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Vogue Paris: Old School Fabulous

Darlings, spring is in the air and for some that means buds on the trees and the blooming of the crocus; for Lorenzo it means hours of reading the spring issues of the fashion mags and exclaiming, "We HAVE to do a post on this! GORGEOUS!"

And so it came to pass that we're passing more pretty on to you. In an editorial shoot for Vogue Paris' April 2009 issue styled by Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld, photographer Patrick Demarchelier and model Ymre Stiekema reinterpret some fabulous looks by shooting at the Paris Agricultural Show and providing us these very old school glamour shots. It's like some alternate history where French farm girls of the 19th Century did their chores dressed head to toe in couture.

Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Olga Sherer

Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Kamila Filipcikova

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Olga Sherer

Givenchy Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Anna Gushina

Armani Prive Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Charlotte di Calypso

Chanel Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Shu Pei Qin

Atelier Versace Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Georgina Stojiljkovic

Avalon Vega Spring 2009 Couture

Valentino Spring 2009 Couture
Model: Yasminka Muratovich

Zuhair Murah Spring 2009 Couture

A behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot [First half of the video]:


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Absolutely stunning, guys! I love the photographs!!

Great presentation. Thank you.

(Off topic question: does anyone know the name of the breed of the cattle in the first pictures?)

What, no snark about those shoes?

That poor woman is having problems with her pantaloons.

Not loving the pictures. But loving the Yasminka Muratovich and especially the Shu Pei Qin, though I'd never have known it from the editorial pictures. Thanks for posting the runway shots along with the editorial, TLo.

ChelseaNH said, What, no snark about those shoes?

I know. Bleah. I realize it's a "concept," but I still say bleah.

not crazy about these as fashion photos. i like them in some ways, but they're just too dim to show off the clothing well. In a rare occurrence, I absolutely LOVE almost every single garment in this group, and it's a shame the animal "props" and dark lightning obscure the gorgeous, gorgeous clothing.

M'eh. I didn't find anything in those shots particularly interesting; not the props, not the poses, not the clothes, not the setting, certainly not the lighting and not the concept.

The runways shots of the clothes make them much much more appealing (and see-able).

Immediately reminded me of Austin's decoy show from s.1

Meh, I see this kind of stuff all the time on America's Next Top Model.


Thanks TLo for the great posts on editorials.

I have always wanted a pair of wooden French sabot to wear when I am doing my yard work. I love them.

@too many cats:

The calf I'd say is most likely to be a Jersey, the Bull is probably a Charolais, not sure about the last one, but I'm guessing she's a dairy cow.

This photo shoot made my day :)

I don't like the fact that the models look so much older (like two decades older) and that they look so unhappy.

They look dead to me, although the poses are cool in some cases, but the faces are dead.

I dunno, if that's the concept they were after, it was executed well. I just didn't find it aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, the best thing (to me) about this is the very gorgeous and irreplaceable Polaroid black & white film (now defunct) used here. We will not see an emulsion that creamy come this way again.

It just makes me want to cry.



C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Wow. Even those bovines knew they had to work it for the camera!

Gorgeous! I love the black and white photos, and as always, compare them with the runway looks.

It really is a shame that people have this aversion to black and white. I think they're breathtaking. Maybe it's the French in me : )

Bleah. Dress and shoes. Would be a pain in the body to wear.

Love the b&w photos and the comparison to runways looks =)

I love the one with the big wheel of cheese. Perhaps because I'm in need of a big wheel of cheese this morning.....hmm...

i am not a fan of these photos. it seems an otherwise interesting idea with terrible execution. just looks contrived instead of interesting or unusual.

Lovely clothes and arresting final product (the photos) that don't really do the clothes justice.

BUT all I could think of was some 3rd assistant stylist nervously awaiting the appearance of chicken poop on the garments! And the careful ordering of the shots so that the ones with maximum animal contact were shot at the end in case the clothes were marked. And the necessity of a pretty game model!

