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In or Out: Zac Posen & Coco Rocha

Canadian supermodel Coca Rocha and Zac Posen attend the 6th Annual New Yorkers For Children Spring Dinner Dance at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City.

Zac Posen Spring 2009
Model: Ali Stephens

Oh, Zac. You adorable little dandy, you. On the one hand, we just love that he goes out looking like Quentin Crisp's imaginary grandson. It takes a certain level of fearlessness to wear what looks like a high-end bathmat out in public. On the other hand, he's an already-famous fashion designer who's looking to get his picture taken, so while it may have a touch of bravado, it's heavily tinged with LOOK AT ME-ism.

Coco looks AWFUL in that dress. The latticework on the bottom half makes her bottom half look huge and the collar is an annoying distraction. It's just not a pretty or graceful looking dress at all.


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Ugh. That is a collection of hideous and more hideous.

It's just too "busy" for my tastes. Her dress just looks awful on her.
As for Mr. Posen, well, you can't really fault him, because he's not the one who's wearing the main clothes.

If he toned down that dress on her, it might have looked less like an an acid trip.

I'm with you guys, OUT.

My instant reaction, "Oh for God's sakes."

Upon reflection.... once more with feeling.

All the best (and that sure ain't it, Mr. Posen and Ms. Rocha),


Holy Cow! That dress is in serious need of an editor: Too many ideas, too many old ideas, too reminiscent of early 1970's wallpaper & crafty decor accessories.

But I have to say I love the coat. It has a kind-of "Cruella DeVille Goes to the Kentucky Derby' appeal that I find kicky.


And I have to add: I really wish my parents had named ME 'Coco Rocha'.


Ick. Zak looks like he's wearing the blanket of roses they put around the neck of the Kentucky Derby winner. (The horse, that is!).
Coco looks like an escapee from an asylum for harlequins.

Oh Jesus

Sweet fancy Moses, that's a lot of look!

I usually love Coco, but that's hideous. Also, she looks like someone in that first picture. Mackenzie Phillips, maybe? Not exactly someone to emulate.

Who's wearing the dress?

Is Coca Rocha her real name? Because it sounds like her name is Cockroach. Horrible.

I think they both look silly. OUT.

Both of them look awful!

He looks like a "stoned" Capote and CoCo looks as if she's drinken too much Coca Cola... she looks swollen.

Two big OUTS!

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I really LOVE the dress on the model. Fabulous.

Maybe it's just not right for Coco?

GothamTomato read my mind on the Cruella DeVille line. First thing that popped into my head.

Both are out...Mr. Posen needs some product and Ms. Rocha needs some color. If the dress had been two shades of a creamy white, instead of stark black and white, she might have had a chance.

Wow, you are all so mean and unfeeling. Why can't you see the beauty?

No one mocked Coco when she left the event and joined Miss Kitty at the Longbranch. No, indeed... they praised her and raised their beer mugs in her honor.

WOW! That is FUGLY with a capital F.


I LOVE the return to fashion craziness.
On the right people.
I'm with the anonymous poster.
LOVE the dress on the model.
Hate it on the girl.
(LOL on the cockroach comment)

Zac? Who cares?

Also agree on the cockroach issue.... you KNOW she got called 'cucaracha' on the playground.


Seriously, hideously, heinously OUT.

oh i totally agree. Only a truly bad dress could make Coco Rocha look big. And besides Zac had some gorgeous dresses in his collection she could have worn. And Zac is just being, well, Zac.

Aw, I disagree about this, TLo.

The dress makes Coco look like she's got curves. Luscious.

Zak's coat-thing? What a nut! (in a good way)

His shirt? Not good.

I like Coco's dress on the runway on a different model, but on her on the red carpet, not so much.

I actually love it. I love that they're having an obvious ball, I love that he's just about the only male celebrity that goes out in crazywear that doesn't make him look like he's just finished a 4-day meth binge, and I love how they're color-coordinated, as if they're going to the black-and-white trippy prom.

you can check coco rocha blog:


Liberace would have found Zac's cloak "busy." Yowza.

This is one of those gowns that you see on the runway and say, "Who the hell would ever wear that?"

Now we know!

And somehow, I like her for it!


When a dress makes a "supermodel" look hippy, then the question "should this runway creation ever be worn in real life" is answered NO!

If her hair weren't so awful, I might have trouble agreeing with her OUT though, just because she looks like she's having fun.

Illogically, I'm hard pressed to call Mr. Posen OUT, though, despite his need of hair product. I enjoy his obvious posturing, and frankly, sloppy hair keeps it all from being a tad too slick. He's not my type (to say the least) so I don't *think* it's the way he's working those puppy dog eyes, I think it's because you hardly ever get to see a man enjoy flaunting anything more daring than some (usually tragically mistaken) variant on their neckwear.

And that's a crying shame.

