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Virgins v. Vixens

Oh, poodles. This last one was a nail-biter.

We knew as we headed into the upper tiers of the competition, things were going to get a bit more interesting, but when it came time to tally up the votes on this one, the lead kept swinging back and forth between the two combatants. "Julie! Doctor Zhivago!" "Jane! Workout videos! 9 to 5!" "Julie!" "Jane!" We were getting excited just trying to keep track of it all! We had an idea going into it which way it was going to go and for a while there, it looked like we may have gotten it wrong, but in the end, one gal rallied and our predicted outcome came true.


But she put up one HELL of a fight, bitches.

If you thought that one was tough, you ain't seen nothing yet. After all, we're in A-list territory now and the remaining competitors are all legends. Just think for a second about the period of time we're talking about and which actresses pop into your heads first. Yeah. THOSE ladies. You've all got your work cut out for you as you try to decide the winners.

This week, it's ...

taking a swig of water to recover from her last bout and rolling up her sleeves to take on the former Natalia Zacharenko,


We have NO IDEA how this one's gonna go.

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Never got the whole Natalie Wood fascination so I'll go with Jane (even though she beat my last choice, Julie)

I'll take Ms. Wood over Hanoi Jane any day. But I think that's more because I'm partial to brunettes.


Cogitating . . .

Jane, please.

Oh, it's got to be Natalie.

I'll side with Jane on this round.


I had the feeling that she was waiting in the wings!

Well, I love both of them, but the sentimental side of me prevails over my feminist and were going with...



Jane all the way.

natalie wood.

Natalie, of course!

Amanda in Austin

Natalie. FTW.

Question from the minion gallery!
*waving hand*

Is this round like the last where there's no clear divide between who is the Virgin & the Vixen?

Natalie is so pretty but with all her tics and mannerisms on screen I feel like I'm going to have an epileptic seizure watching her.

Easy for me to say Jane FTW this time.


Mama T said...
Question from the minion gallery!
*waving hand*

Is this round like the last where there's no clear divide between who is the Virgin & the Vixen?

April 29, 2009 3:12 PM

I would think that if we applied the ratio of virgin:vixen on these two, Natalie comes out more as the Virgin:

Miracle in 34th Street
Rebel Without a Cause
The Searchers
West Side Story
Most of Gypsy
Splendor in The Grass

eh, you know where I'm going with this...

(Sorry, my comment got weirdly messed up. Hopefully this works.)

What I said was, seriously?? NATALIE!!

"Say it loud and there's music playing, say it soft and it's almost like praying .. I'll never stop saying 'Maria'!"

I can't not vote for her. My youngest sister is named for her, haha.

Miss Fonda!

love natalie but jane has bigger balls.

Absolutely no choice.


Natalie, no contest!

Natalie! Good God Splendor in the Grass!

hmmm...i'm gonna have to go with Nat Wood this round, her eyes are gorgeous.

MARIA for the win. Mambo! Natalie.

oh, Miss Wood indeed.

Natalie Wood, definitely. I will forgive her in West Side Story (the biggest casting head-scratcher EVER) for her work as a child in Miracle on 34th Street and The Ghost & Mrs. Muir.

And, just observing, Jane looks a whole heck of a lot like Ann-Margaret in that picture, doesn't she?


remember how hot Beatty was in Splendor in the Grass? On this basis alone, I choose dear Natalie.

Yes! The big guns! Nat!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and gaaaayyyyyyy

Totally Natalie!


Natalie is too sweet, can't put up a fight.

And I have to say, you guys are on a roll! FOUR posts today between this and Project Rungay?

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola


I just knew Natalya was going to pop up sooner or later! I just feared that Ms. Zaharenko and Julie Christie would be going head-to-head!

I have to vote for Natashka, because I'm pretty sure she's the only Russian speaker in the competition.

And she totally rocked it in her prime!

die young, stay pretty...
Natalie FTW!

jane, no contest.

Natalie. Natalie Natalie Natalie.


Absolutely, positively Natalie over Tomahowk Chop Jane!


Natalie Natalie Natalie!! I loved Natalie Wood so much as a little girl that I renamed my Barbie Doll after her.

Natalie. That woman had moxy and exuded class.

I love Jane and feel bad throwing her under this bus, but she doesn't hold a candle to Natalie.

If it's Jane again, I'll be pissed. Natalie all the way!!!

another laura

I hope Jane pulls out another win. She deserves to go up against an A lister.

Jane Fonda for the win!


Since I was named after her character in "Splendor in the Grass" (Dad had a crush), I'll have to go with Natalie.


Natalie for sure

As much as I love Miss Fonda in Cat Ballou, its Natalie FTW!

Jane, of course

You don't make things easy for us, do you? Neither of these ladies are good actresses and both had some great roles in good movies. Decisions, decisions.

