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In or Out: Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis attends the 1st Historic Health Summit Gala held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress and Judith Leiber clutch.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Heidi Mount

This illustrates what we like to call NTDFY: Not The Dress For You. It's a perfectly fine dress and there's no reason for her not to wear it. Sure, it makes her look a little hippy, but that's no crime. No, it just sort of hangs there, doing nothing for her. Is it her coloring? Her hair? Maybe just a case of it not being her style? After all, she usually looks best in the kind of Park Avenue Princess getups she wore on Sex and the City. It would have been tough to be her stylist in this situation. How do you tell your client that the dress is pretty, but something about her just makes it look dull?

For us, she's neither in or out. She doesn't look bad per se, but considering how much work was put into making her look good for this event (the cost of the dress, shoes, and bag, plus the cost and effort for hair and makeup), which is on par with what the average woman spends on herself for her wedding day, the effect is kinda blah.

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I think the dress woud have looked better on Ms. Davis if it was coctail length as she has great legs.

She looks like she is drowning and devoured up by the fabric monster in that dress.


I was just coming to post the same thing, TampaBay. Make that cocktail length and give her some killer heeels, and I'd probably like this. As it is, she's pretty but just looks... meh.

Make that "heels." Damn typos.

Was just gonna say what Erin and TampaBay said. Cocktail length with some killer heals and this would have been much better. I don't think she's quite tall enough to pull off this dress in full length, and she didn't go severe enough with the hair in makeup. Honestly, if she were wearing a tee shirt and jeans with that hair and makeup she could be at dunkin' donuts having a coffee and a cinnamon bun.

I gotta disagree a little, TLo.

Gorgeous dress, just not on her.

Makes her look shorter than what she is.

Didn't Hedda Lettuce dish on her?

Looked at it again and it is a pretty said state of affairs when the girl is IN, the dress is IN but the girl in the dress is OUT.

I hope Ms. Davis did not pay good money to some stylists for this look.


She just looks BLAH. Not at all the dress for her. It looks like a bad macrame' project.

"Anonymous said...

I gotta disagree a little, TLo.

Gorgeous dress, just not on her."

Isn't that basically what they said?

he problem, folks, is that the styling differes from the runway to her. the model's hair is somewhat fierce, and she's wearing some striking earrings. On Ms Davis however? Pedestrian hair, makeup and no jewellery to speak of. with a slightly more dramatic do, the heels mentioned by some previous posters visible and some cool jewellery it might have been amazing look. THe dress alone, sadly, doesn't carry the look here, and so she ends up looking rather plain.

The length of the dress is awkward. She should have made it a little longer or super short. I love her no matter what though.

I agree it's blah, and would be better shorter. Although it's not really my fave dress to begin with. Never seen a black lace gown before, and certainly not from de la Renta, lol. Yawn.

The first thing I thought when I saw the dress was that it would be great on her at cocktail length. Great minds think alike, right TampaBay, Erin, Anonymous, etc.?

Not loving it but I don't hate it either.

A little matronly, I think.

I hate lace. OUT!

Off the fashion-blog topic, but it strikes me as very odd that ExxonMobil is a prominent sponsor of a health event.

See, that's how much the dress bores me.

I dunno. The dress makes the model look a little thick in the middle. And while I can see why it might work better at a shorter length, I don't think that changing the length would change the middle-thickening part of it.

Worth a try, but seems like it would be better to just find a dress that doesn't thicken her middle or make her look average, when she just isn't.

I agree with jay and others. The hair, especially needed to be up. This dress on Kristin Davis , whose hair is the same tone as the lace (not blonde!) falls in the category of pale flesh tone dresses on blondes. No contrast, no ooommmph.

I liked the dress.

It's just... unremarkable, I guess. It makes her look shorter than she is, and I agree that a little leg would've helped. She's lovely, but it doesn't look special in any way.

As I scrolled down and read it was an Oscar de la Renta I thought I would love it. But I'm sorry to say she just didn't carry it off.

I think her face and hair are too bland for the dress, creating the effect that the dress is swallowing her whole. With an updo and a darker eye or a pop of red on the lips, (or a combination of 2 of the above) I think she'd have held her own in the dress.

I'll bet it looks a lot different in person ... not as flat. I do like the neck line, tho.

It is just okay. It needs some tailoring--shorter and tighter right at her waist--so it doesn't look so boxy. And if she paid someone to do her hair, then foreshame. My hair looks like that right now and all I did was blow dry.

I think that part of the unattractive look at the wiast has to do with the fact the the lace motifs are different on the runway dress. On the runway dress the center motif at the waist looks like this (o) helping to give the impression of a cuter waist

I also think that a serious red lipstick would have done wonders...shorter would have helped too.

I have such a girl crush on her. She is always in to me!

Yes, she should have shortened it to just above the knee.

I completely agree. The dress is not bad, but it just doesn't do anything for her.

