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Halle Berry in Harper's Bazaar US

"I'm not the girl for superhigh fashion because I don't have the right body. When I want to get dressed up, I'm a Roberto Cavalli girl. Also, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Calvin Klein ..."

With one of the worst pictures of her we've ever seen, Halle Berry is featured on the cover of the May issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Seriously, they couldn't find a better picture than that? Especially since the editorial on the inside had some beautiful shots:

Blumarine Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Maryna Linchuk

Christian Dior Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Natasha Poly

Fendi Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Olga Sherer

Calvin Klein Pre-fall 2009 Collection
Model: Diana Farkhullina

We'd say the editorial disproves her assertion that she has the wrong body for high fashion. She looks great in all the dresses, but she OWNS that Calvin Klein, bitches. It's like a totally different (and much prettier) dress on her as compared to the runway shot. She also makes that Fendi sing in a way the model couldn't.

[Photos: Alexi Lubomirski/]

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I agree, the cover shot is awful. Looks like it's from the 70's, and not in a good way.

She looks great in the other pics! Really gorgeous.

Anyone try her new fragrance yet? I know I won't....I don't buy celebrity fragrances. But still, I'm curious.

Thanks TLo for all the posts lately, I love checking out the site every morning.

they ACTUALLY gave her luggage-size BAGS under eyes. bitches. this is halle berry. SHE DOES NOT HAVE BAGS.

The cover is really really awful. she wears all of those dresses very well, but I'm not terribly keen on that hair style.

The cover pic is CRAZY! Her hair looks insane and her face doesn't even look 100% like her. The Calvin Klein is just amazingly better on her.

Ugh, she looks like she borrowed one of JLo's old wigs and called it a day. Not flattering at ALL.

She should've stuck w/her long dark tresses, or her trademark pixie cut.

The Fendi and Calvin Klein are to die on her.

The Dior shot looks like a advertisement for a 1970s Lola Falana Tv Special.

WTH happened with the cover shot?
Halle looks like she's just gotten over the tummy flu.
The only gown I really love her in is the Calvin Klein. She looks ever so much better than the model.
I'm not getting the love for the Fendi number. That big black oval is distracting to say the least.

WOW, everything looks better on her. LOVING the posts, Tlo!

I want that Calvin Klein dress.


The cover is awful. If they were using that picture, they should have made her name on the cover much, much larger, because I wouldn't even have known that was her.

And what is up with that hair? All the hair is OUT in my opinion. I mean, imagine her in that Calvin with the pixie cut. Divine!! Or the Fendi with her long hair.

Cover shot is horrible. It looks like Young Miss circa 1983.
And the hairdo on the editorial pages... Did you borrow some weaves from J-Lo or something?
The CK dress is amazing on her. I still can't believe how different it looks on the runway model. We're sure it's the same dress? :)

Ugh on the cover. Fab on her layout shots. Someone at that magazine must have it out for Miss Berry to saddle that ugly cover shot


The Calvin Klein is gorgeous on Halle-WTF is it with the cover shot?

I've long thought she's one of the most gorgeous Hollywood stars of this time. And as awful as the cover shot is, and as great as the other pictures are... none of them exactly looks like her. I think they've retouched the Halle Berry-ness out of her face and turned her into Generic Pretty. Which pisses the hell out of me. I'd rather see a few lines and spots on her still-gorgeous actual face than these "perfected" images.

"Halle Berry said: I don't have the right body"

Oy. If Halle Berry doesn't have the right body, what hope is there for the rest of us??

But that cover shot should be captioned, 'When Bad Photoshop Happens to Good People'. They photoshopped her til she looked like Allyssa Milano (and made her go green by wearing one of Tina Turner's recycled wigs.)

The editor who approved that cover should be fired.


Yeah, the cover shot is pretty terrible. Not really getting all the hate here for her hair in the mag, though. I think it looks good! She wore that tired pixie cut for SO many years, I hope she never goes back.

Anon 9:37am said...

"they ACTUALLY gave her luggage-size BAGS under eyes. bitches. this is halle berry. SHE DOES NOT HAVE BAGS."

THAT is EXACTLY what I was trying to "protect" that ungratful, whiny bitch, Bethanny from when I asked her if they were going to airbrush HER magazine cover! If it can happen to Halle and happen to a housewife, my sweets!

