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In or Out: Halle Berry

Halle Berry arrives on the red carpet of "The Soloist" premiere at the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood.

Alright, let's get this out of the way first: it's a fine dress; great colors, perfect fit, shows off her slammin' bod. The ribbon under the boobs is a little weird, but whatever. No, what's wrong here are the flip-flops.

Look, we realize that movie premieres aren't always formal affairs. Quite often you'll see celebrities show up wearing jeans to one. The only people who should be required to be dressed up at one are the people involved in making the movie: stars, producers, director.

But come one, flip-flops? We don't care if they're 400 dollar flip-flops, they make a decent-looking dress look like a beach wrap. It's like she was on her way to Starbuck's and accidentally stumbled across a movie premiere.


[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage/Celebutopia]

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Give her a break, TLo! It's not easy chasing after a rugrat all day!


Agreeance, TLo.
I must say that I do love the ensemble for window shopping or sipping an iced latte.

I think Halle Berry's the only person on earth that could carry off a curve-hugging dress with wide horizontal stripes! I agree, re: flip-flops. She could have put on some wedges and been just as comfortable and look much better. on the flip flops and no on the dress too. I have abs no love for that dress; I don't think it looks very good on her at all.

There isn't a fashion on this earth that I hate more than I hate flip flops.

Ditto from this quarter. The flip-flops are sort of a flip off.

I think this dress might have done better at street length, rather than floor length, too. I think the colors and pattern are attractive, but it becomes a bit much going all the way to the floor.

It would have certainly been improved with decen dress shoes....

All the best,


Yep. Flip Flops: wrong.

Love the little flippy hair do, though.

The necklace seems a bit too long.

i dont care for that dress at all. the color sceme is not really that interesting, her hips look too wide (maybe it is because they coincide with a wide light colored stripe) and it does not play very well against her skin. I hadn't even noticed the flip-flops.

Flip flops? Please.

OUT - And she looks tired, doesn't she?

She's In, the dress is OUT

I despise flip flops, period.
The dress looks like a beach towel.
Judging by the gal in the next to last photo, this looks like one casual premiere. Instead of a red carpet, it should have been one long sandbox.
That's a big OUT.


Nice smile and good posing. I think the dress would work better if it was short, right above, at or below the knee. The bow in the back is strange, but I can live with it. I am not opposed to flip flops in general and these are inoffensive in some pictures, but throw the look off in others. Is she wearing spanx?

Just curious about the shoes, what kind of shoe would have worked better? It seems that if the heel was too high then the outfit would have been the dress equivalent of flood pants, although I don't know that for sure, so that is a question as well. My wobbly guess is that perhaps a mule or sling back (the one where the strap starts at the heel) with a modest heel (if the flood theory is correct) would work.

I think the dress looks great from the front and side, including the sash, make-up, hair, and yes, thongs. It is a semi-casual summer party look, I agree.
From the back it's a bit odd. Starting with the neckline which gives the effect that the dress is on backwards. The dipping sash and bow interfere with the geometry of the stripes. The back shot let's say is not particularly flattering.But overall I'd still say IN, if the other stars were also semi casual that is.

Flip Flops.
I'm usually complaining starlets are overdoing it for movie premieres. Halle looks like she left Malibu just before the BBQ to attend. Maybe she didn't want the homeless man the story is about to feel bad? (Sorry, bad joke)
Whatever the case, though I love Ms. Berry w/ a purple passion--
Give me an "O"!
for... you know.

She left my poolside bbq and went directly to the movie premier!


The entire outfit is far too casual for the red carpet, unless it's an on-location première of Beach Blanket Bingo.

AGREED. I feel like this would have been HOT in a mini version, sans little bow, and paired with those sexy YSL black pumps Heidi has been wearing every day for the past 6 years

As far as I'm concerned the bitch could wear granny panties and a man's wife-beater to the premiere and I'd say she's IN. It's Halle freakin'-Berry! It won't always be this way for her...she WILL eventually grow older and not be slammin' ALL the time but while she's got it, who cares?

Halle is always in.

The outfit is OUT!

She looks pretty good. You're right that she'd look better in a pair of heels, and I'd like the dress to be knee-length. But whoever said her hips are being negatively accentuated by the stripes-- come on! I'd kill for a figure like hers! Being a beanpole isn't all that.

Halle is beautiful, so she can get away with it but this dress looks like a sweater I owned in middle school circa 1994. Not good. And I LOVE me some flip-flops, but I also live at the beach and am not attending movie premieres.

I agree with you, TLo, but I also hate the dress.

As delighted as I am to FINALLY see some FLAT SHOES out there...Flip Flops? Really? This is the step to far, and it only goes to reinforce the absurd notion that the only fashionable footwear is that which puts you danger of breaking your ankle.

Some flat, bejewelled strappy sandals would have been lovely.

I love the dress! It beautiful and shows her body wonderfully.

I agree TLo! The flip flop makes the whole look casual.

I wish I could look this good just meeting friends for coffee!

I wear flip-flops but I don't think I would if I had an assistant who would go out and pick up some Manolo Blahniks for me. OUT!

I'm not sure what is the particular problem of the dress (ie, the stripes, the fabric or the length) but it makes her butt look huge! and in a wrong way! she has a lovely body and a nice butt, but the dress is not flattering in the back at all.
It could have looked perfect at a shorter length and with other flat sandals if she didn't feel like high heels that day.

Flip-flops belong at the beach or a backyard barbecue End of story.


She looks like she just woke up or something, I can't quite put my finger on it. OUT of bed.

Agree. Lots of comfortable shoes exist which would not accessorize it down to beach wear.

(The dress isn't exactly flattering, but she doesn't need it to be, after all.)

