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Faith Hill in Redbook

Darlings, to further our continuing mission to bring you pretty things to look at, here's Faith Hill's gorgeous editorial for Redbook.

"Beauty for me has a lot to do with happiness and a certain confidence deep inside. People can see both of those things on your face. As I get older, I'm learning much more about how to better take care of myself and the things that do and don't work for me. I know this probably sounds so elementary, but I was a late bloomer in this department. I have a routine now that I've been able to see results from. I feel like I'm putting in this new effort to take care of myself, and I can see the benefits from it. And I don't have to be all decked out to feel that way."

Oh, shut up, bitch. You don't age.

Catherine Malandrino Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Aminata Niaria

She looks pretty and it's a nice cover, but the real work is on the inside.

Marchesa Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Yulia Kharlaponova

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Bruna Tenorio

Yes, yes. Genetically gifted woman wearing thousands of dollars worth of dress. Very nice, but let's get to the meat of this one, shall we? She chose three "iconic blondes" to recreate for her layout.

How did you decide on Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, and Twiggy as the three iconic blondes you wanted to portray?
When REDBOOK came to me with this idea — of taking on the persona of three iconic beauties — I just loved it. I thought it was important that each of these blondes was unique in her style, her background, and her personality. Twiggy represented the mod look of the '60s, while Grace was more about a certain classic elegance and beauty, and Brigitte was more defined by her sensuality and her sexuality.

Vintage dress

"It was hard for me to look at myself as Twiggy. I think she was in her late teens when the original photo was taken. And there is a very big difference between a teenager and a 41-year-old! [Laughing] And I'm not talking about the lines on the eyes of a 41-year-old versus a teenager; I'm talking about the wisdom that comes as you get older. You can see through to the soul with the eyes, and with Twiggy, I felt she had such an innocence. When I first looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a maturity and wisdom that Twiggy had not yet experienced. Her version was beautiful and flawless, but for me, as a woman who's come into her own a little more comfortably, it's just a different kind of beauty."

She looks fabulous. We never would have thought she could pull off a believable Twiggy impersonation, but there she is. Faith Twiggy. Is it us or does she look a little Julia Roberts there?

Vintage dress

"To be completely candid, I felt least like Brigitte of all three of the women we did. I've referenced her, read about her, and seen so much on her during my career, though, that there's a part of her that I can really understand and relate to. To me, sexuality is very different from sensuality. And Brigitte possesses this sensual essence that is so powerful. She is always sexy, no matter what, but it isn't in that blatant, trying-to-be-sexy way; it's more that it is just a part of her that can't be denied. Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I'm even one tenth as sensual as that woman is, but if I could possess that kind of sensuality, I would want to possess it like she does."

To be candid, it shows. We give her credit for trying, but Bardot is so far away from who she is that she manages only a passing resemblance. She doesn't look particularly comfortable trying this skin on.

Randi Rham dress

"Grace is probably the one that I relate to the most in my life and the one that I have most in common with. My mother-in-law has always told me that I remind her of Grace Kelly. I think it's about how I carry myself, how I look in photographs, that sort of thing. I think, too, it's probably that I have this seemingly high-profile life, like Grace did, and that we were both the mother of three children. In my opinion, she epitomizes the all-American girl with a quiet class and inner strength. She was like everybody's girl — seemingly comfortable and accessible — and yet untouchable."

This is the one she nails. She really looks spectacular there.

[Photos: Gilles Bensimon/]

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yeah actually job well done Faith.

I hope it is not intentional, but the pleating on the Ferregamo looks so much better on the runway. It seems that they either didn't care or rearranged it on purpose, and it takes some of the effect away.

I would also have like a better shot of the Marchesa gown.

That said, the other photos were a delight. Her choices were so varied!

*have liked

Like Anonymous 10:09, I like the Ferragamo runway look better. In fact, I didn't even think it was the same dress at first.

I think she looks more like Raquel Welch than Brigitte Bardot.

Aww, good for her. I think she looks lovely in all three invocation photos. It might have been fun if she hadn't picked 3 blondes and would have really gone out on a limb.

I still love those Marchesa gowns with the big bows, and they've been around for years now. Am I crazy? Shouldn't these be looking dated now?

She looks amazing. I also agree that the Ferragamo looks ten times better on the runway; they ruined the gorgeous pleating with the belt.

What's with putting belts on everything? There is no need to put a belt on that Catherine Malandrino dress.

Love Faith Hill, love her music and I love those looks.

Isabella said, "What's with putting belts on everything?"

I know. I've been griping about this for awhile. And with Michelle Obama being so belt-loopy, it's only going to get worse.

