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Bridal Spring 2010 Collections

Bridal, bitches!

We admit, we're less comfortable ripping on bridal gowns because, well...we don't know if you've ever noticed, but it's our understanding that sometimes, some women get a little crazy over this stuff. We're just sayin' is all.

Oh, what the hell. Let her rip.

Monique Lhuillier

Pretty, but also pretty basic. Nothing to see here.

Oscar de la Renta

1, 3, 4, and 6. Those are our choices.

If we were women, that is. Women getting married.

Reem Acra

Bored now.

Vera Wang

Say what you will about Vera, she still knows how to turn out a bridal gown. We especially like when she goes non-traditional.

Carolina Herrera

These are all gorgeous. Especially the first one.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Monique Lhuillier

Second row, right: simulated boobs that can poke an eye out. Not a fan.

Never been a wedding dress fan. Just seems too *obvious* a choice of clothing for major fashion designers.

Vera's #4 looks like poo and pee.

Coloring my judgment is the fact that I'm made weary by the white strapless wedding gown.

Battling the ennui, in the spirit of the page, if I were 25, getting married, and had maybe $50,000 to spend on a dress (help me here, ladies in the market, is that a realistic price?)....

L'Huillier 2, 3 - (although maybe I was just struck by the fact that they aren't strapless!)
de la Renta 4 and 6 - love the blue in number 4
Acra 6
Wang none - well, maybe 4 but get rid of the fleurchon tumor
Herrera 1 - I love black embroidery on white!

That first Carolina Herrera dress is to die for. Gorgeous!!

Looking at bridal gowns makes me very happy I am already married. Though I do adore that first Herrera.

I went with a friend wedding gown shopping a couple of years ago. She was looking for a reasonably high end dress. She tried on some Reem Acra gowns, and I was appalled at the shoddy construction for the price point ($9000). Seriously, they were so poorly sewn, they were going to fall apart at the least provocation.

She ended up with a Vera Wang.

Would it kill the models to look like happy brides? They all look like they are marching to the guillotine!

LOVE the top on the final De La Renta! Perfect.

Sorry, but the first De La Renta just looks dowdy to me. Ugly and dowdy.

Then again, my dress cost nothing compared to these and I love it so much I wish I could wear it every day.

I like most of Oscar's (the Grouch) offerings. Love the blue one especially! And the last one. (Not that I'd need to get married again; I still like my $400 white bridesmaid's dress. And my husband.)

Can you believe that people are still posting in the Great Peanut Butter Debate of Aught-Nine? There are 270 comments! I won't go in there; it was very nasty last time I wandered in.

I just got married in a green gown. I really like when designers thing out of the "white" box. How many more white strapless gowns can we look at? blah.

I want the grey Vera Wang. I'd get to look awesome for my wedding (if that ever happens) AND I can wear it again. I haven't loved her runway stuff for ages but clearly she hasn't lost her touch for the bridal gowns.

The next to last Herrera is kind of pretty, but reminds me too much of Vincent's "awt" dress that "got him off."

I got married in the late 70's...loved my "flower child" gown. BUT, I would love to be able to choose something now. Sigh.
Monique: Look #4. Maybe too traditional and slightly boring, but I love the cut. That's it for Monique.
Oscar: Looks 3 and 4, I like. I'm tired of Oscar's grumpiness lately, though.
Acra: Bored to tears along with TLo.
Vera: Love the first look but without the flower lei....The rest: BLAH and the yellow and brown is pure FUG.
Carolina: First and third looks. Gorgeous, and I love the little black bolero on the third look. The rest are just OK, except for the last two looks. 9th grade art projects.

I think I like the same ones as TLo. Oscar's lace coat with ribbon sash and the blue lace gown. I also like his headresses.
The colored Vera Wang gowns. The tan one, being my favorite.
And the Herrera with black embroidery and also the one with the black net and lace bolero.

SUS - at your mention of it I went back over to the Peanut Butter post and I too was very surprised, it's turned ompletely into a Project Runway Season 4 war, Laura vs Jeffrey debate, who sabotaged whom and why, who loves whom and why, who's hormonal, who cheats, who's anonymous (and why).

