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Chanel 2010 Resort Collection

Get your bathing suits out, bitches! It's resort collection season!

Miss Lagerfeld unveiled her resort collection for Chanel, called "Coco on the Lido" in Venice and was there:

"A cruise show on a boardwalk snaking along the Venice Lido with the sun about to set, gentle waves rolling in, and a whisper of a breeze to make sinuous shapes flutter in movement…it couldn't have been a more poetic or, given the times, more uniquely audacious Chanel moment. "I wanted to reinvent the mystique," said Karl Lagerfeld, talking about locating the collection in one of Coco Chanel's favorite summer haunts—she visited Venice for almost ten years beginning in 1919 and met Diaghilev here."

"In spite of all his extensive erudition on the art, culture, and personalities of the Venetian past, Lagerfeld concluded, "I don't use it to make costume. I was actually more interested in the café society of the thirties and the life Chanel lived here, which is gone now."

How flipping fabulous is that? Let's go to the tape:

Gorgeous. Very Venice and very, very Chanel. We especially love the Chanel sunglasses reimagined as masquerade masks. There's not one wrong note or weak look in the entire collection. And we love the styling.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Gorge. particulary love the latter half of the collection. karl absolutely NAILED the inspiration, which is the most fucking fabulous thing ive ever heard. way more poetic than stealth pilot or rubiks cube, but hey, whatever produces a good garment is good.

but its hard to go wrong with coco.

Very good, but not perfect.

The birdsnest hair on the last hanger is just a little too distracting from the garmet.

And the flowered long dress looked like it belonged in another collection.

But the rest was really chic. ESPECIALLY the white exaggerated interpretation of the Chanel suit.

Love both of the suits! A great new twist on a classic.


hmm, like not love

I like the suits and the sweater/bikini combos and a few of the other looks.

as someone else said the flowered dresses don't look like they belong. Not a fan of the men's wear either.

great inspiration, styling, and accessories (chanel sunglasses) and I love that they did it on the boardwalk with the sun setting - it's much better to see a resort collection in this setting than just a runway.

Wow, this whole collection is stunning. I especially like the two scarlet red dresses and the suits. I want the white suit right now!

what a wonderful treat for a Monday! thank you so much. i feel Coco would approve.

this is truly a delightful collection; i crave both the wonderfully tailored pieces and the flapperesque curly hair.

i will be coming back all day just to gloat again.

I had to look at the white pants suit a little more closely to see that the trim was black lace.

From afar it looks like someone glued pubes all over it.

The models make me think more of Colette and Sonia Rykiel than Channel. It is a very beautiful collection. .. But I am about to say something that probably amounts to sacrelege- I do not like and never have liked the Chanel tweed suit with braid trim (any version). Hang me.

What a fun collection!

I'm sorry...I've been spending entirely too much time with the NYC Housewives that I couldn't help by try and style a few of them straight out of Karl's kollection.

Now wouldn't Simon look cute that second men's look? Alex could accompany him wearing the fourth, harlequin number.

Kelly's legs would look stunning in the boatneck, stripey bathing suit with the "Where's Waldo" booties. Her fake boyfriend, Max would drool over the booties.

At least Bethanny would have the decency to wear a flesh colored thong under the lacy number.

I'd dress Jill in the Lion Dress.

Ramona should wear the second little black dress although you know she'd pick out the pink fringed suit. Just give Mario a long pole and the red shirted outfit and he'd be ready to steer the gondola.

And the Countess could chase down the philandering Count in one of the black capes with one of the little black dresses underneath.

Sewing Siren said...
But I am about to say something that probably amounts to sacrelege- I do not like and never have liked the Chanel tweed suit with braid trim (any version). Hang me.

5/18/09 11:57 AM

I thought it looked great on Marge Simpson when she found one for cheap when buying a Czech televison at the outlet mall.

Eh. I hate Chanel.

I'm not blown away by it but like it. I am surprised that I like the dresses that incorporate the giant "Lion of Venice"-head motif. The one very flowery dress is a clunker. Love the white suit and red dress.

Bailey on 5/18/09 at 12:00 PM said: Eh. I hate Chanel.

Why? We want the dirt! LOL! LOL!


I NEED a pair of those masquerade masks/sunglasses combos. Those would be HIGH-LARIOUS to bust out on my friends this summer in Ptown!

Eh. No dirt. I just find the mythos surrounding Chanel, all the worship about "Oooh, COCO Chanel!" and Karl Lagerfeld's general existence to be really tiring and annoying. They make the same stuff every year, it just doesn't seem modern to me (which is more my thing). That's not to say like "Oh it's all so ugly" or anything.

