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Lost, S5E14: The Variable

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Was that a fucking awesome episode or what?

When Kate, Jack, and Daniel were traipsing through the jungle, we said "FINALLY. THAT'S what we've been missing for so long!" We don't watch Lost so we can see a bunch of people living in '70s suburbia, for god's sake. We want to see bloody, dirty, frantic people sweating and running through the jungle for their lives, dammit! Although even we were taken aback at how abruptly things went from That '70s Show to Apocalypse Now. We had a bit of an issue with how stupid Kate and Jack were being by strolling up to the gun locker in broad daylight, thinking no one would notice, but the ensuing firefight was just the kind of bump up in action the show desperately needed. And speaking of action...

Why, oh why couldn't someone at least clip Radzinsky as payback for being the most irritating character of the season? We know he lives for another 15 years and winds up as a stain on the ceiling of the Swan, but couldn't just a little blood be drawn to satisfy us? Granted, it looks like everyone involved in that gunfight is in some dire need of glasses because they were all, at most, 5 yards away from each other and none of them could land a decent shot. Kate and Jack have fairly limited gun experience (and it's been a while for them), but Radzinsky and his posse had no excuse for being such lousy shots. And speaking of gunslinging...

It's strange how believable a couple Kate and Jack become when they're slinging bullets. All that sighing and staring bullshit does them no good as characters. It's when the stakes are high that you can really see how well they work together. Then again, the same thing happened to Sawyer and Juliet. We never would have accepted those two as a couple, but after they spent their time in the jungle watching each other's backs, suddenly they got all sweet with each other. And speaking of our star-crossed lovers...

Our heart breaks for poor James, who was clearly in over his head and not thinking straight at all. Did he really think that he and Juliet were going to live happily ever after on the beach where it all started? Level-headed Juliet seemed to realize that but, because she loved him (and because she clearly didn't want him anywhere near "Freckles"), she tearfully agreed to a plan that she knew was never going to work. And speaking of dumb plans thought up by smart people...

Daniel, you moron. What made you think wandering into a Hostiles camp waving a gun around was a good idea? You almost had us with your big speech about free will being the variable that can change history. We were open-mouthed when you told Chang you were from the future and did the Gay Gasp when you told him that Miles was his son. We thought "Alright! Here's a man with a plan! Let's get this shit started!" But no, you had to go and do something really, really stupid and wound up fulfilling your lifelong destiny, which apparently was to get killed by your mother. And speaking of the winner of All-Time Worst Parent on Lost...

Our minds are reeling with the knowledge that apparently, Eloise has known all Daniel's life that he was going to die at her hand and ACTIVELY PUSHED him toward that destiny. What. A. Bitch. At least she had the decency to show some feelings of remorse when she confronted her baby daddy, Charles (woohoo! Got that one right!). And speaking of Widmores and destiny...

Is this it for Penny and Desmond? Did they finally get their happy ending and their involvement in this clusterfuck is over? Certainly, they deserve it, but Lost without Desmond is like...something good without...something....that makes it...better. Oh, you know what we mean. It sounds horrible, but we kinda hope baby Charlie gets kidnapped or something. After all, it was a little weird how they made a point to say "This nurse will watch your baby." Maybe we're just being a little jumpy, but it's never a good idea to leave your child unattended on this show.

What else? It was fun seeing so many characters together at one time in the LaFleur/Burke living room. The last time we saw that many characters together was on Ajira 315 and most of them couldn't even look at each other, let alone have a conversation. Best line goes to Hurley. "Wait, you were in 1954? Like, Fonzie times?" It was also heartbreaking to see Daniel fulfill his destiny even further by telling the young Charlotte what we knew he was going to tell her. There's always a chance we're wrong and he survived that bullet from his mama, but in retrospect, the whole episode felt like it was leading up to his death. It remains to be seen (of course) what's going to happen next. Will Jack and Kate try to blow up the island to change history and prevent all this shit from ever happening to them? Will Sawyer and Juliet ever manage to get away from Asshole Radzinsky or is this it for them? And what about Jin, Hurley and Miles? And Baby Ben? And for crying out loud, we're getting tired of asking this, but WHERE THE HELL ARE ROSE AND BERNARD?!


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Hmmm....let's think here. Kate and Sawyer managed to get to the Hostile territory and hand them a dying kid, and yet Daniel the genius is too stupid to consider that walking straight into their camp with a gun in his hand and finger on the trigger is a bad idea? What the hell? Richard didn't shoot him the first time in 1954; what makes him think he'd shoot him the second time? That screams contrivance. I hate it when the show holds furtherance of the plot so much above character consistency; it ruins the experience for me.

Tinsley Mortimer


I say that about 20 times an episode. I seriously hate this show...but best believe I will watch next week and wait with anticipation for the T&L recap.

