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Our current site is here:

Don't be afraid! It's still us!

Now darlings, we realize this new layout may be something of a shock to you, but it's all part of a larger plan. Trust your daddies.

See, without us actually planning it, we found ourselves producing more and more content each month and we've never been happy with how that content was laid out. Too confusing to readers, what with all the "Page 2" and "Don't miss!" stuff over on the sidebar. We wanted a way for any reader, whether a newbie or an old vet, to find an interesting topic to click on the second our page loads, whether it's Kenley's latest brush with the law, or red carpet bitchery, or reality television rippery.

This is also of a piece with our longer-term plan, which is to do away with our companion blog, "Tom and Lorenzo," and just feature all our musings in one central location. It's not coming yet, but before you know it, there'll be Lost and Mad Men posts right next to Project Runway and Fashion Show posts. BUT, the beauty of this layout is that you won't have to scroll all the way down or click through to find a topic that interests you. It's all right there, laid out in as clear a manner as we could find. PLUS, as an extra added bonus, once we get everything sorted out and have both blogs merged, we'll even bring back the long-lamented Musical Mondays posts for you.

Now, we won't lie; there ARE some bugs with this layout and we're working on them. The pictures on the front page are all going to look a little distorted until we go through the posts and reformat them, and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of each post to find the "Post a comment" link. We're scrambling to get both those issues fixed. Also, our archives and labels and blogroll are all on the bottom of the page, if you need to find them (or they will be soon). Still a work in progress, kittens. Hopefully, it'll all be sorted out by tomorrow morning.

If you hate it, say you hate it. That's fine. We'll ignore you, but that's fine.

No, seriously. Feedback is good. Let us know what you think.

[Illustration: Alex Cox]

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I like it, and you ladies put so much work into it.

You're much, much too good to us.


*psst. Some of the lite grey is hard to see*


No, seriously, I will acclimate. I understand your motivation for a redesign, and honestly presentation means nothing compared to content. You're still my favorite bitches, no matter how you look!

Oh! And anything that brings about the return of Musical Mondays is positive in my book!

Wow--I actually gasped when I opened this page! I think that it is going to be great!

THANK YOU for not keeping the white letters on the dark background! Dark letters on light backgrounds are so much easier on the head.

And I just caught this little ditty:

PLUS, as an extra added bonus, once we get everything sorted out and have both blogs merged, we'll even bring back the long-lamented Musical Mondays posts for you.

You just made my whole entire crappy week that much sunnier!

I'll be sure to send a couple of bucks to show my utter appreciation!!!

TLo! I love you like my luggage!

Nice layout, but not liking the dark blue type on medium blue background. I can hardly read it. What was it you said about trying to match shades. I'd suggest you go with more of a contrast here.

It looks great so far!! You sweeties work so hard to bring such fun into our lives!!!



I fear change!!!!

I like the new format, but I need the "posts by episode" and "popular tags" ASAP. Then the website will be perfect again.

Love you guys. And I appreciate why you are changing the layout (although the only sport I ever excelled at was hunting for new TLo posts). However, I'm not so sure about the squares format; they remind me a little of classified ads. Will reserve final judgment till the end. Can't wait to see it!

canasian said...

I like the new format, but I need the "posts by episode" and "popular tags" ASAP. Then the website will be perfect again.

All of that is going to be added. We're working on it : )


Never have been interested in Musical Mondays, Lost or Mad Men but I'm deficient in that aspect of culture. BUT who says you have to like everything? And I know you'll do a great job when it is all said and done.

another laura

After a couple of seconds of shock and awe, I believe this minion can deal. And late on a Friday, too, my admiration grows even greater - now take the weekend off, poodles!

And oh. my. god. Musical Mondays again? HEAVEN!!!!

Great Job, guys! I love that you can see several post now without having to scroll much.

I really love the new header, and the layout is nice and clean and crisp. (I do think the header needs to be a tiny bit wider because it's not centering quite right with the right-hand sidebar.) Keep up the great work!

Why blue? I thought pink was better.

Ack! Parallel universe?! Frightened! Do not want!!

I clicked on my bookmark and had to re-click thinking I had been directed to your crazy new twitter page or something. Then I realized it was all new! Like it has been mentioned, after a few seconds of confusion I know all you hard work will be well worth it and doubly appreciated. Have a great weekend, it looks great!

