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In or Out: Sharon Stone

God bless Sharon Stone, we say. In an age where celebrities have everything down to their bodily functions press managed, she brings the old school batshit crazy diva bit in a big, big way. She's Norma Desmond 2.0.

Sharon Stone attends An Evening With Women: Celebrating Art, Music, & Equality at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California wearing Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Georgina Stojilkovic

Congratulations on your stone-cold killer bod, Sharon. But a bit of advice from some gays: while a bandage dress, by design, is supposed to be form-fitting, we understand that apparently the wearer should be able to breathe in and out every now and then too. Also, your breast implants called. They're really pissed at you right now.

In all seriousness, it's a great dress and a great color for her. It's also great that she can get away with a second-skin kinda dress, but it's doing some scary things to her boobs. Good job on the hair, makeup, jewelry and especially, the shoes.

We'll give her a conditional IN for all the things she got right, but man, are those tits hurting.

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Hell, my breasts started hurting just looking at hers in that dress. Yikes!

Otherwise, she looks damn good.

she's right on the edge of being a bobble head!

I think she looks great and I love the shoes. IN.

I think that is the best hairstyle, for her, that I've ever seen her wear.

But you're right about the implants. I never understand why women with implants wear clothes that make the implants look so obvious. If it weren't for the implant flash, she'd look fabulous in that dress.


"Also, your breast implants called. They're really pissed at you right now."
ahaha I'm doing the shoulder shake right now ( the silent laugh at your desk that only makes your shoulders mover!)

I think I'm more upset with the "old lady" hair if anything is aging Sharon it's that hair!

I think her hair looks really pretty - that's the best I've seen her look in ages. I'm staring at her, and I know she must have had work done on her face, but I honestly can't tell.

(Of course, I remember almost being hooted off the blog for idly wondering if Jacklyn Smith had had work done, so it's not like I have an eagle eye for these things.)

oh my god... those shoes are delicious!

I like the dress....but what's going on with, er, the posterior? Is it just the angle making the fabric look funny, or is there some unnecessary and ugly detail back there?

I think she looks pretty damn f__king awesome. Face included.

She's working that dress. Not a fan of the hair, a little too much volume for me, makes her head look ginormous, I was/am a fan of the closer cropped coif. Everything's been said about the booby bondage and I agree 100%.

I think she would have looked better with five more pounds, honestly.

She looks good as always - but really too thin. And not only breat implant spillage, but the tightness of the dress is causing a back muffin top. How tight must it be for that to happen on a size -2? All her styling selections were right on.

Ouch! Her nipples must be pointing skyward!

The dress looks more painful than a mammogram, but I like the shoes.

Mommie Dearest got it right, FINALLY!

Nothing makes boobs look fake faster than a dress that is too tight on the top (see Tori Spelling last week). She looks great otherwise. Perhaps just go up a size.

She looks gorgeous. I love this hairstyle on her. But, yes, implants. Ow.

I love Sharon Stone, but isn't she starting to look like Jane Fonda?

Too tight.

I love the dress but it's too tight on her.

The shoes are TO DIE.

She.Needs.To.Eat. and gain about 10lbs to add a little more plump to her face and skin. Between her and Madonna...I dont know who looks more "sucked" through a straw! However, the dress and shoes are really nice!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

"GothamTomato said...

I think that is the best hairstyle, for her, that I've ever seen her wear."

You can't be serious. She looks like Dolly Parton.

4/28/09 12:36 PM I think she would have looked better with five more pounds, honestly.

You are so right. A little strategically placed body fat does wonders for hiding the seams on your implants.

Bitch look fab, though!

I'm not really into shoes (yes, I probably should turn in my female gender membership card), but I really, really love those shoes.

I couldn't wear 'em, but I love 'em.


Yowie, could she telegraph --> "IMPLANTS HERE" <-- any less subtly?

As to her face - sure didn't say "Sharon Stone" to me, but then, time has passed... not that she's letting it do so.

One wonders at the lengths some people attempt to maintain the illusion of youth. To the point of unrecognizability. One's skin, however, often is the stubborn tattletale, and Ms. Stone's arm and hand tell another story.

All the best,


another laura

Well, you know, I've got to hand it to her.

I'm with you, she's in. She's in because her hair, makeup, jewelry and shoes are all super. And the color of the dress is just spectacular on her. And the dress is not strapless, for which she is getting major points from me. The only problem is that the dress is one size too small. It's a big problem but it's the only problem.

However, she IN.

GOD you guys, she looks better than the model! And it's not like she's wearing that dress for eighteen hours--she'll wear it for a few hours at the event, go home, take it off, and jump into a nice night gown. Plus, it was her choice to wear that dress--she knows how it feels, and if it was THAT uncomfortable, she's SHARON STONE. She would have found another (re: had Max Azria make her another one.)

