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In or Out: Drew Barrymore (final time, we promise!)

Darlings, we PROMISE, this will be the last one. But we just can't help it! Once you see the clothes, you'll understand.

Drew Barrymore attends the "Inside Grey Gardens" panel discussion presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood, California wearing Elie Saab, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

Elie Saab Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva

Okay, clearly she and her gays are just having fun with it and whoever her gays are, wherever her gays are, we just want to blow them a kiss. Brilliant work, bitches, especially the shoes (although the hem should be a skosh higher).

Y'know, we always felt a vague fondness for Drew, but after the last week of appearances, that's turned into full-on love, with hearts popping around our heads. Not only does she know how to wear clothes, she knows how to have great fun with them and we wish more starlets and celebs understood that.

To wit:Drew Barrymore heading to the "Grey Gardens" press conference at the Four Season Hotel in Beverlly Hills wearing Nina Ricci, Gucci shoes, Badgley Mischka brooch, House of Lavande bracelet, Lorraine Schwartz ring and earrings.

Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Myf Shepherd

It's like she's heading into court on tax evasion charges or something. If you look at each outfit she wore in the past week, it's like she was a different character every time. We call this her "Leona Helmsley," and considering her previous look owed a lot to Debbie Harry, we're wondering if she's not only playing characters each time she dresses up, but also paying homage to certain decades.

At any rate, she's earned a lot of goodwill with us this past week and she'd have to go out in a burlap sack before we'd criticize her. And truth be told, we're starting to think she'd make even that look good.

[Photos: GettyImages/WireImage/]

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I love that shade of green on her, but I agree that the hem of the skirt should be higher. I like the combination of the dark dress and bright orange sunglasses.

I can't wait to see this movie, the original documentary is incredible!

I want that Nina Ricci dress!


I've always liked her, she seems so sweet and down to earth. But I agree that my like has blossomed into full-on love. I think my favorite might be the Andrew GN from a couple of days ago. But I do love the second look here, so dramatic!

I actually LOVE that Nina Ricci dress. The green is great, but the color kind of washes her out. But yes - a big air kiss to her gays!

Are you sure you're not her secret gays, darlings?

LOVE the Nina Ricci look, but the green dress looks it is 2 sizes too big for her. Doncha think?

Yes, the hem on the first dress should be higher, and I HATE those shoes, but she still looks good. Love the color.

The second one is very Leona Helmsley lol. She looks a bit too severe for my tastes (as she does not seem like a severe person) but it is still glamorous.

"We call this her "Leona Helmsley,"

ROFLMAO. You bitches ROCK!!!!!!

I don't care much for the first pair of shoes (too hookerish), but the dresses are great. I especially like the pairing of the orange glasses and shoes with the dark plum dress. And severe or not, Drew looks fabulous in that ensemble.

WANT those sunglasses. I feel like I could overcome any bad hair day (or bad body day...) with those in my arsenal. Anyone know who those are by? And has anyone seen a cheaper, similar pair?


The shoes on that second look are TO.DIE.FOR. I want.

The more I see of Elie Saab, the more I like. I don't pay much attention to fashion outside of PR and this blog, so I don't know the names of every designer that well, but I've seen this designer's clothes a lot recently. Did Michelle Obama wear something by him? I can't remember. But I do think he was worn a few times at the Academy Awards and I liked those looks.

Anyway, she looks great in all the outfits. Although in the last outfit, one of the of pictures reminded me of a young Miranda Priestly.

I'm surprised you didn't critique here hair in the first outfit. It's awful.

But otherwise 3 big INs!.

GORGEOUS! Especially the second look.

I thought the green dress looked like it was two sizes two big on Drew. It was swimming on her.

Completely love the second ensemble. Love the glasses!

Did you see the reprint of the original 1972 NY Magazine article on the Beales?

Love the matchy-matchy tortoise shell sunglasses/shoes look. She is fabulous. LOVE HER!

Drew sure can pose, and makes the clothes look better than the models to. Especially that look last week with the puffed sleeves and her elbows out with her hands on her hips. She makes the clothes come alive. What a darling. If she wears something great again, please keep posting, boys! I hope this isn't the last one.

Not only is Drew having fun with fashion, she's having fun being famous. In this era when every celebrity seems either to have a crack pipe in her mouth or a broomstick up her ass, that's so very refreshing.


TLo, post about this bitch as much as you want, because she is FABULOUS!

