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Amy Adams in W Magazine

The It Girl of the moment, Amy Adams, is featured on the cover and accompanying editorial of W Magazine.

"In a place where, she says, "we were defined by the clothes we bought at the mall," her family didn’t have much money for sprees at the Limited. "If I didn’t get things on clearance, I wasn’t getting them," she says. "I would make fake Guess jeans by buying a cheaper brand with a triangle label and then cutting it off so you could still see the triangle outline. It’s so sad that I did that! But I really wanted to be one of those girls."

Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Anastasija Kondratjeva

We're in disagreement on this one. Lorenzo thinks she looks great but Tom thinks she's playing against type and not doing such a great job of it. We're in agreement that it's a fine idea to make her up in an image that you wouldn't expect for her; it's just that one of us thinks she succeeded and the other one doesn't. Tom thinks that, for the cover shot, they should have interpreted the clothes a little better, rather than simply take the entire look directly from the runway and put it on her back. Lorenzo, in a fit of gay prissiness, hates the dark nail polish on her.

Michael Kors Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Coco Rocha

Topshop’s black and white cotton jacket, Michael Kors’s black and white cotton and silk dress

Marc Jacobs’s yellow cotton voile top, Levi’s Capital E blue cotton and elastane jeans

It's the whole retro/heavy eyeliner/bad girl thing that grates for Tom. It just doesn't feel like her and she doesn't look particularly comfortable selling it. Granted, she's done a lot of the expected Good Girl imagery up to this point and we both agree that something new was needed. We're just not in agreement as to whether this was the way to go.

What say you, ladies?

Photographed by Craig McDean
Styled by Alex White

[Photos: Craig McDean/]


A bad girl from the 50s is the equivalent of a good girl now... I mean she's posing for a mens' magazine. They want sexy and they want it all the time. I'm just shocked that they picked such a kitty pryde outfit for the cover.

In the soda fountain shot, she evokes Ann Margaret. C'mon boys, lighten up! heavy eyeliner for a fun photo shoot, why the heck not?

conversely, I see no reason to ever support the dreaded "Dark Nail Polist". Shudder.

Woo! First comment!

I think she looks okay in everything, but nothing makes me say "WOW."

And, O/T for just a sec. I understand why you wouldn't want to blog about the season of Project Runway Canada, but do you think you could rip the collections once some decent pics surface? Love ya, TLo!

Love, love, love the cover. Both her and the Dark Mary Poppins chic clothes. Don't mind the nail polish.
Also love her in the Kors.
The last two shots don't send me over the moon. Guess jeans pretty much covered that territory years ago.

"Anonymous said...
C'mon boys, lighten up! heavy eyeliner for a fun photo shoot, why the heck not?

conversely, I see no reason to ever support the dreaded "Dark Nail Polist". Shudder."

The same could be said about the "dreaded dark nail polish". I think YOU are the one who needs to lighten up.

I love the photos, but I'm not crazy about the cover. That's a bit too costume-y I think, especially for a magazine like W.

Sorry Lorenzo, I'm with Tom on this one.

She's out of her element on this one.

Loved her Rita Hayworth-inspired photo shoot for Vanity Fair from last year. I even bought that edition for it.

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I think she looks great. I don't really see where she's "not pulling it off" or where she "looks uncomfortable." If she can play a naive hick, a nun, AND a fairy tale princess convincingly, I think she can handle some heavy eyeliner lol.

I think she looks gorgeous and this kind of exposure is great for her career. The biggest thing I noticed on the cover is the flawless skin and blue eyes.

Saman said...
I mean she's posing for a mens' magazine.
Since when is W a men's magazine? Did it change formats? Didn't like the cover shot. Amy's wearing so much pancake makeup, she could be in Duran Duran circa 1981.

That Michael Kors sundress looks really weird on the runway model, like she dressed in a dark closet and got the lining caught up in the zipper or something.

I like the cover shot (love the outfit) and the Ann-Margret counter shot.

Whenever I see her on the red carpet, I think she looks uncomfortable. I always see the "how to pose for the cameras" training. I think she looks more comfortable here; I suspect it's because she could act for the shoot.