Musical Mondays, Mad Men (ps: did you see the new promo yet? not much new but so exciting!) and PR!! Woot woot!

SO GOOD that TLo and Rungay will merge!

Totally fucking hot. Love it. It suits you well.

Holy Crap! THAT was a surprise.

The plan sounds great though. We'll excuse your dust because it will be worth it.


Are you going to somehow hide the Lost posts? I'm just starting to watch Season 4, and I don't want to read anything from episodes I haven't seen!!! Please, don't spoil me!!!

Hey Guys!

I like it... but not love it, yet.

Two questions/suggestions.

1. Can you make the pictures link to the posts. I hate when I click on the picture and it goes to the picture, and not the post.

2. Can you make the newest post larger across the top like a headline? Maybe the top row only has two posts? I feel like it needs a little more heirarchy.

As a graphic designer, I know how redesigns go, and you guys have done a great job. The site is much more "aesthetically pleasing" though I think I'll miss the old one some. I hope my measly $5 helped a little bit. I'm 21 days from graduation, and I couldn't afford more.

You guys rock.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

kimberly-327 said...

Are you going to somehow hide the Lost posts? I'm just starting to watch Season 4, and I don't want to read anything from episodes I haven't seen!!! Please, don't spoil me!!!

That's why having the posts like that you click if you want to, instead of scrolling down and end seeig or reading something you don't want.

Great work, guys. I know you guys are still working on, so I will wait patiently : )

Oh my! I was very frightened when first got here. I thought I had that new worm! Eeek!

I love it! I'd like to make a request for comments to be added in the original post page, as opposed to a separate page. That would make it perfect.

Looks great! You guys put so much into this thing and it really shows. Impressive

I Fancy Darcy

I'm open to any suggestions from the great TLo; isn't that why we're all here in the first place??? This little minion will keep checking back for updates. And Musical Monday's again! Wheeee!

You are the second daily blog that changed on me! I don't know if I can take it! For me, it's Coffee or tea and Tom and Lorenzo make 3!

BUT this!!!

I don't know if I WANT to mix LOST with fashion!!!

ly love this new layout. Very nicely done, Daddies.

"Tlo said: we'll even bring back the long-lamented Musical Mondays posts for you."



LOVE the layout, not so into the color scheme ... it's a bit drab/dull/boring ... I think something that screamed "understated sophistication" would be more appropriate for your level of fabulous :-)

New layout is good but please, please, please do not put black letters on a blue background. Blue/black do not work well together for reading.

A surprise! So far, like! (and I don't generally embrace change swiftly, so I'm betting I will eventually love.)

Musical Mondays returning? Beyond my wildest dreams. (where DO you guys find the time??)

I love the new layout. It's much easier to navigate. And of course I love anything that brings back Musical Mondays :) Love you!

hey tlo!

love the new look, it's very clean! on the old blog my favorite was the side bar with the recent 20 posts with pics, so i'm thrilled to see that incorporated for all future posts.

it would be great if you could have the option of expanding/collapsing the comments, so it's a little easier to scroll through the post. :) kudos for the makeover! you're doing such a fab job!

whoa! i like the new looks—had to do a double take because y'all are my home page! Lovely as ever!

Change is good.

I'm in the "anything for Musical Mondays" camp. Two notes:

1. Need the "by episode" links as I was laughing until I choked myself over PR Season 1 recaps the other day. I see that those links will reappear, so Yay!

2. The Archives pull-down list doesn't show years. It's not hard to infer them yet, but it will be eventually.

In a way, I like it - I can skip subjects that mean nothing to me, like "Mad Men" will until I see it, if ever. But there's a lot to be said for a blog format that takes you through every post - you find hidden jewels that way that this new format will allow you to easily miss. Maybe you could put in a rating system for your loyal fans.

Oh, I like it a lot! Total upgrade. Looks good.

Love it!!! You guys are wunnerful.

I like it, but hurry up and post about Make me a Supermodel . . . I just can't wait to post about Perou's blowhole!

ahhhh, the best blog on the entire internet just gets better and better! I think this will be fantastic, esp. once the two blogs are combined, looks excellent and makes it easier to click on what you want to look at first or again.

Nice work, but honestly - I like being able to read the entire text of a post, especially a new one, as soon as I load a site index page, without having to click "Full Story" or "Read More >>" to get to the goodies.