"Tlo said: There's not one wrong note or weak look in the entire collection."

Except for the one absent-minded woman who left the house in just her Spanks. (Could happen to anyone).

But ever since I saw 'Signe Chanel', every time I see a collection, I wonder if that crazy old lady is still making braid in her barn.



I do not think anyone wears Channel (except the suits) as shown on the runway. What I like is that each piece can be worn individully with any personal style and/or whatever is in your closet. I have a few pieces and two vintage suits. I wear the hell out of all of them.


This was so beautifully staged! Except, I thought the eye makeup made it look like it was the Zombie Resort Collection. I guess even Zombies get to take a break from eating brains and go to the beach.

Bailey-Just trying to chit chat back and forth. I understand exactly what you are saying. The pieces do not change that much from year to year and are really on re-visited and updated with "new" fabric choices and colors, excluding the suits of course.

I am always interested in the POV of others especially when discussing fashion.

Please forgive me if i was out of line in anyway.



I love his inspiration. The makeup is to die.

No it's ok, sorry if I was a bit testy. I like discussing back and forth too. Sometimes it just seems like people feel like you need to be 'convinced' that something in particular is good or bad. I like that people like different things.


I have never gone wrong buying an odd piece of Channel off the sale rack at Saks or Neimans even if i had no idea what I was going to do with it once I got it home.

However, I have wasted a ton of money on other designer sale rack "finds".


First picture: Count Dracula summons the girls for cocktails under the boardwalk.

First half of the collection: not really something you'd be "caught dead in."

Second half of the collection: Some really fabulous looks here. Makes me "batty" that I can't afford any of these things.


I don't like the boys' clothes, but I'm not a big fan of the 'sailor' look.

Wonderful, beautiful and absolutely gorgeous!

the boardwalk at sunset was a beautiful backdrop for the show.


ESPECIALLY the white exaggerated interpretation of the Chanel suit.

That number is sooo Coco Chanel-I love it.

The first look looks like a maternity dress and the 4th one looks too graphic to fit in the collection.

Other than that, it's great.

I'm off to hot glue my dollar store shades to a chopstick...

LOVE; 3rd to last look on the dark haired model, tweed jacket over floral top and black pants, and nautical stripey shirt and blue jacket.

my only dislike is the red dress and tights-something about it seems off to me.

i know it's soooo in vogue today to hate things just because everyone else likes them, but i, for one, adore Chanel. the frou frau surrounding this famous label is, in my opinion, well deserved. and yes TLo, the styling is just killer!

Adore it!

Chaneeeel. I love you! I agree with the Anon that said the birdsnest hair was kind of a bit much, but other than that I love everything.

My mother would look good in the second to last look. As for the rest of thank you.

I like the first dress

Madame Karl was aiming for post-Victorian Venice

I see Gullah sisters celebrating at the South Carolina shore at the beginning of the Jazz Age

Love the Romanticism

I love the the whole collection! I would have rocked that little red dress 20 lbs ago!

This is really the first collection, from anyone, that I've looked at and said "yes, yes, yes, yes" in a very long time. I'm not a huge fan of the looks for men, but who cares. The clothes are divine. This really reaches me and makes me want to lost about 200 lbs. and when the lottery so I can wear them. Yes please.

What a lovely concept and a show I'd really like to have seen in person. (but god, what a nightmare from a production angle - sand! salt spray! ocean breezes! sunset!)

I really liked the presentation, it had a vaguely commedia dell'arte feel to me, which isn't really supported by many of the garments. Perhaps the cloaks just set the vibe off in my head.

There are four or five I really love, and yes, they are mostly the ones that fit into the ongoing Chanel arc.

At least they *had* a men's wear component - I always feel the guys are so slighted.

Only one I really can't stand is #4, the overactive Harlequin.

TLo said, "There's not one wrong note or weak look in the entire collection."

And then Gotham said, "Except for the one absent-minded woman who left the house in just her Spanks. (Could happen to anyone)."

Well, and also the boy who got all tangled up in his semaphore flag. Other than those two things, an awful lot of gorge.

Sewing Siren, yes: Sonia Rykiel!

Blogger Brooklyn Bomber said...

"Well, and also the boy who got all tangled up in his semaphore flag."

Ha! Though I was thinking more jockey's racing silks. But it could look good on a guy, paired with jeans (even, if he just has to, white ones) and away from the bandito sash & shorts.

The more I look, the more I'm lusting after those two striped sweaters, the ones over the bikinis.