I'm with you SUS, I immediately thought of the Robert Palmer girls in "Addicted to Love" when I got the magazine in the mail. And like TLo, I don't really like the fact that they lifted the runway look verbatim. The stylist for the shoot must have been running on no sleep.

I like the black and whites b/c her make-up doesn't look so garish. She's just not a gal who wears heavy make-up well. She has a gorgeous, fresh face and I think she looks best playing to that strength. I don't like the cover at all, partly b/c I do not like Marc Jacobs Mary Poppins line and partly b/c she is wearing mime makeup.

I actually love this shoot. She looks daring and sultry, something we don't usually see from her. I do agree, though that they should have used better clothing combination, instead of taking it straight from the runway. I go with my favorite movie of all time, "The Women", 1939 version, of course. The cover shoot immediately evoked Rosalind Russell in that movie for me!!
The rest of the shoot just looks like the "scag" girl we all knew in high school. Not liking.

I wish they had kept the yellow for the cover look -- it kept it very Americana and very Marc Jacobs vs. Mary Poppins at the Moulin Rouge.

And I LOVE the other looks from the inner pages. The bouncy curls with the smokey eyeliner are very good girl looking to rebel but not sure how.


The cover is fierce.

Love the soda fountain shot. I love her as an actress.

Hate the outfit, love the cover.

HATE HATE HATE the black nail polish and the uber dark eyeliner in the last few images. Haven't we already done that to death? We have.

As for the cover, I thought she looked good and I love that they left out that necklace, which I hated.

Love it. I totally dig the "I wanna be Lauren Bacall" stuff going on in the black-and-whites!

Tom thinks she's playing against type and not doing such a great job of it.Guess I'm lucky, then, that I've never heard of her and so don't know what her "type" is! Not having expectations allows me to judge these looks on their own merits.

I think she looks amazing. These shots are so fun!

She looks OK. I love the Michael Kors dress. It's so retro and fabulous.

i think she must just not be a very good model (slash actress--ha, too bad). i think the clothes and even the styling are fine and look perfectly good on her, but in everything but the close-up she still looks, well, kind of stupid, because she's so awkward and self-conscious. the close-up is awesome, though.

I love the cover. I love that outfit, love love love it. The rest? I'm kind of shrugging my shoulders.

The very dark nail polish - isn't that over yet for everyone but your stray goths? pyuch.

The awesome Craig McDean is the photographer, yay!!!

The cover is great, her face is gaw-juss!!! The side swept hair is a misstep and I feel nitpicky bringing it up, but the cover would have been jaw droppingly amazing if she had a smoother style - a chignon or combed straight back.

Love, love the Kors on the runway, except the white belt.

Love, love, LOOOVE the Kors on Amy!!! Love her expression, the pose, the set up. I am debating with myself on whether I would have liked it better in color. TLo, thank you guys sooo for including the runway version.

The TopShop is good.

I really like everything about the jeans ensemble picture: the pose, expression, setting and clothes - I'll chalk the socks and heels up to artistic license.

So is plaid / herringbone making a comeback, I am seeing it quite a bit these days.

Thanks TLo!!!

Love the Ann-Margret counter shot. I don't think she looks at all uncomfortable there. I'm not a big fan of the cover. She's wearing way too much thick makeup, and her skin is so ridiculously flawless that she just doesn't need it.

I love the B&W shots! The second one, to me, is so Sophia Loren! The cover I'm not that crazy about, though.

Sewing Siren said, "Guess jeans pretty much covered that territory years ago."

Oh, God, yes. Hated those stupid ads.

By the way, I saw an ad yesterday for the upcoming season of P.R. on Lifetime.

I disagree - I think she sells sultry very well. Its all very Ann Margaret, but that's not necessarily a bad thing

Marty the Wizard

Oh God, I hate that Marc Jacobs look.

Oh, wow. I think these are gorgeous!

I don't know Amy Adams that well as I don't really follow celebrity news all that much. But I think these photos are gorgeous. It seems the criticism is based on her personality.

Since I really don't know much about her, I just judge the photos for what they are and I think she looks great.

The black nail polish doesn't bother me one wit either.

She's so beautiful, so I couldn't figure out what I didn't like about these pics until I read Tom's opinion about the bad girl thing. You're absolutely right; she looks too uncomfortable to believably pull off this image.


Lorenzo, in a fit of gay prissiness, hates the dark nail polish on her.

