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Trends for Fall '09: Neon Colors

It's back, bitches! To go along with your shoulder pads, you can now have your pick of '80s inspired neon-colored clothing. Aren't you excited? Unlike the "accentuated shoulder," which is a silhouette that's gone in and out of style for centuries, neon is very much of a certain decade and it's a decade that most of us who lived through have no desire to revisit. Still, you just can't underestimate the power of nostalgia and it was only a matter of time before eye-searing colors made a return to the runway.

Of the following, it really only looks like Duchess Kors (and some of the Versace) recycled the original neons exactly as they appeared in the infant days of MTV. The rest of what you see here, the fashion editors like to call "neon" but it's more of an interpreted version of the original. From where we're sitting, most of the following could just be called "really bright pastels." They evoke the originals, but in a more toned-down version, thank Jesus. We really like the Marc Jacobs pallete, as well as the Hilfiger and Jill Sander looks. We think the Narciso Rodriguez colors are just plain ugly.

Michael Kors

Marc Jacobs

Christian Dior, Matthew Williamson, Peter Som

Tommy Hilfiger, Jill Sander, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Narciso Rodriguez


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Oh God.
Enough with the 80s revival, people! I'm going to say the only looks there I like are the Versace ones, because they somehow manage to look sophisticated in spite of being eye-searingly bright.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink pink Dior dress, the pink Jacobs coat, & the pink Hilfiger coat. (It's just a coincidence that the 3 I like are pink).

But as for the neon trend; maybe this is in response to more people being 'green', and riding bikes instead of driving. The neon colors are good for cycling in traffic (or duck hunting -- you woulldn't even have to shoot the ducks. They'd be so stunned at the sight of you that they'd fly into a tree).


I actually don't hate the Kors colors, but it's probably because he stuck with very classical silhouettes.

Agree on the Rodriguez colors. They seem kind of sickly looking - not sure how else to describe it.

LOVE the Versace looks!!

I will only accept this 80's revival if it allows me to have my 80's body back (which I did not appreciate at the time, but which now seems just fine in retrospect).


Ahh, I remember it well. Nobody can do day-glow like Stephen Sprouse could. His stuff from the 80's *still* looks good to me, at the time I thought it was a revival of a (short lived)trend from the 60's (maybe I'm wrong about that).
Anyhoo, I'm not likely to be wearing it again. But if you do, it's best to go whole hog and not try to water it down, like jill Sanders and Narcisco Rodriguez did.

Oh yeeeeeaaaaah, Baby!

Check out that Marc Jacobs blue jacket in the middle - wide shoulders, more deconstructed.

I KNEW if I kept that hot pink jacket in the attic it could come back into style some three decades later.


The hues on Rodriguez are ecke. The purple one almost made it. That Hilfiger coat is real pretty though. I love the yellow Marc Jacobs coat-dress thing, fabbb. For some reason, I'm loving this trend. Must be my love for colours, mm.

Didn't Blaine forecast the return of neon colors during his stint on Project Runway?

I love the Rodriguez suit. The rest I'll give a pass. But I do really like the shoes on the Kors' middle look. That little pop of bright color at the toe is about as much as I'd want to indulge.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peter Som! I want it NOW!

That Phillip Lim thing is a g-d monsterousity! Crikey!

Too Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

If I do the trend at all, it'll be maybe a belt - at the most.

The Jill Sander look? Really? The sleeve and hem length look remarkably dowdy to me.

No way in HEYALL is that Matthew Williamson neon!

There is absolutely not one positive thing to say about the Jill Sander look.

Well, except that the model did not walk out naked. That's it.


To be clear, we're talking about the colors only when we complimented certain looks.

Although we do really like those Marc Jacobs pieces as a whole.

GothamTomato said...

I will only accept this 80's revival if it allows me to have my 80's body back (which I did not appreciate at the time, but which now seems just fine in retrospect).

Amen sister, you got yourself a witness! (and if you work out that body-rejuvenation thing, you can retire in untold fabulous luxury by selling the secret!)

I kinda like the Kors orange outfit, despite having no desire to wear such a thing. Maybe because of the overall elegance of it despite the orange muppet material. Beyond that, the Versace pieces are o.k., and I do like the Jacobs blue coat as presented, the amoeba-camo leggings and the coat somehow complement each other.

The Sanders orange dress reminds me forcibly of a Simplicity sewing pattern of a certain era made up without any trim or details. (The pattern envelope, I am sure, would have called for *yards* of rickrack or 2" contrasting color buttons. Or both.) The Rodriguez yellows are too green to my eye.


Is Peter Som trying to popularize neck goiters? Not a good look

4/13/09 1:30 PM The Jill Sander look? Really? The sleeve and hem length look remarkably dowdy to me.

