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In or Out: Beyonce (Again!)

Beyonce attends the premiere of "Obsessed" presented by The Cinema Society & MCM
at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

And whatever goodwill she generated in us for her fashion choices earlier in the week has all but evaporated. We're right back to too tight, too short, too tacky. We just knew it couldn't last.

Balmain Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Isabeli Fontana

It doesn't look nearly as bad on the model, but then again, that's what models are for: to make clothes look good. The best model in the world couldn't make this look tasteful, though.

But compare this look with that gorgeous white Elie Saab she wore the other day. Let this be a lesson in fit to you ladies. The wrong size can instantly add 10 to 20 pounds to your figure. She not only looks like she can't breathe in that getup; she looks like she can't walk or sit down either. Beyonce honey, you are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world at a time when beauty is defined by eating disorders. It's fantastic that you are an unapologetically curvy girl, but you kinda screw up the message when you constantly attempt to wear clothes a size or two too small for you. Embrace your size, girl! You look so much better when you do!

Although even if this was in the right size, it'd still be a pretty damn tacky dress.


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In the words of the Duchess:


But Jay dosen't mind!

Can a leopard change its spots? NOOOOO!


Yep. Short, tight, and shiny. You'd think that would be trashy enough, but it has the added attractions of pointed boob cages and, God help us, butt flounces.

I initially thought that her tacky ass mother had designed this...

I LOVED everything she had on in yesterday's in/out (except the shoes... yeesh), but today is out. OUT OUT OUT.

Nothing could redeem that dress - the model looks awful in it, Beyonce looks awful in it... it's a dress for no-one.

Hmm, short, tight and shiny. Just who does she think she is? Heidi Klum?

Out out OUT!

Gawd, I am so tired of her.

Dreadful. I can't believe that's a "designer" dress, not a Tina Knowles original.

I'd be interested to see what she would look like if she let Korto dress her.

I agree absolutely that it is a slutty dress.
But I'm missing the part where you say it is too small for her. It is a very small dress in terms of coverage but I think what there is of it fits her just fine.
Taste level is subterranean but her body is heavenly.


I initially thought that her tacky ass mother had designed this...

My thought, exactly. WhoTF was responsible for Balmain sending this down the runway?

Beyonce needs some very, very good gays to whisk her out of mom's orbit for once and for all

Ohhhh, sigh of relief.

Back in TOTAL agreement with my beloved TLO.

She looked great earlier but this is just tooo tacky.

And, as you have noted before, rock the curves but in the right size.

Just sayin- and agreein-

Halle Berry, IN. Beyone, overexposed and OUT. Her short dress makes her thighs look like thunder thighs. Not flattering. Nice she is curvy, but the white dress the other day was best. I'm getting tired of her. She is waaay over exposed. Says "yes" to too many events. And her Oscar dance with Hugh Jackman, bleah! Too bad Amy Adams couldn't have done that number with Hugh. The fine, fine Hugh.

It doesn't fit her and it doesn't look good on the model either.

Different footwear (maybe an ankle boot?) and a 2 inch drop in the hem and she might have passed. As is, OUT.

I don't mean to cause offense or insult, but she looks like a VERY self-assured hooker!


Beyonce, honey, no. Just no.

SUS said...
Dreadful. I can't believe that's a "designer" dress, not a Tina Knowles original.
I bet a lot of people thought that was a Mama Tina outfit!

She is such a beautiful woman. I think she is sweet. Yeah, the outfit sucked. Because of her ubiquity, the dress makes it more awful. She still dresses better than Mariah Carey.


Anonymous said...
She is such a beautiful woman. I think she is sweet. --Frances

4/24/09 1:56 PM

Sorry, but the last thing I would call Bey is "sweet".

Bitch is nasty.


Pull that skirt down a couple of inches, put a gauzy wrap around the top, ditch the boots for some more attractive heels, change the color to white, and I think you basically have the dress that Grace Kelly rocked in the costume ball scene in the Hitchcock classic "To Catch a Thief" (in which she looked amazing, as she always did in her films). Therefore, you would need to be tall, willowy, and blond to make any semblance of this outfit work tastefully.

Otherwise, this is one hot mess. And someone should also tell Miss Bee that her hair looks 100 times better with some soft curls in it (like the Letterman show) than a flatironed "Marcia Brady" do like she's sporting here.


Dress is too short (even on the model) and unflattering to her body.

But wait. Maybe we are all trying to put square pegs in round holes.

Review the women's magazines, music magazines, red carpet shoots and public appearances. It's only my subjective impression but I am betting that if you are

2)under 30
3)in pop music or
4)an actress who came to acting in some route other than via formal training at a secondary (e.g. high school level) or post-secondary school

looking like this is the norm. It's apparently what they believe are supposed to look like, and that it's appropriate.

Tacky? Yes. Slutty? Heck yes.

But I don't know if these young women actually realize there's anything wrong with it, or that they could have a strong, sexy presence without looking like there was a for-sale sticker on their asses.

