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Isaac Mizrahi Interview

Darlings, with the advent of Bravo's The Fashion Show, expect to see more of Isaac Mizrahi on these pages, which thrills us, because he's always been a hoot and a half and always says something that gets people talking. One thing's for sure: we're going to have to come up with a kickass nickname for him. Of all the nicknames we've come up with, "The Duchess," (for Madame Kors) always struck us as our best and the most fitting (although we're insanely proud of "Shelley O," truth be told).

Anyway, here's Isaac, in an interview with MediaBistro, opining on everything from Shelley O herself to his new show.

"You're one very busy man who just got busier. How did the new show come about?

I was talking to Andy Cohen [Bravo's senior vice president of production and programming], who I think is the most charming, fabulous person on Earth, and we were talking about one project and he came back and said, 'What about this?' I had even more enthusiasm for this idea than the one we had been talking about. A few weeks later, he came back with an offer and here we are. I can't refuse him anything. Actually, that's the best part of this relationship -- I do adore the Bravo people so much. They're so smart -- smarter than the average network executive.

What can you tell me about your role on the show?

I'm the host and kind of like the head judge. [...] I felt like, 'Oh my God, this is the most fun, engrossing job in the world because when you take away all your preconceived notions about it and get that this is a bunch of struggling young designers who are really trying to prove themselves, the drama of that, at least to me, is irresistible. After almost every elimination, I feel like sobbing. It's very, very sad for me.

I don't know how they are going to edit it. They may edit it where I'm telling [the contestants] all the bitchiest, meanest things, but I do think they need to hear that. They do need to rise above the whole personal thing and play it like a game, but it's tricky. At the same time you're encouraging them to make it the end-all, be-all of their lives -- like, 'Unless this is completely attached to your ego, don't bother.' This is totally personal and not personal at all. Do you know what I mean?"

There's probably no bigger fashion star right now than Michelle Obama. What do you think she's going to do for American fashion?

I think she's going to be an unbelievable ambassador for fashion. I love her -- especially because she loves clothes. She has such a young take on the whole thing. Young, yet proprietary. She's kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw of the next 10 years."

Source: So What Do You Do, Isaac Mizrahi, The Fashion Show Host/Liz Claiborne Creative Director? [MediaBistro]


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I can't wait for this show!!! I think he'll be great. Just waiting to see what Kelly will be like because we all know Fern will be great.

Yay!!! I'm tuning in!!

"Le Miz said: She's kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw of the next 10 years."

I'm liking this.

As much as Carrie had her moment, we are long past ready for a smarter Ms. Bradshow to emerge from the cultural pack. (Especially one that won't lead hoards of idiot-girls to drunkenly teeter down my block in the middle of the night).


"Tlo said: One thing's for sure: we're going to have to come up with a kickass nickname for him. Of all the nicknames we've come up with, "The Duchess," (for Madame Kors) always struck us as our best and the most fitting (although we're insanely proud of "Shelley O," truth be told)."

How about the one I just dubbed him in my previous post, 'Le Miz'?

Maybe not kickass, but a start.

(BTW, ShellyO is a classic.)


I am so looking forward to this. He was always by far the best part of his show (I know, that sounds obvious, but sometimes it is so not the case.)

He sounds smart AND fun! What could be better?

Although visually he reminds me, in a creepy way, of yet another Baldwin brother. Yikes!

Mizrahi has a tremendous personality who needs an audience because of the charisma he possesses. I love him in every show/movie. ("Unzipped"=amazing)But seeing his ads for Liz Claiborne, has disappointed me. How many Laura Petrie-inspired frocks has he designed? Does he need a calendar to find out what decade it is?


Le Miz sounds fabulous!

For some reason, I can't help but to think of him w/o remembering Robert Best's commentary on working w/MizInc. in an interview he did a few years back.

Either way, Miz is a hoot and I'll be tuning in!

LOVE Le Miz! I loved his little talk show, it was happy and creative, and very snarky! Can't wait!!

YAY! I can't wait!