I don't know who decided that flip-flops are actual shoes, but they deserve to be slapped. Don't get me wrong, I love my flip-flops...for hanging around the house, running around the corner to the 24 hour market for beer and for weekends at my friend's country house. They are NOT shoes. I don't even like it when I see people on the subway with them. Ugh.

I do have to say that an ankle-length dress with horizontal stripes is a nightmare for most women and Halle manages to look great in it. She's amazing!

The flip flops are unforgivable, though. OUT!!

ok, maybe i'm biased b/c i live in florida, but people down here wear flip flops for all occasions. i give halle credit for flying in the face of fashionistas everywhere. long live the flip flop! :0)

as for the dress--meh...

"Anonymous said...

ok, maybe i'm biased b/c i live in florida, but people down here wear flip flops for all occasions."

Well you shouldn't.

I was about to say! Is she running to a resort after this? At least give us some classy flats, Halle.

It's LA.

Temp's have been above 95 degrees the last few days.

The dress is nice, she obviously made an effort, and I have no problem with flip-flops.

It's what makes us different from NY, along with the palm trees and the backyard pools.

Hmm, I wouldn't say she made much of an effort. This just isn't a red carpet look no matter what you do with it. It would have been cuter with some nice dressy sandals, but it still wouldn't be a red carpet look. She just stopped by on her way to the beach, y'all!

Yeah flip flops are pretty much a no no for events. she could have at least worn a nice pair of flats or low heels.

It’s LA people! Not New York. Sandals even flip flops (though i do wish they were a tad bit nicer pair) are completely acceptable out here. Plus, it’s been +100º out here the last few days. I love how you guys usually consider the time and the place for fashion, but i think east coasters in general just don’t get certain SoCalisms (or make any attempt to do so for that matter). I’m not saying we’re not down right screwed up sometimes, but come live here for awhile before ya’ll knock flip flops.

Just an fyi, Halle is a diabetic. It's very possible she is wearing open toed comfy shoes i.e. flip flops due to a foot injury and or infection.

Something to think about...

Too bad it's a still shot. I would have loved to see footage of her waddling down the runway going "flap, flap, flap, flap..."

Some of these justifications are priceless.

"She's a mommy!"
"It's hot in L.A.!"
"She's a diabetic!"

Give me a break. She could have worn a pair of nice sandals, which I'm sure she has many. Flip flops are for the beach or running errands.

"elizabeth said...

It’s LA people! Not New York. Sandals even flip flops (though i do wish they were a tad bit nicer pair) are completely acceptable out here. "

Nooo, that's not true. I'm in LA and I wouldn't go to any event wearing flip-flops, except to my sister's barbecue on 4th of July weekend.

What a hot mess. OUT!

I agree with a lot of people - dress needed to be shorter, and the wide light colored stripe hitting her at the widest part of her hips/butt did some not so flattering things to the back view. And flip flops are horrible anywhere except the beach or the gym shower. Flat shoes are great, but not those!

And for some reason, I really hate that one little curl hanging down beside her face.

She is totally IN. This is not her movie, it isn't evening time, and it isn't formal. She is catching a late afternoon matinee. A long summer dress and flip flops are perfectly acceptable attire to go see a movie in. A red carpet thrown on the ground and Paps there don't make a bit of difference, imo.

I think I saw the whole outfit at Target?

Too long. It'd be much better if it was shorter.

What's wrong with flip-flops? Teenagers now wear flip-flops to prom under long sequined gowns.

Good for Halle Berry for not sticking to Hollywood’s red carpet standards.

Ive never seen her look so flat chested?? What did she do to her boobs. Plus the flip flops, those are never ok, i dont care if you're droping the kids off, they are the worst looking shoes and they are killer on your feet.


If she'd worn this ensemble to the grocery store, I'd have been okay with it. I could have even gotten behind the dress for the premiere, but with different shoes. Flip flops don't really count as shoes, except in restaurants where they get you past that "No shoes, no shirt, no service" sign.

I love the dress, she looks great.
Personally, I prefer almost any kind of shoes to those hideous high heels everyone seems to wear nowadays so I'm fine with the flip flops.


To my eyes, those shoes look like the fold-up "emergency flip-flops" that have recently hit the market. I can just imagine Halle realizing in the limo that her new Zanotis have cut a wicked blister on her left ankle, so screw it, she's going to wear the emergency flip-flops. If she'd PLANNED the flip flop look, don't you think she would have gotten a better pedi?

A floaty maxi dress and flip-flops can be cute, but the fabric on her dress looks heavy, almost like a fine-gauge sweater.

Sorry, Halle, you're out. Next time, stock your purse with band-aids.

Wow....I'm disappointed since Halle always looks so stylish. The color combination of the dress is not very flattering on her.

IN- totally IN- love her "attitude"- once again she's ahead of the curve with this upcoming Summer Fashion Sensation- Put on the Bling With Flip Flops for Every Ensemble


The makeup is perfect, hair is adorable, dress is lovely, flipflops are awful. I loathe them with a passion! I don't care where you live, how hot it is, or how expensive they are, flipflops belong at the beach or pool and NOWHERE else, not even to run errands. I HATE them, along with all thong-type shoes. Ugly and unflattering to even the most petite and well-manicured feet.

this dress would have been better short.

So Aretha Franklin can get away with ANYthing simply becuse she's "Aretha", but 50% of you will not cut Academy-Award-winning Halle Berry a little slack even though the other 50% who actually live in the same climate think it's OK???

Boy, that's some East Coast chauvenism you'all got going on there. It's gonna be fun to watch Project Runway being produced *in* Los Angeles, to see if that stranglehold on what's "in" and what's "out" can be broken from mandated boots and layering and cashmere.

Flip flops should not be worn outside the beach or public showers. Period.

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