Sigh. Clearly, I am a cranky aging person old enough to start sentimentalizing punk rock.

A tacky dress that her mom DIDN'T make? Call the news!

Mrs. P said:
SUS said...
Dreadful. I can't believe that's a "designer" dress, not a Tina Knowles original.I bet a lot of people thought that was a Mama Tina outfit!

I'm one of those people. When I saw "Balmain", I nearly choked on my afternoon latte!
Who at Balmain has been taking cut and paste lessons from Mama Tina?

is that the sheen of support hose? Horror.

This proves the point that too tight makes you look heavier. She looked thinner in that wonderful white dress and isn't black supposed to be thinning? Not here.

Clearly, there's some sort of self loathing here. How else do you explain this?! I mean, she's leaning on the red carpet backdrop for support and dear life. WTF?!

"I initially thought that her tacky ass mother had designed this..."

I actually exclaimed "oh no, her mom grabbed the glue gun again!" when i first saw that pic.

My dad was all "...huh?"

Spot on commentary

I agree with TED--
Beyonce-- call Korto!

That is a collaboration we would all love to see.
Not this hot mess.

She looks like the love child of Julie Newmar & Liberace, and not in a good way.


I think she is missing a whip!

Beyonce can look so beautiful in so many different things, why would she (or any star, for that matter) choose Balmain? Balmain is bringing the tacky '80s looks this year. The only good thing about the runway look is the boots.

In pop and rock (and even country) music, looking like a slut is not a bad thing. But just get Mom to do it, Beyonce, and save some money.

So why are so many stars wearing Balmain this year? It sucks!

Oh, yeah, me again. Does this remind anyone of that self-designed monstrosity Demi Moore wore to the Oscars in the, I think, early '90s? Only Demi wore it with bicycle shorts!


The pointy boob part looks like Batman's ears.

The skirt is simply too short to be ladylike.

The top of the dress is extra snug! Can she breathe?

As soon as I saw this, I did an "Ewww...oh! Oh, no!" Her boobs look like they are going to revolt at any second.

Oh lord.

I don't mind slutty but slutty AND tacky.

I like the dress but her legs are fat.

I thought I would hate it, but surprisingly, I loved it. The train a bit too much, though.

"Jess said...

I initially thought that her tacky ass mother had designed this..."

Another tacky glitzy mess. Balmain really needs to work on his evening wear because it always looks tacky and overdone.

She's OUT.

Bebe said...
I like the dress but her legs are fat.

4/25/09 8:18 AM

If you think her legs are fat, I'd hate to see your idea of skinny.

She alwas remarks Mariah Carey was her inspiration and she decided to begin a career as a singer because of Mariah's singing skills...

It seems now, that Mariah also was an inspiration in this slutty look.

Awful taste can be found everywhere. I think Beyonce was having a hard day, the day she wore that fantastic Elie Saab white dress.

This look, on the other hand, is what we always expect AND GET from people like Beyonce and Mariah (I love Mariah better than Beyonce).

Her tits are about to sofocate her... and her legs look like two columns of a church.

A full OUT!

"If you think her legs are fat, I'd hate to see your idea of skinny."

Seriously. Bebe, I'm going to request a side-by-side comparison of you and Beyonce if you're going to call her fat.

I agree with formerlyAnon that this is what young singers and actresses think they are supposed to look like and may not realize how bad it can appear.

The problem, as I see it, is Beyonce's particular shape. She's wide in the shoulders, bust, AND hips. Slim from the side and a narrow waistline, but she's got a wide frame. Shortening up the garment this far makes her look boxy, and somehow tacky, like she's trying to hard. On a woman with slimmer hips, this would work far better. Witness Tina Turner, who is wide on top but did the skirt-up-to-there look with narrower hips and thighs.

While we're all wowed by the ethereal beauty Beyonce showed in that white Elie Saab dress, that WAS a more elegant and mature look. That's probably not an image she can comfortably inhabit and still attract teeny boppers to her music and image, so she probably feels she has to do the more risque outfits to be seen as young and somebody the tweens and teens can relate to.

It is unfortunate that her frame is just a bit to wide to pull off that look.

"Bebe said: I like the dress but her legs are fat."

Those are called 'curves'. (I can understand why a person could be confused as they are so rarely seen in captivity).


Oh, dear. Bad habits are hard to break.

Yes, she does have wider hips. Mariah Carey seems to have slimmer hips (front view) and can carry off the short-short skirt look better.

beyonce is not fat but she is not model slim either.

all she needed to do was lengthen the dress 4-5 inches and get another air of shoe.


Make that a pair of shoes.


So OUT! I really thought that it was from her momma's House of Denialably not ON!

Oooh,girl looks like the lovechild of Diana Ross and Edward Gorey!

Her fashion choices absolutely stink...right along with her overrated talent.

She's been out.

Advice: She should stop letting her mother design her clothes.

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