The Countess

actually, not really, but that's exactly what she would say. Sorry for the Bravo cross reference/promotion all.

Nothing new to add, just joining the chorus:

1) Horrible 70's cover

2) Don't like the hair, at all!

That being said, it is Halle Berry, she can wear a potato sack and look great.

another laura

Seriously, bitches, I would not have known that was Halle Berry without her name on the same page. The hair is gruesom, the bags under her eyes? Scary. Doesn't she get control over the pictures used?

The cover is awful. The background color and magic marker writing on it, Ugg!
I dislike the wiggy looking hair too.
But.. I love all the dresses on her, she is dead wrong about her body. She looks better than the models in all the dresses. My favorite (on her) is the Blumarine.

The cover looks NOTHING like her. I mean, holy washed out, Batman. I'm also not digging her mom hair. She was at her prettiest with the super short hair a few years ago. LOVE the Dior though.

wow, that cover is a great big WTF. agreed about the Fendi, but especially the Calvin Klein... just absolutely stunning on her.

I love Love LOVE the picture of the Dior dress.

She has been SO airbrushed that she looks like Shakira, when she doesn't need to. Argh!

Ah why is she wearing the same color that is on the cover MY EYES

That cover shot doesn't even look like her! She looks tired and old and washed out.

The pictures inside, though? Gorgeous.

The fact that Halle Berry makes those dresses look so much better than the runway models just goes to show how misguided fashionistas are in continuing to book the waif-y, stick thin girls with mosquito-bite boobs.

Halle's berries make those dresses look so much better it's simply amazing to see.

Anonymous said...
"they ACTUALLY gave her luggage-size BAGS under eyes. bitches. this is halle berry. SHE DOES NOT HAVE BAGS."

You're sure they "gave" her bags, instead of (inexplicably) "leaving" her bags, when the digital manipulation seems to have been used freely otherwise?

She's 42. Even goddesses sometimes wake up with a bag here or there.

(of course, if you regularly see her sans makeup and before 9 a.m., PLEASE, correct me and DISH!)

Other than that, I can only agree with the consensus - she looks marvelous, and makes the clothes look better than the models do.

Hate the hair. She looks like Jane Fonda in the Fendi picture. The photoshopping is crazy. How can anyone think that one of the world's most beautiful women needs that done to her? When will the madness end?

The fendi is a very happy-go-lucky little dress and Halle looks happy in it. The runway model looks like she woke up because a bird was nesting in her hair and no one is happy about that.

It is ridiculous that the models so frequently look unhappy and serious on the runway, this dress looks a million times better on Halle simply because she is smiling (the boobs don't hurt either).

I was actually thinking that the cover shot made her look like Vanessa Williams as Miss America. OUT.

Love, love, love the Fendi dress! Want it, wish I had the body to make it work like that! And the Calvin dress is amazing - it doesn't even look like the same dress. She fills it out in all the right ways!

Definitely a poor choice of cover shot.

The comparison of the fashion on Halle Berry compared to the models is a very good tutorial on "black women look awesome in this color/white women look like death warmed over in this color."

Her hair looks like Diahann Carroll in her Dynasty days. Not a good look for Halle (or Diahann, for that matter). To echo posters above, cover looks like a methed-out love child of Alyssa Milano and Shakira. Halle, who did this to you?


Her hair looks AWEFUL on that cover! Who did that to her?

That Calvin Kline was made for her. I wouldn't have even thought it was the same dress as the one on the model. Sometimes a great rack can really make a look :)

This is one of the worst covers I've seen in a very long time. The wig? I don't even have words for it.

Somebody should be drawn and quartered for that cover, format and photo.
Oh the dresses, I love the dresses, with the exception of the Fendi which I only like. And from the hairline down Ms. Berry is wearing the heck out of them. The 80s/90s exercise video hair isn't hittin it.

Can Calvin final comes to terms with the fact that women with breasts can look far better in clothes than the pre-pubescent models?

I;m not sure I would have known that that cover was Halle Berry.

