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In or Out: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore tapes a guest spot on Live with Regis And Kelly to promote her latest movie Grey Gardens wearing Narciso Rodriguez and Miu Miu shoes.

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Tara Gill

Kittens, we are beside ourselves with excitement because we're going to an advance screening of Grey Gardens tonight (review to follow on T Lo tomorrow). To celebrate, we're featuring Little Edie herself, Drew Barrymore. We love this dress. It's bold and striking and it does wonders for her figure. Extra points added for wearing a kickass pair of shoes and realizing that with such a graphic dress, the hair, makeup, and jewelry all needed to be understated. Drew, your gays did right by you. IN.

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Ditto, dolls! The red shoes, echoed by the red lipstick, are a nice pop. Great pattern - she looks even better than the model, and the model doesn't look bad. Ms. B. looks fresh and intelligently garbed.

I am SO looking forward to your movie review! What fun!

All the best,


Love it! Chic and effortless.


I concur! In, IN, IN!!! I would love to show people who want tattoos to see Drew's faded, ugly cross.

We just dropped HBO. None of the shows were worthwhile to us. I'm so depressed that I can't see it:(


She looks terrific!! I do so covet that dress and shoes!!!
Most decidedly a huge IN for Ms. Drew B.!!!!!

ehh....don't know what you all are talking about today. It looks good from far away, but in closer shots, it looks like the dress pulls at the wrong places. Doesn't look so flattering to me.

The dress and shoes look very nice on her, but the dress would have looked better, if she had worn a decent bra.

It looks the dress could be more fitted, but it's not on the model so I guess that's the fit the designer intended. Meh. She still looks good though. I love Drew Barrymore!

Dress - OMG, fabulous!
Shoes & Lipstick: Also fabulous!

Pendulous boobs: Uh, not so much.

She really needs to start wearing bras.

First, the dress: FAB, would look wonderful on ShelleyO, too. Think it would look a little better if it were better fitted to Drew's body. She's got a great figure so it would look a little more refined.

Hair: No. Liked her crazy "Marilyn" hairdo from the Golden Globes, or Oscars (what's the difference?). This looks like she had it braided two days ago and slept on it.

Finally, the shoes: I'm torn. Love the design, love the candy red, but all I can think of is Carson Kressley's motto:

"There are only two types of people who wear red shoes: clowns and hookers."

But I still like the hooker reds.

So in conclusion: barely in.

Bailey said...

It looks the dress could be more fitted, but it's not on the model so I guess that's the fit the designer intended.
I noticed that too and went back to the model's picture. I think she looks amazing. IN.

She looks terrific. I have always liked the way she dresses. And such a cute face too.

IN - I love that dress. She looks so sexy.

I can't wait for your post about the movie, darlings.

I am seething with jealousy that you are going to an advanced screening! And happy for you too, I suppose.

I think Drew looks amazing in this outfit. The dress is gorgeous and those shoes are to die!

In, In, In!

She looks great, albeit a little over done for daytime talk TV.

IN Love the shoes and the dress is very pretty. I think it would have been even better if it had been slightly more fitted around her chest though. :)

I love the dress pattern but agree with others about the fit. It does her no favors.

Also, I know she doesn't believe in them, but a well-fitted bra would truly be a boon here.

Yeah, the fit is the only downside. LOVE the shoes.

I only wish she had fashioned a sweater over her tresses (accented with a diamond brooch).

Definitely In!

Anyone know whose bracelet she's wearing? It's really cute.

Totally agree about the need for a bra here. Miss Drew, you have a womanly figure!! Please, investigate the wonders of foundation garments.

Interesting that a previous poster noted Drew's 'faded' tattoo. At first I thought she had on stockings, but I don't think she does. It actually looks like she's having laser treatments done on the tat. I know it's a cheesy, circa 1991 rose-and-cross, but still, it's part of her history. I have a similar one and still wear it with pride. It's not what I would get today, but it is a marker of who I was at that time.

She's adorable!

Oh yay - I saw this picture of her yesterday and hoped you guys would feature it and love it. She looks strikingly gorgeous - yay Drew!

First of all love love LOVE the dress but I have to agree with my fellow ladies in saying that she needs a support undergarment for those puppies

Adorable! It's a bit loose in the fit, but not overly so that it isn't flattering. Not everything has to be skin tight.

The hair looks great from far away, but up close is kinda messy.

Still, huge in. Love it.

This is a sophisticated and elegant IN.

Love the dress, shoes, and make-up. Agree that she needs a bra.

Don't like the "little milkmaid" hair; it's ok but a sleeker style would have been better.

I've seen her look horrendous; so this is an IN.

Hands down... IN!

(Then again, I thought she was IN with the Angie Dickinson look at the Golden Globes!)

Looking forward to your review - as much as I am excited about the HBO movie, nothing - NOTHING! can touch the Grey Gardens documentary!

Gorge! In!

I'm not crazy about the print but it does look great on her. Those shoes are fabulous.

Fabulous! IN, IN, and IN.

Wow, I usually think Drew looks kind of a mess, but this is FAB. Way IN.

I don't love the dress on her but she's adorable, so I don't care.

I absolutely love this dress in theory, but it really looks like it doesn't fit very well, or like it's poorly made or something. There's just something off about it.

4/14/09 12:23 PM I'm not crazy about the print but it does look great on her. Those shoes are fabulous."

