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Emily Blunt in Couture for Vanity Fair

There were only 3 reasons to ever see The Devil Wears Prada: Meryl, the clothes, and the hysterical performance of Emily Blunt. Vanity Fair gives us 2 out of 3 as Emily Blunt models Spring '09 couture in a Paris setting in the latest issue. Big kudos to stylist Jessica Diehl, who managed to pick some of the most beautiful, romantic clothes you'll ever see. We were going to tell you which ones are our favorites, but that would be impossible. Okay, maybe the first Dior. No wait, the second Dior. Or the Lacroix. Or possibly the Gaultier? The Armani Privé? Chanel?

Oh, forget it. It's a gorgeous eye treat. Enjoy.

Christian Dior
Model: Bruna Tenorio

Jean Paul Gaultier
Model: Natasha Poly

Christian Dior
Model: Lindsay Ellingson

Model: Charlotte di Calypso

Model: Katrin Thormann

Christian Lacroix
Model: Vlada Roslyakova

Model: Heidi Mount

Roger Vivier Spring 2009 Couture

Armani Privé
Model: Georgina Stojiljkovic

Styled by Jessica Diehl
Photographed by Michael Roberts in Le Raincy, outside Paris.

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that is candy for the eyes. i love how the entire thing looks like it's made of sugar,and it has a very versailles kind of vibe. fabbity fab.
and emily blunt is a GODDESS. this confirms it.

I liked the second Dior the best - it looks like a piece of Wedgwood china turned into clothes, and on paper, that sounds like a bad thing, but the dress is incredibly beautiful and fits her like a glove without looking like a sausage casing.

She looks great in these. I love Christian Dior's collection. I hope we never stop seeing pictures of it.

Oh, so pretty. I like the first Dior the best, but the Prive is a close CLOSE second. I don't think Emily Blunt is all that attractive, but I think her somewhat bland looks actually work really well in couture. Of course, it helps that her body is fantastic for those clothes. Thanks for the end-of-the-week treat.

This is beyond fabulous, guys! Thank you SO MUCH for these incredible posts!! My favorite is the first Dior.

That's all : )

GORGE! In all of its Rococo-Eurocentric glory!

All what's missing is Keanu in a powdered wig, and a really, really bad accent.

And the boy with the piece of cake?


I love her!!! She was so funny in the The Devil Wears Prada.

Love the photos and Emily's girls look incredible.

Lucky is the girl that gets to wear so much Dior.

Okay, I realize I'm in the minority here, but most of these clothes are BORING, especially the colors. Just the kind of costumes you'd wear while being painted for covers of romance novels.

Wow, talk about fabulous! Emily looks beautiful and she must have felt like such a princess in those amazing clothes. Thanks, TLo! Have a great weekend!


The Armani Prive is stunning! Great editorial, I love it.

Eye candy - just in time for Easter.

Gorgeous clothes to start with, and then Emily, as Madonna would say, gives great face.


Wow. Love the styling and she wears the hell out of those dressed but I HATE the set dressing. What's with the groupings of chairs in the background? It just looks sloppy.

The first dress (Dior) looks like what Kit & Ricky's "En Garde" (Season 4) dress would have looked like if they had executed it properly.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm trying to figure out a way to work that top Dior dress into my daily life. And then justify buying a dress that cost more than my house. Can't do it. ........yet.

Ahhh, lovely. Reminiscent, to me at least, of many scenes Marisa Berenson in Barry Lyndon. I bet it took QUITE a while for each VF shot to be staged.

Thanks for the beauty on a gray, gray Good Friday.

All the best,


My my my my my! I love them all, extreme kudos to the stylist. My abs fav is the Ginvenchy hands down.

Love the two Diors! The sleeves on the Gaultier are amazing. And though I miss her with red hair, she looks fabulous.

(Although I could do without the Jonas Bros models. One good hunk could have outdone those three.)

That poor model's name is really Heidi Mount? Really? Holy porn star, batman.

This spread makes me wish for a different lifestyle. Wow.

I REQUIRE that life! Beautiful. Love it.

oooh la la.

Another example of the way clothes are photographed enhancing their beauty. (Even after allowing for the fact that Emily Blunt makes the clothes look better than most of the models can).

So pretty, and so reeking of couture craft at its finest. Seriously, I love it when it looks as if every tool, from cutting and pressing through thread, needle & sewing machine was in the hands of someone who knew exactly what they were doing.

And, ya know, I think the boys would make lovely bric a brac if I only had a worthy formal living room in which to pose them.

