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Running in Heels - E3&4

Darlings, we got sick a couple weeks back and totally dropped the ball on our Running in Heels blogging. Since there's a new episode on tonight at 8 on the Style Network, let's get up to speed on what happened during the previous two episodes.

There's a photo shoot scheduled -- but the model is late. Everyone is very tense. But wait!

The model shows up! Yay! Pretty pictures are taken.

Despite our flippancy, this is what we like about the show. We're big enough fashion nerds that we'll happily watch a half-hour show about the behind-the-scenes goings-on of a fashion mag.

But they just have to have the intern drama, which gets increasingly obviously manufactured each week. Samantha and her jacked-up hair keep getting primo assignments,

While poor Ashley gets assigned to be the personal wedding-planning slave for Bitch Editrix Paula.

They tried to make Ashley the bitch of the threesome, but they're clearly fucking with her by giving her the worst assignments in order to ramp up the interpersonal drama and potential for backstabbery. We don't blame her for being pissed.

We do, on the other hand, blame her for everything she wears on this show.

So Ashley has to leave the Cynthia Rowley show to run around town picking up and dropping off Editrix's fucking WEDDING RING and, get this, BITCH GIVES HER SHIT FOR MAKING HER STAND AROUND AND WAIT IN THE BRIDAL STORE. We could never work for these people. Our imaginary internships would prematurely end with blood on the floor and flashing red sirens.

Meanwhile, Talita gets to tag along with Joyce here as she interviews Roberto Cavalli for the Designer Dossier page. Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the American Patsy Stone.

She was appropriately grateful for the assignment but she had to go there and start whining that she didn't get to shake his hand. Honey, you're lucky he didn't make you pick up his drycleaning.

And then, just as we're at the height of our, "We could never work with these people" sentiments, a vision comes into view:

In our dreams, we're sitting in our lowly cubicle when Nina Garcia comes up to us, drops a couple tickets on our desk and says "We've been invited to Brazil Fashion Week. We leave tomorrow night."

Seriously, there are a lot of bitches on this show, but with job perks like that, can you blame them for their little power struggles?

So Bitch Editrix gets to leave her brand new husband and head on down to Sao Paulo to scope out the designer showrooms ahead of time and see if she can snag anything that will make Nina love her or something. There's some implied drama that she needs this opportunity to impress Nina but after last week's bridezilla meltdown, we're not feeling the impulse to root for her.

Nina shows up eventually and takes her rightful place in the front row.

Unfortunately, the front row was a soccer stadium away. Damn, is that a wide runway or what? Can't imagine you can see the clothes all that well even if you are in the front row.

Bitch Editrix takes her around to see the fashion sights and ...we don't know, manages to impress her or something. All we know is, this show can only benefit from more Nina. We love to see her really talking about fashion and responding to it.

Meanwhile, back at home base, the slave girls have been rounded up to run the beauty products sample sale in the conference room. At first, we rolled our eyes at all the "Oh, you're going to have NIGHTMARES afterward!" talk, but this time, they weren't just trying to ramp up the drama.

They really did look like they were working their asses off.

Samantha and her ridiculous hair left the event early so she could go meet up with her boyfriend, which, hello? This is the real world calling: YOU'RE FIRED.

Of course, this isn't the real world. It's television.

In non-intern world, Zanna is styling a last-minute shoot of Mandy Moore for the cover. And Lorenzo is seething with jealousy.

He wants nothing more than a job where he gets to play with pretty clothes and help women play dressup for the camera.

And that's definitely where the show is the most fun. For all of the mundane aspects and all of the manufactured drama, there really is something glamorous and fun about the day-to-day activities of a fashion mag.

Although we wouldn't have chosen that look for the cover.


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I loved the episode with Nina going to Brazil. That was awesome! I love Nina!

How did these three get picked? Surely among the intern options there were some who would have some idea of what is going on.

How old is Ashley? Aren't interns getting college credit for the trouble of being a gloified slave?


Ohh, Lorenzo can dress me up and take pictures of me ANY day. I just wish I lived up in New York instead of waaayy down here in Texas. ;)

Oh yes! I've been waiting for this!

I did have a small liking for Samantha but that all but evaporated when she checked out early! Come on, bitch! Get it together! You can't get a later freaking bus, you dork?! And get a new hairstyle, you look idiotic! god! And what's with all the "byee!!!" at the end there? Are you looking to be assassinated??

