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In or Out: Beyonce

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Check out Miss Thing here! Once she gets away from her mother's glue gun monstrosities, it turns out she can actually put an outfit together!

She arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress, Jillian Lewis coat
and Ruthie Davis gold 'Odyssey' shoes.

Jillian Lewis Fall 2008 Collection

The shoes are a bit much and they don't really go with the outfit, but the dress is hot and we're thrilled that Miss Jillian's getting some exposure on her signature coat. Granted, the coat looks a little sloppy and wrinkled, but it was raining and besides, this wasn't really a "public appearance" outfit so much as it was a "running from the limo to the stage door" one (worth at least a couple thou, but still).

But wait, kittens! There's more!

Beyonce Knowles left the "Late Show With David Letterman" at the
Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City wearing a Elie Saab dress and Toni Maticevski shoes

Elie Saab Fall 2009
Model: Georgina Stojilkovic

It's a fantastic dress and she's rocking the hell out of it. We'd like the shoes more if they didn't have that foofaraw on the heel, though.

IN and IN.

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She looks great. 'Bout time.

Jillian Lewis is a whiny whiny whiny lady, but damn can she sew a coat. I would do pretty much anything for that coat.

I love all these looks - in fact I prefer the white dress on Beyonce to on the model.

Eat your heart out Christian Siriano!!!!!!

I hate her, but she looks fantastic in both looks.

But apparently, can't sing for shit, if going by a recent story.

Gorg !!!!!that white dress is a dream
also appreciate the hair and jewelry in the 2nd shot

"glue gun monstrosities"
You guys slay me !!

1st look- Love the coat and shoes. The dress is fine. IN.
2nd look- The dress is better on her than the model. I agree the shoes are a bit much. IN.

Who the hell told that mother of hers that she was a fashion designer?

That tacky, tacky, shit she makes isn't even worthy of a dumpster.


I just knew that was a Jillian Lewis coat as soon as I saw the photo- I do love Jillian's coats.

Beyonce should definitely stay away from her mom. She is totally rocking the Elie Saab-just fabulous.

She looks good in both of these, but I am sooooo damn sick of that coat. Yes, it's her 'signature,' but girlfriend needs to switch it up a bit. Seriously. It is nice to see a celebrity wearing Jillian though, she should have won Season 4.

The second outfit is the better of the two. Bey looks fantastic.

Man, I need that coat in my life!

I'm so happy for Jillian!!! I loved her designs and she deserves the recognition.

I think Beyonce looks gorgeous. I hate the shoes, though. IN and IN.

LOVE the white dress on her - she looks stunning when she's wearing something that fits rather than being shrink-wrapped on.

Nice to see Jillian's signature piece get some attention.

Now if we can do something about those shoes.

In and Inner.

Just knew she could look good in a dress if she ever wore a decent one. I love the white one and love what I can see of the blue. It occurs to me that an awful lot of the Elie Saab's I've seen photographed this year are not only lovely in and of themselves, they look as good or better on the celebrities as the models.

Of course I love the coat. The gold shoes, not so much. They are o.k.

The white ones, though are fantastic - and given the monochrome dress & shoes, I thought the foo-faw was appropriate. Especially for her.

Does it look like she's actually wearing HOSE in the first outfit? Look closely at the shoes ---- I haven't seen hose on anyone in forever! Is that an IN or an OUT?

Dear Beyonce:
I can't stand you and I wish you would go away, but I can't deny that you're a beautiful woman. I have some advice for you: let Solange (aka the homely sister) wear your mother's crazy ill-fitting outfits. YOU, my dear, should stick to real designers like Elie Saab.
Did your mom pick out those shoes for you? I'm telling you, bitch crazy.
You're Welcome.

Anon 1:27: Yes, I too think she's wearing 'nude' colored hose. Ooooh, the terror.

Jillian's coat! How awesome!

And I love that white dress. It does look better on her than the model.

The shoes though... has her mother now fancy herself a shoe designer?

Anonymous 1:27 said: I haven't seen hose on anyone in forever!Where in the heck do you live? On the beach?

And Go, Jillian! Fantastic coat (I knew it immediately), and I so agree with Bailey - she rocked Season 4 and ought to have won it.

Love the coat. I can't stand Beyonce, though, so I'll pass on the IN/OUT vote.

Every time I see the name Ellie Saab, I think 'Great designs, but if you lose a button, it'll cost $400 + labor to replace it."

Fellow Saab owners holla!


"Bailey said...
It is nice to see a celebrity wearing Jillian though, she should have won Season 4."


Obviously Tina Knowles had nothing to do w/ either looks.

IN squared!

Yay for Baby Bueller Bot!

i NEED that coat.

IN, all the way! Six thumbs up.

Both outfits are fun, age appropriate, and fresh. Love the aqua, swoon at the white. Jillian's coat - smashing success, and worn beautifully by Beyonce.

The shoes? They're young, fun, and kicky. After the monstrosities we've been critiquing the last few days, these actually do look kinda cool and punch up the look.

If you're going to try a hot shoe, this is the way to do it.

Congrats to Jillian!!

