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Virgins v. Vixens

We're back, bitches! Sorry it took so long, but you already know how this one turned out:


Can't say we're surprised. Your collective love for Shirley completely overwhelmed poor Brigitte and you sent her packing to that great big animal shelter in the sky. Shirl has earned her spot in the semi-finals and can sit it out for awhile.

We're heading in to the upper tiers of the competition at this point and there'll be nary a B-list actress among the competitors. From here on out, it's A-list all the way, baby.

Of course, that causes a bit of a thematic problem because we won't be able to stick to the straight virgin/vixen divide anymore. Our next two competitors have played both the virgin and the vixen at various points in their careers, so for this and most of the future bouts, you'll just have to not get hung up on labels.

We're in the heart of the Swinging '60s this week as


takes on the woman who was in some ways her transAtlantic counterpart

Miss Julie Christie.

Bouffant Bitches....GO!

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Although they have both aged very well, one has a bona fide cinematic masterpiece on her resume and the other has, well, a series of horribly 80s workout videos (which kind of negate all the good work she did before)

I go with Julie Christie. Doctor Zhivago has always made me swoon.

No question, JANE!

Sexy, smart, and managed to piss off an entire nation b/c of her beliefs....


No disrespect to the mod queen, but Barbarella can kick her british ass up and down London bridge without breaking nary a sweat.

Julie is my pick for this round.

Jane Fonda

I don't know, I don't know...... emmmm

Julie (but only by a hair)

Jane, a most bitchin' superlady. I can't judge the workout vids; that's some smart business sense and a great body being put to work.

Sorry Julie! You're pretty major too. :(

No contest. Julie Christie all the way.

Lara V. Barbarella???? Too, too much. Must go to mystique, and in that case it is Julie FTW. Jane Fonda decided to be our collective artsy aunt, you know, the one we see a little too much of these days.

I go with Julie Christie. Jane squandered so much of her talent and power doing...Ted Turner. Well, a combination of doing nothing and doing Ted Turner.

Barbarella for the WIN.

Between that and Cat Ballou no contest.

Say what you want about her unfortunate choices during her 'youth', but...

Jane all the way!


Karen in Ohio

Jane Fonda. Seriously, her cinematic experience is VASTLY more diverse than a "series of horribly (sic) 80s (sic) workout videos). To wit:

Cat Ballou (seriously vixen there)
Barbarella (also)
Barefoot in the Park (with Robert Redford, swoon)
Tall Story
Klute (SV, again, and kick-ass acting)
Coming Home (omigod, the scene with Jon Voigt in the wheelchair)
Hurry Sundown
The Electric Horseman
On Golden Pond
A Dolls House
Nine to Five
Agnes of God
The Dollmaker

And lots more.

Come on. Julie Christie? No way.

Interesting contest, and I'm running the Vixen comparisons over the decades. Both women are enjoying revivals currently, so to speak.

Y'know, partly because one of my friends decades ago said that I look just like Julie Christie... face down in the snow, I think I will vote Ms. Christie.

Ms. Fonda's persona is all sorts of mixed up, and she's still deconstructing her neuroses in her latest interviews. I think there is a lot of self-doubt, dare I say loathing/dislike? that goes on in her head..... Consistency may be the hobgoblins of little minds, but Jane's got a heap hobgoblins that illustratee her inconsistencies: several major 180s in belief and behavioral directions.

All the best,


Julie Christie


If there are various rap songs debating the merits of your ass ("Jane Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda" vs: "1,2,3,4, get your booty on the dance floor/C'mon, work it lil'l mama/I know you wanna do the Jane Fonda"), clearly your ass is more epic than Julie Christie's.

Julie Christie!

Have you seen the love scene with Donald Sutherland in "Don't Look Now"? omygod -- steamiest ever. Smoldering and deep. Fonda? Never did get there.

Julie FTW!!!!!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Nooooooo! Damn that Shirl!

On that note: Julie Christie all the way! For Billy Liar, Darling, Don't Look Now (HOT!) and Shampoo!

Julie's been in songs too - she and Terence Stamp were the 'Terry & Julie' in the Kinks "Waterloo Sunset".

And hey, she was the only one of Warren Beatty's exes that gave him hell for his choice of work while on a shoot, and she had an awesome comeback in Afterglow!