Ashley continues to be an idiot as well - who ARE these people??!! I mean - yeah, Paula is a moron (who can't pick up their own wedding ring I ask you??!!) but THIS was the chance to impress her! In her highly neurotic bridezilla state - if Ashley had come thru like a champ, Paula would have sworn eternal BFF! Well....maybe not....but still! Instead Ashley WHINES and PISSES and MOANS her way around NYC and she wasn't even going the right way! She's dead to me.

Talita needs to be slapped repeatedly. If she WERE Patsy Stone - Edina would have beaten her to death with Lacroix. She is....beyond dense. WHY would Cavalli even CARE she existed??!! Because you named your puny pooch Shannel or Chanel or whatever??? Yeah. That's original. Go stand in the corner, face the wall.

MORE NINA - that's all I want. The interns can please go away.

I need you to watch PR Canada! Such drama, such bitchery! And I have nowhere to go snark about it.

I hate All of them (the interns). I actually found it painful to watch them argue with each other becuase they're all so unlikable. I wish Nina would drop a bomb on that stupid apartment they live in and then continue the show only now just have it focused on her!The show would become a million times better!

From another comments section:
Please, please, pretty, pleeezzze with a cherry on top do a post on the GLAAD Media Awards. Thank you.
Tyra Banks especially, since this is the first time she has looked normal in a looong time.

I know I am being greedy now, but please consider a red carpet post from the Kid's Choice Awards. The likes of Cameron Diaz, Paula Abdul, Tori Spelling, Megan Fox, Keke Palmer were in attendance.

I gotta say, TLo, you're far kinder to those interns than I. After today's episode I think they're all completely immature bitches, and I don't find their drama entertaining in the slightest.

Watching Joanna, Nina, & crew work behind the scenes, however, is surprisingly fun. Those are women who have earned their bitch stripes.

Anna - I have to agree with you. These idiots are just a waste of time. My general response to them is a huge groan of exasperation!

But I have to say - what the heck is WITH Talita? She acts like she's Fashion Goddess but her styles isn't even all that special. I find her behaviour the most childish of the 3.

As much as I think Samantha needs to pull it together - I have respect for her to actually try to clear the air with Talita. Talita's responses after the talk were predictably asinine.

My response to her would have been "Ok then, I tried. F*ck you."

Plus the irony of Talita's comment "This isn't high school" then deliberately not inviting Samantha to her night out with Ashley. Ha! It don't get more high school than that, bitches.

Can't wait to see what the Gay Boys have to say =)

Isn't this show supposed to be about the interns? The "running in heels" part?

Or did I misunderstand?

Fully half of the last show was spent on the Brazil trip, and while I enjoy hearing Nina (and seeing Nina) I did miss the kitten-fights among the interns back in NY.

BTW - I just don't understand the snarkiness about doing personal errands for a boss. The equation is that if someone is making or billing hundreds of dollars an hour, it makes financial sense to send someone who makes dollars an hour on these various errands. If Paula is making - say - $100 an hour AND she did the company the favor of working up until the day before her wedding, I totally understand why the company would want to free up some other less-well-paid people to do her personal errands for her. Too bad she got stuck with totally incompetent, clueless and nasty Ashley or her wedding-related errands would hve been done in a quarter of the time, and she could have returned to the office to make more money for Marie Claire, instead of standing around Kleinfeld's for hours, waiting for Ashley to not take a cab and get lost repeatedly.

Well for heaven's sake why WOULDN'T you choose that photo for a cover ?? I say there is NOTHING like a good arm pit shot to highlight beautiful fashion and a winning model !!

Maybe it was supposed to be about the interns... but indeed, they're the most boring part of the show. I find myself almost literally barking at the screen whenever one of them comes on... but I'm still watching, because the behind-the-scenes stuff is just fascinating.

Skip the interns... tell me more about Abby and Zoe and Sergio.

My favorite line of your recap: "Our imaginary internships would prematurely end with blood on the floor and flashing red sirens."

Made me laugh out loud!

And hello, Nina! Strange to realize I've really missed her.

OK I LOVE this show. It is how I thought Stylista would be but wasn't. Joanna Coles does an excellent job here and represnts herself very well. I really like the way they show the whole magazine process in a fun way. The downside are the interns, they are a real snore and seem incompetent of executing basic tasks. Very ironic as the contestants on Stylista were very talented.

