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The TWENTY Worst Project Runway Looks of All Time - Part 4

Alright, ladies. This is it. Our Top 5 Worst Looks of All Time. The cream of the crap, if you will. We debated about doing an honorable mention list but honestly, aren't 20 entries enough for you bitches? There's gonna be a lot of "I can't believe you didn't include x!" Honeys, you try and come up with a list like this. Our eyeballs are going to be hurting for weeks.

Number 5

Season 2 - Episode 3: "All Dolled Up"
Designer: Raymundo Baltazar

The dress that inspired one of the Duchess's all time great bitchslaps, "barefoot Appalachian Barbie." And damn that little orange bitch, but we really can't come up with anything better than that. Sometimes you just have to bow to the master. Raymundo told the judges he designed this Barbie dress for little girls inspired by their mothers. After his auf'ing, his own mother slapped him silly.

Number 4

Season 1 - Episode 1: "Innovation"
Designer: Starr Ilzhoefer

It's Princess Mental Patient of Sanitaria!

Starr truly was amazing. She took an ironing board cover, some wrapping paper and some bubblegum and...made her model look like she was wearing an ironing board cover, some wrapping paper and some bubblegum. How very post-modern and meta-textual of her.

Granted, this was the first episode ever and we don't blame the designers for not really understanding what was expected of them, but it's truly mind-boggling that anyone would send THIS to be judged in front of a panel of fashion experts.

Number 3

Season 2 - Episode 4: "Team Lingerie"
Designer: Santino Rice

Give it UP, bitches, for one of the all-time great memorable moments from the show! Strangely, even though Santino claimed this lingerie collection was inspired by Heidi, it was Nina who practically leapt out of her chair to claw at his face in fury on behalf of women everywhere. Their heated exchange (while team mates Nick and Emmett bowed their heads and averted their eyes in the hopes that the judges wouldn't notice them) gave viewers the Nina-ism to end all Nina-isms: "It's aesthetically NOT PLEASING!"

Number 2

Season 5 - Episode 9: "What's Your Sign?"
Designer: Blayne Walsh

We were rendered pretty much speechless when it came time to recap this look and frankly, we still are. This goes without saying, since it's the number 2 look on the list, but this was one of the ugliest things we'd ever seen on the show. Scratch that. It WAS the ugliest thing we'd ever seen on the show. The only reason it didn't take the top spot is...well, why don't we look at the top spot to explain, yes?

Drumroll please...

Number 1

Season 1 - Episode 1: "Innovation"
Designer: Wendy Pepper

Here's what: Blayne's clown tumor costume was the ugliest thing we'd ever seen, but there was at least some work put into it. Quite a bit, probably. This thing, on the other hand, was nothing but supermarket crap that Wendy Pepper glued onto her poor model. Like we said, this was the first episode ever and we don't blame people if they were flailing about trying to figure out what was required of them but they knew they were in a fashion competition. She should have at least figured out that meant she was supposed to make an actual outfit. Instead, she decorated her model like the table at a kid's birthday party and hoped for the best. Lucky for her that the judges could smell her crazy coming from a mile away and kept her in for the entertainment value.


That's it! We're done! We can't look at another ugly dress again. We've ruined ourselves for you. Are you happy now?

[Photos: Barbara Nitke/ - Screencaps:]

Amazing! Only one Vincent Libretti outfit! I cannot argue with your top 20 though (well, maybe Carmen's menswear topless outfit for her Princess Jasmine getup, but that's a minor quibble).

That was a terrible, terrible task you had to do, but I am happy you did. Thanks, TLo!

We may all need to chip in and pay for Tom and Lorenzo to attend a couple of therapy sessions (or drinking binges) after having to spend so much time sifting through these atrocities. Thanks for your dedication boys!

Wait--where are the red and green peppers on that thing?

It's amazing how many of these outfits did not result in the designer being auf'd for sending such atrocities down the runway.

Weren't #1 and #3 from the episodes in which Daniel Franco was auf'd?

I didn't watch all of season 2 and it looks like it was filled with "serious ugly". Wow. But then, Blayne's outfit made me want to claw my eyes out.

Wow, that was... impressive.

I hope you know a good therapist.

My eyes are bleeding.

My off-the-cuff calculations indicate that Season 2 had the most Worsts.

And to think you did much of this while being under the weather! Positively heroic. Thanks for giving us devoted minions a lot of fun.

All the best,


Wow. This list has been both amazing and hilarious.