Killed me.
I love you guys.

I do not understand why people are still trying to make dark nail polish "happen". Normal people just do not paint their fingernails dark colors. That aside I like Amy in these photos. She always seems genuinely excited that she has "made it" and gets to wear all these fabulous clothes. Which is so much better than the people that whine about it. Aww, poor you having to wear Versace to a premiere... :-P

I love these pictures. I should add I know very little about the actress herself, and whatever "Good Girl" reputation she has, so I didn't have that in mind while looking at these. I think they're fantastic, and see no discomfort or tension.

I don't like the cover photo, but the rest I think are gorgeous. Love it.

With the black eyeliner I think she looks just like Evan Rachel Wood. I'm not sure if that's what she's really going for. Not a fan of the cover look either.

I think the photos are great. I think she looks good and pulls it off. Only problem is "it" is BORING.

However, I like the shoot BECAUSE they are doing something different with her. I really do not like the Amy Adams that generally gets shown. She's so squeaky-clean-fresh-faced that if feels fake.

It also bugs me how she always has her hair swept off to one side.

She looks like Nicole Kidman in that last shot...weird!

I agree with folks on the counter shot - tres Ann Margaret! I LOVE how she looks there, especially since she seems to be petulantly pouting over her spilled milkshake. Fab.

The overall styling is great, but it kind of makes her look like a weird hybrid of Nicole Kidman and Avril Lavigne.

Must take this opportunity to plug one of Amy's lower profile films: "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day." Wonderful period piece -- get a load of the costumes, and the sets are swank! Plus, Amy played vapid more sweetly and beautifully than I would have thought possible; totally believable yet clearly a stylized act, not her real self at all. Frances McDormand was killer too.

You must see!

I love the black and white pictures; the cover? not so much.


I HATE that Marc Jacobs outfit. She looks like my aunt Vera. What the hell was Ms. Jacobs thinking when she designed that collection?

She does not have a face or the presence for that styling, it overpowers her.

I love the hat : )

I really don't like the cover, the outfit is plain ugly IMO. (yes I get what they are trying to do but still is ugly). The rest is ok, but I do see where she is out of her element.

With all that eye makeup, she looks exactly like Avril Levigne, doesn't she?

Love the jacket on the cover, that nail polish is over, but it goes with the outfit. Skirt, not so much, I think it's sloppy. I think she pulls it off, but as a total look don't love it.

Soda fountain shot is o.k., she looks good (from that angle) in an awkwardly cut dress, at least that's my take.

Overall, the retro-vixen look isn't my favorite, but I think Tom is bringing pre-conceived notions to his judgements.

(like we don't all do so all the time!)

I think she looks good as styled, but I find it impossible to judge anything other than pattern and color from magazine covers - they are so heavily 'shopped that they might as well use manikins instead of women.

The rest of the clothes are gorgeous, though.

Gorge cover, I don't like the editorial.

I think she looks great in the first shot. Better than the model. Maybe it's because the red hat looks less vagabond than the yellow. Also you can't see the skirt which looks like it's hung up on the undergarments of the model.

I like the last shots best. The cover.. eh.

For a men's magazine, the good girl thing would have looked weird. I think this is a good interpretation of sexiness. "Bad Girl" from the 50s is sort of sweet by modern standards, so she manages to be sexy but sweet at the same time.I think it was a good move.

I love the first black and white shot. I totally agree that she looks like Ann-Margret (Another one of my favorite redheads). I think this shot works well on her.

However, I'd also agree that the rest of it doesn't look particularly great. Amy has such a beautiful complexion and great eyes, that that amount of makeup doesn't really seem right on her.

Here here for "Miss Pettigrew"! What a sweet, charming movie!

As for the dark nail polish, it's really not over with it, sorry folks. I know a lot of teenage girls who are wearing it. Personally, I'm a red nail polish fan myself, but you know, sometimes the dark can be kind of fun. My toes are painted black right now, actually.

I'll take dark nail polish over an acrylic French manicure any day.

I have to go with Tom on this one, but that may be because she climbs my spine a little. She doesn't sell it very well.

I say, Cybil Shepard in "The Last Picture Show" above Ann Margaret in the soda fountain shots. Purely aesthetic however.

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