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Nina Ricci Fall 2009 Shoes

It's Sunday morning, so let's talk shoes! Grab a cup.

At Olivier Theyskens' recent show for Nina Ricci, the talk was less about the clothes and more about the shoes.

Here's why:

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Those heels are dangling several inches off the floor.

To be perfectly blunt (which is TOTALLY uncharacteristic of us, right?) we think these look ridiculous. Worse, they look deliberately designed to be painful. They're ugly, both in form and in idea. Theyskens has been reported as being on the outs with the house and this may have been his last collection for them. Was it a big "fuck you" on the way out the door? It's a shame, because the clothes got good reviews but all anyone can talk about is those ugly shoes - and not in the good way. More in a "Did you see those ugly shoes?" kinda way.

Surprisingly, the models can actually walk in them:

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage/ - Video: YouTube/Allooui]

Ugh. They make birkenstocks look normal.

The clothes aren't too bad, but not much we haven't seen before. The hats are too ridiculous.
The shoes are pure torture devices. I hope they had a podiatrist backstage.
Thanks so much for the Sunday morning treat, TLo!!!

Thanks, for the Sunday post, TLo. I watched the whole video before I realized I hadn't even looked at the clothes, I was so distracted by the models' apparent total focus on remaining upright. Wear those much longer than the time it takes to go up and down the runway and your toes would be screaming.

What an ass.

Some of those shoes could be salvaged by sawing the platform off at bottom-of-heel height, but the ones that look like shiny socks on cattle? F'UGH-ly.


Holy shit! I bet they weigh a ton!

They are HIDEOUS! I'm all for innovation, creativity and forward-thinking, especially in fashion, but these shoes are RIDICULOUS!

You know Posh will be wearing them.

Hateful shoes.
Designed by a misogynist for the most pathetic of fashion victims.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Perfect for the band Kiss, if they were still around.

Oh Jeez!

I can't believe there wasn't one girl that did a face plant! Did they have days to practice walking on these torturous shoes??? The models that were wearing pants long enough to cover the shoes looked like they had on stilts. Odd.

That just looks like a slew of broken ankles and class-action lawsuits just waiting to happen.

Maybe those can replace waterboarding at Guantanamo.

Well, I never got the fuss over Theyskens to begin with. And those shoes are beyond ugly. They are absolutely hideous!

Ugh, these are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen in my life. Make it stop!! :(

I think ToddNY is right: Posh will be wearing them - along with Sarah J Parker of course!

I like them as a runway look. For whatever reason, I get the idea that they might have been designed with the historical inspiration of platform shoes (perhaps) worn when trying to keep out of the rainwater and trash in public streets. A bit of a commentary on the current economy and mood, maybe.

Sort of raising the fashion up, protectively.

Yuck! For me they bring to mind two things: pointe (which is a great way to ruin your feet forever), and footbinding.

I'll be honest. I kind of like them (emphasis on kind of). Sure, I've never worn heels before so I have no idea what kind of pain these would bring, but I think they look good in the top look. however, the rest (like the purple and blue ones) are disgusting. I only truly like the black.

The average human being's total height is seven heads high--or the height of your head times seven. Fashion drawings are eight heads high, which is why they look overly long and lean, an impossible look to attain in real life, unless you are a 112-pound, 6'0" runway model. With these shoes the proportion is further distorted, closer to nine heads high, which makes the clothes look extremely flattering, but even more impossible to attain in real life.

Did you notice that every single "shoe" is actually some form of boot? They wouldn't stay on the feet, otherwise, and give a modicum of support to the ankle. I noticed a lot of ankles wobbling like a preteen wearing her first heels.

Hopefully, this is one look that won't go any further than the runway, like those silly helmets, and some of the other looks that either objectify women or make us just look ridiculous.

Karen in Ohio

Sara said...

Hateful shoes.
Designed by a misogynist for the most pathetic of fashion victims


TLo said: "Surprisingly, the models can actually walk in them"


Well, I'd say the models can barely walk in them. The models looks stiff, their ankles appear to wobble, and their walks are very careful and precise.

Anon 11:26 -

You owe me a beer! LOL


The clothes are fab! If I were the designer I would have run out and got some Payless black pumps for everyone and be done with it!

I think you're right, they're a big "eff u" to the fashion house from the designer.

oh my... just looking at those shoes make my feet hurt, I cannot even imagine what would be to walk in them... if you could call that walking...

too many cats

Just call the shoe collection:
Shoes to attract muggers and felons.
No city woman in her right mind would wear anything that left her so vulnerable.
This does NOT, BTW, contradict the suggestions above as to the two people we might see wearing them.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hutchlover said...

Anon 11:26 -
You owe me a beer! LOL

Great minds!

Anon 11:26

Those models look terrified that they are going to face plant or break an ankle. It's not only torture, it's evil to put someone in shoes that dangerous.

So the models basically have to tip-toe down the runway.
Good calf workout tho. Will we be seeing these at 24-hour Workout soon?

Oh ... my.

Those poor models were certainly putting everything they had just into staying upright, weren't they? I'm not a fan of those shoes but had they functioned as, say, actual shoes, I can see where the designer was going. With the insane platforms they looked a little like air sprites or wraiths or whatnot in their impossible proportions and, for the collection, that part worked.

And they they tried to walk. All that fabulous movement models are supposed to give garments with their hips? Gone in favor of keeping ankles intact. Seriously, $30 stripper platforms would have been the better choice here.

And the black suit with pink ... whatevers? New levels of fug.

Misogyny was the first word that came to mind when I saw these shoes, and also the O.J. Simpson quote, those are some ugly ass shoes.