Although, I think I would have maybe included Wendy's future look and definitely Santino's ice skater outfit, this list is pretty on-the-mark. You guys are such good sports!

Yes, very happy. Thanks! I'm sure that will be the best part of my day.

OMG, I had blocked out Blayne's horrible entry for the "What's Your Sign" challenge. That poor girl looks like she has a penis.

I think we should do a Vincent Retrospective. What a poser. "It gets me auf." "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again." Is there REALLY any difference?

Oh, Blayne, Blayne, Blayne. Really.

I thank you, boys, for that bit of fun.

Anyone who misses Diana Eng the Fashion Nerd can check in with her at Craft:

SUS, they only picked one Vincent outfit, but it was the best choice for this WORST COMPETITION. Honestly, I could have whipstitched together the so-called dress and the basket.... Oh, i have to stop thinking about it because he should have been AUFed for that disaster.

the top two outfits... Clown Farts and Elmers GLue Candy.... perfect choices for all of the reasons enumerated. BRAVO TLO!

Oh no! I would never put my Raymundo on the list. Never!
The others, yes but in a slightly different order.

5. Vincent "Waste Not, Want Not" It fails in every way. She can't walk in it. And before Tim told him to change it, it was what we refer to as "Casket Clothes", decorated only on the front as if no one will see you from behind. His mom challenge was the same way. He doesn't think in three dimention.
4. Angela"Waste Not, Want Not", Unbelievably bad. Worse even than Jubilee Jumbles, but not as funny or memorable.
3.Wendy "Inovation". She is naked. Inexcusable.
2. Santino- "Team Lingere". Ugly. Badly done. And extremely rude.
1. Sweet Pea- "Fashion Giant" Worst ever. It's not even clothing!

LOL how could I forget " pooing fabric"

Raymundo's is fug, and this is one of the dresses I thought of when I first heard about your Worst 20 list.

Starr's is ridiculous, as was everything she ever made. It is sad that 66.6% of her output on the show is on this list. She's lucky though, it could have easily been 100%.

Alright, everyone always complains about Santino's lingerie. I like it, and the inspiration is clear. I thought it was way more creative than say, Daniel's (menswear as women's lingerie? How 80's and done). I didn't think it was 'ugly' at all, and I'm not sure why Nina thought it was so aesthetically-unpleasing. That said, it's clearly not for everybody, and not really the type of 'sexy lingerie' that would be marketable to most women.

Blayne's thing should have been number 1. There is no excuse.

Wendy' I have no defense, but it doesn't really effect me in a negative way. She described it as Carnivale, and it sort of us. The fact nothing about Wendy or anything else she ever produced was even remotely related to Carnivale or that type of thing, however, makes it quite the anomaly. Wtf, Wendy??? Where did this come from? Don't you usually try to do what you KNOW on the first challenge?

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

I totally agree with the #1, boys. That outfit was only the beginning of the crazy with La Pepper!

Although I do think that Santino's 'exploding turkey' skating outfit deserves at least honorable mention. Santino himself knew it was a piece of sh*t when he parodied Duchess saying "It looks like a baboon's ass exploded all over her backside!", and it led Tim to ask, 'What's happening to her crotch?" When Tim's asking about ladies' crotches, you know you're in deep sh*t.

I'm at home taking a sick day and I have to say Blayne's outfit perfectly illustrates the way I feel. On the other hand if I hadn't been feeling ill before I saw it I surely would be now.

I can't disagree with anything here.

Now get back over to TLo and get us some Virgins & Vixens, kittens!

oh, never satisfied...

Aww, ladies, I hope you were well sedated with Nyquil while you were compiling this.

I thought for sure Angela's "Edwardian Scissorhandian" outfit would be here. Maybe that wasn't so much top 20 ugly as top 5 snark, though.

And Wendy put more work in her craptastic candy Carnival thing than Mario put in his shower curtain...

thank you tlo, for making such a supreme sacrifice for us, your loyal minions...these posts have given me a nice laugh in an otherwise shit-tastic couple of weeks.....

I'm so happy with your choice for
No. 1! I've been waiting to see it since you started posting these.

What's truly frightening is that, even making this a Top Twenty, there were so many, many other candidates for the top spots.

Christian's prom dress.
Santino's jump suit for Kara.
Stella's garbage bag dress.
Those stupid earphones on Jay's models.
Vincent's recycled "billboard".

I could go on and on, but why bother? Such an embarrass de richesse!