I' m glad you showed the second look because the first is getting a C+ from me. Don't like that shade of green and the hem should be up, and I do not like those shoes with it. Hair, makeup, and the rest are good.

But then I love the black dress and the shoes are good. She looks better in it than the model. I want that dress. She's definitely playing dressup here but pulling it off. Good for her.

The second look saves her. IN

LOVE the second dress, though it seems more appropriate for fall. I really don't like the first one - it makes her look too dumpy.

She has been knocking her looks out of the ball park for this whole Grey Gardens promo tour.
She rocks both dresses better than the models (and that can't be easy to do).
I like the spectators with the green dress,adds interest. Also love the Debbie Harry reference.
Love the sunglasses with the second look, the pockets,and the jeweled pin.

I can't believe you liked those first shoes - they are UGLY! I don't care for two toned black and beige shoes to start with, but they certainly don't work with that dress.

Drew is so gorgeous, and has such a fun presence, that she could make anything look good. Please don't stop posting about her. I MUCH prefer seeing her to seeing Ms Messy Debra Messing.

Isn't it interesting how much better all the dresses look on her than on the models?

She's not letting up with the Grey Gardens promotion, either. Girlfriend wants an emmy BADLY.

But I can appreciate her enthusiasm. This is the most ambitious acting role she's ever had, and she worked bloody hard to get Little Edie down. (She mentioned that she campaigned for 2 years to get the part.) But how can you be mad when an actress really goes the extra limit to expand her range and depth? (Worked wonders w/Halle Berry) Consider me a new found fan!

Please break your promise! I've loved seeing how Drew's been playing with the frocks. I want to see more! For some reason the Leona was the one I liked best. Not really sure why.

She really is fabulous. Yep, she really knows how to work it and have fun.

She looks GORGEOUS! In and In.

IN and IN.

Drew has become one of the most interesting and glamourous actresses around. She looks amazing!

Oh, one more thing...

If you need more incentive to see the HBO Grey Gardens, please watch them for young Little Edie's(Drew) wardrobe. Absolutely TO DIE!

That shade of green on her is awful. It washes her out. She needs more lushness of color to make the dress pop.

The black dress - five stars!

It's ok, you guys can keep showing pics of her fashion onslaught. The pickings are pretty slim outside of the awards season, so this is really refreshing to see.

Oh, mother, darling...she looks great. I love her!

I agree that the first dress is a bit loose on her, but she looks AMAZING in the Nina Ricci dress.

Boys, thank you for posting these
: )

I want those glasses.

Erin said...
Not only is Drew having fun with fashion, she's having fun being famous. In this era when every celebrity seems either to have a crack pipe in her mouth or a broomstick up her ass, that's so very refreshing.

Well, Drew did that when she was 6-14. She's grown up to know that it isn't a good 'look' for her, lol. She is having fun, loving life and doing great work. How much more can she stand!


She has been on the Jeze site for every outfit and she has been doing sooooo awesome.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love what she has been doing and she has FAB gays, ... simply FAB.

The green isn't my favorite ... but she has been so rockin it .. who cares.

But that Nina Ricci DRESS? Those accessories (all that jewelry and THOSE GLASSES)? Those SHOES? That strut of hers?

OMG!!! That is how a REAL WOMAN, not a skinny model, WEARS and ROCKS the hell out of a dress!!!

Oh, Drew ... our little girl is all grown up and so FABULOUSLY!!!

Just sayin-

God, i love the second look. it's fucking fabulous.

You can never have too much Drew, in my opinion.

I have such warm affection for that kid.

She's a goodie.

Terrific dressing, Drew. She takes delight in high fashion. Her confidence is contagious. Drew lately is dressing better than Chloe Sevigny or any Gossip Girl. Thank you so much for sharing, TLo.


I don't like the green dress; it immediately struck me as something Jessica Lange would have worn to the premiere of "Tootsie" back in the '80's.

How fabulous is she? *girlcrush*

In both cases, the ensemble surpasses the dress alone - that's what women *should* be photographed for!

Liked both hairstyles. The first one was messy, but intentionally so. And from the front, at least, it looked good on her.

I don't agree with those posting that the Elie Saab is too big - yes the skirt hem and the sleeve should have been shortened, but I don't think "sausage casing" is always the right fit. Pulling the drape out of alignment by going too small would ruin the effect of the dress.

And god bless her for rocking this run of public appearances! Thank god she's not just trying to look "hot" in each and every trend that comes down the runway - and besides, that's boring and best left to the very young and those who really don't care about Making An Appearance, and she's way too young to confine herself to the "gracious lady with a nod to style."

