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In or Out: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller, recipient of the Supporting Actress of the Year Award, attends the 2009 ShoWest convention final night banquet and awards ceremony held at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada wearing Jonathan Saunders and Sergio Rossi zip-front sandals.

Jonathan Saunders Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Sigrid Agren

We love it. It's a colorful, eye-catching dress and it fits her well. We both have some issues with the shoulder treatment. This is one of those incredibly silly statements when it's taken out of context, but makes perfect sense when talking fashion trends: shoulders are very in right now. At any rate, Tom thinks the yoke should be a little downplayed and Lorenzo thinks those little gray sleeves should go away. Yes, these are the things we talk about all day at Chez T Lo. Anyway, we love the dress and love the shoes. The "running errands" hair is another story, but right now those loose, sloppy 'dos are all the rage. That's one trend we'd happily watch go the way of the Nehru jacket.

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I love this dress and I like it without the black tights. She's IN.

OUT. Can't stand that bitch.

Shoes are IN!
The rest - meh.

Charlie Brown print.


I probably would have said OUT if it hadn't been in Las Vegas. However, I think when you're in Las Vegas you can wear almost whatever the hell you want and fit in with the rest of the decor. The hair is very OUT though.

The dress is Fun and ! think the tights balance the sleeves. As you say it's Las Vegas... but the hair OMG! out!

It seems that for a while everyone loves a celeb's style. Then No One loves it. I say out. Yuck to dress and shoes.

Yes, the sleeves look weird without the tights.

the dress definitely needed those tights in order to balance the sleeves. it could have been a cute, young look with them. though the dress fits her well, the styling makes it an out.

I'm with the Fug Girls, Charlie Brown. Not a fan, particularly of those sleeves. It looks like she's wearing a baseball T under it.

Shoes are cute but painful.

Stewardess, when will we be arriving on Romulus?

I agree with Lorenzo about ditching the weird gray sleeves :)

Darlings, please forgive he nitpicking, but you just want to say, "Chez TLo," not "at Chez TLo."

xox, Bomber

It's a cute dress, even with the sci-fi sleeves. I think it's a size too small for Ms. Miller though. It's riding up in that first picture.

OUT. Strongly dislike the contrasting red and yellow. Had the red section been elsewhere I might be more forgiving but I have a visceral reaction to those colors together on this particular dress. I DO love the shoes.

Yikes! That thing scared me, sorry.


Love the dress, though I'm not a fan of the shoulders. She's definitely IN.

I find the dress curious. I like the shape, but not so much the yellow. My main issue is why can't she stand up straight?

..Oh dear. I'm younger than her and I sound like her mother...


Ugly fugly.....OUT!
(I do likek the shoes, tho!)


IN. Love it!

I agree with Lorenzo, the sleeves are horrid and need to go.

I like the colors and pattern, but the sleeves are appalling, as is her hair. That trend can't end soon enough for me, either.

Like the shoes.

From the ankle up OUT; from the ankle down I'm loving it, IN.

Out, as always!


She's IN. The dress is ugly to my eyes, but she wears the look, it doesn't wear her, it doesn't make her look monstrous, and the shoes are cute. I will excuse her for wearing colors and patterns which I dislike, because she wears them well.

And, please, I hope you knocked wood with that comment about the Nehru jacket. We have recycled much of the 60's, 70's and 80's in the last 10 years - the failure of the Nehru collar to establish a beachhead may only be a temporary reprieve.

OUT! She looks like a f#%king firework. Light her tail and she's ready to explode! The whole look is tacky.

I think it would work better without the sleeves. They make a bit of an awkward proportion. Without them it's definitely IN!

I kind of like the dress, except for the Klingon shoulders and sleeves. I'm not a fan of yellow and red together, either. But, basically, it's a cute design.
Her hair is a wrecky mess. And I hate the shoes.
So that's a mid-sized OUT.

I want those shoes!

I think it's great, minus the gray sleeves that look like an undershirt. The shoes, however, FLAWLESS.

It looks a little Vegas'y. Carpet slash Cocktail Waitress.

Short, tight and shiney . . . remember Frau Heidi's words. Cheap, no?

Well we are having an extremely shitty day here at casa Sirena.
I was all prepared to say I hate the dress when ithe picture was down loading (slowly as per usual) but I like it. Agree about the gray part on the sleeve. Love the crazy shoulder treatment. Dislike the bare legs.

The shoulders are a little out there but the dress looks bangin' on her and the shoes are TO DIE.


Nice dress... too bad it's on Sienna Miller.

It is fug but is it out or in fugly? Shoulders are in, wild repeating prints with color divisions are in, bare legs are in, messy updos and few accessories are in. Those shoes are a great big in and three quarter sleeves are climbing the ladder of in.

In fact, the look may be so on trend, it's out.

Stewardess, when will we be arriving on Romulus?

Anon at 1:22 -- my thoughts exactly, LOL.

OUT. It looks like a costume, and while removing the gray sleeves/adding back the tights might help it look like a better costume, it would still look like a costume.

Loose, messy hair may be "in" but it's too much of a contrast to the sharp, tailored dress. If she wants loose, messy hair, she should wear a diaphanous, flowy dress. A structured dress like that needs compatible hair styling IMO.

Grey sleeves should go away! I agree.

I like the rest and am glad I didn't see dark tights again. In for that alone.

eek! those shoes are to die for

The gray needs to be gone, and I love the shoes.
Yes she should be styled a little better.

Over all IN.

Do you think her Hoo Hoo is green to complete the Traffic Light effect?

dress = ketchup and mustard seismograph.

and the shoes look cheap.


She is wearing a Fall 2009 garment in early Spring 2009. That's a trend I'd like to see go can make us mere mortals (read: non-celebrities)constantly feel as if we are always behind with no chance of catching up!

In...I think. I like the theory behind it - the fun colours and patterns, but I can't decide if I like the geometric shape. I miss curves...this boxy stuff is giving me the pip.

Also, yay for centreing the images. And you removed the border! *claps for TLO*

One more thing - Sienna, darling, STAND UP STRAIGHT.

Anonymous said: "Do you think her Hoo Hoo is green to complete the Traffic Light effect?"

HAHA! And it is Sienna, so the answer is probably YES!

She's got great legs, and the shoes make them look better. She doesn't look confident in the dress though! The hair ruins the whole look anyways. I say OUT!

another laura

I like this dress! but have to agree with Lorenzo that the extra sleeve should go away. Like the shoes with this dress but I don't like them THAT way, if you know what I mean.

Hate the dress but, loathe as I am to say it, she herself looks adorable. (I agree that the hair's inappropriate for the setting, but I think it's super cute apart from that.)

Hate the dress. It's disjointed and just looks odd. As Nina would say, "it's NOT asthetically pleasing".

OUT. The dress is cute, on the model, with the tights and the severe head wrap. On a blonde, the black plus strong colors are too harsh for her. And it's too tight, and her hairstyle is too sloppy for such a structured dress. OUT, OUT, OUT. Sorry for the shouting, but clothes should make the PERSON wearing them look attractive, not just be judged by themselves, as sculpture. Why is this so difficult to UNDERSTAND, people?

Cranky. Need coffee. Yeah, that'll help.

I hate the exaggerated shoulder trend but on Sienna it freaking works and the print is SICk!


Call me crazy, but SHE doesn't seem to like the dress! Why is she standing in that weird way with her shoulders hunched and her hands clasped in front of her? It drives me nuts - it's like Marissa Tomei - even when she's got something great on, she looks completely self-depracating and like she doesn't think she's pulling off the look.

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