Is it a print? I had assumed it was individual strips of black and white charmeuse sewn together to form the zebra stripe pattern. That would be a hella lota operations for a RTW dress, though.

I love it on her, boobs nonwithstanding. Looking forward to going to the preview myself tonight.

Love the shoes.

Good makeup, foundation is a bit too heavy, perhaps it is for TV. I like the red lipstick.

Great smile.

Up close the dress looks too home sewn, but it was probably selected for how it would read on TV and in that respect it probably worked.

I really like the hair but not with this look.


She looks fricken' fantastic!!

I love when she does it right because she looks gorgeous here.

Soooooo damned in!!

She looks Marrrrrvelous.

She is so lovely.


Delightfully IN! Love the dress, print, shoes and accessories.

Is she wearing hose or is she finally trying to rid herself of that lame tattoo? It looks faded.

From cute hair style to red heels she is IN.

God, I love this bitch.
She looks wonderful. IN!!

i agree about the fit: although it looks looser on the model, on drew it touches her just enough that you think she's wearing a dress that's a half size too big. needs a little tailoring around her waist/chest to define how pretty her figure is.

Afraid I'm with those who think the fit is a bit off--BUT I think it's because the model's dress looks like it hits higher up her leg. I think if Drew's were a smidge shorter, it'd look better. Do love her tho!

Aunt Dee

too many cats

Her face and her hair are beautiful and they go with the colors of the dress.
I didn't understand the cut of the front of the dress in the first or subsequent pictures. Then I read some of the comments that suggested that she wear a bra....and (ever so sadly) that explained part of the fit problem.

I think the dress was cut for a body that would need some space where young boobs are. With her, its a loose void.

I don't know just how to do this, but I'd guess that fittings would be done in four places, on either side of the vertical blue stripes down the sides.

Love it, but it'd be even better if the dress were an inch or so shorter.

BTW: Listening to Drew on "Fresh Air" w/Terri Gross.

LOVE HER! Her honesty, sweetness, and positivity are so refreshing from the usual spoiled-priviledged young actresses (Julia Roberts, hello?)

IN. She looks gorgeous and I love her.

She's fabulously in.

She should have matched it with a nice cardigan and it would have been perfect.

Love the dress but the wide shoulder strap could go, and it would be even better. I personally wouldn't wear red patent slingbacks, but they do look fab on her.

Is it me, or did she lose a few inches of cheek in a "tightening"?

Or maybe it's botox in the forehead. She looks a little Desperate Housewives to me.

But the dress? It's a million dollar look, marred only by the lack of a proper bra.


I think she looks fantastic in this dress. The shoes, everything -- it's all perfect.

And I've very jealous you boys are going to the screening!

another laura

She's in. I'm not a fan of hers and darn it, she looks really fab here. Good for her.

I think the stripes look amazing, she pulls it off in such a demure way

Gorgeous Things said...

Anyone know whose bracelet she's wearing? It's really cute.
Hi Gorgeous,

According to our sources, it's Tom Binns.


Love the hair, makeup, dress, shoes...she looks awesome!!!!!!!

I don't understand why people are making such a big deal about the fit. It's barely noticeable. She looks great. IN all the way.

I'm loving the hair, this is the best she’s looked in a long time.

She looks so refreshingly real in these photos. Great dress and shoes and love her hair!

Quite frankly I hate the dress, but I think it looks fantastic on her. Go figure.

the fit is terrible darlings.


She looks fab - the shoes rock and the makeup is flawless - IN!!

dress=blah. not at all flattering. great shoes

Love the whole thing! She (or her gays) did a fabulous job! This is how good she can look every time.

(Like the old "Life" cereal commercial)
Bailey likes it! Hey Bailey!

That's good enough for me!
Just a little fun, B-Ster!

I absolutely adore this dress! A definite must have! Drew looks like it was made for her.
Those shoes are sick!

Can't wait for your review, TLo!

IN. Like the hair, though I'd have liked a sleek version better than this, I guess, intentionally messy-with-flyaways do.

She so frequently chooses clothes that are interesting in theory but hideously unflattering to her, that I don't see how this can NOT be in.

She looks phenomenal, definitely IN. She's one of my favorite young actors in Hollywood. I hear she's very sweet and friendly.

I can't wait for your review of the movie, guys. It's such an interesting story, isn't it?

Sorry - it's shapeless, ill-fitting, and too long. And I'm not digging the Heidi-formal hairdo. The shoes, however, are great.

It's a pretty idea but the cut is all wrong on her. It's too fitted in some places and not fitted enough in others. I don't believe it does her new-ish shape enough justice.

Considering how Drew usually looks, this is a definite improvement. For that reason, if no other, this is a big IN. I love the dress/shoes/lipstick combo. They work beautifully together and look great on Drew.

That said, Drew, please put on a bra. It makes the dress look like it isn't properly fit to have the girls swinging low like that.

Also, have your hair done the day of the event - not a couple of days earlier. It looks like she slept on those braids a time or two. The hair looks better from a distance than close up.

Over all, an IN!

No way is Drew wearing nude pantyhose. Got to be laser treatments. Good for her, she was a teenager I think when she got that cross done.

And wah! How did I miss her on "Fresh Air"? I love that show...

In In In.

Need Need Need those shoes

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