GothamTomato said...

"Le Miz said: She's kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw of the next 10 years."

I'm liking this.

I'm liking your nickname for IM, GT!
That's all I'm going to call him from hereon.

Can't wait for this show!

I adore Le Miz, but this show is looking like it will be a jacked-up rip-off. Did Bravo blow the entire budget on Isaac? I can't help but think they did, because Kelly Rowland? Seriously? Was Solange unavailable?

I'm already extremely concerned by him referring to Andy Cohen as "the most charming, fabulous person on Earth." If they're bffs, I don't know if I'll be able to handle him.

Love him! I can't wait!!! I hope he's our next Nina.

I hope it is as good as Project Runway. I think Bravo deserves it,

I was talking to Andy Cohen, who I think is the most charming, fabulous person on Earth . . .

I take it that he's never met Tim Gunn?

I love him. He's definitely got a great outlook on life. His collection was superb just this past season. I can't wait for this show!

I'm on board Les Miz train.

(Michelle would look cute in his Liz Claiborne stuff, wouldn't she?)

The whole will continue to be a better place with Isaac Mizrahi in it.

Well, if Michael Kors is the Dutchess, Isaac HAS to be the Princess. It's the eye makeup, darlings.

God, I'm a theater geek! I kept seeing Le Miz in the comments and thoguht we were talking about Les Miserables

I like his hairline.

Guess I'm Not A Theater Fan

"Le Miz" is a cute play on words, but it doesn't encapsulate the essential qualities of Isaac Mizrahi in the way that "The Duchess" does for Michael Kors. I'd prefer to see what Tom & Lorenzo can come up with rather than hold an hoc nickname election in the comments.

If anyone can evoke in a couple of words Isaac's love of old movies, singing, flip-flops/khakis/tennis shirts/bandannas and comfort food along with Isaac's sarcastic wit, self doubt and lack of pretense, it's Tom and Lorenzo.

I'm counting the days in anticipation : )
I'm so glad you guys are going to be blogging about it.

Anon I am, but I am not aboard the LeMiz train. Its a good suggestion but I want to wait and see the show and let the name organicly grow from there so it fits his show persona. ugh no its not that serious but I do feel I've made it that way now lol Can't wait for the premier!!! PR Canada is no sub!

"She's kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw of the next 10 years."

So my husband asked if that means she's going to fuck a lot of men and write about it on her Macintosh.


I'm very excited about this. Isaac is funny as hell.

I'm swooning!

Not only do we get another season of PR, but Isaac's show promises to be even better (much as I love Tim, Isaac proved himself to be a complete hoot in Unzipped).

I SO can't wait!

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Well, if the Oscar bra-grabbing is any indication, Isaac will be a more "hands on" judge. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he pulled on or fluffed something and it just fell apart?

What is going on with his hair? There is no volumne. It looks like spikes sticking up for no reason at all. Mow the lawn Isaac.

This interview says it all. "Bailout." All the excesses of Wall Street are in this show; Flash, no substance; Cool ideas, faulty construction; Hip talk, no oversight.

Let's face it, Les Miz is past his shelf life for TV originality, and Kelly Rowland needs an introduction. Poor casting but they are counting on that guest appearance by Beyonce, and Les Miz is already bonded. Bailout casting on a budget. But if your constant on air talent is this boring, how do you expect to keep an audience? Silly me. I forgot you don't care because you have the backing of the fashion industry who want to cash in too. bleh

We watch for the talent not the manipulation of contestants. Snark and et al will come because people are human. But how insulting your choices are to the viewer. Can we not get beyond stereotypes and focus on meritocracy? Talent is universal. Fan clubs are forgotten.

Even Project Runway Canada had to go and crown their first winner a version of Jay. Not that Evan Biddell wasn't just as deserving as Jay. And Iman is a star. The Fashion Show is recycled, true. But in a street vendor hustle, make the sale before the tourist knows it's a knock off from China, kind of way. Now check out this mini-challenge street Rolex! Bad.

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