I imagine her saying to her accomplices in fashion: "O.k., what era star of stage and screen are we riffing on this week?"

The second look is pure Grace Kelly, not Leona.

Applause, applause!

I just saw her in "Grey Garden."

I had no idea that she what a good actress she can be. Wow!

And as far a fashion goes, she proved that she can wear a skirt on her head and make it look fab.

Who made those sunglasses? I want them!

I LURVE the Nina Ricci (aka Leona Helmsley) dress. A little old for Drew, but poifect for me!

I would like the greenish one a lot better if it was a bit shorter. The second one is gorgeous. I like her because it seems like whatever she's wearing, she's having fun with it.

Drew's fabulousness comes from the fact that she dosen't take the Hollywood thing too seriously and she has a great sense of humor.

Drew might hit, she might miss, and she might look like a total disaster, but she will never bore us.

Kisses pretty girl.

Like the green dress, but the hem could def stand to be raised a few inches so it's to or above the knee.
Also looooove the second dress, but I'm not scrambling over the retail racks for those sunglasses, but it's just not my style.

she looks like courtney love in the first dress. NOT a winner.

I actually didn't much like the green dress (it looked kind of 80's to me), but the shoes, hair, and fascinator were fab.

The SECOND look, OMG, she's such a fierce ice-cold bitch in that ensemble! HOT.

I actually HATE the sunglasses, but she makes them work. Every look is immaculately put together, it's perfect. Drew looks like she would be so fun to hang around with!

I just love this girl! I think this whole Little Edie thing has pointed her in a new, more fabulous fashion direction.

I wouldn't mind if you had her in a new outfit on the site every day.

Seriously, that first look is horrendous. The hem is WAY too long, the shoes are ugly and do not even begin to match, she MATCHED HER EYESHADOW to her dress (what is this, 6th grade?), and she is wearing a Kenley-esque hairpiece (gag). I agree that her other looks lately have been great, but they've definitely blinded you guys in her favor. OUT OUT OUT

The green dress is too too long.

And that last one? In this California heat? That gal must have some serious dress shields on cuz it's been blistering!

I have to say my first thought at the first picture was "what hiddeous shoes" and who wears thatg dress at that length - it hits way too low.

Post all you want! Drew is a doll, an old school, glamorous star with pluck and talent.

#1 is OUT. I love the dress by itself, and the top part looks good on Drew, but the proportion of the bottom part is all wrong. I like the idea of the shoes, but not the black/white (or beige) combo. Even with a better color combo, I don't thing those shoes would work with the dress. I like the hair, but I haven't decided if it works here.

#2 in IN. I love the dress!!! I think it would work better without the brooch, but it is not a miss. The glasses remind me of the glasses Zulema wore and that is not good. She does look like she is heading into court, She is having a "today my mood is somber" day. The updo should have been a bit tighter but not tight - Betty Dtaper-esque.

Anonymous @ 4/20/09 11:13 AM - TLo, post about this bitch as much as you want, because she is FABULOUS!Co-sign.

I love Drew! And TLo, you're right, everything she wears lately has been spot-on gorgeous. It's like a little girl playing dress-up with awesome clothes.

Did you see the dress she wore on Ellen?? BE-U-T-FUL.

I hated the first dress at first sight, but then she posed and I forgot about the dress. Love her! Bring on the burlap, because until she wears that, she's got a pass from me!


Drew is awesome and she looks fantastic. She's having fun with fashion, something most celebrities don't know how to do.

" Anonymous said...


TLo, post about this bitch as much as you want, because she is FABULOUS!"



The length on the Elie Saab dress doesn't work on Drew. Not sure about those shoes, either.

That said, I love the Nina Ricci dress and shoes and the accessories-a classy rich bitch look,that.

SO fab! And while she is definitely still a thin woman, it's nice to see clothes on someone who isn't a twig. The jutting clavicles and pointy knees are just distracting, and, frankly, quite sad.

She's trying WAY TOO HARD to be an indie fashionista. uggh, when will she and her lack of talents go away??!

I like how her makeup goes well with the ensembles AND brings out her natural beauty.

lets post some Barrymore OUTS please...

Love the purple, but don't you think the green dress is kinda frumpy on her? Doesn't have to be, but the hem is so low, like you said, and it's also too baggy / ill fitting on top. Knee-length and fitted, it would've been hot.

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