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Lost S5E13: Some Like it Hoth

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Gotta love that episode title, a tip of the hat to the hardcore nerds.

Last night's episode was an enjoyable little character-driven amuse bouche before the countdown to the fireworks of the upcoming season ender. We loved it, especially since a Miles-centric episode has been a long time coming. Of all the late arrivals to the cast of Lost, Miles has always been our favorite, probably because ever since con man Sawyer warped into responsible LaFleur, the show has been sorely lacking in smart-assery.

And we got some primo smart-assery last night. One great thing about having such a large cast is that there are almost endless possibilities for character matchups. We can't recall Hurley and Miles ever spending that much time together and it was a hoot to see them playing off each other. It was especially fun to see them comparing their "superpowers." An even bigger hoot was the revelation that Hurley, the ultimate geek, hears "1977" and immediately thinks "Star Wars." To the ubernerds out there (of which Tom is proudly one, with the Wonder Woman comics to prove it) the year 1977 is like "33 A.D" to a Christian.

Looks like we can add Miles to the long list of characters (almost all of them, really) on this show with daddy issues. Still, we think ol' Dr. Chang may be the least offensive daddy of the bunch. Miles' mother made it sound like he basically kicked them off the island and we suspect that someone, either Daniel or Miles himself, tipped him off that a purge was coming and he did so to save their lives.

But it wasn't all just character bits last night. The plot is progressing nicely and we were happy to see that the repercussions of Kate's decision to hand Ben over to Richard weren't given short shrift. The tension is mounting and no line summed that up better than Juliet's typically understated "Well, here we go." Thank God Sawyer verbalized how stupid a move it was for Kate to be drawing attention to herself by speaking to Roger about his missing son. We're glad SOMEONE mentioned it. Jack may have thought her heart was in the right place but he didn't exactly demonstrate smart thinking by injecting himself into the drama either. Things are quickly coming to a head and we have no idea what's going to happen now that Sawyer and Juliet have a knocked-out, tied-up Phil stashed in their cabana.

And YAY! Daniel's back and he doesn't appear to be crazy anymore! What he's been doing for the last 3 years is a mystery. Has he spent the entire time in Ann Arbor, the Ground Zero of the DHARMA Initiative? Has he met the mysterious DeGroots, the driving force and benefactors of the DI? Are WE ever going to meet them?

It was also fun to see Naomi again. She was a relatively short-lived character but the actress who plays her is so charismatic that we always sit up a little straighter when she makes an appearance because we know we're going to be treated to some answers. Looks to us like Widmore really was the one behind the fake Oceanic plane found in the ocean. Of course we always thought so, but there was still some doubt since Widmore claimed it was Ben who did it. We also know why Miles asked for the specific sum of 3.2 million dollars from Ben to keep him from the freighter folk: it was exactly double what Widmore was paying him.

Let's see...what else? Oh, yeah: the dead DHARMA guy they had to cart out to the Orchid. Who knows? Although we suspect they might be using dead bodies for time traveling experiments. Maybe. Then there was Bram, the guy who briefly kidnapped Miles and asked him to join "the side that's gonna win." You may or may not remember, but he's one of Ilana's backup dancers, which forces us to re-ask the question that we asked last week: "WHO THE HELL IS ILANA AND WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING?" Our guess? She and her backup dancers are working for Mrs. Hawkings and the entire story of Lost is about three separate factions, Ben, Widmore, and Eloise, fighting for control of the island. After all, Widmore told Locke (what seems like a long time ago) that a war was coming. We suspect the rest of season 5 will be about getting the Losties out of the '70s and then Season 6 will be all about the upcoming present-day battle to come.


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Didn't Miles say that the dead guy was killed by his own dental filling? Maybe he was working on the hatch?

I was happy to see the numbers again.

I thought his filling got pulled through his head by the powerful magnet under the Hatch that they're building. Unpleasant.


Well, I'm glad I was wrong in my prediction that you would dislike this episode because of the lack of new information! I know some people did, but I thought it was a nice season one-esque breather which still moved the plot forward. I like Miles, I like the actor, and I liked the dynamic he had going with Hurley. Juliet was, IMO, the best part of this episode. I loved her frantic acting when Roger came tromping in and then her calm, cool, "Well, here we go" immediately afterward. And even though I'm not really a Daniel fan, I'm happy to see him back because it means we'll definitely be getting some answers.

Game of Risk, anyone?

Yes, he was killed by his dental filling. I believe TLo was referring to the purpose of bringing the dead body to the Orchid.

Really enjoying the Miles and Hurley interactions.

Also of note is that Miles saw his baby self. I can't recall - has anyone else seen their younger/older self?

I think that last night was the first time that we've seen someone run into their younger self.

I felt like they almost gave us too much information last night with the kidnappers working for the Non-Widmore side. I wasn't expecting to get an answer so soon to what lies in the shadow of the statue.