Julie FTW!

Julie is amazing, and probably the better actress of the two, but in terms of attitude and fierceness, Jane is the clear winner. Jane for the win!

Ms. Christie--no question.

Her new play may suck but Hanoi Jane all the way!


the first lulu



Ooh, I was going to go with Jane, then someone reminded me of Dr. Zhivago. Julie kicked serious ass in that. So I have to go with Julie Christie.

I'm feeling a bit in the minority here, but so be it -- my heart lept when I saw Jane. I respect and dote on Julie so much, but Jane is more than woman, she's Woman, contradictions and all.

I'll throw in for Fonda.

I use to do the workout video with my mom!!! I'm going with Jane!!



Oh, honeys, Jane Fonda for the win. She's got it all--a fab career, married to a wealthy man (and still in love with him, apparently), reinvented herself with the workout videos, and even though she made a serious misstep politically when she was in Hanoi, she at least tried. In fact, one of the major reasons for the Vietnam War finally ending was the protest, partly spurred by Jane and her then-husband.

Jane, for the win. Oh, yes.


Well-matched indeed.

Christie has the mystique, hands down.

Fonda HAS displayed way more public self-doubt than the average Vixen/Virgin diva.

And yet. Fonda has an enduring gritty refusal to retire gracefully with her money. She keeps coming up swinging, self-doubt and all.


I say Julie Christie, though I like both.

Jane Fonda all the way/

The only vision I have of Fonda is her doing the tomahawk chop with that jerk, Ted. Blech.
Gotta be Julie. Her portrayal of Lara outshines a tomahawk chop or workout video any day!

Jane fonda, gorgeous.

Julie's still getting nominated for Academy Awards (Away from Her was incredible), while I think Jane Fonda's latest movie was Monster-in-Law.

No contest. Julie for the win!

Gaaah! This is a tough one. Um... Julie? No, Jane! No, Julie!

My first instinct was Julie, so I'll go with her. Sorry, Jane. Mwah!

I wish I were a fabulously glamorous middle-aged fag with an encyclopedic knowledge of these bitches' careers like you boys so that my votes were more educated and balanced.

But I'm not (yet), so I'll just have to vote for Jane Fonda for being in 9 to 5.

Julie Christie, Julie Christie, Julie Christie!! The woman's got some serious class


Jane FTW, guns and glutes blazing.

Wow, this one is tough.

In this corner: Dr. Zhivago and a still thriving acting career.

And in this corner, Barbarella and--and I can't believe no one has mentioned this--9 to muthaphukin' 5.

I . . . I can't . . . alright, I need the IMDB . . . okay, that didn't help.

Alright, I keep hearing that "Julie Christie" song in my head, and when lesbians are singing about how hot you are, you get the win. JULIE CHRISTIE!

Jane FTW

Early on, I was hoping TLo would bring in Julie Christie in this one!

Julie, definitely.

Jane Jane Jane!!!! She is AWESOME. Has anyone read her blog? She's hilarious and hip and bawdy and brassy at seventy-freaking-one years old! I only hope I'm half as cool as she when I reach my 70's.

I choose Ms. Fonda.

Julie. I've always thought Jane was over-rated.

Julie Christin, plz

Ack! That was Christie, obviously, not Christin.

Anyhoo, wouldn't it be delicious if Ms. Christie won and eventually went up against her BFF Shirley MacLaine?

la aterciopelada


It took balls to stand up against the U.S. actions in Vietnam and show support of the Vietnamese.

Julie Christie, no contest.

Julie Christie.

It's Barbarella bitches!!

Without a doubt - Fonda.

I can't say Julie gives me tingles, but Jane has been insufferable for decades. My vote for Julie.

Jane Fonda

I just watched Barefoot in the Park this weekend. I'll vote for Jane Fonda.

As much as I like Christie and Fahrenheit 451, I gotta give it to Jane. She simply had a much better career. BrianB

OMG, this is so hard!

Um, uh, um...

Julie Christie, I guess? Just because I recently caught some Monster-in-Law and it was awful.