That said, I think it's pretty clear where you guys are trying to go with the site and...well, I have no choice but to trail along in the fabulousness.

jesus, Project RunGay AND Cuteoverload changing templates on the same day...argh.

looks fab, of course, and i'll adjust - and air-kisses for all the hard work you do for your adoring public.

If you like it then I like it.
Your the ones who write it, I am the one who will read it, very happily.

Yikes, that was disorienting...

I heartily agree with mbh (9:12 PM) on all counts.


Well, you already know I love it. But I'm one of the many minions standing up cheering and applauding wildly that Musical Mondays is going to return!!!!

BTW, thank you for all the content you generate and all the hard work you do. It's (part of) why we love you!!!

i'm not dorothy gale

Well, I WAS afraid, yet I trust you daddies because you've never led us astray. I hope you'll go with a more dazzling banner (another font) and though your caricature is cute I would like to see your very own faces once in a while.

Lovin this! It makes it so much easier to direct ppl to exactly what I want them to see!

As long as you guys are still posting, I can adapt. II figure if I haven't joined the crowd of folks really to kill somebody over facebook's new look, I can deal with you guys making a few changes.

tom is my daddy

I usually read your posts in my blog reader, so I had to come over to see the new layout -- looks great!

When I have an extra 30 minutes, I do come over to read the comments - I'm not reader-only person :)

I usually hate change but the revamp is FABULOUS. Shante, you stay ;)

Oh my! I was shocked and appalled frankly--
but I will get used to it.
If it makes it easier for you two then I will support it.

As long as you boys are still blogging then I will be reading.


i simply adore it, and now i won;t miss a single musing of your. which is very important

I adore this new lovely layout, but it will be so great when i click on the news, there a new window pop up! That's all.

I'm kind of iffy about the layout, but only because it's new and I haven't gotten used to it yet hahaha.

A few people have said this before, but the drop down menus used for the PR episodes are key for like..everything hahaha.

Well, at least the Project Runway episodes, and the Musical Monday movies, so it's easy to pick out your favorite movie blog to lighten up a crappy day.

And about Musical Mondays? New York New York. 'nuff said


Oh..the drop down menus are on the bottem?
I didn't even see those O_o
Maybe that placement isn't a good idea hahaha

I love it, and I am delighted that you plan to merge the two blogs. It's been SOOO much work to keep track of both in my reader.

I'm scared....but I'll trust.

Thanks for all of your hard work. I know you will accomplish your vision.

Musical Mondays would be greatly appreciated !!

It is

I like it. If I'm behind on one of your reality shows I no longer have to scroll passed your ripping really quickly to avoid spoilers.

except for scrolling all the way down to leave a comment, I love it! and the merge idea is awesome!

I have been changing my blog around daily, so I know hat its like to want to keep everything organized.

I think it all looks great! Where did you get the template??

I hate it, but I hate change of any kind anyway, so I'll probably end up really liking it.

I don't like it that much but I'm sure I'm going to get used to it. Give me a few days ;)

I like the layout, I'm just sad that you seem to have lost some of the fabulousness. It is a bit blue and drab.

This was a shock but I am LOVING IT!

Virgins & Vixens, PR, Running in Heels AND Mad Men posts all on one page??!! I feel so spoiled!

(pls bring back Musical Mondays!!! ppllllleeeeaaasssseeee!!)


Beef and Fur

OK, so is the background TEAL or STEEL BLUE? LOL ;-)

Not as sophisticated- I like the concept but the design needs to be softer and less livejounal-y. Don't like the blue and the logo looks rushed. Will be good soon I'm sure!

So, I don't read your blog via actually going to the blog. I read via RSS, and I'm not actually interested in all the non-Project-Rungay stuff cluttering up my reader. (I've heard Mad Men and Lost are great, but I don't watch them.) Will there be some way to subscribe to specific tags, or am I going to end up with everything?

It's kind of ugly, but the concept is right. Yes, there's too much clicking and opening-in-a-new-tab in the previous format. Easy for those of us who've been around long enough that they were gradual changes, but I imagine it's baffling to new readers.

yay! Musical Mondays! yay!

I have every confidence that it will soon look as sleek as it feels. Good luck and thanks for dumping so much time into entertaining us.

I like it, I like that I can link to my LJ, and most importantly:


where can I find the page 2 posts now!
I am totally confused, was just used to the old system :(

where can I find the page 2 posts now!
I am totally confused, was just used to the old system :(

The Page Two posts will be added soon. Thank you for your patience.


