography is particularly good and for the most part everything should be in her favor, but I just don't think she pulled it off. They all seem like they should be fantastic shots, but at the end, they just aren't.

fug. fugfugfug.

I totally don't get these fashions that have hipbags on them. If I want to wear a set of panniers, I'll wear a set of panniers with my corset and eat bonbons, drink champagne and get some gorgeous costumed men to cater to my every whim.

Unless you're in the 18th century, crap on your hips = FUG

I don't like her at all but I think she's wearing the clothes better than most of the models, which given her lack of height compared to the models, is pretty amazing. I do agree with those who've said her her face is much too plastic in some of the photos.

Talk about trying too hard. No good or sensual feelings eminate from these pics and they, to succeed, should have oozed of them. She looks awful in the main, and is most certainly channeling Terri Hatcher in many of the pics, skinny and desperate incarnate. These images give a stomach ache, knots.

You were a flavor of the month, Eva, and we've had enough. Next!

the first lulu

I guess I just don't get it. I have grown to love the editorial postings from TLo, and this one is no exception. I love it, and I just don't even see the elements that everyone, well, almost everyone is trashing. Of course, they are all photoshopped to death, it's so very hard anymore to find shots of anything or anyone that isn't. So that doesn't really bother me. I see beautifully composed shots with a perfect woman and fabulous sets and the clothes rock too, as it all comes together.

Meh to the bunch of you haters, I just guess I don't belong here, as snark is not my persona, and I find myself posting less and less often.

the first lulu

And just to be perfectly clear, I am not talking about what our fabulous gay boys have to say.

The fishnets make what could be lovely clothes look tacky. Ugh.

It looks better than one (who's not a fan of Eva's) might expect. And yet... Marc is so derivative and she's very pose-y. It just doesn't work, though the photographer did some beautiful work.

I miss real models.

You know, Bailey, while "foreign" fashion industries are still growing, it probably isn't the best attitude to view them as "inferior" to American or Italian magazines. I happen to think it's nice that stars are moving into other regions of the world, and hope that models and actresses from places like, say, Singapore, grace the covers of American Vogue and Vogue Italia.

She looks fabulous!


The clothes are awful, just AWFUL. I mean, really, really bad. Can't get past that right now.

So, aside from Madonna, who actually wears that crap? I have to side with Tom on this one, Darling Lorenzo. Those clothes are some serious ugly.

The entire thing is horrible. I usually try to find something positive, but there is nothing pretty. At all.

I'm surprised how many people don't like her.

Ugh...the clothes and the pouts: dull. boring. derivative.

The Josephine Baker get up does work, though.

I actually thinks she's a decent actress, but a great natural beauty, not so much...lots of foundation and mascara are definitely her best friends.

Her overexposure really does work my last nerve. Although I noticed after spending time in Europe, it is ten times worse across the Atlantic. You'll be treated to her mug eating ice cream every time you pass one of those kiosks selling the brand that she shills over there, and the Euro fan magazines can't seem to get enough of her.

So I take it that Lorenzo is typing?

I really like the black and white photo- Eva seems to be having fun in that one, and the looks suits her.

Despite being short, tight, shiny, and short, I didn't think the clothes were all that sexy on the runway. Eva Longoria brought some much needed sexiness.

I don't have a problem with the short skirts - but putting a short *girl* into high-waisted tiny skirts like that just make her look even shorter. Girl looks about 4'2" in most of those shots.

I love Josephine Baker, so it's fun to see those looks, but ... I just don't get the appeal of E.L. There's something about her face - I'm not saying it IS necessarily severely altered, but it LOOKS severely altered. Like she's had her eyebrows lifted, her chin and nose done and her forehead Botoxed.
I actually don't like looking at her plasticky face... it's not even a 'meh' thing, it's an outright 'blech.' Although, obviously, other people do like her, so there you go.

She looks much better than those LV runway models in every outfit. It's amazing how her personality can shine from her outfit...

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