We sure love our show, don't we?

I love the third Lhullier...gorgeous! And I'll be so happy when we move past this "all bridal gowns must be strapless" phase, because very few brides can carry it off with the necessary grace and confidence.

I'm just happy to see something besides white strapless dresses.

L'Huillier #2 and Herrera #1 are my favorites.

You can tell, just by looking at the dresses on the models, which dresses would be picked by the bridezillas prone to the biggest fits.

None makes me go wow, but I'm way past the Cinderella phase (thank g-d). But the grey gown made me wonder...Seems like wearing a grey gown would be a bad omen or something (like for a duller than average marriage).


The Carolina Herrera dresses are beautiful. I'm such a huge fan of her work. Classic with a twist.

Nobody does wedding dresses like Vera Wang. She's amazing, I love them all.

Thanks for showing them TLO.
Agreed about the boredom that comes from Monique and Reem. I'm so embarrassed that my first reaction at ODLR's collection was negative. I appreciate everyone's lack of bias after his unkind remarks about Shelly O. The 2nd one is beautiful on the bottom, but the top is just for those society girls who want to show off their implants. The third is perfect for your 4th or 5th trip down the aisle.

Vera Wang seems to be reacting to the economy. These dresses can be worn again w/o the stigma of wearing a wedding dress to an event.

Carolina Herrera's wedding dresses are great. Love every one of them. Before Vera, she was the one to see for your big day in NY. Caroline Kennedy wore CH and so did Marla Maples on their wedding days. The 2nd one reminds me of Kennedy's dress.


While I normally despise simple and boring, for a wedding dress I usually prefer something a little more classic and a little less trendy. I hate all of the Oscar de la Rentas, but like the Monique Lhuilliers and Reem Acras. The Vera Wangs are ok but half of them don't really look like "wedding dresses," whatever that means lol, and the Carolina Herrera dresses are pretty.

Boys, you can always talk bridal just so long they aren't being worn by an actual bride...
In fact, I'd say it is your responsibility!


I like nos. 4 and 6 of Oscar's, and all of Carolina Herrera's gowns.

Trust Vera Wang to offer a depressing gray wedding gown..blah.

There's something about empire-waist bridal gowns that screams "I'm trying desperately to hide this baby bump, and everyone will be pretend to be surprised when I give birth to a 'preemie'".

Just saying.

If I ever get married, I hope I can get a Vera Wang!

Um. Is that a puppy on the Reem Acra runway?

Wake me when its over...

...with the exception of the 1st Carolina Herrera - the red flowers against the (what is that, black) is stunning - more about the flowers than the dress. But still, my fav dress.

For years I have dreamed of getting married in a Vera Wang. I can't wait to try them on and choose mine. I love her designs. Thank you for the post, TLo!


Love: Carolina Herrera and Vera Wanh
Hate: Reem Acra and Monique Lhuillier

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Sorry, I guess I am not very fashionable but I LOVE all the "boring" dresses. The ML are just gorgeous.

If I would have walked down the aisle in those ODLR gowns my husband would have thought someone had switched brides on him. I think he was happy that I wore an ivory strapless :)

Boring, classic and proud!

I hate wedding gowns, especially the same-old, same-old strapless white poofy things. Blah.

Here, I like De La Renta's #4, Vera Wang's #5 and Herrera's #2.

Especially that Herrera #2, for some reason. I'm loving the halter straps and the swiss dot thing going on. I don't know why, but it makes me think of The Love brings me back to another time and it makes me smile.

why do all the acra girls look like they're slouching?

I never think runway models are anything more then glorified skeletons (not that that stops me from adoring the clothes), but there is something especially disturbing about those same skeletons donning wedding gowns. And then walking morosely down the catwalk. A woman should be happy, healthy, and glowing on her wedding day. There is not one model here who is any of those.

P.S. I love you, Vera Wang ;)

These aren't women on their wedding days and these aren't actresses pretending to be women on their wedding days. These are models and they're supposed to show the clothes off to maximum effect without drawing attention away from them. Models aren't normally supposed to smile or project their personalities on the runway.

