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Reinventing Hosiery with Dirty Diana


So, Dirty Diana Eng dropped us a line the other day:

"Hi Tom and Lorenzo,

Starting today I will be writing a DIY Fashion column for Craft magazine that shows how to follow runway trends on the cheap by making them yourself. My first article, DIY Fashion: Reinventing Hosiery, looks at styling hosiery for the summer drawing inspiration from Prada, Burberry, Gossip Girl, etc.. All of my DIY fashions easy and quick so that anyone can make them with any level of sewing skills. After all, so much of fashion relies on stylists.


We just love this sort of thing and we love that Diana's doing it. Too often, DIY crafts get a bad rap for being, well... a little tacky and a little precious. And let's face it, it's not exactly unearned. We love the idea of someone trying to inject a little fabulous into it and Diana's just the girl to do that.

You can check out her column here.

A teaser:

"I've always loved wearing unique hosiery. Until just last year, this meant that I was forever chastised by my fellow designers who said "bare-legged is better" and that "hosiery is for grannies and pin-up girls."

But check it out — now hosiery is in! Everywhere I turn, I see colorful hosiery paired with boots, pumps, and peep toes. Hosiery is not just pantyhose: it's tights, stockings, leggings, knee socks, ankle socks, trouser socks, leg warmers, peds — all of the neat leg accessories that are perfect for a girl like me who loves to wear skirts. Sometimes I wear them with shorts too."

Go on, crafty bitches! Check it out!


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Oh, cute! Hosiery is perhaps the most misunderstood, and potentially fraught, fashion accessory.

I agree that there is nothing worse than a pair of 'suntan hose.' Indeed, I knew I had truly 'become a woman' when my mom made me start wearing these to church - no more bare legs for me - so there is probably some onset-of-menarche trauma association for me.

And yes, stockings also associated with pin-up girls, but that's not a bad thing! We could all do with a bit more Bettie Page in our look. Back seams and Cuban heels, yes!

I also like the socks-with-heels look if it's done correctly. Done incorrectly, it can look like a Catholic schoolgirl Halloween costume. But, if the other elements of the outfit are appropriately adult, it's cute and sexy.

So, go Miss Diana! Sexy nerds are so endearing.

Darlings, the Japanese have been playing with socks and tights in the most creative and bizarre ways for years. This is hardly news, and I'd expect my favorite gays to know this...

If you had actually read this very brief post, you would see that at no point did we say this was "news."


Your favorite gays

Oh lord, those Prada shoes are the very devil.
Personally, I loathe socks and dress shoes, but huzzah for gals who work out how to get their look on the cheap. And since I adore Diana, I shall approve the idea while hating the look.

Personally, I like the brown lacey one, but not the wicked witch of the east set. I've always had a thing for Ms. Eng anyway.

Cute idea though, and if can pull it off, more power to you!

The DIY craft/clothes are more tacky than the animal prints everyone was bashing. What's next the return of the Bedazzler and puff paint sweatshirts from the 80s?

God, I love Diana. Just bought her Fashion Geek for my niece's grade school graduation present (Sara can't decide if she wants to be a vet, an engineer or a fashion designer when she grows up so it's perfect)

Go to Diana's FashionNerd blog & check out the cute photo from her ham radio vacation. Hawt!

This seems to me to be a look that only Paris Hilton could pull off on drunken disco night.

Thumbs down, even though I like Miss Diana.

Darlings, the Japanese have been playing with socks and tights in the most creative and bizarre ways for years.Indeed, she reccomends getting the socks from uniqlo, anyway. XD

When I was in Japan, most of my clothing purchases went to socks! (The other reason is that, under the best of circumstances, I *might* fit Japanese L. >.>)

Love them! I'm going to try to make one.

I just love that Ms. Eng has remained true to her geekdom ways.
YAY! Diana

Love Diana : )

My daughter will be thrilled. She's been all about hosiery of all sorts since she was born.

Oh, but in the UK hosiery is the norm.
Who needs to re-invent it?

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