I have loved Jillian's coats since that first live PR preview show I saw. I wish I could find them. I would buy one in a New York minute.


GothamTomato -

Click the link under the second photo. It'll take you to a site where you can order the coat -- if you have a spare $1500!

Foofaraw, love it!

Nothing more needs to be said about the white outfit, it's IN from head to toe (even the shoes). I like the blue dress too, but there's just a little too much cleavage there for my personal preference. It's not as though she's going to have a nip slip or anything (she appears to be wearing double-stick tape) but still, it's a daytime dress, honey!

No problem with the hose, just with the wrinkles in them! We shouldn't be able to see them in a photo.

Everyone's looking so elegant for their visits to Dave Letterman's show. Who knew the Letterman show was THE place to make your fashion statement? I mean Dave is the guy who made wearing running shoes with a suit his trademark. Then, he moved to CBS and got a better tailor and shoes. The guests are following suit, so to speak.

The white ensemble looks great on her skin.

Wow, what a surprise that Beyonce can actually look classy!
Both looks are in, except for the shoes worn with the Jillian coat. (I WANT that coat! Can't begin to afford it, but I WANT it!).
The white Saab is gorgeous, and (gasp), it actually FITS! I love the B/W shoes, geegaws and all.
I'm not a fan of Ms. Knowles, but damn, she looks good here for once!

Hilarious..."glue gun monstrocities."

I love Beyonce. She works with the talent she has and sells sunshine. As for the dress, she couldn't be any prettier. A dream!

If Beyonce CAN look that great, I just don't understand why she DOESN'T. One of those enigmas of life we'll never figure out...

Oh, and woo-hoo Jillian!



Beyonce just GLOWS in that stunning white dress. It's a perfect fit and extremely figure-flattering. The shoes are a perfect compliment.

The aqua dress - perfect shade for her! Would love to see this more on her. She needs this "Color Me Beautiful" (remember that book? THE bible) winter palette. It truly works for her and makes her face just pop.

Whatever gays came up with this duo, she should stick with them forever. Kudos for fresh, uncomplicated, well-fit, and flattering looks!

Jillian's coat - see the shot of Beyonce's left side, where the lining seems to be dropping down.

Jillian - edge stitching, girl.

She looks gorgeous.

Ok, Beyonce should walk a few runways.

She makes that white dress look far better than Jillian's model did.

I'm SO happy for Jilian!!!!!!

IN and IN, but me no like the shoes.

The coat is FABULOUS! I wish I could afford it.

Thank god she's not wearing her mother's clothes.

Is it just me, or is the white dress a tad long? It seems to hit her right at the widest part of her calves. It's gorgeous in the front shot but the over the shoulder shot makes her legs look big. Or maybe it's just me.

Very classic and elegant.

The more understated dress styles are quite flattering on her.

awesome--this is for sure the biggest celebrity that has worn a PR contestant outfit so far! Yeah I'm saying Beyonce is bigger than you Heidi!

The white dress could be a scosh shorter, but I have to admit, Beyonce's entire collection of looks from yesterday were great.

She looks gorgeous in both looks.

Anon #2: Recent story about bad singing was a hoax.

Anon #4: I'm going to say it's a misplaced ped, not full hose. Color of the ped/skin don't seem to quite match.

The white dress is awesome except is there a pleat on the bootie? The girl doesn't need any stitching bootie botox!

The second pair of shoes look like those old fashioned underwear for babydolls with the ruffle on the butt.

potty mouth princess

I want that coat, but I don't think it really went with the dress, which was also lovely. Hated the stripper stilettos.

Look #2 is flawless minus the pompoms on the shoes. She looks a-fucking-mazing in that dress. Good on her.

I like the white shoes just they way are!!

she looks so hot, even the shoes in the first outfit is hot.
and yeah that "recording" of her singing was fake

Faked recording or not, the bitch can't sing.

All style, no substance.

But she looked nice.

The white dress looks phenomenal on her (I especially like the length), although the shoes go just a tad too far with the frou-frou ornamentation. Plain black/white pumps would have been so much more elegant.

As for the first outfit, the dress is a beautiful color on her and appears to fit well, but it doesn't go with the coat. And those shoes are whorish and tacky.

I don't like the crease that the pleats on the white dress create in her lady area, but otherwise she looks great.

Jillian is the new Max Mara...meaning "That designer whose clothes I can't remember, but whose coats I'd kill or die for."

The shoes are ugly. Both pairs. Just because the heel is high, doesn't mean the shoe is fierce, girl. Seriously.

I hate Beyonce too, but that coat has a billbard on it screaming: "Jillian's creation" It's stunning!

I don't like two things on her first look:

First, her boobjob on her left tit is about to blow up.
Second, those shoes don't match either the coat or the dress. Out in the shoes this time but IN elsewhere.

Her secod look is amazing, despite the fact I can't stand Beyonce, bitch looks great and we have to admit it.

semi IN & IN for me.

Oh GOD! That coat is wonderful!!!

Yes, both pairs of shoes are over the top, but I think B's contractually obligated to have a certain amount of foo-faw.

I like the gold shoes A LOT!

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