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Grey Gardens Premiere

We can't help it, dolls, we're on a total Grey Gardens kick right now. You can read our review of the film here.

Drew Barrymore, Jessica Lange and Jeanne Tripplehorn attend HBO films
presents "Grey Gardens" New York premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City.

Let's take these one at a time, shall we?

Alberta Ferretti dress, Christian Dior wrap, vintage headpiece, Fred Leighton jewelry, Roger Vivier clutch

Drew plays around with that '30s retro look a lot. There's a reason for that: she embodies the look perfectly. While it might have been nice if the dress didn't match her skin tone perfectly, we still think she looks pretty amazing here. Just do something better with your hair next time, Drew.

J. Mendel dress, Kimberly McDonald earrings, Daniel Swarovski vintage clutch

It's a beautiful dress and a beautiful color. We just wish the bust had been better fitted and she'd worn a bra, for god's sake. But considering she broke her collarbone last month, we'll give her a pass. Besides, Lorenzo WORSHIPS her and there's just no way he would have allowed us to trash her here. Hair and makeup look great.

Carolina Herrera Resort 2009 Collection
Model: Arlenis Sosa

Oh come ON. Did you actually PAY someone to do that to your hair? We can't tell if she had that strap modified or she's just not wearing it correctly, but it looks better on the model. We do like the dress, though. Incidentally, we didn't get to this in our review because she was only in one brief scene, but she pulled off an astonishing Jackie O impersonation.

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How the years have flown by. Dwan looks damn good.

Drew looks amazing! She embodies this look perfectly. I agree, it would be better if the color was a little more dissimilar from her skin tone, but it is a minor quibble. Gorgeous! I like her hair here, too. She reminds me of Clara Bow.

Jessica Lange looks ok, except in the face. Poor Jessica! She was always such a beauty, but that is some terrible work. She barely looks the same. But, as far as the hair and makeup and dress go, it's all fine.

Jeanne Tripplehorn has always been a big bowl of plain oatmeal to me, and she is no different here. I can barely muster the energy to say "blah." She is a talented actress but she barely registers as a person to me. I am curious to see the movie because everyone says she was an inspired choice as Jackie O.

Notwithstanding the bad work she's had done, I think JL looks nice.

I'm not liking Drew's look. I mean it's fine, it's just a little costumey for my taste. Referencing another time period is fine, but not so literally.

Drew is really on her mark. She looks fantastic. Perfect for the premire of this particular movie. Jessica looks very nice, she could have pushed the glam factor a little further. But why do these formerly beautiful women do that to their faces?
I knew dots had to have played Jackie O. She looks a lot like her. And her dress is good for a supporting character, she shouldn't out shine the stars afterall.

Where do I get that birdcage veil DB is wearing?

I love this kind of look for Drew. It totally works for her, but the problem with the hair is that she needed some heavy duty hairspray to hold those finger waves in place. Otherwise, a big IN.

Jessica Lange is classic; I also adore her. She's definitely in, but shame about the face lift. I know this is not new, but why Jessica, WHY??

Jeanne Tripplehorn looks good. I agree about the hair, though. I KNOW that's not the best they could do for her. She's still IN.

Drew: FABULOUS! Great hair, BEAUTIFUL dress, and the clutch is to DIE!!!!

She looks like she's been hanging out with Gable, Lombard, Harlow and Bogey at an LB Mayer-hosted soiree. LOVE HER!

Jess: Pretty dress, okay color, but she really needs to lay off of the knife. She's starting to get that "asian" lady look (for lack of a better term) that some of these older women get when stretched one time too many.

Jeanne: Dress seems too "Hamptons poolside". WTF w/the hair? Is the wet look back? *shudder*

But she always reminded me a little of Jackie O, so good casting.


Oh, Jessica, bad eye job!! I absolutely love her; why did she have to do this to herself? (I know, I know: it's Hollywood's artificial standards of beauty, but somehow, I wanted to believe that J.L. was above that.)

Drew's gorge, Jessica's gorge except for her surprised expression. I agree that Jeanne T. could've done more with herself. She's pretty in a 'normal' kind of way, and could really work this with a bit more effort.

I can just imagine a drunk John Barrymore slurring the Hamlet soliloquy in Drew's ear before being reminded that's his grandaughter a few hundred times.

Drew looks great, albeit a tad monochrome. Jessica is one of my favorite actresses, but she either had too much botox recently or a bad eyelid lift. I think I have that fabric that Jeanne Trippelhorne is wearing!

