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In or Out: America Ferrera

America Ferrera attends the celebration for cover girl America Ferrera
hosted by Gotham Magazine at Pranna in New York City wearing Malandrino.

Catherine Malandrino Resort 2009 Collection
Model: Stephanie Harrison

One of the great things about her is that she proves that you don't have to be stick skinny to wear high end designer clothes. She almost always chooses clothes that show off her figure to its best advantage. She looks great here, but we have to admit, this is not an instance where it's serving her as well as past looks. The color's great and the dress hugs her curves well, but she really needs better boob support. Not loving the Priscilla Presley 'do either. Still, she's an IN, with some minor complaints.

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IN. Love that Ugly Betty is not a size 0, nor does she want to be.

Agree that she needs a little more support for her girls. And she should've wore her hair down more in the 40s cheesecake/Veronica Webb style.

I think she looks stunning. Does that dress better justice than the twiggy model.

I actually think her girls look good, and that comes from a major proponent of proper support garments. Plus, it's not like we're seeing nipples poking through; she's probably wearing some of those little pastie 'petals.'

The color is gorgeous on her.

Women with real bodies, unite!



Love it! I love that dress - the color, the length, the style...and I think her boobies like good too. Totally IN!

I don't love the hair and I'm tired of looking at other women's boobs but this look doesn't add up to an out. The color is good and most of the fit is flattering. In, but kind of a bore.

She looks absolutely gorgeous. A total "in" for me.

I love her... so much. Also, I think she sends a good message. Her first film was called Real Women Have Curves. So, yeah!

too many cats

The Maladrino version is beautiful.
On Ferrara it's not quite right because, like so many, many fashions on starlets, it's too tight. Clothes aren't supposed to have random folds parallel to the floor. When are starlets going to learn that smooth clothes are slimming? Especially when the designs are stunning.
Hint: there are also ways to adjust fit so that the puppies don't look so floppy.

I guess I'm biased b/c I love Malandrino so much that, any time I see someone in one of her outfits, I always think it looks stunning. America looks gorgeous.

I feel like I should like the dress, but I don't. The odd thing is (aside from needing more support), I can't quite say what is "off" about it.

Love the color but not the style - not on her or the model.

I disagree. I don't really care for that dress on her. I think it is the fit. The wrinkling at the torso could be fixed by letting it out just a smidge, and that would improve the entire look. I also don't really care for the color on her. It's not terrible, but it isn't as gorgeous as other colors she has worn.

OTOH, I LOVE her hair and makeup. She's gorgeous, but I can't say that the dress is in.

She looks great in this dress. I dare say better than the model b/c it seems like a dress that is meant to hug curves. Now if only they could make her character have half her fashion sense (come on people, she has worked at a fashion magazine for at least 2 years!) I would be happy. The color looks great on her too.

I like America, there is something about her that I find touchng.
The dress is both pretty and flattering. I think it could be just a tad larger though the hips and the neckline slightly less open it would look even better. IN.

I am going to say IN because I love the eyebrow action. The color of the dress works well with her skin tone.

I love it, except it seems to not fit correctly. It's obviously for someone with a longer torso in that the center panel effect isn't supposed to creep up over the girls.

Still love it though. IN

Me from me, Anon, on the panel . . .

On the model the panel looks Y shaped. On America is looks square/oblong. Due to alterations, tucking?

The panel somewhat makes the dress, but also spoils the effect on America.

Is there a term for that panel?

The fit looks weird to me. I'm going to have to give a reluctant out.


She looks naturally pretty.

As a girl with a rack I can say her girls DO look supported.
And lemme tell ya, the lift, separate and point-'em-at-the-sky kind of support is about as comfortable as 8" stiletto platforms, discomfort like that should always be "out."

I'd have liked to have seen her hair more like Veronica Lake than Priscilla Presley early-Elvis-era, too.

I was looking at some fashion mag and saw an article on Ferrera. The pics were lovely and I was thinking "so nice to see a curvy girl!" They had asked her about "tips for fitting a 'real woman's body.'" And she mentioned that her top is a size 10 and her bottoms are a 6. Oh. That's...much less "real" than I'd have thought. Made a mental note to never, ever allow myself to be photographed again.

The dress is okay, but not great. The hair is a crime.

Wow, she's a 10/6? She must be short. I'd have guessed her for a 14.

The style is OK, the color is great, hair and fit are neither. Agree the rectangular front panel would be better on someone with a longer torso.