Radzinsky got shot in the hand, at least. As irritating as I find the character, I think the actor has done a great job making us dislike him.
In one episode, Eloise outmanipulates Ben. Ben! As evil as she is, and as much as I liked Daniel, I was kinda glad that this episode showed us that the women can play with the big boys too. I so thought that she and Widdy were siblings. Shows what I know.
The only other thing I can add is, what that not the most dramatic crescendo you've ever heard? Giachianno (I know I spelled that wrong)is a God.

i say this every week. LOST is the most brilliant show on tv right now. i am going to be sad when it is over.

Now that 1977 Eloise/Elie has "killed" her own son I think she is going to help Kate and Jack...and possibly help thre rest of the O6 + Miles crew. I think Daniel is dead for sure, but I also think he will be resurrected ( in the temple or something) and he goes crazy once again.

I wish they would show Young Widmore, and Young Elie together they make a hot couple :| ahahahah

Juliet knows it's not only over for them with Dharma, but may soon be over with her and Sawyer the look on her face after he calls Kate "Freckles" was sad

you forgot about Sayid running mad thru the 70's jungle too.

I have to believe that Eloise had a damn good reason for knowingly pushing Daniel toward a destiny where she kills him. Like save the world kind of rationale. Nothing else would make sense.
This is by far the best show on tv.

I was intrigued by learning more about our tragic figure Daniel and his date with destiny. The only thing that would have made it better would be a dose of Ben and Locke.

No doubt that Mrs. Hawking is indeed a major beotch. She and Widmore make kind of a cute couple, though.

I really, really don't like Rose and Bernard (so, so VERY over the Large Religious Black Woman TV cliche), so I fear they're going to pop up and be saviors and really piss me off.

I was screaming "Shut up, you big crybaby!" at Daniel by the end. Hell, I'd have shot him too.

Too much Kate, Jack, and Daniel make me cranky. More Locke, Ben, and Sayid!

Hugo for President

Roberta, I was thinking the practically the same thing. At last! A woman evil genius! I hope she's manipulating both Ben and Widmore.


FOR REAL....I can't stress enough how much I love this show...but this is THE ONE THING that is making it not 100% amazing. Can they please account for them???

Rose and Bernard are on the 2007 island. There is a whole other show happening over there.

The only people on the island in 2007 are the Ajira 315 people and possibly, the Others. All the people who were on the island prior to that went skipping through time, including Rose and Bernard.

Okay, maybe I'm just pointing out the obvious, but clearly there's more to it than, "hey, we can just blow it all up so it never happened."
Even with all the questions and questions and answers, I haven't forgotten way back in the early seasons when everybody was all linked up in everybody else's flashbacks. libby at the hospital with hurley, etc. I wonder if all the "coincidences" of the passengers on 815 will ever be answered or if they'll be casually written off, much like it seems my dear Walt has been.

You've been listening to Jay and Jack. Yes?

my thoughts exactly! thank friggin god they're finally back in the jungle baby! Back with Sayid, the smoke monster, Jacob, and everyone else running around out there with the whispers. And yes, I really loathe Eloise, they want us to, but it doesn't make sense that she would send him to his death, the whole episode, she is absolutely driven for him to succeed, so why send him back to die? When she convinced him to go, it was for the island to heal him, so why kill him? She knows he has to be there for a certain chain of events to occur, but I don't think it's death, although at this point,who cares? I know we needed to see all that as a setup, but the show's at it's best our original Losties and Juliette are in the jungle.
What I still don't get is, how could Charlotte remember Faraday when she was dying warning her as a child, so that had happened, yet Danielle couldn't remember meeting Jin in the past? I'm starting to think when this show is all said and done, there's going to be alot of things that never get answered for us.
And how did Faraday get off the island after it moved, and come back in the 70's?
And as far as Penny and Desmond, you are right about Charlie, the nurse is working for Eloise and will use him to get Des back to the island as he is Faraday's constant. I still say the finale will be something with him having to go back, he's promised too many times he won''s TV, so he will.

If there are indeed three factions fighting for the island (Eloise, Widmore, Ben), Eloise is the one I am definitely rooting against. But what the heck did she mean, for the first time in a long time she doesn't know what's going to happen? That's got to mean something important.

Also, if Daniel or whoever changes the past and prevents the energy release, etc., and the plane never crashes, how will they arrive at the present (for them "present" being 1977)? The past has to be compatible with the present. Will their memories change or what? I'm confused.

The episode was great as a sendoff to Faraday's character. I hope he isn't dead. But if he didn't die, then the episode makes far less sense. Unless she thinks her son dies but he manages to live?

I dunno, there's some theories that Daniel will survive because of other reasons I shall not spoil.