I'll go with Jane. Natalie was a talented child actress, but became over mannered as an adult. Jane managed to pull off some good stuff in "Klute' and "On Golden Pond" and seemed authentic in both. She may be a loud mouth, but she's the better actress by a hair.

Natalie Wood. My therapist bears a striking resemblance to Ms. Wood, so I project all sorts of lovely traits onto her based on therapist's general fabulousness.

NAT! Can't you tell by my avatar? I freaking love her! She's all over my blog (which y'all may like since I rip apart classic movies like you do)...:)
Eh, enough fangirling for now.

Oh, god, you're killing me. I want to say Natalie, because I like her. But Jane was really the actor. Her constant self-reinvention according to each decade's styles annoys, but. . .there's Klute. And so I pass. I leave it to others to decide. I'm too weak.

But not that weak: Sharon T, Hanoi Jane? Oh, please. Aren't we over that yet?


Seriously? You have no idea how this is going to go TLo?

Natalie - no contest

I think it's gonna be Natalie, but I'm voting for Jane!!

Hmph....I'm just going to vote sentimentally this round.

Natalie Wood


Have to choose Jane Fonda if only because she makes the loons on the right go apeshit.


My favorite Natalie Wood character is "Alva" from This Property is Condemned where she is as broken down as her old house- Got to go with the Nat Cat!

I love Jane, but gotta go with Natalie this round.

YEA! Natalie ! ! ! !

Oh no!!!!!

Well, Ms. Wood went through enough being murdered by Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner, so even though she's a little too sweet, my vote goes to Natalie!


oh my, I just dont know if I am up for another battle ... I still havent caught my breath from the last one.
While I do think that Natalie is at least a little competition for Jane, she still is no match.
Jane rules the school!

Jane without a doubt!

Whoo, this is a hard one. But I have to go with that hard-nosed Vixen. C'mon, she took a bullet in the head in "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" while Natalie sang about feeling pretty. Oh, strike that, Natalie didn't actually sing it. Marni Nixon did.

Yeah, Jane for the win.

Oh please, Barbarella can kick Maria's ass any day.

It's Fonda!


I voted for Julie in the last round, but I think I'll go with Jane in this one.

Jane is such an unmistakable force in American culture. Natalie Wood was an actress who was embarrassing in "West Side Story."

Fonda FTW, let's go home.

Natalie FTW!

only the good die young, ladies.
darling natalie woods

Certainly, Natalie Woods. i just think she was the most beautiful creature...

Jane - never got the whole Natalie obsession.


Natalie contest!

Mmm, Splendor in the Grass or 9 to 5. Mmm. FONDA!

jane FTW.


Natalie, baby!

Even though I am mad about Julie
I'm going with Barberella this round. Am I a bad queer to hate just about everything about West Side Story? - Zombiebirdhouse



Nataie Wood! I feel pretty, and witty and gay just looking at her!

Nat over J any day! No offense, though, J.

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie!

Natalie, because she never got the chance to thrust Georgia Rule or Monster in Law on any of us.

Jane. It's probably not fair, because it's no doubt partly because she didn't live long enough to impress me with her grit and refusal to retire from the game.

And it doesn't help that I dislike Miracle on 34th Street, and thought she was a weak link in West Side Story. (Or maybe it was her character.) Yeah, it's definitely not fair - darn few ingenues could stand up to the cool of oddly sleek and well-coiffed chorus boy gang-bangers.

But there you have it. Jane.

Today is not my day for clarity. The unnamed "she" above, is of course Ms. Wood. (For whom this post is NOT a vote.)

Jane, you fabulous vixen - it's Fonda for the WIN!

If there's a God in heaven, Jane Fonda will be dead. a blogerific way only, of course



For 2 reasons:

1. She never made me feel guilty about not doing aerobics.
2. All of those dead Natalie Wood jokes (what's dead and floats on the ocean etc. etc.)made me laugh in high school.

Jane. Definitely.

WSS used to be my favorite movie, but now I'm utterly soured on it.

Why did the Puerto Ricans speak to each other in accented English?

Why did they pick two leading characters who couldn't sing, nor dance? (I know, name recognition. But still...)



Oh, please. Natalie Wood didn't even sing in West Side Story. Boring doesn't become less boring just because someone dies prematurely.

Jane Fonda.

Jane. Hands down.

Ms. Natalie Wood

Natalie, Inside Daisy Clover is one of my guilty pleasures.



Ms. Jane Fonda for the win

It's a hard choice... so I'll go with Natalie just because a friend once told me I look like her.

Natalie Wood and all her bangles. Now Maria is running through my head

I've had to enlist the opinions of my co-workers on this one as it is just too close to decide.

After much pondering and brow ringing I'm going to have to go with "Look at me Mama! I'm a star!!" AKA Miss Gypsie Rose Lee AKA...


...(plus I now I have "gotta have a gimmick" song stuck in my head.)

Natalie in a heartbeat. She was AWESOME!! Both sentiment and love rule here!

Natalie, for sure.