"Mariana said: She looks like Dolly Parton."

Oy, I've never seen Dolly's hair look that relaxed. That tossed hairstyle looks much better on her than the severe styles she usually wears.


I just like the fact that she actually looks like herself. Unlike SO many other celebs of a certain age *cough*RupertEverettMegRyan*cough

She reminds me a bit of Dolly Parton - ewww.

another laura

Mariana the unoriginal, who says her hair is Parton-esque.

I've got to write disagreement with you and I'm sorry I didn't see your post before I posted. This hair is not, repeat NOT like one of Dolly's wigs. I lerve me some Dolly Parton, but her hair is pure fantasy. This hair is not. It's goooood hair.

Aww...I was disappointed to see that Sharon Stone even HAD implants. Was I the only one who thought she had fended off the implant craze? I haven't really noticed them in her other crazier getups. She had such nice, normal boobs before.

LOVE the color, love the shoes. Not everyone can pull off the Herve Leger, but she can't.

And damn if she doesn't look almost as good as she did 15 years ago.

The hair is a bit early 90s to me, but the rest is fab.

Best looking photo of her I've seen in a while. Implant emphasis doesn't do too much to assist the illusion of youth, but I'm not sure she's really invested in making anyone think she's youthful, just wants to look what good looks like in her head.

I'm with GT on the hair. It's flattering.

And I love Dolly Parton for embracing the artificiality inherent in being forever 29.

Without ever causing me to fear that a breeze might force a gynecological experience.

Alright, everything that could be said about her boobs, has been said; also, that she could do with a few pounds more. The dress, the colour and the styling choices are fabulous (boob-incident excluded), but I don't care too much for the shoes. They fit well, but they are a little too old-fashioned for my taste.
Also, does she share Kylie Minogues plastic surgeon? If I remember correctly, she never looked so much like her...

I love her hair and makeup. The shoes are okay. Her breasts look like they are screaming for help. Ouch!

Dress color: CHECK!
Shoes: CHECK!
Jewelry: CHECK!
Hair: CHECK! It may be a bit Dolly Partin, but it is soft and right for her face.
IF Sharon has had face work done (and I'm betting dollars to donuts she sure has), then she had a great job. Her eyes aren't pulled back to her temples as we have seen in (ahem) certain other ladies of a certain age.
I've never, ever been a fan of Leger's ace bandage look, so I don't care who wears it, I still hate it. BUT, as I said, the color on Sharon is gorgeous, so I can at least overlook Leger just this once.

Sorry dears, but I just can't get over the fact that she scares the hell out of me. Like really, she might stab anyone at any moment in these pictures.

From reading these comments I can see I'm pretty much the only one who doesn't like her shoes.

TLo, I cannot agree with you on this. I think she looks like she's been buried for a couple months, dug up, stuffed with saline, and sent down the red carpet.


Not crazy about the shoes. The outfit is iffy for me. While it looks great on the model, and a beautiful frock, Sharon Stone is too old to be wearing it... maybe I'm thinking this b/c it's too gdamn tight on her.

PS: TLo, what's with only lovin form-fitting outfits that make the actress look like sex kittens?

Wow, I just had a sudden flash back to the 90's just by looking at her hair. Don't get me started on the make-up. Overall, she looks amazing for her age though.

I'm sorry. Skeletor. And what are her boobies doing? If she looks that thin in a photo, how much she look IRL? (I can say this, I'm middle-aged myself.)

Oops, how *must* she look IRL? (Preview is your friend.)

That wig is very... wiggy. I imagine Sharon's real hair is pretty thin and wispy.

"PS: TLo, what's with only lovin form-fitting outfits that make the actress look like sex kittens?"

All you have to do is click on the "In or Out" tag and read more than a handful of them to see that's not true.

I am sorry, her breasts look so fake and terrible!! Why can these women not afford good breast implants??? I know people in upstate NY who have better implants!!

I adore you but I have the same issue with this post as with your last Beyonce post.
The dress is tighter than tight but I don't see any evidence that she cannot breathe. Her boobs look positively freakish and the dress doesn't fit them well but do they look squished? Nope. I don't think she had any trouble breathing in this outfit she just had trouble disguising that her boobs are fake and kind of creepy.

"I don't see any evidence that she cannot breathe."

Good god, what has happened to the commenters around here lately? Can no one recognize a joke anymore?

Holy crap I can see the damn serial number on those things!!!


She's in, except the dress, as so many have said, does not have enough fabric to hold the girls. I'd kill to have her body w/o the implants but her face is looking a bit Jane Fonda-esque.