The episode was terrible at getting the audience to suspend their disbelief. The character were acting very stupidly for the convenient of the plot. It was sloppy.

Overall, liked the story. Didn't like the sloppiness. Hope Faraday doesn't die, but doesn't look good.

I think this episode definitely state that no, you can't change the past.

Yea, this episode kicked ass!

Okay, how did they get all the way to the Hostile camp without being sensed out?

Remember, even though Daniel acted insane to Dr. Chang, obviously he is believed because Chang does force his wife and kid to leave. Therefore, something definitely is going to happen to make everyone look at Daniel in a new (believable) light. I can't wait to see what

Did you notice that RICHARD WAS SHOT TOO???! I have watched it a few times and he was directly in the line of Daniel's exit wound, and flinched as if shot. Definately immortal OMG

All of Daniel's behavior this episode was rash and provocative. He was TRYING to get a reaction from people. Confronting Chang, telling him Miles was his son, confronting Jack about his 'destiny', starting the firefight with Radzinsky and crew, walking into the Others' camp and giving Richard an ultimatum. All of it was trying to rile people up. I'm not sure why, but I think he planned to be an irritant to the situation when he showed up on the sub last episode.

how awesome was the bi*ch slap to Widmore? i cheered!
of course, that was prior to the whole 'shot my own son in cold blood' thing.

agree that Penny, Desmond and their son are doomed. i was thinking that as the hospital scene played out. (DON'T leave your KID with SOMEONE ELSE!)

i have a love-hate affair with this show, but last night was all love.

" Deborah Boschert said...

You've been listening to Jay and Jack. Yes?"

Who are Jay and Jack?

I'm assuming Eloise says she doesn't know what's going to happen b/c the Losties try to do something to change the future.

i ask the rose and bernard question every week. i think they are with the others and have been there since the jumping stopped.

Thank you for the shout out for Rose and Bernard! Love, love, love them.

The whole Daniel scene was a total dud. Coming in with a gun in hand? Walking into the center of of an enemy group? They should have just had him shoot himself in the head. It would have taken the same effort and been more believable.

Bad, Lost writers, bad!

Thanks, as always, for the post. You keep my thoughts in order.
Count me as another person wondering about Rose and Bernard.
If the Oceanic flight never crashes, Rose, Bernard, and Locke will be mighty pissed.
I'm now wondering who leads the "third faction", the What-Lies-In-The-Shadow-Of-The-Statue group on the other island in 2007? Still Eloise?

Rose & Bernard, in my mind, are either dead or will be soon, and become the remains found in Season 1 - aka "Adam & Eve."

And Jesuschristalmighty could Radzinski be ANY MORE ANNOYING. I've waited for someone to pop a cap in his ass for a while now.

I love this fucking show.

I'm so confused. We know that this (1977) is their present. If they somehow manage to prevent the plane crash from happening, what will that accomplish? They have all already experienced it. That can't be taken away or erased from their memory can it?? If the plane crash never happened, none of these people would ever have been on the island, and therefore would not have come back to the island and be able to change the course of history? Right? Or am I missing something?

To the poster who asked, Jay and Jack do a fabulous Lost podcast.

I think Rose and Bernard are the 'Adam and Eve' skeletons Jack and Kate found in the cave way back in season 1. Jack said they had been there 40 or 50 years, so maybe Rose and Bernard died in the 50s when the island was moving through time. Just a theory.

WHERE THE HELL ARE ROSE AND BERNARD?!" You two are the best. As always, I am laughing out loud everytime I read a post. You must be a hoot at a dinner party, so please allow me to raise my glass of champagne and say good cheer and thank you for enriching ourlives with a devilishly intelligent sense of good nasty humor. Bravo Tom and Lorenzo!

It is possible Jack will go all Macyver on us and use his surgical skills and some silly items from his pocket and save Daniel, but that chest wound did not appear surviveable. I am concerned that all the character development this season could be just a diversion for the solve the mystery audience. Sayid to the rescue, please.

Why would Kate want "all this" to have never happened? If you recall, because of "all this," she wasn't handcuffed to a US Marshall, heading off to jail. And this time, she wouldn't have a cute baby boy to keep her out of prison.

I found Rose - she's on "Southland"! And Bernard is doing theather in L.A.
Wonder how they got off the island?

Amanda in Austin

I finally got to see this week's show, and I knew Daniel was going to bite the dust when he gave that little speech to Jack about how "any of us can die at any time." Hello, foreshadowing!

And I agree with your final statement. If they don't explain what happened to Rose & Bernard (and Claire) soon, I will think the writers have dropped the ball completely.

Michael and Walt anyone?

Oh, he's very sexy.
I would like his mouth is a little bit open!!! That way he'll be perfect!!!!

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