I agree! Dowdy, dowdy, dowdy.

So TLo must have been referring to colors only on this dress. The only person who likes this dress is Maria before she became a VonTrapp.


GOD, that is some ugly sh!t.

I love neon colours!
Looking forward to the neon trend, I'm totally fed up with drab colours.

I only want neon if Stephen Sprouse comes back. Actually, many of these aren't so bad -- as TLo said, reinterpretations, etc.

In general, '80s fashion was pretty awful, and I hate to see even hints of it. When we start seeing flashdance t-shirts and rubber gaskets for bracelets then we'll know we're truly, deeply in trouble.

narciso rodriguez managed to make a model have awkward bulges. for that, he either deserves an award (for worst engineering of a dress ever) or to be stoned. either or.

Like many others here, I wonder WHAT IS UP with the 80s revival? First of all, 80s fashion is ugly and unflattering. Second of all, many of these '80s revival' fashions are dragging on much longer than their original manifestations.

Case in point: the bubble skirt. In 9th grade, I briefly coveted a bubble skirt. In a two-month period in 1986, the bubble skirt had debuted, and then gone on clearance, where I purchased it with babysitting money. I think I wore the skirt about 3 times before giving it to Goodwill (where it probably languished before being bundled into a shipping container and unloaded on some poor unsuspecting people in a developing nation).

The moral of the story is: two decades ago, a 15-year-old quickly realized that a skirt on which she had blown her hard-earned babysitting money was not such a good look after all, and it was quickly discarded.

Designers, please take note.


I LOVE it, all of it! Really, really beautiful stuff. Gorgeous. I've never been afraid of color. I don't see anything wrong with Narrcisco's, although it really is more pastel than neon.

hhahaha it looks like natasha and egle are holding hands.

heidi looks great
not that anyone cares about models like I do


Obviously I meant Narciso - curse this too-touch sensitive keyboard!

This might have been a good opportunity for N. Rodriguez to put some models of color on the runway. I'd think someone with much darker skin could pull off those yellows. Anyone pale and white like me is going to look ridiculous in that shade.


The Michael Kors looks are very cool. I love them!

Tell me that the middle Marc Jacobs model isn't a clone of Nina Flowers. Seriously.

Actually, I don't really hate anything here, except the first Rodriguez dress. It looks like ace bandages.
I love color, even the semi-neons of the collections.
I had a neon orange dress, similar to the Jill Sander, in the 80's and a pic of me wearing it is my hubby's favorite pic of me!
Love the Versaces and the strapless pink Kors!!!

I love the Marc Jacobs pieces, and I always like Versace.

I think this is one trend I'll eschew.

Ow, my eyes! No likey...

But that could partially be bc I'm pasty as heck and would look ridonkulous in any of those colors...

Maybe it's my monitor, but the only colors up there I would describe as "neon" are the Duchess'. The Mark Jacobs blue is yummy. I don't like the Rodriguez colors except the purple, which is OK but I'd choose something else, I'm sure.

I like the pinks. They're more Schiaparelli shocking pink than neon. Particularly the Dior and the Kors.

I really like the use of neon on the runway, it is sooo much better than the muted colors that have predominated for the past couple of seasons. But in real life I wear mostly muted colors with some red, pink, blue and purple thrown in. Presumably when these looks hit the stores these items will come in black, gray, navy and beige, in addition to the neons.

Perhaps this is more of a runway trend, for which I am grateful.

Oh yeah...Blayne Rules!!! \m/

I like the neon outerwear the best; also the neon accented patterns.

Been there. Done that. No, thank you.

80's revival - I suppose the neon was inevitable. What really sends my brain spinning are those young whippersnappers wearing Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin tees. Like the Vietnam vet said, "You weren't there, man!"

I saw the small picture for this post on the main page and I exclaimed, "OOMPA LOOMPAs!!!

I hate neon colors. It's screams tackyness.

I hated it in 1984, and, looky, looky -- I hate it now!

Yeah, a return of my 80's body would be cool...but not if I have to cover it up with a HUGE neon shaker-knit sweater, slouch socks, and LA Gear sneakers. For the love of Tim Gunn...NO.

Does this mean that I need to pull out my cut-up sweatshirts, legwarmers and acid-washed jeans? Or that I will see people sporting Flock of Seagulls tresses?

The flashbacks alone are blinding me.....

Man the Marc Jacobs colors are the worst of the bunch. They look like a baby blanket.

I personally love that we are revisiting this neon trend. It is fun and refreshing. I would not wear the head to toe neon I wore back in the 80s, but a few key touches give life to an outfit.

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