4/15/09 12:27 PM Oh, Jessica, bad eye job!! I absolutely love her; why did she have to do this to herself? (I know, I know: it's Hollywood's artificial standards of beauty, but somehow, I wanted to believe that J.L. was above that.)


Well, I remember she said in an interview (probably last year or in '07) that she REFUSES to resort to plastic surgery. Wish she would've stuck to it. Bet she would look ten times better.

Now she's headed down that Faye Dunaway route, and that ain't good.


I want Drew's entire look!

Sinead, you can get that type of veiling at a millinery supply store. Manny's Millinery on 38th Street in NY is my favorite. I hope they are still around!

Drew - another "almost perfect", tiny shade difference and a touch more hair styling being the only quibbles.

But this was a big premier! It's spring! Shouldn't they be glamming it up in bright, "look at me" colors?

Too winter-chic drab. This looks like they were doing a wake and a premier all in one night, and each decided to do an "in-between" garment so as not to have to change clothes.

Drew looks great, but I'm gonna have to agree that the whole look is just too literal. Take away the wrap and the veil and change the color of the dress and it would have been a total knockout punch.

Boy, Jessica Lang must have had some serious eye lifting surgery! She looks Chinese!

It's all too pale for April.

The dress Jeanne Tripplehorn is wearing looks a thousand times better on the model than it does on her - ill-fitting, wrong length (she looks like she's about to trip over the damn thing), shoulder strap hiked to her neck. Don't even get me started on the hair. Blech, blech, blech.

Drew! Wow, she looks stunning!

Drew looks GORGEOUS! Head to toe.

Drew Barrymore has an amazing face. She's not merely pretty, but her face is like a combination of putty and canvas, portraying not just emotions but eras. Quite amazing.

She is something that is almost extinct: A REAL moviestar.


Drew looks fab, Jessica looks okay, and Jeanne! What the heck? While the dress is fine on her, I'd have preferred her in a solid for this premiere. It would have complemented the other dresses better.


I think they look great, especially Drew. Thank you for these fabulous posts, Tlo! You bitches are outdoing yourselves in the posting department lately.

OK, I'm going to out myself as a vintage clothing FREAK. Drew's look may look "literal" to you, but to those of us who love 30's fashion, it's derivative, at best.

Alberta Ferreti's dress is exquisite and certainly evocative of the 30's, but in the 30's, you wouldn't have had bra cups built into the dress. You would have worn a slip underneath.

The clutch is definitely modern and a nice contrast.

And I second the comment on finger waves. Unless you're using industrial lacquer, they are impossible to maintain in any humidity.

Drew looks great, but if one is going to do real fingerwaves, they shouldn't be falling in one's face.
Perhaps her stylist was shooting for 21st century messy fingerwaves?
Jessica, Jessica....what have you done to your face? Not good, honey. However, the color of your gown is perfect for "GREY Gardens", though not quite perfect for you in the boobage fit. Lift 'em up girl.
Jeanne, wash your hair and get a good blow dry. Polka dots? Just. No.

Drew is gorgeous, and as I've said before, I love it when she is because sometimes she is so NOT wearing something that does her justice.

And her dress is a piece of art on its own.

Ms. Lange's neck is older than her face and hair (hair is wonderful), and I don't get wearing a dress that puts the mismatch on display. Honestly, is it really written somewhere that Acres of Skin Must Be Displayed - even much younger women sometimes look better with some corsetry & damn dressmaking on their upper torso and shoulders.

Ms. Tripplehorn missed it if she was trying to wow, but she looks o.k. The dress is nice.

I wish Drew's dress were in a powdery blue.

I like the dress but I don't like the net around her face.

I love old Hollywood glam! They look great!


Drew Barrymore's dress is exquisite. She looks flawless and I read that she was so happy at the event.

suzq said...
OK, I'm going to out myself as a vintage clothing FREAK. Drew's look may look "literal" to you, but to those of us who love 30's fashion, it's derivative, at best.

May I ask yo to elaborate? Admittedly I'm not that knowlegeable about 30's fashion so it does look literal to me. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

When I first saw Drew I thought "so when is she going to star in the Jean Harlow bio?" I think she looks amazing. Jessica looks good too, but I wish she'd lay off the botox. Her forehead and cheeks look awful. I agree w/Jeanne Tripplehorn assessment. Her hair looks like mine (blah--essentially)

My first thought when I saw Drew was, uh-oh, the boys aren't going to like the color of her dress. And I was right! I got a kick out of that.

Drew now looks like the complete Barrymore.

Drew looks like Ethel reincarnated!

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