On a different tack, happy anniversary Sewing Siren! You had a good photographer (or that was a lucky shot,) the photo shows off both the bride AND the dress! (groom, what groom?)

is that the Jonas Brothers in those page boy clothes?

haha, page boys as bric a brack. i love it! some of them want to use you/some of them want to get used by you...

OMG. Love. Gorgeous. Want it all.

I love HER - she is hilarious. Would be an excellent best friend. One that could pull off "I love you, you're fabulous but that dress makes you look like a potato with legs, darling. Here. Try these."

P.S. the look on her face in some of these is hysterical =)

The photography is also wonderful. It's clever, creative, and you can still see the clothes (which are uniformly gorgeous).

(P.S. - typo alert! It's "Givenchy", not "Ginvenchy".)

Lilithcat said...

The photography is also wonderful. It's clever, creative, and you can still see the clothes (which are uniformly gorgeous).

(P.S. - typo alert! It's "Givenchy", not "Ginvenchy".)

We typed Georgina Stojiljkovic right but we couldn't get Givenchy?? : )

Fixed. Thanks.


I said, earlier:
"And, ya know, I think the boys would make lovely bric a brac if I only had a worthy formal living room in which to pose them."

That's IT! Top Design challenge! Some of the contestants get Chewbacca & Princess Leia in battle gear; or Ana Wintour, Barbara Walters & Betty Ford having tea, others get Pouty Boy Pages; the possibilities are endless. Design a room ("an environment") around your group!

You heard it here first.

Hello. I just want to tell you that i am simply loving the works you are bringing to your blog lately. i have been with you since DAY ONE and you have always made it worth my while to stop by and visit with your during my day. i love both of you. i am not the one to post any comments or follow you across nyc as you become popular with everyone else. i am just the girl in the background that pray you will never stop doing what you are doing and that you will always find happiness with eachother and with your passion for all things fabulous. please stay in my heart forever. best, jasmin

omg emily is so beaautiful

Anonymous said...
is that the Jonas Brothers in those page boy clothes?

4/10/09 1:13 PM

I thought it was Andy Samberg and a couple of his weed buddies.

formerlyAnon said...

On a different tack, happy anniversary Sewing Siren! You had a good photographer (or that was a lucky shot,) the photo shows off both the bride AND the dress! (groom, what groom?)

Thanks FA,
Technically yesteday was D-day. I just haven't changed my Avie. I an anniversary dress out of some turquoise Chinese silk that Mr. Siren bought in HK years ago. I change to that when I get a chance.

I like your top design idea. What about Princess Leia and Chewie at a tea party and Betty Ford, Bab Walters and le Wintour in battle gear.

Gorgeous! She really makes the clothes sing in a way they don't on the runway.

My favorites are the second Dior and the Valentino...absolutely lovely! And Emily looks fantastic in everything, but she is completely slammin' in the Givenchy.

"Dangerous Liasons" comes to mind.
Gorgeous shoot. Gorgeous couture. Gorgeous Emily.
However, I could well have done without "The Jonas Brothers". I agree with poster Jen about one really good hunk would have been much better than three pubescent kids.
Thank you so much, TLo, for yet another outstanding post!! You are the best!!!

Jen said...

Love the two Diors! The sleeves on the Gaultier are amazing.

I agree. She looks amazing in it. That blouse is perfection. What a fabulous editorial!!

Oh swooon! Love her in all the dresses, and the boy toys are sweet delicacies!


Happy anniversary Sewing Siren!

She looks amazing, and better than most of the models, in my opinion. The second Dior is my favorite. I do think she looks a bit strange in the Valentino. It's not the fault of the dress, which is gorgeous, it's just the angle from which the photo was taken and the odd expression she has on her face.

Happy anniversary, Sewing Siren (well, as of yesterday, anyway) :)

I LOVE the second Dior. The Valentino is really pretty, but I was distracted by Frodo feeding her the cake. My least favorite is the Chanel, but that's just by a hair. I really love them all. And it's wonderful to see a woman with a bust in these clothes. She wears them so much better than the models.

This is the only way a woman can make me orgasm.


Fabulous! She looks amazing in these dresses.

Can I borrow those boys for a day? I need them to dress me up in the morning and then feed me breakfast.

I promise I return them.

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the Lacroix. It is gorgeous.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)


And having the runway look is the icing on the cake.

