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In or Out: Drew Barrymore (again!)

Honeys, we PROMISE this will be the last time (for a while) that we feature Drew. It's just that she's been wearing some really attention-getting outfits lately to promote her movie and, well, she keeps getting our attention.

Drew Barrymore visits the "Late Show with David Letterman" at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City wearing Giambattista Valli and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Ksenia Kahnovich

This girl has been nailing it lately. It's a fabulously unconventional dress that she really pulls off. Drew always likes to do a lot of vamping and posing when there's a camera on her and this is definitely a dress made for vamping and posing. Once again, she wisely chooses to tone down the hair and makeup in service to the dress. Can't say we're in love with those earrings, though.


But wait! There's more!

Drew Barrymore attends the premiere of HBO Films' "Grey Gardens" held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in Andrew GN and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Andrew GN Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Kendra Spears

And then she decided to go in a completely opposite direction for the west coast crowd. Again, we think she nailed it. Sure the hair's a bit over the top, but it's just fun and it totally works with the California Dreaming, Sharon Tate drag she's going for here. LOVE the jewelry this time.


[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage/Celebutopia/]

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Love Drew. She looks good in both of these, but I think she is really stunning in the second look. Love the over-the-top hair. She is flawless.

I don't understand the rabid GG love, but I think she looks fabulous.

WOWEE...who knew our little Drew had it in her? What a chameleon. ET Angel is in serious danger of becoming The One To Watch at any major glam event. She's so IN lately that it has now become imperative, TLo, that you two ferret out just who her brilliant gays are and interview them for PRG immediately!

Adore the first, like the second, but for the hair (perhaps a little too Rich Housewives of Orange County for my taste).

She really has time-traveled through the 20th Century this week, hasn't she? She's a regular Zelig.

And she looks fabulous in every decade.


Gorgeous, and the shoes with the first dress are killer.

She looks better now than she ever has. Ever.

and the shoes. I want them. all i have to do is not pay my rent and then the $650 will be no problem at all!

I need to get a better job or rob a bank.

she's fabulous in both -- looks like angie dickenson in the 2nd...

Fabulous! In and In!

I absolutely love the first look. The second is just a bit too Rachel Zoe for me, but I guess for Cali it's apropos.

Love the first look, its fabulous on Drew. The second is too much pale on top of pale she looks too washed out in this look.

What a chameleon! I love both looks, especially the first one.

I love both looks!! So very different, but Drew pulls them both off flawlessly!!

I was hoping you'd call these both IN! I have a major fascination with the first dress (would buy it if I had the means) and the second is so simple and summery. LOVE. Keep it coming Drew!

I just love her. I want to hang out with her and have a drink. She looks like she's so much fun!

Whoever her stylist is lately deserves a raise.

The first look: Normally I would be like wow, what's up with those sleeves? But Drew works it. IN!!!

The second look: Awesome. It works with her flower child vibe and I'm LOVING the hair. She's so IN it's not even funny.

Oh, I just adore Drew. And the both of you for featuring her. :)

I'm starting to love her just a little. IN and IN.

She resembles Kate Hudson in the West Coast photos. Very 60s. I like it.

In and In

LOVED the first dress and the shoes. I kind of want those shoes for myself now.

I think the West Coast look is VERY Blake Lively. Drew looks like she could be her older sister (who has a better sense of choosing the right size in clothes).

Love her!
The first dress is just perfect for her , it has some wonderful details if you zoom in. Every thing about it is good. Better than the runway in fact. My only slight criticism is the two tone shoes (solid black would be better). The earrings don't bother me and I love the ring.
I also love the West Coast look on her. Especially the ring, I want! I thought nobody could make a jewel bib halter look fresh, but Drew managed. Bravo for not sticking to one "look" and doing it to death .

hehehehe the sleeves on the black dress are funny but she's rocking it. loved her west coast look =)


The second look is incredible! The first look requires severe styling which I don't like, and the sleeves, while they add something, look a bit clownish. She also has that smirk on her face that she has in so many photos. I can't stand that smirk!

But I do wish I could look like she does in the white dress.

Love the Sharon Tate hair abd the black dress.

I want the name, address, phone number of her Gays!


Both are absolutely IN!

I love her.


I do love Drew, and these looks are both IN. She's amazing, and keeps getting better with age.

She and David Letterman have always had such a cute little flirtation going. Remember the time she flashed him on the show? And then Madonna, skank that she is, tried to do it, too? Ha. The humiliation served her right. But I digress. Drew is, and always has been, adorable.

Fabulous looks both times, though the first outfit seems a bit overdressed for visiting Dave.

Wow! Just wow!

Is it too early to give her a best dressed of the year award?

That first photograph of her in the white dress immediately put me in mind of Angie Dickinson! Wow! Beautiful!

Love love love the second look; the I-just-got-laid hair; the dress, the makeup...she looks awesome!!

IN and IN even moreso!

LOVE the crazy hair.

Kate Hudson, leave the Golden Girl sheaths alone and take some lessons from this girl's gays.

You may like to mock her (poorly, btw), but she makes fashion look FUN!

Maybe it's because I'm an East Coast girl, but I LOOOOOVE the first look, I absolutely NEED to get that dress!

The second "west coast" look.. meh. It looks to me like "Drew Barrymore as Connie Stevens".

Love the second one, but I do not get the puffy sleeves on the first dress. One thing you can tell from the first is how rocking her figure is! So I'll give both an IN, but wish the sleeves were toned down on the first.

*I love drew so much!!

haha oopsO:

Anonymous said...

You may like to mock her (poorly, btw), but she makes fashion look FUN!
Who's mocking her?

I love love love the first dress! She looks gorgeous! The second one is nice too.