I saw one of the intermediate "We're not done yet"s and like the current readable black-on-light blue much more than the white-on-medium gray. I like the idea of centralizing things in one place instead of four (PR, PR2, TL, and TL2). In terms of more substantive feedback and recommendations:

(1) The "Blog Archive" is nice, in that it's the posts-by-month with a count, but it's hard to tell what's in which year. Is there a way to include the year on the month (for each month or even just for the Januaries)? Sure, I can try to remember this is 2009 so the entries at the top are for this year then count backwards to 2006, but as time goes by that'll get harder to do. (And it's even worse for anyone reading this on smaller screens, like their mobile devices; will they be able to see the whole menu at once?)

(2) The "Popular Labels" is great, though I'd prefer a line break between labels instead of a space. It may be that the size of the label text is supposed to represent the popularity of the label: bigger is better. That's hard to see in the Popular Labels since they're all so, well, popular.

(3) The spacing between the pull-down menus in the by-season entries in column 3 of the footer could be smaller. As we get more seasons in (PR6, Stylista 2), or if you add other programs' collections (MMAS models' sites? Fashion Spot designers' sites?), that'll become distressingly long pretty fast.

I read the blog in my feed reader, so the design is secondary. You guys do whatever makes you happy since it keeps you posting!

Agreeing with most of what has been said above -including the "Oh my Eeeeek!"-moments - I wanted to ask, what has happened to the Page2-posts.

Reorganization seems good, but the color and font combo are indeed hard to read.

This format is great! I must admit the first time I discovered your blog I was lost. This is much more user-friendly. Nice choice! Susan E

problem is, in its new incarnation it's neither a blog nor a web page....things look to be in pieces....will have to use it and see if this feeling holds for me before further comment.


I freaked out for a minute and wondered if I was on the right webpage, but once I realized it was still TLo, I calmed down. I like the new format so far.

YAY MUSICAL MONDAYS!!! I've been missing new ones dearly and can't wait for more! :D

At first I thought it was awful, but now that I see what you're trying to do, I kind of like it.

Ahough I'm not a huge fan of the colors. You know, if anyone cares.

Great job on the redesign. There is no way you are going to please everyone, so go with what YOU like.

But the posts aren't showing up in my feed reader anymore. Well, let me clarify - the posts show up, but the content of the posts do not show up anymore. That is sad.

problem is, in its new incarnation it's neither a blog nor a web page

What does that mean? It makes no sense.

Love, Love, LOVE the new front page. Seriously, it is the best I've seen on any blog, and perfect for your photo-oriented content. Kudos!! The PR New Look is as fabulous as Dior's.

I lurk via RSS reader and having both blogs in one would be great. I'm sure the design will end up fabulous when it's done!

I'm mostly sad that I can't read full content in my RSS feed reader anymore (as of today), yesterday I could. I'd love that option back. It actually indicated there was a new post but didn't show it on the feed reader screen. :-( Clicking through to each posts will take a lot of time for each one. Thanks!

I don't understand this RSS reader thing. Wouldn't the boys prefer that people come directly to their blog?

Bijoux du Jour

Love it! Easy to find everything I want to read. Nice to have the pics on the front page. Merging your two blogs - actually a great idea! The comments are a little hard to read with the grey/white business going on. BUT. . . Musical Mondays coming back!?!? I am Uber Excited!

Love it! Brilliant!

I would love to see you get rid of the blogspot account. Make it your personal domain.

The layout is a big improvement, but the font of the "Project Rungay" title could use a bit more style. :)

Hm, adding to the cascade of people who now can't see the text of the posts in their RSS reader. I hate, hate, hate this change. I'm much less likely to read the posts if I can't see any of them in my reader. (Or at least give me a paragraph or two so I can decide if I want to read further -- I'll click through if the first paragraph is interesting, I promise! But titles-only is no fun.)

Neeley O'Hara

Whatever you do is fine by me. I love you both.

I like the new layout a lot, and I'm more than psyched about the return of Musical Mondays.

is this layout a joke? love the content, but this redesign is an eyesore.

here's what I mean by "in its new incarnation it's neither a blog nor a web page." It's nice to have popular labels, but (and I'm still getting used to this, so I may have missed something) does this replace 'categories' which is a blog feature. So that, if I want to see everything on Shelley O that's been reviewed, how do I get to that? Blog? Webpage (which doesn't have 'categories)? I can see each Shelley O entry as a separate box but if I wanted to read/view all entries?