And then, I scroll to the end & you guys found & provided video of the shoot! It was absolutely perfect.

Thanks TLo for the video link. I watched the entire mini-documentary about Carine Roitfeld. A fascinating, beautiful, glamorous, yet down-to-earth woman, who always put her family first. And her own clothes are gorgeous! She is also highly spoken of by designers and others in the fashion industry.

Very interesting to see behind the scenes of the photo shoot. I agree with Gotham Tomato about the fabulous black and white film. I usually love B&W fine art photos (and that's basically what these are), but not so crazy about these. However I appreciate the conceptual viewpoint, and did enjoy the contrast with the runway looks.

The sabots and pantaloons are a cute comment. I love in the video where they're fluffing the hay to keep it photogenic. tee hee

My fave is also the one with the cheese. That looks like a very heavy cheese - I wonder if it was also really stinky? Maybe that's why the divine model looks a little angry....

The animals are beautiful. Who cares about the clothes in photos like these, it's about Frenchness and attitude, non?

I really enjoyed looking at these - the concept, the black and white. It's funny - I wasn't really into the balloons photoshoot posted earlier, but these photos made me really happy. I like their severity.

Loved the Black and White, love the Animals, Clothes Beautiful but the Model ugh ! looked mad, sad or down right cranky ruined the shoot for me.... maybe she wanted to eat the cheese?

Ymre looks like crap in a few of these--I see some double chin!

Alternate history? It's the sort of thing that caused Marie Antoinette to lose her head!

The Queen as shepherdess:

a sort of a side comment, but did you notice in the vid how the exchange of words with anna wintour sounded almost exactly like a dialogue from the devil wears prada? (or have i just watched that movie one too many times...?)
on the pics, i'm with Gotham Tomato on the ill-fated polaroid film, and also think i wanna see those images printed on glossy paper (and not only on my screen) 'cause i'm almost certain they'll work better (depth of blacks and greys, etc..)

Fabulous! Love it!

I love the entire editorial, although I never understood why people in the industry fall all over Ymre. The video is also very interesting. I love Carine Roitfeld and her sense of style. Thank you, Tlo!

Gotham, if I recall, you're a photographer, aren't you? Thanks for pointing out about the Polaroids. I also love that old, early-tech, b&w that will only be available in the future by way of computer (how ridiculous is that?). I still don't care for the styling, the miserable looking milkmaids, and the subversion of the beauty of the clothes -- but I do love a b&w photo.

I completely agree with the person who said this made them think of America's Next Top Model. Just this week they did a photoshoot that was made to look old (don't judge me, so I watch it...). Next season on ANTM...Tyra makes the models milk cows!

"Brooklyn Bomber said: Gotham, if I recall, you're a photographer, aren't you? Thanks for pointing out about the Polaroids. I also love that old, early-tech, b&w that will only be available in the future by way of computer (how ridiculous is that?)."

Yes, I am a photographer.

But actually, Black & White film will always be available. It's just Polaroid b&w film that is defunct. The b&w films still available are actually increasing in sales volume, so they aren't going anywhere. There are still plenty of people using film, and going back to film. But the Polaroid films had unique personalities that made them unique and gorgeous, and they cannot be replicated with anything else on the market (analogue or digital).

The only reason Polaroid was discontinued was because some hedge fund jerk bought the company, only because he wanted the logo, then discontinued all films. He's now in jail because his hedge fund was a big ponzi scheme, but the beautiful film is gone (along with 5000 jobs).

(Sorry to take this off on a tangent boys!)


I was only so-so on the photos, but I LOVED the video, especially the first half where they showed the photo shoot. Did you see the model's face when they took one of the animals away? She was clearly grossed out by something. Priceless!

I love the feeling of these photos (and the wooden farmer's clogs!). I'm guessing the model is Belgian (or Dutch?) which also adds to the sensibility.