Love, love, love the second look! I think she is cute when she goes all old Hollywood glam, but that sex kitten look is hot! The over the top hair suits her perfectly! Keep it up, Drew!

Kinda love both looks. I really love the first dress, but the shoes are even better! I also really like the Angie Dickinson in Morocco vibe she has going with the second look.

She looks good in both, but I really love the 2nd on her. Which is odd, since I don't love the dress, styling or hair, but on her, it doesn't just work, it's out of the ballpark.

I think triplemom96 said it first, but my first thought was "Angie Dickenson!"

I think it's the hair, and it looks good on her.

4/17/09 1:20 PM Anonymous said...

You may like to mock her (poorly, btw), but she makes fashion look FUN!Who's mocking her?

Kate Hudson.

Dress #1 - IN!!! Perfection including the red carpet vamping. Drew deserves four snaps in a Z formation!!!

Dress #2 - I wish the dress had more structure, but it is still IN. Love the big hair.

"Sure the hair's a bit over the top, but it's just fun and it totally works with the California Dreaming, Sharon Tate drag she's going for here. LOVE the jewelry this time."

I was thinking more Dyan Cannon post-Cary Grant's LSD phase.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

The first shoes are to die for. And oh yes, she looks amazing.

I was in bed reading when my husband called from the other room "you've got to come out and see the dress Drew is wearing!".
SO glad I did! The black dress looks great in photos but it was fantastic in "action". She totally owned that dress and every movement showed it off to full effect. Also love the White gown. How fun to wear a dress with such an elaborately beaded neckline!

the first lulu

The more I see Drew, I more I realize what an incredible face she has. No one lately has more real
FUN posing for the cameras. She must know that she can pull off many looks successfully. I didn't like her Oscar look so much, but seeing these, I love how she seems so comfortable in her own body. J'adore the white dress and styling.

Love everything about the second look.

Question about the first look: why do stars never have dresses altered to fit their height? The first dress, on the runway, hit the model above the knees. On Drew, it goes way past. I think the proportions would have looked better (less Morticia Addams) if the length had been right.

That said, it looks great on her figure.

potty mouth princess

I lust for the shoes in the first look.

Drew's definitely stepped up her game. Nice work, girl!

Although the Angie Dickenson hair makes me cringe a little, it certainly works with the dress.

I enjoy seeing Drew's fashion choices. She loves to play with her look and take risks, from head to toe. Sometimes it doesn't work, but this week, she's nailed it!

--Sally in North Bend

Gorgeous. Just. Gorgeous.
TLo, are you sure she didn't hire you?

Damn girl!
I love the shoes with the first one.

I thought both outfits were stunning. Would have changed out those shoes on the first one to a simple strappy black heel that didn't take attention away from that stunning shoulder line.


So charming in the first look.

So sexy in the second. Roarrrrr!


First of all, can I just say that I LOVE the new format? Now when you click on a tag you get all the posts lined up and you don't have to scroll endlessly anymore to get to the next post.

I went back and look at all the outfits she wore and it is amazing how different she looks. If you compare what she wore at the NY premiere with this white number here it's hard to believe it's the same woman. I love that!

Wow, she looks great. Good for her!

In, in, a thousand times in! I love the first dress, and it looks amazing with her coloring. Great shoes, too.

And the Angie Dickinson thing she has going on with the second dress is both breathtakingly sexy and fabously fun fashion. We love you, Drew!

Like the 1st dress, would love it a few inches shorter. Def must have on those shoes, but as a poor grad student it's unlikely that they'll be seen in the closet anytime soon.
Love the 2nd dress could do w/o the Nancy Sinatra hair.

I'd like the first dress so much more if the poofy parts of the sleeves were just... gone. And she looks great in the second dress, except I hate the dress, actually, it's a bedsheet on a yoke. So, she looks good, but not because of the clothes.

The minute I saw it I said "Sharon Tate"!

Drew, or whoever is styling her, knows how to dress for her figure and looks great. The first dress makes the most of her curves--she has the personality to carry off "a lot of look." The second look is California fabulous and she looks slim and trim. I love the hair. I think this girl can carry off the big hairstyles with aplomb.

Two Super Ins!

I love her in both, but she is wonderfully Hollywood in the second. The over the top hair works with that dress. Her makeup is perfect here too.

OK Seriously, I thought she was Angie Dickenson!


She's really stepped up her game. Two big Ins.

Hey guys,

So perfect on the Sharon Tate reference! Exactly.

do you think you can get the jewelry details too? Not that I could ever afford it but where did that first huge ring (look 1) come from? I love it!

I lurve the second look, she looks great, hair, make-up and that fabo dress. But, I think she overdid the jewels, I would have just gone with the ring and not done the matchy matchy ring and bracelet.

Stunning in both looks.
She without a question looks better than the models, because she brings this vitality and elegance to those dresses.

The two dresses are amazing, and boy can she wear them to suit her personality.

gigantic ins :3

Her first look is stunning! I absolutely adored her dress, hair, make-up and shoes. She does look like a true diva.

And I also like the second look too. I love how she combined her make up, jewelry and hair with that dress.

Loved the shoes on both ocations.

IN & IN!!!

I am nuts for the first look. And I haven't seen an actress look that playful or gorgeous in a long time. She has an expressive, non-plastic looking face.

Divine, kittens, simply divine.

The first look is very nice, but it reminds me too much of her role in GG!

The second, agree that it's OK, but what's with the RHoOC/Brigette Bardot hair?

She looks like she is having so much fun with these dramatic looks. That is so important in seperating the wannabes from the ones who really pull it off!

the first outfit is gorgeous - dress, shoes, wow.

i love the second look, minus the shoe choice... too shiny and purple.

Not digging the purple shoes with the 2nd dress. I would've gone with red. Otherwise, I love it all.

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