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Project Runway Returns!


Darlings, we chalked this up to an April Fool's joke the first time we heard it, but the legitimate sites are reporting it now, so it looks like our long national nightmare is soon to be over. Now we can all go back to bitching about Lifetime.

"NBC Universal, The Weinstein Co. and Lifetime have resolved their disputes," NBC Universal announced in a statement Wednesday. "The Weinstein Co. will pay NBCU for the right to move Project Runway to Lifetime. All of the parties are pleased with the outcome."

"In a statement Wednesday, Harvey Weinstein said, "I want to personally congratulate [NBC president] Jeff Zucker and NBCU on their success in the litigation and thank Jeff for resolving this in a professional manner. We look forward to working together on our ongoing projects."

Added Lifetime President and CEO Andrea Wong, "I couldn't be more excited that Lifetime will bring its viewers an amazing, all-new season of Project Runway THIS SUMMER. All of us at Lifetime are thrilled to move forward with Heidi, Tim, Nina, Michael, The Weinstein Company and the entire Project Runway team."

Legal Battle Ends for Project Runway [USMagazine]
'Project Runway' lawsuit settled; season 6 to air this summer on Lifetime [EW]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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This better not be a joke!

Attention Planet Earth: You may start spinning again.


When!? WHEN!?

Oh Happy Day! The withdrawl shakes were starting to get to be too much.

I just checked the Project Runway site yesterday in a desperate hope for news, and here it is today! And there was much rejoicing in the land..


Awesome!!! I'm so excited!!!!

Wow...we really need some good news now, and heeeeere it is!!!!

"Added Lifetime President and CEO Andrea Wong, "I couldn't be more excited that Lifetime will bring its viewers an amazing, all-new season of Project Runway THIS SUMMER."

I do have a question...."all new" as in the above quote from Wong...does that mean that we will be seeing an entire new season, new BP and all, or the last season of which we have seen the finale collections, or both?
I MUST be analytical about this!!!

I saw the April Fools joke version on blogging project runway and was about to start crying but YES VICTORY IS OURS!

*Choirs of Angels can be heard singing*

You are messing with us again, aren't you?!?

The start date says "summer." I hope that means early summer. I need some good tv once Lost is over.


YAY!!!!! The few episodes of Project Runway Canada I've watched in the meantime just made me feel dirty. Can't wait for the real thing!!

I'm sure you guys will be covering Bravo's "The Fashion Show" too, right? ;)

Best. News. Ever.

Woohoooo!!!!!! When will it be summer? I can't wait!

potty mouth princess

THIS SUMMER? They taped the finale nearly TWO MONTHS AGO as it is. They better be casting Season 7 as I type so they're runway ready for Spring FW in September.

Hee-hee. It is snowing and rainy and miserable here in Seattle but for one glorious moment the clouds disappeared and the TLo angels sang! Yay, yay, yay!

Now we need a start date. Can't wait!!!!!!!!

and all the people rejoiced! :)

Well, whaddya know... I'd loved to have been a fly on the wall for the final negotiations. That would have been a real insight.

But, hurrah, and now something to anticipate... and critique! Dare we hope for some fabulosity on the tube? Well, if not there, we know fabulosity is guaranteed here courtesy of Our Boys, Tom and Lorenzo.

Thanks for the news, dolls!

All the best,


Today we celebrate, tomorrow we bitch!

YES!!!! =D At first, I wasn't thrilled about the move to Lifetime, but now I'm just glad to see it come back.

GothamTomato said...
Attention Planet Earth: You may start spinning again.

Haha, GothamTomato, I totally agree.

This whole thing put everything into perspective. I was so upset about the lifetime move, but now I just want my Project Runway!

I finally saved my pennies and got my first Emmett McCarthy dress a few weeks ago (on sale, no less!). I'll be wearing it while I watch the first episode and sip a cocktail - can't wait - and can't wait to b*tch about Lifetime.


GothamTomato said...

Attention Planet Earth: You may start spinning again.



What fantastic news! But, this summer? Why should it take months to get a show on the air when they've already taped it? Don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I'm confused.

Oh and they are bringing all of the gang! yay! I hope they will do the marathons every 5 minutes tho and not just run the shows once. Oh well I have to be happy with what I can get.