I watch just to see Joanna Coles and Nina Garcia. They're awesome! Paula gets on my nerves.

I love the show! I love the "behind-the-scenes" look at the magazine through different sets of eyes. I hated Ashley in the beginning but now I feel sorry for her.

Carol said...

I did have a small liking for Samantha but that all but evaporated when she checked out early! Come on, bitch! Get it together! You can't get a later freaking bus, you dork?! And get a new hairstyle, you look idiotic!

The thing is that her hair looks ok when she's not in the office. Does she think that is appropriate for the office? It looks awful.

I find the staff a lot more interesting than the folks at ELLE. Joanna has a great sense of humor and definitely knows what she's doing. I hated the picture they picked for the cover, though.

I didn't get a chance to watch it, but after reading this I really want to.

I just saw this show the other night. It's interesting how these interns act as if they should be treated in a certain way or exposed to certain things. They're delusional.

If they removed the interns, this would be a much better show. If they hired you two as consultants, this would be a much better show. If Paula got a voice change, I'd be able to stand listening to her. Maybe.

Get rid of the interns. I like to watch the real magazine employees, not the fake, immature, whining interns.

"Tlo said: Samantha and her ridiculous hair left the event early"

Am I the only one who's thinking that Samantha has been getting botox injections in her hair?


"Tlo said: So Ashley has to leave the Cynthia Rowley show to run around town picking up and dropping off Editrix's fucking WEDDING RING and, get this, BITCH GIVES HER SHIT FOR MAKING HER STAND AROUND AND WAIT IN THE BRIDAL STORE."

Yep. The bridezilla stuff was idiotic. But then all these Princess Brides act like idiots. Organizing a wedding is not as big a deal as these idiotgirls make it out to be. It just isn't.

Then again, neither is running errands in midtown. How could Ashley get lost? She was in MIDTOWN MANHATTAN! All the streets in Midtown are numbered.

If you watched Sesame Street, you can count well enough to not get lost.


I'm not a fan of Paula, but if you left me standing in a bridal store for an hour or so with no clue where you are or when you'd be there, I'd get grumpy too.

If you are intern, make sure your cell phone is charged and working. A simple phone call "I'm sorry I'm running late, I'll meet you at your next appointment" would have made all of her problems go away.

I agree with Anna and Carol. I was slightly invested in Samantha in the beginning but now I am completely over all the interns. Favorite line of the episode was Talita exclaiming that "That was the most draining conversation I have ever had" after her talk with Samantha. HAHA, too funny.

More behind the scenes stuff! More Zoe! More Joanna! MORE NINA! NINA!! NINA!!!

"Favorite line of the episode was Talita exclaiming that "That was the most draining conversation I have ever had" after her talk with Samantha. HAHA, too funny."

It was draining because the bitch was wrong and deep down somewhere that she's still human, she knew it. She therefore had to tap-dance her way through a field of verbal mines, hoping that one of them wouldn't explode in her face while she's acting all superior and pressed for time, but suspecting that she's really not (superior).

I agree with the sentiments here. Even if you take out the whiny, clueless interns (especially Ashley, she gets no sympathy from me since the beginning, even though the producers are making her look like the bitchy but misunderstood intern), the show regardless remains every bit as interesting. The fashion magazine process actually is enough to support a 30-minute show for one whole season, IMO.

These three girls have no clue what's like out there. I'd say send them home. Nina is fabulous : )

Anonymous said...

Ohh, Lorenzo can dress me up and take pictures of me ANY day.

I'd love to have Tlo helping me dress every day.

I disagree about Samantha. Frankly if I had to work with any of them it would be her. She seems genuinely excited to be there and have a good attitude about doing crappy stuff. Pick up clothes? no problem. Assemble clothes racks? OK! I'd rather hire someone with less experience (I can train them my way)but with a good attitude any day.
And please people, get a grip on her leaving early. She made plans and didn't wanna change them. She asked her boss if it was ok and they said yes it was. It's not like she was the glue holding the day together and it all went shitty because she left. It was shitty and was gonna be shitty no matter what.
And yes Ashley, they will notice she left early. They will also notice you are consistently late, don't charge your cell phone, and whine alot about doing demeaning things.
Of course you are whining to people who were also once interns and probably weren't late, charged their cell phones, and did everything you are doing and more and really don't care.

Talta has to be the biggest bitch ever. She is extremely condescending towards the other interns. She needs to learn some respect and lose the attitude.

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