After my initial shock, I got myself together and realized that OF COURSE any change you decided to make would be a good thing.

Just don't stop doing this. I love you guys!

--Sara, on the beautiful Oregon coast

I know what's missing! Links between related posts!

-- Sara again

You can find the tags (or categories) at the top of each post. This post doesn't have one because, well, there's no category for "Look at our new layout!" But if you were to click on one of our Michelle Obama posts, you'd see a tag labeled "Michelle Obama" that, when clicked, will take you to all the other posts on the topic.

I have to agree with Andromeda and the other "Readers" - I miss having entire entries available, or at least a paragraph / entry versus only post titles...

I have to admit, I had a little breakdown when I hit my PRG bookmark yesterday. Change scares me.

But I think I've already acclimated and this new layout makes much more sense. It was kind of a pain scrolling and scrolling through pages to find older pages. I'm on board.

And, ohmigod, Musical Mondays! Please! They were the reason I first started loving you bitches.

The site is now clean and straightforward, emphasis on straight. Where's the GAY in RUNGAY? Love your royal queernesses, whatever the format.

I like the new layout, but I hate the color scheme (Especially when reading a post). It makes it look sad, old, and it makes sort of makes it harder to read. Maybe if you added some kind of white background container on top of the blue one, it would mitigate the problem.

Otherwise, it's beautiful!

I subscribe to you using Google Reader and right now it looks like the feed is quite limited - no images, no text, only the title. Is this how you plan for it to stay? SAY IN AIN'T SO! :( Love your blog!

Well done. I look forward to more improvements as you tweak stuff. I'll admit that the Page 2 thing was confusing. I prefer the simplicity of one-stop shopping.

It was a big WTH when I first opened the page, but I love it, guys! It is sooooo easy to read and reread the posts now. Excellent job!

I love your site, but I'm disappointed. You guys have great sense when it comes to fashion, interior design, drag queens.... But this layout is visually jarring and uninteresting. The content columns and sections in the articles pages need definition and separation. (Compare your columns to the columns on the "submit a comment" Blogger page.) The title image (PRGBanner_1.jpg) is asymmetrical in a way that it looks like no one knew how to use the crop feature in photoshop. Tahoma, while a nice choice for body text, is thoroughly unsuited to a title banner. You claim to use Cellar Heat for your design, but their main page is much more polished and well-defined than what is offered here. I know you guys have tons of design resources at your disposal.... why not ask Laura B for a doodle? Or Jay McCarroll for an abstract design?

You guys deserve better than this, because you are worth it.

On another note-- the RSS feed no longer shows the content of the articles. It's bad enough that there are going to be so many of them, and that they are unfiltered (can we have separate RSS feeds by topic, please?), but also it's unlikely that I will click through to read each article individually.

Oh, I saw your discussion about proper display of the archives. I'm not sure how templating works on blogspot, but on my blog on my site I wrote a PHP doohickey that makes a little collapsible calendar out of month-by-month Blogger archive links. I'm happy to give it to you, if you think it would be helpful!

My thing is just the title is now showing up in Google Reader... So if you can make the whole article show I'll love it. It looks great on the page, just not in my feed.

Please go back to a full feed vs. summary.. I am using google reader, and just the headlines don't cut it...

the layout for the blog is great, but the RSS feed (I use Bloglines) shows only the headlines. Please fix the RSS feed so it shows your posted photos and witty commentary!

I think my main problem with it is that it's too plaaaaaaaaaaain. Too black and white, and I think the images should be centred.

Also, if you can work it, I think the 'Official Sites' and 'Links' should be up the top. Oh! One more thing! Try removing the borders from the images. Try using: (a href="link here")(img src="link here" border="0"))/a) to do that, except instead of () use <>. But you guys probably know how to do that.

My computer screen is being monumentally stupid at the moment and stretching everything (cause this graphics card is shit) so that's not helping.

I hope I acclimatise.

I love you guys so much that I trust you implicitly. Read the blog almost every day, and your snarky analysis always always makes me laugh. Thanks for all the hard work!

Love it! I saw posts that I had never seen before, because I could never keep track of the second page.