This is a tough one... I admire Jane's acting, and as severql people hqve mentioned, 9 to 5! But Julie has such a strong sense of self... She dominates every movie she's in. She was luminous even n the underwritten girlfriend part in Heaven Can Wait. And she rarely picks bad roles. There's not Monster-in-a Georgia Rules or a Monster-in-Law on her resume.

I respect Jane but Julie has real class. So she gets my vote.


Jane all the way!

Jane of course!



I'll go with a reluctant Julie for this round

le sigh

I say Fond-do... but I'm always wrong.

Julie Christie!

Can you say Cat Ballou!? Virgen AND vixen.... same movie.... who else can pull that off!? Really now

Jane for the win!

Jane Fonda, definitely.

I'm with Jay. You stack Away from Her up against Monster-in-Law and it has to be Julie. I always loved Fonda's sex kitten roles, but from the get-go Julie was smokn' in a more grown-up and sexy way.

Julie for the win.

Jane Fonda.

I agree with Stkr Shock that Jane gets some serious points off for her tomahawk chopping with Ted-let's colorize-classic-movies-Turner....but....points back on for her workout videos. They don't suck at all ! I still use them on occasion.

Doctort Zhivago makes it tough but.... On Golden Pond and Barefoot in the Park put her over the edge.

Fonda !

Julie Christie!



My vote goes to Jane, for the Barefoot in the Park Virgin and the Barbarella Vixen!

Jane FTW

I vote for Christie, even though I always liked Gerldine Chaplin better. Does she have blue hair in the posted picture?

I still can't get over the fact that Fonda made her comeback from retirement in a freakin' JLo movie! What a comedown. Julie all the way, Away From Her and Don't Look Now are incredible!

Oh you guys, this one sucks for realsies. thinking out loud and keeping it to the 60s....

I generally love Julie Christie but "Dr. Zhivago" is a crashing bore. But then there's "Darling" and "Far From the Madding Crowd."

I don't generally lerve Jane Fonda, but "Barbarella"? Bitches, puhleeeze. And don't forget her in the movie "Barefoot in the Park" with (sigh) Robert Redford. "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" and (cheating a little) "Klute"? Bitch runs the gamut.

Jane Fonda!!!!

NO Commie Pinko for Vixen!! Let Hanoi Jane rot in hell.

Julie for the win

A Former USAF VietNam era nurse.

They're both fascinating to watch. But JULIE has stayed true to herself, whereas Jane seems to be all over the place depending on what man she is with (how retro is that?) or the current political trends. Makes me uneasy about her.

This round goes to JULIE.

Actually, I had an instant change of heart. Jane, for sticking to her beliefs.

Julie Christie, definitely.

Jane Fonda!!!

Julie Christie, for Zhivago alone.

I have to give it to Jane Fonda on this one. Julie Christie is spectacular, but On Golden Pond has always been and will always be one of my favorite movies and a part of that is because of the anguish you get watching her and her daddy work out their issues on film. So heartbreaking.

no doubt its FONDA


Wow, this is a rough one for me - Heaven Can Wait was one of my favorite movies back in the day, but so was Barbarella - man that is an epic slice of camp-classic awesomeness! OK, I'm going with Jane.

In the last couple of weeks, I've actually watched a movie from both of these ladies--Dr. Zhivago and Georgia Rule. Yeah, I know that's not an equal comparison, but sorry Jane, I've got Julie for this one.

Julie Christie.

Jane Fonda!

oh please, you fools.
jane fonda. queen of the world.
for the win.

please! like that was even a choice.

Julie Christie

I may be too young to really pull this off without sounding totally obnoxious, but I just can't in good conscience not vote against Jane Fonda. Although I'm not too fussed, Julie Christie is gorgeous. Please don't hate me! =)

Jane Fonda! She went to my high school and told my dad he's sexy. That's enough reason for me.

Oh please. Jane Fonda all the way.
There is just no contest with this one.
Certainly Julie is pretty, no arguement but good GAWD, Jane Fonda is one of the greatest actresses of all time. The films are too many too list ... she is hot as hell ... she is currently on broadway ... tough as nails ... and that voice ... could eat her up!
Sorry Julie ... bye bye!


It is almost cruel to do this to poor julie, as there is no contest. Jane Fonda all the way

For the Doll Maker alone it is got to be Jane

Julie Christie has been KILLING it as of late. And I am all for that. Jane may have had more good films to her credit (it would take too long to list all of them), but Julie's were generally better, especially recently.