Thanks so much for the link to the video of the shoot (and the Corrine Roitfeld doc!) Fun to see the matter-of-fact bemusement of the farmers there.

PS Re the darkness of the photos: the computer monitor makes such a difference. I had to switch to my laptop & can barely see details so clear on my big monitor.Now I'm wishing I could see the printed page.

Are they farm girls or nuns? I don't love the habits.

As a work of art, it is compelling and interesting. As a fashion editorial, it's a little disappointing. I do not get a real sense of the clothes and in the end, isn't that the whole point?

I guess, with couture, you can get away with art for art's sake, given your clientele.

Sorry boys, but I kind of hate this concept. The dresses become so murky and uninteresting in that lighting.


The clothes are gorgeous, but you wouldn't know it from this spread. One of the dumbest photo shoots I've ever seen, doesn't work for me on any level.

Sit up and pay attention Wintour!

No celebrities on the cover hawking movies and canned interviews about thier personal lives. No jumping models. Editorial concepts!

Once again, the gorgeous and fabulous Ms. Rotfield has schooled you.

There are some beautiful garments in this set. (I could have done without the clogs, but it was a shoot, whaddya gonna do?)

Loved the photography.


do not like. sorry boys.

I'm kind of suprised so many posters don't care for the pictures. They are the embodiment of quite a few of my personal fantasies. The urbane and bucolic, antique and modern, innocent and sophistcated, its all there. That and Petticoat Junction underwear , what more could you want?
I want to crack an egg in my hand whilst wearing a couture outfit. I really do.

Oh, gee, here I go with my ANTM guilty pleasure again, but the B/W photos remind me of the Ellis Island photoshoot on the last episode of ANTM. BUT, I liked the ANTM shoot better, because the kids in the shoot were just adorable.
That being said, I'm not crazy about the bovine, haystack, milksopping, poultry, stinky looking cheese shoot here. Sorry, but me no likee. The first shot looks like the model is dribbling milk not only from the container, but from her mouth.
I do love the runway shots, though, the clothes are gorgeous.

Am I the only one worried about the animal poo* on the beautiful clothes? :)

.. I guess I just know how chickens and pigs can be when you get them near couture..

"Sewing siren Says: That and Petticoat Junction underwear , what more could you want?"

Clean drinking water! Didn't it always just gross you out that those girls were bathing in the town's water supply?


I'm not sure what breed of cow it is, but where can I find its earrings?

GothamTomato said...

"Sewing siren Says: That and Petticoat Junction underwear , what more could you want?"

Clean drinking water! Didn't it always just gross you out that those girls were bathing in the town's water supply?


That little vignette didn't effect me one way or the other, but Mr. Siren told me it used to give him a woody.
I relate this story in honor of the model Gabriel, because I bet it would give him a woody too.


Gorgeous! Thanks, Tlo!

I'm with Whitney. Wintour needs to take a look at this and see how it's done. I'm so utterly bored by American Vogue and it's monthly set of jumping models in front of a blank background. There is nothing remotely editorial about it.

This, on the other hand, is unquestionably editorial and original. Bravo, Mlle Roitfeld.

Amen to all of the Wintour comments. The only imaginative editorials are coming from foreign mags lately. Thank you so much TLo for the post. I loved it. But I must have a strange attitude toward fashion. Because I kept wanting to sing "E I E I OOOOOO" after every photo.


i'm not dorothy gale

How lovely to see Vogue models posing with live animals rather than wearing dead ones.

These are inspired! Thanks for the heads-up, TLo.

I understand the concept behind the photos; I just hate the execution.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that red sequined dress makes them look like their torso's on backwards?

Hey guys, this is my first comment, so first I just wanted to say that I always love this blog, but I especially love seeing the runway looks as they are incorporated into editorials! Thanks!!

Absolutely stunning! This is art. Fashion as Vermeer might have interpreted it.

These pics made me happy.

Peekshur wan? Zat iz zwee outthauzzzz.

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