Lovely, dears! A shock at first but so much easier to follow. And I don't want to miss a word. This is a great change. xo

Can I just tell you how much I love you guys? You always put a smile on my face first thing in the morning (when I need it the most!!) and I find your judgement surprisingly non-judgemental (how is that even possible?). Clothes are, after all, just our outer skins. You both seem to recognize the layers below, even when you're dishing the outside. My biggest issue with you is that you live so far way from me and I can't buy you cocktails on a regular basis!! I want to get tipsy with you and LMFAO!! (Oh by the way, I really like the new layout - much easier to navigate) (and by the bythe way, hope my $20 buys you at least one cocktail each - I can't afford big city prices - come on out to MT and I'll buy you many many cocktails!!!)

Sounds great! Two suggestions:

The link/button to leave a comment is hard to find. Could that be made more obvious in some way?

It would help if the latest Project Runway post were always in the same place on the page, and if the latest Running with Heels, the latest Lost, etc. were always in the same place. That would make it easier for us to find what we're looking for.


I waited, because I know you are still futzing, like the pros you are. The paler blue much better. Now, if you can keep the name of the poster and time of posting off the lefthand margin a wee tad, the graphic designer in me will be happy, and I will go back to just reading and laughing. And contributing $$ again, when I get another job. Love,path

This is my first ever comment on your blog, but I read it daily :)

The new layout IS visually appealing, however it is a bit disconcerting to have to click on every topic. If I want to read several posts, or all of them like usual, then I have to keep going back and forth.

It may sound lazy, but it really is a big concern I think for you to consider while you continue revamping!

Now going back a few pages, I didn't realize how much more stuff you ladies put on here.

Especially all of the couture fashion shows.

So much work for us ingrates. You guys are REALLY too good to us! LOL!

Elizabeth Inglehart

You guys are so amazing! I can't believe how hard you work on this blog. I want some big corporate entity to come along and pay you lots and lots of money for posting your content -- while leaving you total editorial control! I hope that happens for you someday soon. You totally deserve it! I've read your blogs for years, and they are among the best written on the web. Your content is always top-notch. So you ladies do whatever you need to do to best organize that content. I love you forever!

Someone earlier said "presentation means nothing compared to content"--anyone else notice the irony of such a statement about a *fashion* blog?

Here's the thing: love you guys, love the blog, and I'd do almost anything to get Musical Mondays back--but I hate this new layout and style.

The main reason is that the layout does nothing to *shape* the content. If this layout were a dress it would be a muumuu: shapeless, untailored, simply a thing you throw on with no regard to the body underneath.

What was the problem with having a layout that required some visual interpretation? I always knew that sidebar items were subsidiary and minor compared to main posts, and I liked that; it helped direct my attention and it taught me how to read the blog, what to expect from its constituent parts. I never once came to this blog and felt it difficult to find anything or navigate the many treasures to be found here.

Further, I agree with the several others who've said the new look is ugly. The big square blocks are chunky and blobby and the arrangement does look like classified ads.

Bottom line: this new look has no personality. If you go with the simplest, least differentiated design, what statement does that make about the stylishness or quality of the content of a fashion design blog? If I come here and am reminded of those community real estate guides they put in racks in the grocery store, rather than the previous bright, colorful, consciously organized layout and style, can that be good?

I know I'm in the minority and most are professing nothing but love. I'm not afraid of change, but I really don't think this change is the right choice for a blog known for its style and wit. If you present style and wit in a container that has no style and no wit, the dissonance will do damage to overall impressions.

My two cents. Fine, hate me now.

I feel strongly that it should read oldest to newest content left to right. This way is super-confusing and I think just making sure that the timeline of posts is left to right would help enormously.

I would rather not have to go back to the home page every time, so "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the end of every post would be a welcome addition. I seldom read all the comments, if any at all, and would like to be able to just jump from post to post to post once I have found the last one I read on the front page.

Anonymous said...

I would rather not have to go back to the home page every time, so "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the end of every post would be a welcome addition. I seldom read all the comments, if any at all, and would like to be able to just jump from post to post to post once I have found the last one I read on the front page.

It's there: "newer" and "older" post right after the post and before the comments.

Thanks for changing the feed to full text/photos! *smooch*

Terrific! I've already seen articles...postings...whatever...that I had previously missed. Much easier to navigate through now.

Upon first glance I had to check the URL, but I instantly loved the clean look and navigation!