Beautiful. There are a couple of teensy tweaks that might make it even more beautiful, like the un-needed belt on the Ferregamo and a closer look at the Marchesa on Faith.
I always have been and still am a most dedicated fan of Twiggy, perhaps because I was doing some modeling at the same time Twiggy made her amazing debut on the fashion scene. We all wanted to BE Twiggy!!!
I've never been a fan of Bardot, but Grace never disappointed, until she got a bit older and more matronly in her attire.
Lovely layout, thanks so much for sharing, TLo!!!

I might be overthinking it, but I think in the Twiggy photo, Twiggy was looking up a little bit more. I think that's part of the wide-eyed thing. Faith is looking straight into camera, maybe even a little bit down. It changes the whole picture.

I forgot this, I totally want that black and white dress to be my wedding dress. Quick! Professor! To the Time Machine!

Wow, the 3 'iconic' shots are gorgeous. What a lovely woman. And she's one of the 'nice' girls, which I've always liked. Her Grace Kelly shot is breathtaking!

The Twiggy picture is gorgeous; the only thing missing is Twiggy's vacant (hungry) expression which, she's right, would be harder to acheive in a 41 year old. She's gorgeous though.

She does look uncharacteristically sensuous in the Bardot picture and they (she & Gilles) captured, if not Bardot herself, that era of sex-kitten type actresses.

With Kelly, she was able to acheive that self-contained stillness just right.

This was an interesting idea for a spread.


Perhaps it's the fact that I can't stand Faith Hill, I find her pretentious and uppity, but I can't get on board with anything but the Grace Kelly shot. I think that it's gorgeous, and I also think that it has very little to do with Faith Hill.

If they give her the opening music for Monday Night Football again this year, I'm renouncing MNF.

She totally nailed the Grace Kelly look. With Bardot, she kind of went blank, as if she couldn't quite channel what makes her feel sensual and in the moment. Understandable. That's difficult for many women, and I'd imagine it would be even more difficult to do on command for a photograph. With the Twiggy image, she did a nice job, but I could see what she meant about the life experience showing.

GothamTomato said...

She does look uncharacteristically sensuous in the Bardot picture and they (she & Gilles) captured, if not Bardot herself, that era of sex-kitten type actresses.

Did Gilles Bensimon shoot this editorial? I thought he worked exclusively for Elle?


She really doesn't ever age, does she? The Picture of Dorian Gray, rather Faith Hill, perhaps?
Regardless, she looks great, love the dresses, agree with other posts concerning the Ferregamo and the Marchesa. Grace Kelly was the best shot.

"Is it us or does she look a little Julia Roberts there?"

Why would you insult that poor woman like that?

Her Bardot is more Jeanie C Riley, but kudos for tryin'.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

She looks gorgeous. She's so beautiful.

" Anonymous said...

"Is it us or does she look a little Julia Roberts there?"

Why would you insult that poor woman like that?"

Why is that an insult? Julia Roberts is a beautiful woman too.

Isabella said...
" Anonymous said...

"Is it us or does she look a little Julia Roberts there?"

Why would you insult that poor woman like that?"

Why is that an insult? Julia Roberts is a beautiful woman too.

4/28/09 1:32 PM

She's heinous. NEXT!


She looks like January Jones as Grace Kelly.

She's lovely, has always been a beautiful woman.

BUT. I may be missing something as my engineer side comes out, but I can't give her more than, at my most generous,40% of the credit unless she did the photography, especially the lighting, as well s the makeup, hair and styling herself.

While the woman certainly could have caused failure in the attempt (and she absolutely did not) to portray these icons, without the various artists working to present her as such, especially the photographer, she could have posed and emoted all day long without achieving a much of a resemblance.

I love Faith Hill and she looks beautiful in these photos.

Bitch is 41, and they're styling her like 20 somethings, and it WORKS!

Work them genes, Faithee!

I have always liked Faith but the fact that she would even compare herself to Grace Kelly speaks volumes about how overinflated her ego really is.

She looks stunning!! Loev the post, guys.

She looks FAB and her husband is HOT!

In and in!

Faith does look great here, but I am reminded of a Cover Girl ad from a few years ago with her and Queen Latifah. Faith looked wan and wrinkly next to QL's gorgeous skin. I'm guessing there was quite a bit of Photoshopping for this layout...

Didn't she yell at a fan for grabbing her husband's crotch during their concert in Louisiana or something?

With regard to Twiggy - oddly enough she looks more like the
Twiggy of today. Not because of
the age - but the quiet confidence
of a successful life is in both of
their eyes.

I wonder if any woman of today could replicate the look of Bridget - she seemed so lost in the world, like a child that never was quite at ease in her grown up body.

Grace Kelly was always somewhat ahead of her time - Faith embodies that strength of character.

gloria said...
I wonder if any woman of today could replicate the look of Bridget - she seemed so lost in the world, like a child that never was quite at ease in her grown up body.