See, I like the Valentino picture, it's like she's saying "This is how it's done, bitches!"

i'm not dorothy gale

She is absolutely beautiful and the gowns are breathtaking. I've already torn these pages from my issue to put in my Favorite Things scrapbook. Thanks for sharing, boys.

I think many of these dresses look better in the shoot than on the runway. The camoflage of the bottom-of-the-leotard look on the Givency is brilliant, and the reclining pose that reshapes the Prive is genius.

Thanks for the much needed lovelies on a tired Friday!

I can't stop staring at her picture wearing Gaultier. She looks divine. The look, the clothes...simply divine!

Boys, keep them coming, these posts are fabulous!

The second Dior made me gasp. Stunning. I wish I had a life that meant I needed that.

Gorgeous gowns! And she looks sooo much better in them than the models!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for adding the shoe. Wow, that is something else.

Emily looks lovely, all of the clothes were just breathtaking. All I could think, too, is how tiny Emily must be. What a bitch.

These photos are the exact reproduction of my French courtesan fantasies. Especially those shoes!


God I love that first Dior! Remember that episode of PR where they had to create and avant garde look from a hair style and Kit was booted for making that quilted, layered, Scarlet O' Hara dress?

The first Dior is what that dress should have been. Just light and flowery and romantic!

Emily Blunt is a GODDESS!! She can wear anything and make it look fab....I hate her. Can't wait to see the Queen Victoria movie.

And the Roger Vivier shoes made me happy just looking at them. I contemplated selling my house to get the money to buy them, but then I am pretty sure my cat would eat the birds on them, so I guess I will keep my house for now.


Whoever said that the first Dior was more of Kit's Pistol better realized design is right on the money.

And the Dior is absolutely to DIE for.

I really like the clothes and the set ups, but Emily Blunt is not quite there as the model. I don't know if she is just not a fashion ed girl or if she is not a fit for this particular ed which is heavy on historical romanticism. She pulled off the Gautier look and I suspect that she could have pulled off other looks from that same Chanel collection and perhaps the Armani with a different set up.

Anywho, I like that VF did this and hope to see more.

I love it all, but I'm so glad I'm not the only one who couldn't resist chuckling at the cake one. So many possibilities for great captions under that one.

Sewing Siren,
Got to blog late, as always love love your pictures and that one darling
Happy Day.....

This was a Fabulous Post thanks TLo !

Funny how everyone styles the Givenchy with rose petals.

OH, OH, OH!!!! these are SOOOO gorgeous! not too many opportunities to wear these, but they are truly spectacular. Emily Blunt is a perfect model for them - she makes them look much better than many of the runway models do. oh, what i would give to be young and slim and to have an opportunity to just wear each of these for a few minutes....

the dior is dull, the louis IV asthetic is redundant, and emily blunt seems stoned.

not a fan.

omg, Emily looks much better in all these dresses than the models!!! A woman needs some body, clearly!! :) Beautiful...


Love, love, love the two Diors, the Givenchy-but the entire shoot is such wonderful eye-candy!!
MMMMWWAHHH to TLo for such a lovely treat!

i have no words for this... this... just gorgeousness. Thank you TLo for bringing this to my eyes. Wow.

The dresses and sets are lovely, but Emily Blunt has got a strange, stoned expression on her face and the male models look a little uncomfortable. I understand the decadent (yet artificial) look the photographers were going for, but I don't know if it quite makes it in the end.

Each time I look at the second Dior dress I love it even more...


The more I look at this, the more I love it.

Absolutely scrumptious.

I am a bit tired of ppl proclaiming that celebs in photoshoots look better than runway models, when the celebs get special staging, lighting, and photoshopping while the models aren't even in motion, as they would be optimally viewed. (And runway models have to put up with the whackjob styling the designers come up with... and innumerable other injustices, such as it were.)

"Stoned" *is* the word I was looking for! Hee. Especially in the Valentino, she's all "there is no cheesecake here, IT CANNOT TEMPT ME" My boobs gets sympathy aches looking at her reclining in the Givenchy, and then again for different reasons in the Lacroix following it. The dresses do look good on her, though I think I dislike seeing her hair the same in every picture....

She looks unbelievably better than the models wearing the same gorgeous dresses. Love it!

She looks better in many of these than they do on the runway. I'm not a fan of the actress photo shoots, but these are very nice. The Victorian court theme was an excellent way to showcase these clothes.

Happy anniversary Sewing Siren! Wishing you many more.

BTW are the thumbnails for this post not showing up on the homepage or is it just me? I only found this post via a twitter link.

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