Me like.

I wasn't sold until you said you'd be bringing back Musical Mondays because of it. Whatever it takes!

It looks like some others have already mentioned it, but I will say it again :-P. I really like the posts by season/episode that used to be on the right side of the site. Bring those back and I'll be a happy camper :).

how do you boys keep up with everything? you should advertise for an office/research assistant. i'm sure you'd get a hundred applicants in the first five minutes.

Change is good! Also, I agree with many of the other readers when I say yay for bringing back Musical Mondays! :)

Thanks for all the bitchery that brightens our days!


My major beef is that I hate that I have to click again to get content. Then, once I'm in a topic, I have to click out, then click again - rather than just scrolling down through the content and reading. I wonder if there might possibly be a "full" version available, perhaps via rss feed, for those of us who already have carpal tunnel.

Hopefully your banner is a work in progress? that is not a good banner for a fashion/style blog! Way too plain!

I would also do something more magazine-like with the main page: featured content (newest, etc.) should take up more screen space or be eye catching in some way; older posts can be smaller, lower down the page.

Alternatively, I wouldn't mind having your "squares" on the home page each be a column: i.e you could have a regular spot on the page where the teaser for the latest Death Match is, and the latest Lost recap, etc. vs a feature area where you rotate more newsy items that aren't regular topics.

Anyway, good idea to merge the sites.

But hire some "web-gays" to help make it snazzy!

This is great. So much easier to find the things I am interested in.

I know you guys will always do what's best for us. And I'm beyond thrilled with anything that will bring Musical Mondays back.

LOL I thought I was on the wrong site this morning ahahaha!

I didn't recognize you! You look so professional! Anyway, old or new layout, I still love you guys:)

gurls, reinvention of oneself is the most important part of successuflly aging. keep it up!

Thanks for adding the date to the time stamp in the comments section!

An idea for your condideration:
Will you please consider opening the lounge on Wednesdays, just because, perhaps do a one month trial to see how it goes. Thank you.

Love it. It's the same TLo just with shiny new packaging!

no, no, no ladies. this little kitty doesn't like!! i like scrolling down so i can read everything on one page. Now i have to actually navigate. i'm a lazy bitch, please go back!

Absolutely LOVE the new format, guys! Great Job!

Is there a reason that there is text in random white boxes in the comments on the new pages? They don't seem to coincide with new comments, but the white sort of visually makes me think I am reading a different poster's comment. Other than that, I am pleased with the new format.

Can I make a recommendation for the resurgence of Musical Mondays?

The Unsinkable Molly Brown? Please?

Like the new look. :) But, could you add a search function to your blog? There is an archive feature, but I have no idea when things were posted and it's quite annoying to search in google for a specific post that you've blogged about.

I would like to see all the Project Rungay stuff in one section, without having to poke through other posts on Make Me a Supermodel or Lost or other shows I don't watch.

Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the redesign. It's hard to read, I liked the old way of the most recent thing being first. Not so fond of the blocks. But I'm sure you'll figure out a good balance!

Anything you do for us kittens is just marvelous! Can't wait for Musical Mondays to rise to glory again!

LOVE the new look, and the idea of merging the two blogs. There was always content on Page 2 or T&L that I missed because I never checked them as often as this one. And it should be a much smaller headache for you guys, having to keep only one blog updated. Kudos!

The redesign is dynamite. Y'all are no ordinary bloggers, and this ain't no ordinary layout. Love it!

Fucking awesome, guys! Just fucking awesome!!!

i do love the idea of merging everything together, but also keeping it organized. how about color coding the titles? like black for main posts, green for page 2, etc etc?

keep up the awesome work!

I LOVE this new format! At first I was skeptical, but now I see it as definitely fostering the community here more. It's incredibly easy to keep half a dozen convos going at once.


I dont really like it yet... please be clearer in your titles, maybe that is it... sometiems I am really only interested in you dishing on Project runway like sutff


Okay, I'll deal, but the only thing I can ask is on the main comments page if you could add a divider or something between the comments so I can see where they end and the new one begins? I would <3 you forever.

Love it! It's so much easier to see what's new.

Let me also add that the return of Musical Mondays would rain awesome storms of happiness upon my soul. That feature is what got me reading your blog in 2006, so many years ago. I still remember trying so hard not to burst out laughing at my desk. :D :D

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