Isn't that how Claudia Schiffer became so famous?

G said:
Bridget... seemed so lost in the world, like a child that never was quite at ease in her grown up body.

Anon said:
Isn't that how Claudia Schiffer became so famous?

Perhaps - but Claudia remains a
successful woman able to handle
her world. Bridget (and this is not meant as a put down) retreated
into what is, for her, a safer

I hardly ever disagree with you fine fellas, but I give this editorial spread a big fat YAWN.

Ugh, I really dislike Faith. Doesn't anyone remember her Jane interview? Anyway, I think she looks nice in the modern shots, and even possibly the Grace Kelly one, but Twiggy and Bardot are terrible.


sure she looks pretty, but the way she talks about herself makes her sound arrogant.

Note to Jennifer: I'm curious - can you explain the Jane reference?

From what I remember about the Jane magazine interview, Faith was being a total prude and kind of a pain in the ass. In response to a question about who gives the best kisses, she replied that her daughters did. In all fairness, it did seem to me that the interviewer went in there wanting to make an ass out of Faith. There may have been other things, too, but I can't remember. I wish I could re-read that article, but unfortunately, I sold my stash of Jane magazines on eBay recently. :(

what about saying that your daughters gives the best kisses makes you a prude?

WhitLin said:
what about saying that your daughters gives the best kisses makes you a prude?It made her seem like a prude in the context of the interview. (Or at least that's what I took home from the article.) Sorry I can't be more specific, but that's one thing I remember from the article. Because it's been a while, I'm left with my impressions rather than all the specifics. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of other stuff from the interview. :)

I don't remember much of the interview, but it wasn't that comment that made her a prude. She basically acted like every question asked of her was an affront to human decency, when she had obviously accepted to do the interview and, as such should have probably been more willing to you know, talk about herself.

Also, does anyone really buy that she was joking with her WTF when Carrie Underwood beat her?

So fun to be an uninvolved outsider for one of these. I am not a fan, follower, nor detractor, this era's Tammy Wynette held her own in this dubious spread. Mild, mild, mild. No risk taker she. Really looks the most like Cathy Lee Gifford. Who cares? And yes, that scream of indignant horror a while back sure looked real at the loss of a statue. Maybe these pictures are meant to be some kind of valentine to the old girl!

No... I don't think she looks like Julia Roberts in that shot. I was actually getting a striking impression of Julie Andrews!

I think she is closest to Grace Kelly in that she is an "All-American beauty" of a certain type and also comes across as a bit of an ice queen. Grace was a Catholic and it seems that Faith might be religious, if that is what came across in Jane magazine.

There are worse things nowadays than being a prude. At least she respects herself and won't buy into the media crap. She is a married woman and has been for some time, so whose kisses would she be commenting on?

To nail Brigitte Bardot, she would have to look more pouty and pissed-off.

I would have liked to see her as Marilyn Monroe, or a brunette like Vivien Leigh or Ava Gardner, or Rita Hayworth (redhead). I can see her as Vivien Leigh: she's got the eyebrows and a bit of the face shape, also some of the mouth.

Thanks, Jen.
And btw - good for you
selling stacks of old
stuff. I gotta do the

I hate the Catherine Malandrino dress. It's so not like her designs.

Not feeling the Brigitte Bardot look, but I love the Twiggy and the Grace Kelly looks.

Of course she relates to Grace pretentious!

Love the dress she is wearing as Grace Kelly but not fond of the pics.

Love the idea, but I wish they had done a whole editorial instead of just different covers.

Six thumbs up!

The photos look great. We just have to realize that they are not reality. Faith Hill is a beautiful woman, but she is not 18. Photoshop is kind. Just take a look at Faith's last Redbook cover.

We 40+ ladies with a few wrinkles should not feel bad.

She is not actually saying that she thinks of herself to be just like Grace Kelly. She's simply saying that out of the 3 blondes she is portraying, that is who she can most identify with. She does have a high profile lifestyle, and is seen in such a way by everyone, while in her own mind, she really is a mother of 3 daughters, like Grace.

I mean, how would she identify more with the likes of a 16 year old Twiggy, or sex-pot Brigette? Anyone who has seen her in interviews would know just how down-to-earth and humble a woman she truely is. People that haven't, only focus on the out of character fame she's garnered the past couple of years for the Carrie Underwood incident, and such. She did the exact same over the top "What?" lash out at another award show when her very own husband won a few years prior to that. Scrutinize her for her lack of omedic chops, but she is not a egotistical bitch that's for sure.

That Bardot photo elicited a "Holy (bleep)" from me! She looks amazing!

VanillaBryce, the Jane interview was in December 2002 - not super recent.

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