Ohhhhhhh! When I caught a glimpse of Heidi's pink suit (IN IN IN) I thought, April Fool's joke, and,





Hooray! I'm all ready to fire up my TiVo and put in a Project Runway season pass. Bravo recently added an HD channel -- don't know yet whether Lifetime has it -- but it's been fun to see some PR reruns in high-def. Well, sometimes fun. Sometimes painful!

Let's hope it doesn't suck!

And just in time too, I've been fair parched all these long months. Vapors and all.

WOOOO HOOOO! AND there is a PR marathon on right now! All is right with the world. Well other than they are forcing me to watch something on Lifetime.


Oh and can I just say? I am so happy I could fling a cat.

Finally... Yay!!!

Awesome news!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it...

My friend is one of the models.

: )

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

I can't wait!!! Tlo, I miss you Nina screencaps SO MUCH!!!!!

Holding my applause until I see what Bunin-Murray have wrought.
It's still Lifetime.

Looking forward to the gold medal TLo snark, though.

woo hoo!

"our long national nightmare"

You said it. People are so desperate they've taken to watching the "Real" Housewives and Millionaire Matchmaker. (Not me, of course--oh, no.)


The Fru-Gals said...
I am so happy I could fling a cat.

That comment just made my night. :0)

fuck yeah!

Sitting in front of the screen in silence wearing the largest grin since the Cheshire Cat

YAY! So happy to have my Nina, Duchess, Gunn, Heidi and designers back! Hopefully Lifetime does it justice. Though even if the season is a let down, I am happy the designers will be able to show their work and be able to claim their finale runway shows. It would have been so sad if their identities had to stay hidden and all their work gone to waste.



More TLO snark!!!!!!!!

YES! i am very much excited. put up season 6 nowwwww :D

All this time and I still can't get over just how very, very, very much I hate Heidi's outfit in that picture...

Hope was starting to die in me.

And now, it's like hearing the next novel from a favorite author is (finally) coming out. Just hoping it's half as good as I anticipate.



Well, this beats watching Santino as a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race....

Well it's still on Lifetime, but YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! (I really said that just like that).

Oh thank goodness!!!

I've been driving my friends crazy about this. The withdrawal shakes are making me lose my mind.

But a big middle finger to Harvey and the boys for being so greedy.


I'm so desperate for a Tim Gunn fix that I've actually taken a half-day off work so that I can attend the Kate Spade event at which he will appear.

I am so happy to hear this!


Our long national fashion nightmare is over.....bring on PR6 and let the ripping begin!!

1. Contact Andrea Wong and alert her to the fact that this fine blog as been keeping interest up in the silly old show.
2. Dust off the martini shaker.
3. Open account with the liquor store.
4. Buy an new sketch book.
5. Make a new dress.



Ah -- Lifetime --

Will we now be faced with the Boniva breakroom?

PS -- My friend, Don, wrote

Does this mean that each week one designer will now be eliminated due to diagnosis of a fatal illness?

another laura

This Summer? We have to wait until this Summer? They can't kick some idiotic show off next month? oy!

It's always something....

I can't wait to see how Lifetime influences the contestant's challenges...

Uniform Challenge - design a new uniform for the Kroger checkout girls!

Celebrity Judge! Meredith Baxter Birney

Dressed to Kill Challenge - design an outfit for a woman about to murder her no-good-cheating husband.

Celebrity Judge! Delta Burke


Thank Dorothy (yes I see your shoes on here...) my world just became technicolor again. :D Well, maybe a few new colors only to go full blown cosmic rainbow once the blog gets a rollin.


Another potential Lifetime inspired challenge:

Design a look to be worn when the birth mother finally meets the child she gave up after being knocked up by the high school janitor...

Fru-Gals.... said.

Oh and can I just say?
I'm so happy I could fling a cat

OMG ! so very Happy

Dear Hubby & I call Lifetime the "I Want My Baby Back" network.



Anon 12:46[ The Kroger comment made me LOL as DH works for Kroger in their IT department. How abot designing something for the IT guys???

It's about time PR came back!! I, like the rest of you, just hope Lifetime doesn't screw it up!

Well someone made it work! I cannot of my favorite shows. Very talented people and I just love Tim. grace ann

YIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is one of my fav shoes, of course along with the real housewives!

A PR Season 5 Finale collection dress by designer and semifinalist Kenley Collins is up for bid on eBAY:

It is eBAY item 300321011320

To see the dress "walk" the runway go to(cut and paste into browser if necessary):

BALMAIN for women

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