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20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Let's hit the red carpet, ladies!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Michael Kors Fall 2009

She looks flipping AWESOME. And the bitch doesn't seem to age at all. The color looks great on her, it fits her perfectly, and we love the earrings and the shoes. Should've gone with a different color clutch, though.

Teri Hatcher in Notte by Marchesa

She looks desperate (which we guess is appropriate), she looks starving, and she looks like she's standing in a wind tunnel. The dress is fine, but even the finest frock in the land isn't going to take attention away from her stick-skinny figure and pulled-tight face. And again, she should've gone with a different colored clutch (and shoes, for that matter).

Kathy Griffin in Dolce & Gabbana Resort 2008

Kathy, we luvya, but this dress, pretty as it is, is not the dress for you. It's too youthful and girly. Women over 35 shouldn't be wearing ANYTHING with a big pink bow on it. It flatters her girls quite a bit, but south of her tits, it's not doing her any figure favors.

And those look like Barbie shoes.

Jennifer Beals in David Meister

Beautiful dress that looks beautiful on her. And while she didn't pick a totally matchy-match clutch, we STILL think she should have gone with another color. Ladies, your purses are a way to ADD a pop of color, not to blend in totally with the outfit.

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LOVE Kathy's Barbie Shoes!!!

I would have gone with a green or purple clutch bag with the last dress.


I really love Julia's purse too. It looks like a giant orange Tic Tac.

Jennifer Beals. I haven't seen her since that Frankenstein movie in the '80s. I don't think she's aged in all that time.

Methinks MS. Kathy had Paris Hilton style her for this event! Love her anyway, oh queen of snark!

N Bergmann said...
LOVE Kathy's Barbie Shoes!!!
I know.. What exactly is wrong with Barbie Shoes? They look fun and sparkly to me:)

I'm with N Bergmann - I loved Kathy's shoes. Not the dress though. I did love Julia's dress. Talk about nailing a look! I can even forgive the clutch thanks to the rest of the outfit.

How appropriate that you have Kathy right below Terri. Kathy said on her most reacent special, something to the effect of, "Terri Hatcher doesn't think we know she has had work done? What, she just woke up Asian one day?"

Love Kathy Griffen, and she MUST have gays dressing her. I can forgive most of her errors because she is just so damn funny.

Julia looks great (better than the model) but the model had better shoes.

julia: orange is a surprisingly good color for her, love the jewelry, hate the shoes

teri: looks like she's channeling janice dickinson

kathy: oh puh-lease, you look like a four year old playing dress up, except you're not, you know, four

jen: love the dress but is it just the pics or does she have some major farmer's tan going on on her arms?

Talk about not aging, Miss Jennifer Beals. Amazing.

Terri Hatcher's lipstick is doing her no favors. Altogether she's sailing into Sunset Boulevard territory.

Hey boys, do you have any pictures of Keith Olbermann on the red carpet. That might appeal to the cubs (if there are any here).


I have a huge girl crush on Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. She is amazing, and gets better all the time. She looks better in that orange dress than the runway model did. STUNNING. And you're right about all of them needing to choose different clutches. What are their stylists thinking?

I also love Kathy Griffin, but that dress does not flatter her at all. And the shoes are gross.

Not liking Beals dress color on her and you are right about her clutch - tooooooo bland. Yawn.

Jen Beals looks the best by far, everyone else looks okay but boring.

Yowie, Teri Hatcher's face looks scarily like Michael Jackson's oft-sculpted pan.

Neither is a good look. Noses shouldn't be shaved down to pencil points.... Desperate, indeed.

Jennifer Beals' dress spoke "Lily Pulitzer" to me, ergo, somewhat Palm Beach dowager. Kathy G's gays let her down in a big way. Julia looks the best of the bunch, giving off a far less effort-riven vibe than the others. Orange is different and cheery, and she carries it off well.

All the best,


Agree with those saying Ms. Beals is the overall winner. I wish Ms. Julia's hair had had the sleek sheen of Ms. Teri's.