But seriously ... 6? How do these people reproduce?

pdxyz said..
Wow, she's a 10/6? She must be short. I'd have guessed her for a 14.

But seriously ... 6? How do these people reproduce?

That's vanity sizing run amok.
I would like to know the measurements in good old English inches. The number "size" means absolutely nothing.

I'm loving the dress on her, I do agree with everyone else that the "girls" need to be raised to their proper place

Her girls definitely need a bit of a boost. But that color on her? Gorgeous!


IN with agreement on additional boob support. I prefer her hair controlled, when it is styled "glamorously" it seems to devolve into being messy quickly.


Sewing Siren said...
". . . vanity sizing run amok. . .The number "size" means absolutely nothing."

As someone able to wear jeans sized 14 and sized 6, purchased less than a decade apart, neither pair loose nor tight - I say AMEN, sister!.

I clearly just can't afford vanity b/c all my jeans--from many, many makers--say 12. Except for Eddie Bauer, who apparently uses Humility Sizing and makes me wear a 14.

4/8/09 1:58 PM Wow, she's a 10/6? She must be short. I'd have guessed her for a 14.

Regardless of the fact that sizes are SO inconsistent.. I believe that is common for woman who As a woman who's top is a size or two large than their bottom, to seem to bigger than they are.


She looks beautiful. I do agree she needs her girls shaped and supported a little better, but other then that it's stunning.

Her makeup is great! I love the color of the dress, but maybe not that particular style on her - still, all in all, she looks happy, pretty, and natural. That's so much more than you can say for most celebs.

Oh. Dears. NOTHING works for me here. I am not a fan of blue, and this blue is a really washed out one. The fit of the dress is awful. The hairdo looks like a gerbil has gotten lost on the top of her head.
I love America, especially the fact that she is not a toothpick, but I have to give this look an unqualified out. Sorry.

I agree! A big IN!

I think, though, she may be a bit short for this type of waist. It ALMOST makes her look a little squatty. But great color for her.


I still think it's and IN, but agree she could have worn one of those super plunge bras to make the girls look better. I don't mind the hair at all.

Great from the forehead down, but man, that's a bad hairdo.

IN with a slight tweak. This style is fresh, fitted well, and flattering.

The greyed-out blue, however, is awful. I'd go for a lush blue-teal, a clear emerald green, or a blood red. This is just the wrong shade for a blue-toned darker skin.

The hips are a little wonky, but I agree its an IN



I like the shape and how it flatters her. The only thing that bugs me is the pockets in front give her a poochy look. I love her tiny waist and the open bust.

Can I just point out that ALL women, whether they are size 0 or size 20, are real? It's not as if being able to wear smaller sizes automatically means you're an inhuman android in disguise.

Why the need to validate someone who looks curvy and fantastic in her own right by beating down on skinny people?

(But RWHC really was a good movie.)


IN. She looks lovely.

Yes, all women are "real", even skinny ones like me. But not all of their boobs are real. America's are, and I think they look pretty.

IN; America Ferrara, please be my girlfriend.

Love the dress and love the "girls", at least she embraces her shape- although they could be a bit better supported.
I want that dress!

I think she looks great and if the bottom part of her hair had soft waves or curl to it would have looked perfect. My thought about the dress fit is not that it's too tight in the torso but that it's too LONG in the torso and that is why she's getting actual horizontal folds. If it was just too tight they'd be horizontal lines showing stress but that's not what these are. They fitted the dress to her but didn't actually alter it for her petite height.

She looks horrible in the dress. Not a good style for her and I totally agree with TLo about the boob support.

This dress would've also looked great on Vanessa Williams, as opposed to that monstrosity she wore that TLo put up a couple of days ago.

It looks youthful enough for her without looking "desperate".

I think she's adorable and that Malandrino dress is gorgeous. She looks great, even though I wouldn't think that dress would work on a curvy girl.
Props to her for taking the necessary precautions to keep the nippleage under wraps. Other famous young people should take this as a lesson: it IS possible to look young and sexy without exposing your business.

Just how high are the girls supposed to be, anyway? I think hers look just fine. I know when I've tried to raise my own too much higher, they look ridiculous.

As for smoother clothes being more flattering, of course they are. But it's much easier to be smooth if you've just wandered onto the runway after being pressed and steamed, vs. having sat in a car, etc.


"Tlo said: but she really needs better boob support."

Don't we all.


Meh. I like the dress a lot, but fit is a huge issue here. Fit can make or ruin a dress, and here I can't say that I like the way this fits her...

IN. I love the dress on her.

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