Kate, man. She just drives me nuts.

Yes, last night was confirmation of a 3rd faction whom I've dubbed The Statue People. I think its an interesting thought that they're working for Eloise... I'm sure we'll find out eventually!

I loved the look on Kate's face after Juliet's "acting" in front of Roger - I think she was terrified how easily she turned it on/off.

I think Miles is going to come to realize that his dad wasn't a bad guy - the abruptness that his mother described sounds like a man secretly trying to save his family when we see it in context to Ben's upcoming massacre.

Marty the Wizard

If Ben and Eloise are separate factions, why were they helping each other? They didn't seem like they were of differing ideologies, and in fact Ben seemed in awe of her. Of course they could betray each other, or were forced to work together to get the O6 back to the Island.
Miles said the dead guy was shot while working, and they got him from Hostile territory, so there's no mystery to how he got killed. But yeah, about the time traveling. Made me the think of the doctor washing up on shore in season four.
As for Ilana, I've got no clue but once again Sayid needs to marry her ASAP and make some ninja-kicking babies.

I don't think he was shot - I think the "bullet hole" was the hole left behind by his filling being pulled through his brain and out of his head by the massive magnetic force thingy that was beneath/beside/near the hatch.

A horrific way to die...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Faraday must have only been gone for 3 months at the most, right?

Start of the season, we get that montage with Miles dad, we see baby miles, then see the good doctor go off to do video, right? and then there's a problem with the Orchid and we see Faraday down there in the tunnel.

Right? Or do I need to rewatch that episode?

It wasn't my favorite episode of the season, but it had some tidbits. I think it raised some questions and confirmed many suspicions.

I'm on board with you with the 3 factions. At the very least, Eloise has her own plans, but she could be allied with Ben or Widmore. Perhaps she's playing them both. Right now there are 2 factions, but she's doing her own thing under their very nose.

Loved the episode. I have a crush on Miles. So cute.

Here's my prediction: Dr. Chang will learn from one of the Losties that the Dharma Initiative is going to be wiped out by Ben, so he'll make his wife take baby Miles off the island to protect them. Of course, he can't tell his wife why they have to leave, so she'll think he's being mean and will harbor resentment for the rest of her life (which, we saw, was picked up by her son).

Doc Chang isn't a bad guy - he just wants to protect his family.

Oh, and I still hate Kate. Idiot.

Loved all the Star Wars stuff. I'm such a nerd. And loved how Hurley was rewriting Empire to make Chewy more of a hero. Hurley is the Chewy to Miles' sarcastic Han Solo. And Ilana's back up dancers?! LOL

Ok, a couple of things.

1. Did anyone notice that when Jack and Ben's dad were talking in the schoolroom, there was writing about Ancient Egypt on the blackboard? Something about Early Egypt, Middle Egypt, and Late Egypt?

2. I believe that the scene at the beginning of the season, with Daniel walking past Pierre Chang towards the donkey wheel, takes place *after* Daniel got back from Ann Arbor. It's probably part of whatever time-melding conflagration happens at the end of the season.

Love the show. Love the blog.

Two questions ...

1. Did Hurley see the numbers on the hatch (when back in the 1970s) and then pick them later as lottery numbers? Or is it still just a coincidence that the numbers match?

2. Miles said he saw his mother in line while checking into the DI ... was this a scene aired in an earlier episode?

Loved the episode too. Miles and Faraday are 2 of the best characters. Less Kate would be nice too. She is like Pepper from Police woman...always trying to be tough, then gets in trouble and the guys have to bail her out. Irritating.

What faction is DHARMA aligned with? What are they doing on the island? There have been some subtle hints that they're there to study some type of Egyptian thing. Are they a aligned with the Statue People?

Ben = Others
Widmore = Former Others
Eloise = Statue People?

Anyone think Richard is VERY OLD (i.e., dating back to the Egyptian times?)

The budding bromance between Miles and Hurley is my new favorite thing.

I love miles ...I'm so in love with the show that if it were the only thing on television for the rest of eternity, I would be fine with that.

Love Miles, loved the ep. He & Hurley make a great team. Hurley's geekitude knows no bounds, and I salute him for it.

I need to know -- was Naomi's last name ever mentioned before?? Can't believe I missed it, if so. There's no way that doesn't relate to Little Dorrit, but I can't quite figure out how. Naomi is in no way like Amy Dorrit, as far as I can see. Maybe one of the writers is just a Dickens fan? Nah. It's LOST. Got to be more to it than that.

Oh, and Shelley: The answer is yes. I'm fairly certain just about everyone thinks that.

It's still not clear that Widmore was the one who faked the crash. If I remember correctly during the Naomi/Miles scenes the Widmore was investigating the information about the plane/missing bodies not that he actually did that stuff himself. Yeah and there is definately a 3rd party but what if it's Dharma and not Eloise?

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