And I'm not so down as you on Kathy Griffin. Yes, the dress is too young - but I think it is flattering and I bet she felt pretty. In another color, with a plain ribbon band and (here's the real stumbling block) a sleek, simple hairstyle, she *might* have pulled it off.

But you never see Ms. Griffin without a mane of some sort, leading me to believe that she'd look like a seriously aging ballet teacher if she wore that dress with an up-do or hair pulled back. Which is the hair style that dress cries out for.

p.s. I also didn't mind the shoes. So, they *were* Barbie shoes. She was at the GLAAD Media Awards, for gosh sakes. Where better?

J.L.D looks great. I even like the bag.
Teri Hatcher, I don't like her (I don't know why). If an ordinary girl was wearing that outfit she would be fine. But from a star you expect more. The shoes look like Payless.
Kathy G. The curved empire seam of the dress doesn't match the sash which is straight under the bust, that bothers me from a design standpoint. The dress is a little to young, but I don't hate it. The shoes are cute, especially for her.
J. Beals. Her face looks a little weird, like she might only have one expression now. The dress is pretty, although it looks like everyone else did cocktail length.I'm not crazy about white bags either.

I can't believe I'm going to say this about Teri Hatcher, but I think you guys are off. She's standing in a wind tunnel? Um, her hair looks still, just cascading down her shoulders. She looks starving? Normally I'd say yes, but look at those pics. With her arm pressed up against her you can see some actual flesh, not just skin and bones! And look at her waist - she has one! She looks desperate? She ADDED straps to a strapless dress (which you may or may not agree with aesthetically, but at least she's being careful), has no cleavage and isn't showing too much leg.

But everything else you said about her was dead-on.

Dear God, I can't believe I just went to such lengths to defend her.

Donny, I think the wind tunnel crack was referring to her face, not her hair.

If JLD had the shoes the model wore...the clutch would have been perfect.

I guess a neon green or yellow could have worked with that dress, but other than that...yeeks.


LOVE, LOVE JLD's look (like the model's shoes better, though). The orange Kors is a knock out!!!!
Teri Hatcher's skin is scary. Has she had a face lift on her entire body?
Kathy looks like a lampshade.
Jennifer Beals looks good, but the dress is too "Let's go on a cruise".

Funny story....I was snarking while scrolling down, and while scrolling through the Teri Hatcher photos and noticing the tightly pulled face, my comment was, "What, Hatcher, you just woke up Korean one day?"...only to scroll down a bit more to see the author of that particular comment.

(For the record, I like Kathy's Barbie shoes. But, yes, the dress is a bit too twee for her.)

Was orange a theme or something? In addition to Julia (fabulous dress by the Duchess of L'Orange), apparently Kate Walsh was also dressed in orange. Is there a meaning to this color for GLAAD, or is orange the new black?

another laura

JLD, agree, she looks great.

TH - Funny, I actually thought Teri H's body looked fine. Her rib cage is not sticking out of her chest, etc. Her legs are pretty taut but she runs. That having been said, she should absolutely NOT have worn gold shoes and bag!

JB - zzzzzzz

KG. - yeah, the choices made for Ms. Griffin were, ahem, not so great. Still love her, though.

I hate orange, but it works here on JLD. Boring dress.
TH looks a bit too tight to me too, but I like her dress. Did KG always have painted on eyebrows, or what has she done?? They are about one inch higher than anyone elses and make her look like her eyes are propped open with toothpicks. Hate the little girl dress, but the sparkly shoes are cute. JB, almost cute, but meh, something is needed to make it pop.

Kathy's dress does her no favors. The color washes her out. I do like the Barbie shoes, though.

Julia looks great, and I like the nude color shoes.

agree with some posters

jennifer beals by far

amazing lady

JLD and Hatcher are opposite but boring as their clothes

Julia and Jennifer are ageless--if they've had work done, it's GOOD work. Actually, all the work Kathy has had done on her face and elsewhere looks pretty good, too. Teri should go to their plastic surgeons. (Or should have gone; alas, it's too late now.)