I like Acra's the best. And I'm a 2010 bride! YAY! :)

(ps. I'm kind of over the trend of the color ribbon at the waist in bridal)

That's Oscar doing Cecil Beaton doing the Ascot racing scene from My Fair Lady, with a bit of the Embassy Ball thrown in for variety.

Meanwhile, O de La needs to get over the fact that he lost his monopoly on dressing First Ladies.

Dove gray was a traditional color for Victorian bridal outfits, and very appropriate for older and/or multiply-married brides. Whenever I see a 40-something divorcee marching down the aisle in poofy princessy virginal white (whatsername from Real Housewives of Orange County, anyone?) I'm reminded of the saying that a second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

I'm a little disappointed with the ML dresses. Love CH's.

ALD said...

Would it kill the models to look like happy brides?
They're models not happy brides.

Carolina Herrera, no doubt, best dresses.

Anonymous said...These aren't women on their wedding days and these aren't actresses pretending to be women on their wedding days. These are models and they're supposed to show the clothes off to maximum effect without drawing attention away from them. Models aren't normally supposed to smile or project their personalities on the runway.4/14/09 2:23 PMBut the clothes aren't being shown off to the maximum effect if you are distracted by an emaciated and / or morose looking model. I don't find any of these models as objectionable as the Marchesa models, but a few of them look sad, so sad [/Michael Kors], and I think it does bring some of the looks down. Now I am not looking for Heidi's maniacal grinning, but I think that a slight smile or a blank, placid expression would work better. At the same time, I think they are following directions, I just wish the designers would get over their affinity for this form of expression. Fashion is cyclical, so no doubt this fad will come to an end.

Reposting, my numbering was off.

Monique L'Huillier - 1, 2 and 6.

Oscar de la Renta - 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Reem Acra - 3, 2 (except fishtail) and 6 (I like the silhouette and the idea of the embellishment, just not that actual embellishment).

Vera Wang - 2 and 4.

Carolina Herrera - 1, I like the hat on 2 and the jacket on 3.

Kenneth Pool, hint, hint.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the third Carolina Herrera. It makes me want to get married for the first time in my life.

..Maybe not.


Oscar #6 is just lovely, also like the first Herrera. I don't like any of the Vera Wangs much at all.

Anybody ever watch Say Yes to the Dress. Is it me or are those Pnina dresses they keep pushing the the bridal version of daytime ho' dresses?

Reem Acra had the largest number of pretty, elegant and unexciting dresses that brides would flock to wear, but I would call Herrera hands down overall winner. De la Renta and Wang tied for 2nd place, only because so many of de la Renta's looks were very much a matter of personal taste as to whether or not one would be seen dead in them - they were much stronger (I thought) than the Wangs, but so many people don't want to be married in boxy retro shapes, however stunning.

Lhuillier pink silk beach wrap my least favorite. (who exactly wants a top cut shapelessly down to *there*, where it meets a tied pseudo-belt and multiple folds and layers prominently positioned over the midsection, when one is trying to be elegant, or at least cute?)

But every designer had several pretties.

Lhuillier, top row on the right: looks a little... familiar.

From the waist down, does it remind anyone else of Leanne's PR finale wedding dress?

Could it be that a major designer is taking inspiration from a Project Runway contestant?

LOVE the Oscar De La Renta. Carolina Herrerra gets credit for using different headpieces for each dress. That plus the dresses were gorgeous!
Those two were my favorites because they were the only ones that really took chances. Vera Wang doesn't count. Most brides will not want a yellow or gray dress- they are beautiful but will ultimately be ordered in white anyway, so big point deduction there.

Anybody ever watch Say Yes to the Dress. Is it me or are those Pnina dresses they keep pushing the the bridal version of daytime ho' dresses?Oh, hell yes!

Ok, for the person who had the price point question?

Yeah, my wedding dress was $199. I was 20 years old and still in college.

Maybe that's why I'm getting divorced......... (long story)

If anyone cares to see my celtic princess/snow monster impression of a dress, I'll post it on my long-neglected blog.

"Bored now."

I thought I couldn't love you guys any more, but then you went and made a Buffy reference. I'm going to pretend like it was intentional.
ex oh ex oh ex oh.


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