I seriously thought that was Whitney Houston. I think it may have been The Hair. She looks like she went on a long bender and had a fight with Baahhby on that cover. I had to do a double take when I actually started READING and realized it was Halle. Awful

Way back in the day (circa 1996) my hubby was Halle's security when she visited their ship (she made a visit to the troops, which was super cool of her). When I talked to him he told me that he was security detail for "some actress" who was really, really nice and the prettiest woman he had ever seen in real life. I finally figured out to whom he was referring (he hadn't heard of Halle, after all, her biggest project to that date was "Queen" if I remember correctly) and chastised him for not getting me an autograph. The purpose of this post? How could the people choosing the cover have went with a picture that makes the prettiest woman my husband has ever seen look, not only like a complete stranger, but an average one at that? My mind, it is boggled. The spread pics are gorgeous though. That woman sure knows how to fill out a dress properly.

Oh that cover is terrible! The minute I saw it I thought, "Who did she piss off in the art department?" It looks like they photoshopped her to look way older than she is.

LOVE the Calvin Klein dress. That's one that is enhanced by the presence of mammaries.

Since March I think, the glaringly horrendous Sarah Jessica Parker cover they've been doing day-glo type backgrounds to make them stand out on the shelves I guess. Giselle Bundchen is on the cover of April in front of "Valentino Orange".

I am thinking if they had toned down on the glowing pink/orange the picture might not look soooo bad. But still it is not her most flattering picture.

And yes, it makes her look worse than she really does. I remember there was some mag that did a 'how they look without their make up' feature and she was one of them and of them all there was no discernable differences. I have heard from people who have seen her in person that aside from her obvious prettiness, her skin is the most striking thing about her. They say she is flawless, even without make up.

She's so beautiful, and she looks amazing in white, but I really wish she'd cut her hair. She has such a great face for short hair.

Nothing will ever top the horrid Scarlett Johannson Entertainment Weekly fiasco for shitty magazine covers. Ever. Halle looks like a goddess in comparisoon.

Did the contestants on "Stylista" design that cover? Looks like something "Boobs" would do. Yes, Miss Berry makes all of the fashion look better than the runway models did.

halle looks better in each picture than all the models put together. SHE ROCKS!!!!


A friend of mine's husband taught her in high school.

He says her sister's just as pretty and was more outgoing in high school, though both have the 'it' and the charisma.

...and jump me if I'm going too far but it looks like they really wanted to put a white gal on the cover -- yes, I realize she is bi-racial and not dark-complexioned by any stretch but that cover just looks like too much cream in the mocha-late!

Really, you guys are so picky. She looks radiant and gorgeous in all the editorial shots.
I am so going to buy a couple of issues to frame.

That's because she has boobs and actual curves. Her statement reminds me of last night's episode of MMaSm when they told Salome at her present weight she is only girlfriend cute, not model cute.

It looks to me like they clothespinned the back of the Calvin, judging from the cut of the waist on the model.

How could they take such a beautiful woman and make her look so bedraggled and tired on the cover? The editorial shots are amazing, but that cover shot is the worst picture I think I've ever seen of Halle Berry.

that Fendi shot would have made a fabulous, fabulous springtime cover.

she looks downright haggard in the cover image they chose.

Halle Berry is one of the few amazingly beautiful women who somehow doesn't make me feel jealous/envious/horrible at my lack of thinness and beauty. i don't know why this is, but something about her radiates positive energy.

I LOVE that first dress, with the pale pinky chiffon and the sparkly skirt. LOVE IT.

I loved that fendi collection.

The cover for the subscribers was the Klein dress with the bubble (the second one down) and it's a MUCH better picture...

I'm convinced the people who choose photos for most covers have been sniffing too many Sharpies for far too long.

I can't get past the bad hair. eek! Distracting, keep focusing on it.

I can't believe that Calvin outfit is the same. She looks amazing in it.

Hot pink background color, when did Harper's Bazaar become Teen Glamor? Also, who did Halle Berry PO?

I like the Dior and Calvin Klein, but the styling isn't working on the other looks. What a waste of big hair :-{.

She looks gorgeous. She has such a beautiful smile.

The cover is HORRIBLE!

Her face looks ok.

The top looks like it's painted on.

Halle is looking less and less like a beautiful black women as the years go by.... shes getting paler and more anglo. Why do celebrities as they get more famous deny their ethnicity? JLo used to be latina.

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