Teri is just too skinny, regardless of having a bit of "flab" here and there. Her legs look like toothpicks. A longer dress would have been better. Most women have a waist and hips even if they are only skin and bone--the hip bones are just wider.

I can't imagine that Kate Walsh looked as good in orange as Julia did. Kate's stylists seem to make a lot of mistakes; she's never looked right since dying her hair so dark. She is a woman who can look beautiful or, um, not so beautiful, so it is extra important how she dresses and styles her hair.

Not a huge fan of JLD, but she does look great in that dress and I actually like the purse with it. It think it's just the nice burst of the orange against the lighter orange.

I think that Julia needed a powerful necklace such as the one on the runway model.

JLD looks amazing and I hate orange.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how good everyone looks.

I agree that a bag can add a touch of color, but if you have a great dress, maybe you don't want to draw that much attention to your bag.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Grrreat!!! So I guess neon is really in. IN.

Teri Hatcher - The dress is meh, but it works. Also, it is good to see her in something less frou-frou. She isn't as scrawny looking as she has been in recent appearances. IN.

Kathy Griffin - Um no, except the shoes. OUT.

Jennifer Beals - I like it and it looks good on her. I wish she looked more comfortable and / or confident on the red carpet.

Really Terry? You just woke up Korean? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! JLD looks so great, and I'm glad her new show is doing so well.

Spot on, as usual.

Will someone please tell Kathy to stop with the bad bangs?

I love the gal, but oy! She needs some help!


Goodness. Kathy Griffin makes Dolce & Gabbana look like Forever 21.

Julia looks fantastic!
Teri bores me.
Kathy looks rediculous and silly.
Jennifer looks beautiful!


JLD has always been a red carpet favorite, that is proof as to why. She definitely knows what works on her and what dosen't. Minor gripe probably wood have been some sort of necklace. Other than that, flawless.

Lois Lane just looks cold, tired and hungry. But I like the dress, even though Seinfeld girl #2 is in desperate need of a sandwich.

I'm with TLo when it comes to Seinfeld girl #3. Although I do like the Barbie heels, and her look is a refreshing breakaway from her all-too familiar cameltoe.
Can't stand her, though.

I'll give the win to Jennifer Beals on this one because of the jewelry. Someone else said loungewear dress, and I'm in definite agreement. But the gal is aging beatifully.

I think Kathy looks nice, although it's not really her best color. The fit is flattering and I don't really think it looks too young for her. I am a big fan though, in the interest of full disclosure lol.

4/20/09 4:02 PM Donny, I think the wind tunnel crack was referring to her face, not her hair.
Ah, thank you. I'm a quick one I am.

FABU! All of them. Jennifer Beals looks amazing.

Quick! Julia, clutches.

There. Perfect.

I think Julia was perfect - the more intense orange in the clutch popped the dress. Another color would have faded it out.

I thought Kathy's dress was lovely, just the wrong color. A deep, lush teal would have looked spectacular. The shoes? I agree, this was GLAAD, where better to wear Barbie shoes. However, I'd like to see them fit, not obviously be several sizes too large with foam foot pads to keep them from slipping off peeking out underneath her feet.

Fun stuff...Love JLD in that orange! Kathy Griffin is always a bit hit or miss, but that never really bothers me as she is so much fun.

Ms. Beals looks to me to be a little hunched over in the photo. Not sure if it's the agle of the shot, the shoulder straps or just me.

As for Ms. Hatcher...all of that gold on the fake-and-bake ages her, and the wind tunnel effect is only adding to the overall impression (nice flouncy hair though). Someone mentioned Sunset Boulevard...Right on point!

Jennifer Beals looks freaking stunning! GORGEOUS! Woooow. Best looking woman there.

Kathy's gays need to fix her hair! And I disagree about Jen--well only because i HATE that print.

The funny thing is that the model looks bigger than Terri...wth is NOTTE btw?

Ha! Sunset Boulevard exactly! I couldn't place the familiarity but Bittybis nailed it!

Kathy, you have gays! USE them, for heaven's sake! At this point, I think the tragic fashion is intentional.

And JLD looks fantastic in orange. Lucky Bitch.

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