Amanda in Austin.

Thanks for giving so much for so few. I truly appreciate your sacrifice.

Yes, darlings, very happy. Thank you!!

For me, this was one of those "what's the first thing that pops into your head when I say. . ." games. And the first thing was Blayne's zodiac, um, whatever it was. The second and third, respectively, were Wendy's grocery store thingy and Santino's not-fit-for-Victoria's Secret (or anything else) lingerie. Auf wiedersehen to them all, but they made for wonderful memories!

"Tlo said: That's it! We're done!"

Not so fast.

Someday, (many years from now) when you are about to die and your life flashes before your eyes, you are going to have to see them all again.

We all are.

We'll all just have to live with that fact.


"Tlo said: We were rendered pretty much speechless when it came time to recap this look and frankly, we still are."

I second that emotion.

Looking at this 'design', I'm thinking that Blayne may just show up on Dr. Drew's 'Celebrity Rehab', and they'll show a clip of this design as evidence of what drugs did to him (& the people around him).


Very, um, impressive list, TLO! For a minute there, I thought Santino's UNFORGIVABLE jumpsuit for Kara was going to be #1, even though I knew from the start that Wendy's candy stripPer outfit would take the top spot. OOOOOOH, a list of the 10 Best/Worst Aufings!

Seeing this also made me want to see a Top 10 list of the judges' critiques. Although, let's admit, most of them would be of Santino's clothing. Say what you will about his clothes (and we will... and have), but he was GOLD on the runway when the judges started saying they hated it. "Aesthetically not pleasing" "Carmen Miranda on acid" (a bit disappointed not see the phoenix/baboon's ass ice skating costume on here)... some of the best moments on the show.


Thank you darlings-never have two men sacrificed their eyesight looking at such unmitigated horrors in order to entertain their minions!

I'm so glad that the worst look of all time was the Wendy Pepper candy catastrophe! I kept waiting, hoping that it would make the list.

And yes, Brilliant, Daniel Franco got shafted *twice*! When they brought him back for season 2, I wondered if it was because they recognized that he shouldn't have been auf'ed in the first episode of season 1.

This comment has been removed by the author.

What's that doll that goes flying into the air with a little rotor or something? That's what Starr's reminds me of.

The best thing about this is it's taking me back to some of TLo's earlier posts, which are as funny as ever. I give you:

Slowey/Pepper screen caps:

Laura, Delicate Hothouse Flower:

I actually don't think Raymundo's dress is that bad--it's mostly an issue of it being totally and completely inappropriate for the challenge. I probably would have swapped it out for the aforementioned trash thing from Vincent, or Christian's prom dress, or the outfit Jeffrey made for Angela's mom.

bitchybitchybitchy said...
Thank you darlings-never have two men sacrificed their eyesight looking at such unmitigated horrors in order to entertain their minions!

1:40 PM
Listen, these guys blogged "Fashionista." They are more resiliant than you give them credit.

We owe you an eternal debt of gratitude for subjecting yourselves to this for little old us.


"the Nina-ism to end all Nina-isms: "It's aesthetically NOT PLEASING!""

That was one of the great takeaway lines of all PR time. But I'd still say Santino's turkey skating costume was way worse than this.

These lingerie getups COULD actually be worn, (albeit only in a confused dinner theatre production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cabaret), but that turkey costume just looked like a Thanksgiving dinner with peyote stuffing.


Oh boys, thank you for this. I needed to feel better about myself and the "worst" looks served as an instant pick-me-up. Go rest you eyes.

The funniest part to me is the look on the models' faces in Santino's "Lingerie." They look seriously pissed!!!

How the heck did he not get auf'ed for this collection of hilarity???

Cream of the Crap? No one could say it better - I bow to YOU.

Very...appropriate placement of the balloons on the bikini bottom of Wendy Pepper's outfit.

I second the motion for a Vincent retrospective. That would be awesome.

Ok quibbling - but Blayne's really should have been #1. Granted Wendy's was NOT good and but it was not aesthetically unpleasing and she was as covered as a bathing suit.

I don't think I ever saw that much detail on Blayne's. WTH was with the legs on that thing - I mean the "farting fabric" grabs all the "attention", but I had never notice how bad the "body stocking" part was also.

Sewing Siren - Really Sweet Pea's mens wear outfit. So a ridiculous bad shirt collar - worse than these? Worse than Blaynes?