Its the pattern of the lace. It has an eye-catching vertical pattern and doesn't work well on curvier women. Had the skirt been shorter & full, with a killer petticoat, and great shoes, she would have knocked it out of the park.

You're right, neither in or out. Just not her style.


Is it just me or is Ms. Davis looking a tad haggard, and dare I say it... older than she is... in these photos. BLAH. Total OUT

The dress is lovely and so is she, but...
She has over tanned.
I love the lightly applied make-up, but for this dress, perhaps a bit more dramatic is in order.
The hair needs to be up in a vaguely Spanish style.
I agree that a cocktail length would have been better for Kristin.

There's just something about Kristin that makes her always look a little blah on the red carpet. She's lovely, but more causual looks suit her best.

It's just not...quite right. For her. Somehow.

Hello makeup? Is she even wearing any?

I think she's at least a good 6" shorter than the model, which is part of the reason for the difference in the runway look and the look on Kristin, but it also looks like it's been fitted to take away the "mermaid look" of narrower along the legs with a flair at the bottom. Changing the silhouette seems to have killed the look. :( Pretty dress though! (Originally, that is.)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think that it is the coloring throwing it off more than anything else. The lace is open on the model (you can see her panties, no?) but Ms. Davis has it lined in a nude that is totally different than her (overly tanned) skintone.

As others have said, the more edgy styling on the model makes it look more "retro" than "old".

kath said...
The first thing I thought when I saw the dress was that it would be great on her at cocktail length. Great minds think alike, right TampaBay, Erin, Anonymous, etc.?



Totally agree w/the others that this dress needs to be cocktail length.

Also LOVE her expression in the very top photo. Priceless.

TLo, please cover Helen M's outfit at the London premier of State of Play!!

It's the styling that's a problem.

Hair up and more dramatic lipstick?

I think the real problem here is that the dress is a Laura Bennett look, the "eveningw ear for the older woman" look.

Kristin is just wearing an old lady dress. She's a young lady with a hot body and should be wearing bright colors and Elie Saab like Beyonce.

Six thumbs down.

I think Ally has it, re: tailoring at the waist - the waist is sitting wrong. If you look at the model, the center rosette motif hits her a little above the waist. On Kristin, it hits a little below the waist, making her look thicker through the middle and throwing off the rest of the look. I think if the waist was sitting right, the long skirt wouldn't be looking so wrong.

I also like the idea of sleeker hair, stronger makeup and a pop of color for shoes or bag


I'm not a fan of the fake see-through dress thing. I don't get it.

You guys are always spot on. I loved the dress on the model, but on Kristin it looks truncated.

Dead-on analysis.

As others have mentioned, I'd only add that I think it would look fantastic on her in a cocktail length, a-line skirt. And as ubiquitous as those Shelly O wide belts are, adding one of those here would give her more of a waist.

I know she works the early 60s, vintage silhouettes very often, but there's a reason for it; it's far and away the best for those of us with hips.

K Davis has thick calves so the shorter length would be problematic as well. I like the dress, it just needs more flare at the hem for balance

looks amazing on Heidi..

Too old for her.

She took all the 'sex' out of it. It's HOT on the model.

From the front, the dress does not look properly fitted and almost looks too big or baggy or something. From the side, it would probably look the same way except for her curvaceous posing.

I agree that the hair and makeup is too bland. What is with so many women having the bland, shiny-faced look on the red carpet? Are the sweaty?

I think Kristen is like me (but much more beautiful): she looks better in a more tailored, clean-lined look than this bunchy, frou-frou type of dress. Her face has such clean lines and her hair that she just doesn't look great in frilly or lacy things, at least not head-to-toe (maybe just a blouse or jacket). How tall is she? This dress seems to be made (as they often are) for a taller woman.

Sorry, I just took another look. I'll bet it was pinned and tacked to death on the model to make it fit that way, completely differently than it does on Ms. Davis.

potty mouth princess

Meh. It makes her look older.

Agree that if it were cocktail length in a jewel tone, it would have rocked.

Black doesn't seem to be her best color.

Pretty woman, pretty dress but I think she's too young for the dress.

I love this dress. I have a dress a lot like it with the lace in white over a white background which is beautiful. Mine was made from these beautiful Spanish tablecloths they have in Colombia, and mine's a little shorter with a fuller skirt. I think it looks more youthful, though it kind of looks like a casual wedding dress if I don't style/accessorize right... The problem with white dresses. My high school required white dresses on ladies for graduation, which is why my mum/grandmother in Colombia had it made.
But I agree with TLo. Beautiful dress, beautiful lady, not well combined (though if they'd styled her a bit Flamenco, with her hair up, it would probably look more interesting).

If she had pulled up her hair into an up-'do, I think she would've looked good.

It's just that the HAIR is too casual for a dress like that, I don't think it's the person.

Just my opinion.

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