I want the shoes!!!!

barbara heath

I want to like her, but...friends, when the fake sacks are brand new (don't you watch Dr. 90210) they can look like one of her kids just blem them up with a straw over here where it snaps closed) they look amateurish. She, however, always manages to look amateurish, something about her midgety size and pridefully out-of-focus personality. There is a small man's complex here in the whirl and she seems to get a kick out of the fact that her enigma remains. I don't think any designer knows what to do for her no matter how much they doth protest too much. But one thing can always be counted on with her look: she does everything in triplicate. That is the Dolly-alike and it is valid. She is par to a proven entity. Sharon's m.o. isn't "trashy" it's "enigmatic". Whatever, she sure tries too hard.

barbara heath

Sorry for the misspell, friends, that's "blew them up," not "blem them up." Anyway, she is scarey and that's for us to twitter about, she could care less!

Wowza. I did not recognize her at all.

That's Sharon Stone?!

There was speculation that SJP was pregnant in the last post with that ill fitting top. And she is! Sort of....but the surrogate still doesn't explain that outfit!

Anyway, I know this isn't the place for this post, but figured inquiring minds would like to know.

It'll be a girl – and a girl! – for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

The Hollywood couple, who already have son James Wilkie, 6, announced Tuesday they're "happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed."

In the 60's, that hairstyle was called a "bubble".

Oh geez, that hairdo WAS called the bubble! I had a Barbie with a Bubble-hairdo back in 1964, and now I'm having a flashback...

Anyhow, Sharon looks beautiful. The thinness, the fake boobs, it's all totally insane, but it's her. I guess I was another naive person who thought she had real ones, sigh.... those illusions have now been dashed!

In the close-up photo of her, under the runway photo, is her upper lip looking all plumped up? Or just "over the line" lipstick application?

i hate the shoes, so ugly

She has the body but not the age to wear that.

The shoes are beautiful, but I'm tired of this bandage dress. It';s been around for decades.

What's with the piece sign? Is this some current trend?

She looks like and old Cameron Diaz.

Oh, dear.

Now that she has that Joan Rivers overstretched face look, she's officially "old" to me.

The boobs? Embarrassing. Gain 10 pounds and keep those puppies properly encased in a bra.

This trying to look three decades younger thing is getting really embarrassing.

Sharon, you're a true diva and my hero(in) :)

She knows how to wear dresses and how to kill the red carpet. Congratulations Sharon!!!

All thoses bitches like Mariah, Miley Cirus, Beyonce and even Debbie Messing should look up to you.

I must say her hair looks messy but in a good way.

The only thing I don't like either are her breasts. She should have worn a push-up bra, altough I guess she wanted to look in a low key look.

Amazing, IN IN IN!

You go Sharon :)

I am grateful that the dress is opaque and that it was too warm for a pelt across the shoulders. Great color for her, fit is great, if a bit Lisa Rinna-desperate. The hair, though, really looks like a wig. At best, it has the my-hair-is-thinning-I-need-to-poof-it look.

If you look in her eyes, you can just see that she is nuttier than a fruitcake.

And, Sharon, honey, you were supposed to massage those implants so they didn't hang around in your arm pitters.

You boys said it all. Love the batshit crazy!

Sharon brings it!


I recall an interview with her years ago (after that icepick flick) in which she said she was 36B. But when you lose as much weight as she seems to have, B's can quickly turn into A's. Maybe that's why she got the implants.

Love the hair, like the dress and especially the colour. This could have been a fabulous dress for her if it weren't for the horrible fake boobs.

God, my body hurts just looking at her.

Am I the only person here who thinks this is an OUT in every possible way? The hair screams cougar to me.

The shoes are beautiful up close.

But am I the only one who thinks from a distance they look like they have keyholes showing off the toes- and red toenails? Just an odd look. I was glad to find I was wrong about that first impression!

i'm not dorothy gale

Did she WANT to look like plastic surgery victim Dolly Parton? I do love your snarky remarks, guys. The color is lovely and Sharon is very slender, but Kelly Bensimmon of Real Housewives of NYC seems to be missing her bookend .fake boobs.....and I see who got them

barbara heath

No one has confused S.S. with having good taste! I am just glad that I will not be wearing a wig and the wrong size dress when I am 50-ish, actually making me look desperate 60-ish in makeup and accessories that say retro mid 1970's. They call it "Cougar" but I think "Norma Desmond" is by far the correct assignation. Thanks, TLo. Since she's into the past, why not pull out the "Casino" hair fall? Much, much, better. And, I won't think grannie is trying to fool me, I'll just think "pretty".

sorry, but Sharon Stone looks just plain evil

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