ANd if WE are adding honorable mentions - Jerrell's Olympic challenge, anyone?

What the fuck? No Stella?

"Sewing Siren said: 1. Sweet Pea- "Fashion Giant" Worst ever. It's not even clothing!"

Yep, I'd have put her Gordon Gartrelle on the list too. Definitely.


Gordon Gatrelle!!!

In the words of the inimitable Laura Bennett, there has been a lot of ass on that runway.

Oh pooh!
I thought that Blayne's crapfest would be in the #1 spot. Well, I came close for once! ;-D

Excellent choices. Putting all of Vincent's "work" in the top 20 would be way too easy.

ask said...
Sewing Siren - Really Sweet Pea's mens wear outfit. So a ridiculous bad shirt collar - worse than these? Worse than Blaynes?

Well, yes. Blaynes garment was awful, but for the most part he produced what he intended to produce. It is not well made, but it does have some relation to the human body.
Sweet Peas shirt is a basic garment and everything about it is wrong. Even the best seamstress in the world could not have made sense of those pieces. She had to know she couldn't do it. So why didn't she just buy some knit fabric and make a pull over style, a couple of the others did?
GT, I had to look up Gordon Gartrelle. :)

Santino's stuff wasn't that bad. It was actually beautifully made. The cradtmanship was gorgeous. Lots of women would like it. Don't go with everything Nina says just 'cause she's an uptight bitch. Vincent's dress from the couture challende should have replaced the lingerie.

Heh... I was waiting for the Pepper, and you didn't disappoint. Number 1, baby! And well deserved. What a monstrosity that was. I can't argue with Blaye at #2, either, with the pooping fabric.

Kudos, boys, for subjecting yourselves to the ugly on our behalf. Take a much needed break and go look at something PRETTY!

I must say, even though Wendy didn't make an actual outfit, it WAS the first episode.
I dunno, I still think that Blayne deserved top honors.

I'd forgotten some of these. And that's A LOT to forget.

When I first saw that you were posting the 20 worst looks of all time, I immediately thought of Wendy Pepper and her Gristedes disaster. Glad to see we were on the same page for that one!!

You know how I wrote on one of the Worst of threads that Santino's lingerie wasn't that bad?


I take it back.

PS - Thank goodness Wendy Pepper wasn't eliminated (though she shoulda been). She was the best villain!

PPS - Speaking of... Typing fast so I can get to the new Kenley Collins post. Meow!

Your devotion to the cause was awe-inspiring, even if it was a kind of self-inflicted wound.

There's something about Wendy's candy outfit, the balloons, that just disturbs me beyond all reason. I can see how Blayne's outfit might have been first, but I would never argue about Wendy's placement.

OMG...I just now checked in...been gone all day.
First Tugboat Annie, now THIS!!
You boys must be in need of a few stiff drinks by now, I know I am, after re-living these seriously FUGGY looks.
Bottoms up!!!

can we have a Ten Worst Heidi Klum looks on PR? because as beautiful as she is and as many gay men as there are on the show, she has worn some major ass out in front of the Cameras. I am talking only during the filming of project runway of course

Amazing, but I am going to have to say (sorry, guys)...

Where was Vincent's Waste Management paper shitshow? That thing was freaking tragic. I would've kicked off Carmen and put that somewhere in the low teens.

Excellent job, though. I laughed. And laughed.

where is elisa's dress from the first episode of season 4?

Wait! what about the tumor dress!!!??

As ugly as Daniel Franco's butcher paper jacket was, he at least made clothes. Wendy on the other hand... I don't know what that thing is that Wendy created, but she rightfully should have been auf'd in the first episode.

Yes! I am so happy now. Thank-you lovies for your sacrifice. The lists are among my favorite posts and I know they must be a bitch to put together.

You are right, Blayne's was definitely the ugliest - I had forgotten just how ugly.

anon 7:44 - the tumor dress was there!

Indeed, the only thing that could top Blayne's half-naked clown suit (replete with disappearing arm) would be the glorified candy bikini. CRINGE.

Quite surprised Vincent's "dress" from the Recycling challenge didn't even make the list.

Honestly, Wendy Pepper's whatever-it-was wasn't great, and probably belonged on a 20 worst list, but is it really worse than "Girlicious," with the coochipede?

Seriously, isn't the coochipede the only real contender for #1 worst ever? I know Wendy Pepper was the designated bitch of season 1, but that ensemble is almost wearable compared to many of the others, including the coochipede.

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