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Steamy Hot Pictures of Jonathan

[Photos: RickDay/NousModelManagement]

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I. am. drooling. here. Can't. speak. now.

He's hot, and should probably win the show, as he's the most consistently "on" and professional...but personally, he's a little too toned and ripped for me. Hopefully we'll get to see some more of Shawn and Sandhurst too!

His wife is one lucky bitch.

God that is one sexy man *swoon*

If he doesn't win it will be a crime.

He's hot, but looks dehydrated in the underwear shot.

I would be attracted to him if I were a gymnast, or perhaps an elf. But as is, all I can do is look and say "Aww....what a cute little muscley guy."

Oh. My. God.
What a gorgeous man.

*Fanning myself* Aye aye aye, Guapisimo!!!


Fuck, He is HOT HOT HOT.

So yummy. I'll take a dozen to go, thank you.

Are we sure he's not just a marble statue or something? The man is too chiseled! That being said, his body really is beautiful, like a work of art. But it doesn't get me excited, really. Although the butt shot is QUITE nice. :D

Holy Shit! Are you kidding me!!

That has to be one of the most perfectly sculpted bodies I've ever seen.

While muscles are not exactly what I'm attracted too, but asses are and ga'damn!!

Impressive - but I'm not into the ripped muscles thing quite so much.

The scrawny of this world need to be lusted after too.

Have him washed and brought to my chamber.

He looks a little like skelator...I don't like his hips.

He looks a little like skelator...I don't like his hips.

He is HOT! That's some nice ass.

Eh, muscles are nice but he still looks too skinny. He looks like he does nothing but gets those muscles toned, instead of eating once in a while and taking a rare trip out in the sun.

He's lovely. Becks who?

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

He is gorgeous!

What a fine piece of ass. : )

sixgables said...

Have him washed and brought to my chamber.

That is hilarious, sixgables!

He is very goo looking and fit.

anybody know what his back tat says?

hot damn! wipes drool off of keyboard...


I'm sure we will see his tattoo more on the show!!


Well, I'll just add my completely unoriginal, but heartfelt

OH.MY.GOD. This man is smokin' hot.

Beautiful, sculptural body and beautiful face. But not so sexy to me. I know, I know...more for the rest of you ;)

Give me some BEEF.

I'm speechless. I like this boy's potential. Potential hard on that is. Break me off a piece of that...

potty mouth princess

And I thought Michael Phelps had the best fuck muscles (albeit below a total butterface).

Must get off my screen before the hubster gets home in about 15 minutes.


this man is FIIIINE


Guys! How could you do this to me? Or actually... why don't you do that more often? Good gracious he's hot.
If you ever find out where someone can buy a body like that, please drop me a line, k?

Oh my.

As Nina Garcia would say, "Can we see the front?"

Great looking guy. A little short on top for me aesthetically, and I can't place what is bothering me about his facial proportions.

Oh, hello there, five-star butt.


But I still want TYSON!

Also as Nina would say, "aesthetically pleasing."

Actually looks like a Tom of Finland drawing. I didn't know real men had proportions like that, ever.

*note to self; do not look while unable to have sex.*

...the things i would do to him. his wife is a lucky lady.

holy. shit.

whoever found these deserves a Nobel prize. The photographer too for that matter.

Damn you, Bitches!!

I was holding these pics of Jonathan until 'White Meat Monday' over at my blog.

Oh well, I'm more than happy to take "sloppy seconds". :)


damn, that is one perfect specimen of man. i didn't even there could be *that* many muscles on a person's body. his muscles have muscles!

good bod, face not so much

Yep. He's hot. No denyin' it. But...

Is it me or does anyone else say to themselves..."Why isn't Simon Czaplinski aka "Harley" of Sean Cody fame on this show?!?! He would so totally rock it and give Jonathan some real competition. Plus, what makes for better reality t.v. drama than a former porn star who clearly wants to break into hi-fashion modeling?

Oh well, just had to vent that I guess. But those of you who know who I'm talking about, KNOW what I'm talking about.

After seeing the leaked photos from next week's shoot, I had to check and see if theses were part of that shoot.

They don't appear to be, but it's nice to look at them again anyway.

that simply CANT BE REAL!LOOK AT HIS ASS!IT STICKS SO FAR OUT!are asses SUPPOSED to stick that far out?!

that said, he is an actual GOD.
how did his wife get him...?
oh nvm.

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