Sewing Siren, there was a time in my life when one of those signature Chanel suits was a big fantasy, as in, some day I wish, I wish, I wish. . . I got up my nerve one day and walked into the store on 57th Street (which turned out to be not so scary, once I was in). The older I got, the less those suits appealed to me, which makes no sense, because they are so very damn grown up. I can't imagine even wanting to wear one now. I do like the little red sweater, though, in this show, which references the classic jacket.

I love this collection! Great inspiration. Great clothes.

However, couldn't he have styled the guys to look similar to the women? Doesn't make sense. Also, another small complaint is that I'm not crazy about the eye makeup, but I'll let it slide because it works here.

Since when is "scary racoon" eye makeup apropos for resort styling?
I hate it.
I'm not crazy about anything in the collection except the red gown in the second frame. Absolutely gorg.
Some of the looks are frightening, frames 4, 16, 19, 31 and 32.
The rest of the collection, well, I've seen it before.
The mens collection is blech.
And the look in the intro pic...I thought it was "March of the Undead". AWFUL.
BUT, TLo, thanks so much for posting this!!

Lurve the red dress and LURVE the bateau necked gray sweater with the white band. Gorgeous!

Love it! Absolutely adore it. This is one collection that I wish wouldn't get dilluted down to make it more pallatable as ready-to-wear, because these are so beautiful and interesting and whimsical as is. I'd wear any of them (except the pubes suit) -- including rocking the menswear with my little lady frame.

Absolutely LOVE both of the red dresses. Wish I: a) had the money and b) had the figure!



I really, really love Italy (and Venice), but I gotta say that my trip to Lido was a bit disappointing. I've never seen so much garbage on a beach ever (and I've been to Coney Island, the Jersey Shore, Tybee Island, and the Texas Gulf coast). While wading in the sea, a rubber glove actually floated past me. At that point, I took to sunbathing.

I've spent time on that beach, and let me tell you, none of the bathers looked like that!! Most of the women were overweight and topless and the men were in the most unfortunate speedo-ey things...
but never-the-less, the photos were lovely, but I do not care for the heavy eye makeup (or massacre as my little brother used to call it)
I'm with the previous posters, looks like Beach Blanket Zombies!

mimi on 5/18/09 at 4:40 PM said: I'm with the previous posters, looks like Beach Blanket Zombies!

If you have to be a Beach Blanket Zombie being dressed by Lagerfeld in Channel is the only way to go!


Very inspired and with that touch of modernity that pulls the collection into the wearable.


Fabulous! It reminded me of the movie "Death in Venice."

"the boy who got all tangled up in his semaphore flag."

Honey, that was for my favorite. Did you see how much those shorts love that boy?

There's one more thing I do have to commend Chanel for--their choices in music. I'm always finding new bands through them.

I love that grey off-the-shoulder striped jumper (wait, sweater in US English?) so much it hurts.

Why oh why is my life not so fabulous.

Damn. I think it's time for an aperitif, don't you girls?

I got bored during the scroll down.

Are you freaking kidding me?! The first half is pure Salvation Army, circa 1920.

It gets better in the 2nd half, but that's not saying much.

Chanel used to be classic & classy. What happened there?

sorry. can't get past the hair.

The hair was utterly distracting. I had to mentally crop each model at the collarbone before I could begin looking at the clothes.

Lovely concept, beautiful clothes, and I love that he used Tatjana Patitz to close the show.

Great show! Thanks for the post, guys.

Simply amazing!!! So dreamy!!!...

Love the clothes, but the zombies on the boardwalk look is distracting.

I think that the wearable towel is better, more practical, call me crazy. this is the infomercial,

and they even had a fashion show!

"Let's Retox! said...

I think that the wearable towel is better, more practical, call me crazy. "

Gladly. You're crazy.

A lot of the pieces are lovely. But is that a pair of spandex shorts with lace trim that I see? Not. Ok.

The collection looks fine, but it is not making my heart go pitter patter. I like the styling and the idea better than the actual stuff.

i love the styling although i did laugh out loud when i saw the first picture and thought "Fashion Zombies Take to the Beach"

the menswear though does not work, i mean stripe-y stripe-y:

who wants to look like he works on a gondola? "can i help you aboard ma'am?" as he takes off straw hat. or mr. pizza delivery man with his checkerboard cumberbund.

the one exception is the neat blue sweater with gray stripes and the naval inspired undersweater with white shorts, kind of a hip, classy but modern twist. i think it's neat.

i also agree the beehive hair distracts from that outfit.

Ok, I have never wanted to BE at a fashion show as much as I did this one. lovelovelove

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