P.s. "Quentin Crisp's imaginary grandson"

That might be one of your best ones of all time!

OMG. Both OUT. Zac looks like he's wearing a drape from a bad soap opera set, and Coco looks silly in that overworked dress.

Amen, Sistas.

Is he wearing the leftover tissue paper flowers from a parade float?

Fabulous on both of them! He's so delicious, he may be the only man who can wear that and make me still want to do him!

is that coat of his made out of Angela's little crafty creations? you know the things I mean, she stuck them on her creations throughout season 3.

ugh. you'd think he'd know better.

another laura

Sorry, when a man adopts the cross-legged red carpet pose it's just over. Zac is OUT.

that dress is not good, either on coca or on the runway. She is OUT.


Coco looks like crap.

Zac, on the other hand, always gets a pass from me no matter what, because he's just so doggone cute!
(okay fine, that thing is hideous)

Handsome guy, ugly outfit. Ugly girl, pretty outfit.

is that coat of his made out of Angela's little crafty creations? you know the things I mean, she stuck them on her creations throughout season 3. Fleurchons, I do believe you mean. And I do believe you're right.

Still, I like how much fun they both look like they're having. And while I don't like the dress in general, I do like what it does for her figure. What's wrong with hips? It's not like it's making her look like a cartoon.

Ugly girl, pretty outfit.You have it backwards, honey.

I do admire his courage but I have to say out. The matching thing is too much. He should have gone with a electric blue tux or something like that. And the ruffle on the neck is super gross and ruins everything. Without it the dress would be quite nice.

I have to say I have a small Zac Posen adoration, so I'll always find myself leaning towards IN with him, and while it's a little nutty overall, I have to disagree with most of the comments.

A little off the wall, but he is nowhere near a David Arquette or Daniel Day Lewis situation here.

And while the dress she's sporting isn't his finest work, I don't think it's vomit-inducing, like some people are reacting towards it.

I believe Coco's real name is Michaela or Mikaela, but Coco was a nickname her mother gave her.

I can't stand Coco's red hair and that dress is terrible. I think Coco is in general just a fabulous model and I'm very disappointed in what Posen did to her.

What the hell is in her hair?

It looks like two bunny ears.

Is Coco actually pretty? She doesn't look it in those pictures. The dress isn't fitted enough to make her look curvy; she just looks big.

Zac is cute but he's losing his hair.


What the hell was that?

They both look ridiculous and she is a supermodel???

Waaaaay too much going on. It's almost a Halloween costume.

She looks fat.

Oh Zac, you silly gay.


you didn't tell us Laura was getting her own show on Bravo!!!

details please Boys....


You mean that wasn't a black coat that got bombed by birds? Wow. OUT.

Did anyone ever mention how much Zac looks like Sal Mineo?


Sorry, but I think they both look adorable.

Coco roca is out! But look at Zac Posen! How can you call that cute widdle face out!

Hideous and utterly delightful. Bless their hearts.

It cracks me up that even Zac Posen is doing the "cross my legs, Oh-I-gotta-pee" pose! I agree he looks like he just did the Run for the Roses. Having said that, it is all fabulous fun. Coco - not so much. Don't like the dress.

Zac loves the campy. I almost expect them to roll out a baby grand piano ,complete with candlabra, so he can sit down and play us a tune.
While I'm not super crazy about the dress. It looks as good as it can on Coco. She isn't as thin as the model on the runway, but that's okay. The dress is certainly not for everyone, but it goes with her date.

interestingly i kind of like the dress on the runway -- it's got a "fun" quality to it -- but it goes to show how many runway pieces do not translate well into a real life situation. she looks like a clown on the red carpet. and zac --- is just zac...he's still awful cute even though that rug he's wearing over his shoulders looks ridiculous...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Was this for Churchill Downs?

Zac looked like he ran for the roses right into the flower garden where they present the winning horse.

Neigh, uhh, no, uhh, OUT.

Coco looks like she's getting bigger-might not be a bad thing designers listen to her (I think/hope).

Coco looks horrible in that dress.
Zac looks okay but I don't like that coat or whatever it is, it's too busy.

quoting from coco's blog:

"he had found it at some vintage store in
N.Y. He told me that once he was done wearing it, he would be giving it to his mom. (How

Reposting after edit:

Zac Posen by himself - IN, I like the coat and the velour tie. I am trying to be in denial about the pose, Zac shouldn't be getting his cues for red carpet posing from starlets, he should study the mannerisms and affects of Sean Combs, OutKast or pimps in 1970s films and detective shows.

Red Carpet Dress - Bloody awful and cheap looking.

Runway Dress - IN, mainly because I really like the lattice work effect, kinda reminds me of one of Laura Bennett's dresses in the PR3 finale. Admittedly there is too much going on and the dress would be much better without all that stuff going on around the neck.

Wow...he looks as if he is channeling Liberace...very scary.

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