Didn't Bill dress as drowned Natalie Wood one Halloween?
Regardless, I'm voting for what's dead and floats on the water...
Natalie Wood.

This Property is Condemned
Inside Daisy Clover

OMG! Natalie FTW


So voting for Jane on this one. Natalie Wood was always blah to me and I strongly dislike West Side Story. For that reason alone, I would vote for Jane. And I just like a crazy, opinionated woman more than a soft, proper one.

The comments here reminded me of seeing "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" many decades ago, and it was monumentally well-acted. Not virginal, not vixenish, but a moving depiction of hopelessness and dejection.

Compare that performance to those I've seen from Miss Wood...

Jane for this round.

All the best,


Natalie is lovely but I just love Jane too much. Jane Fonda for the win!

I love 'em both, but little Daisy Clover wins this round, IMHO.

Ms. Wood FTW please. Love Gypsy, warts and all.

Favorite NW joke from the 80's:

Why doesn't she have a shower on the boat?...Because she prefers to wash up on shore.


Poor Julie...but I LOVE Natalie Wood.

As Robert Preston said in Victor/Victoria:

"You Bitches!"

This is a tough one.

lilithcat said...

Natalie is too sweet, can't put up a fight.

I don't know. Nat was a spitfire in "Love with the Proper Stranger". She stood toe to toe with Steve McQueen and came out on top.

I have to think some more.



I gotta go with Jane.

Klute beats anything that Ms Wood ever did.


Natalie for the win!

I know she was miscast, but I have a big old soft spot in my heart for West Side Story. My sister and I used to belt out those songs and fight over who got to be Anita. And even though nobody was fighting to be Maria... Splendor in the Grass! Rebel Without a Cause! etc, etc. Sorry, Jane.

I love Jane, but NATALIE FOR THE WIN!!!


For "Slendor in the Grass" alone she should take the whole thing!! Unfortunately it seems to be somewhat of a forgotten film and rarely seen, but it is incredibly powerful and she is the reason why. Why she didn't win the Oscar for that is one of the great awards-related injustices. Also awesome in "Love With the Proper Stranger".....

Count mine as two votes, one for my mom who was also astounded by Splendor in the Grass.....

I loved Natalie in Rebel Without A Cause so, for sentimental reasons, I'm voting for her.

Ugh. I'm disgusted that Julie was knocked out by Jane...really, kids!

This round goes to Natalie Wood. Even her limited range knocks Fonda's brazen lack of talent out of the park.

I'm just waiting for Angie Dickinson so we can put everybody else to bed.

Still Jane.

Natalie for the win unless Jane calls in some favors from the Viet Cong....

Ms. Fonda.

A Miss Wood, if you please.

I voted for Jane last round and was all set to vote for her again...until you revealed Natalie. I adore her in Rebel Without a Cause. When Dean's character Jim says to her character Judy, " You live around here?" and she responds with a bit of sarcasm masking the real truth, "Who lives?" - oh I just love her!

Natalie for the win!!

And now I'm teriffied to see who you bring out next!!

I love Natalie, but in my mind there is no contest. JANE!

Dang, this is the hardest one yet! I think I'll have to go with Fonda.

my friend brought me here just to vote for natalie because she is abs fab!!!


Oh, this is delicious, but I have to go with the GORGEOUS Miss Wood! I concur with the Splendor in the Grass love!

It's still Jane for me!

Daxx said...
Favorite NW joke from the 80's:

Why doesn't she have a shower on the boat?...Because she prefers to wash up on shore.

April 30, 2009 2:31 PM

Man that's COLD!
LMAO (ashamedly)!

Even though I wrote a whole thesis paper on Jane Fonda's trip to North Vietnam (and got an A+ and a recommendation that I should publish) I still have a very soft spot for Natalie Wood. Love with the Proper Stranger with Steve McQueen. SIGH. Natasha for the win please

nat nat for me

Natalie si vous plais

If Natalie doesn't win the thing is rigged!

the first lulu

just because it was my gut reaction to this post, no analyzing involved

This isn't even a contest. Natalie Wood for the win!

Jane Fonda

Urgh Jane for definite. Natalie Wallpaper? Bland much?

Bea Arthur could kick both their asses together...but Jane FTW.

Jane Fonda anytime.


Oh Dear! Lypsynching in one of my favorite musicals vrs that sad father daughter scene in On Golden Pond.....

Jane FTW, although Natalie's whole death on a boat with Christopher Walken thing is really weird!

Natalie Wood FTW

Jane FTW.

Natalie Wood, please!


And on top of all of Jane's movies, broadway shows, tv performances and passionate causes, she does a lot for charity. She recently stole the show at the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS 23rd Annual Easter Bonnet Competition in New York.
She just is a powerhouse!

Natalie all the way!


Tom in Chicago

I'm sticking with Jane.

please, natalie who?
no contest.
jane ftw.

Jane... gotta go with Cat Ballou

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