The ice-blue-eyed Lara FTW!

Such a tough decision. Both women have done some amazing work. How do you choose between the two?
Somehow, looking at the two of them, and how they've changed and matured(internally), and not changed (with surgical assistance) - I have to say that an inner radiance pours forth from Ms. Christie. As much as I've admired and enjoyed Jane's work over the years (Barefoot in the Park and On Golden Pond are classic!!!), I go with Julie Christie on this one.

I'm sure Ms. Fonda will win out but I have to go with Julie Christie for the simple fact she never spat in the face of one of our American soldiers.

Fonda. Anyone who can make Steven Colbert make that face gets the win.

As stated by many others, both have some beautiful work on the rez, but one has no stinkers:

Julie Christie FTW, please.

Oh dear, oh dear... love them BOTH. But for that era, for the classic Sixties vixen, it's got to be the Mod Queen. Nobody rocks a pair of go-go boots like Julie.

Well firstly, I have to correct Jade Wombat: Jane was not a Virgin in Barefoot in the Park, in fact the opening scene is about how she won't let her new husband Robert Redford leave the Plaza to go to work because they are having so much "fun" in the hotel room!

Also, you can't knock Jane for her workout videos. My mom loved to "do her Jane Fonda" and those videos kept her svelte and happy!

This is a very, very tough decision and I think if Julie was up against anyone else I would go for her, but as it stands I just love Ms. Fonda too much!

Jane for the win!

Julie Christie, please!

Seriously, Julie

potty mouth princess

Fonda, please. Judy Bernly rules!

Omar, please.
Oh, I meant...Julie. Yeah. Julie...was that her name? The girl who played opposite Ohmy-Omar? Yep, definitely. Omar. Er. Julie.

ok, put julie out of her misery already.
Jane is the winner!

Already voted.

Why do I have a feeling that whoever wins this bout will be going up against a former child star?

All I have to say is...

Shama shama elma commama!

LOVE Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park!!


This one is no contest IMO.

Julie Christie, FTW!!

Jane Fonda FTW!

Fonda! Barbarella!

Hanoi Jane all the way. I admire her!


Exhibit A: Don't Look Now
Exhibit B: Away from Her
Exhibit C: That dress she wore when she was nominated for Afterglow


No competition ... Jane wins.
Cat Ballou.
Barefoot in the Park.
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Coming Home.
China Syndrome.
9 to 5.
On Golden Pond.

I was ready to vote for Jane, but after reading all the posts and arguments for Julie, my opinion has swayed. Mark down a vote for Julie for me.

It's a tough choice.



I have always had a thing for Julie Christie. Must have been the British-ness.

Jane Fonda has just never done it for me.

I vote Julie!

no question.


Julie FTW!!

Darling Julie Christie for the win.

(Billy Liar is my favorite movie)

I'm with Julie, but mostly because of that scene with Donald Sutherland in Don't Look Now. I have a serious erotic fixation on Donald Sutherland, and to the best of my recollection, Jane Fonda never had sex with him.


I have had like/dislike relationship with Fonda for nearly forty years. Though I admire Julie more as an actress, I have to vote for Jane FTW, for her willingness to lay it all out there, good or bad.

And yes, I used to work out to her videos. When she said at the end, "Don't you feel good?", I took great pleasure in snarling, "Yes, you BITCH!"

Julie Christie has never been an A celeb. How can you compare the two?
I bet a lot of folks on here dont even know who she is.
Jane FTW!!

Admire them both, but LOVE Darling Julie.
Julie FTW.

Urgh. I thought I double posted. Turns out I didn't.


Julie. Hands down.

Cat Ballou all the way! love me some Fonda!

Fonda fo real!

Oh, darlings! What a contest! After much debate, I think I'm going to have to cast my vote for Julie Christie!

Oh. Julie Christy, no hesitation.

So glad to see a mention of Tall Story, though. Not Jane's most well-known movie. Her first, I think. . .maybe?

Jane's hot, but it's Julie, Julie, Julie!!!


Julie Christie! I loved her recent AWAY FROM HER, too.



She totally deserved an Oscar for Away From Her.

love them both and can't pick.

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