AMAZING FASHION! You are all wrong!
Brilliant effect- Purposeful Design.
Oh, What, you don't like them? Cool because they're not meant for your pedestrian feet!
Stick to critiquing young up-and-coming designers from Project Runway. You can't say anything about Olivier Theyskens! F U

Because they're runway, I'm willing to dub them "art" and let it go. Art I don't really care for, but I must say the dangling heel is a bit Dali. If they are produced for to be worn? hateful.

I looked up "ugly" in the dictionary, and these shoes were pictured with a cross-reference to "ludicrous".

I like some of them.

Oh, most people couldn't walk in them, but that doesn't bother me. There are ways to lace boots so that the ankle has much more support. I'm a toe walker anyway (toe heel instead of heel toe); these would work fine for me. I usually walk in heels without the heel touching the ground, actually.

Some of them are quite ugly though.

I don't like them. They're an interesting conceptual design, but how can you walk in them?

If by 'the models can actually walk in them' you mean 'they managed not to fall flat on their faces but look like it took all their concentration and look like they are tip-toeing around'... then I agree.

Posh was already wearing them last September. *That's* how awesomely current she is.

heh.... I actually kinda like some of them, particularly with the ensemble pictured.

But then I also personally like a darker, gothic aesthetic anyway.

Taken as a whole, the runway show reminds of the movie Pan's Labrynth. The shoes have a hooflike quality that adds to that impression.


Those shoes bother me in a visceral way. Watching the runway show with that creepy music and the creepy gave me teh willies.

You are are totally right though, I never even saw the clothes all my attention was on the shoes. I will however disagree with you on one thing, I don't really think you can call that walking. They did thier best but to make it look natural but there was just no masking it.


Also, did you see those hats that totally covered the face! I think the creppy vibe I kept getting is that this seems like a S&M torture thing. Blinding the models and then making them walk on those tip toe boots.

Google "ballet boots" if you want more torturous foot wear.

For the runway,whatever.

If these are ever manufactured and sold, I expect an angry mob of women to show up at Olivier Theyskens's home.

The shoes look like a foot fetish wet dream. They are odd but strangely compelling.

Kimberly said...
I think ToddNY is right: Posh will be wearing them - along with Sarah J Parker of course!

I highly doubt that Sarah Jessica Parker will ever wear anything by Olivier Theyskens again. Remember the Sex in the City movie NY premiere dress fiasco?

Ick. Props to the models for not falling, although they were seriously unstable. I almost hope it becomes a trend so that I can enjoy watching people who follow fashion without any additional thought fall on their faces.

Two words:

That applause was for the models, for not falling! Those girls get props for making it through the show, particularly the poor girls who also had to wear headgear covering their eyes! My grandmother would have said, "The end will be an accident!" It's amazing no one fell.

That said, there were some stunning clothes on the runway.

Recently I've shocked myself by getting physically angry at some of the shoes out there!

Hated this look when Posh was sporting a version (Martin Margiela?) last fall. Ugh. I once accidentally saw part of a video with freaks into a special s&m thing where they pretend to be ponies. All gamboling around some sad city park like jackasses.

While I'm on a rant, I'd also like to say I positively hate all the freakishly high heels out there right now. They may flatter a woman's legs (& thrust out ass) but make her look like she's mincing around on tip-toe & has to clench her butt-cheeks as she concentrates on not falling down.

Can these abominations mean the end of the freakishly stupid shoe? One can only hope.

PS - TLo, can you do a post on leggings so I can rant on that, too?

I hope that along with a paycheck, the models also received a coupon at Sciatica R' Us.

Was it me, or did the model in teal toward the end look like Bill Nighy?

The shoes are awful. Nothing good about them - awkward, heavy, clunky and flat out ugly.

I'm not a fan of the clothes though, either.

On the runway, they really look like stilt walkers--both in the gait and in the new proportions it gives the models. So weird.

ew. i've been thinking too academically today, so there's my gut response.

It was like watching some sort of bizarre fetish show. Did they recruit only models who could dance on point?

The models themselves are really adding to the creepy vibe here, they're thin enough to look like they've risen from their graves. Yikes. I was more disturbed by the anorexic look than the hideousness of the shoes.

Well, these shoes just look like satin-y versions of similarly-styled goth/fetish shoes that have been around for years.

But in fairness, they're shoes made to sit and pose in, not walk around the city in.

So they're both old news and silly in my book.

-- Anun

Chinese foot binding also comes to mind.

A lot of the clothes are cute-ish, but if runway models struggle to walk in those ridiculous shoes, what chance to the rest of us have?

Those shoes are mysogynistic. It is really difficult for me not to go into a rant about this....

Wow! I can't tell you how much more cheerful I feel after watching that little dirge...NOT. Actually, clothes not so bad, but the music and the shoes...I'm so depressed. I haven't recovered from an election night sprain, and my ankle throbs just looking at them :-)

I don't mind the shoes so much, but the dangling heel makes no sense to me. It clearly serves no purpose.

Most of the clothes were gorgeous.

Too bad the shoes took the focus away. Whoever's watching can't help but be distracted by them. Poor models! No way to seemingly glide that runway.

These don't look like fetish shoes. Fetish footwear always has a element of fun (define fun how you see fit) and sexiness to it. Extreme heels and fetish ballet shoes and boots all have this. You're bound to admire the woman who can walk in ballet boots.

These shoes look hateful, like they were created by a misogynist designer to punish models.

Allison said...These don't look like fetish shoes. Fetish footwear always has a element of fun (define fun how you see fit) and sexiness to it. Extreme heels and fetish ballet shoes and boots all have this. You're bound to admire the woman who can walk in ballet boots. 7:37 PM

OK, I will admit my ignorance, tell me more about fetish footwear. Does it go beyond shiny leather platform stilettos?

I don't know if anyone's seen equus, but they basically look like the shoes they made the people who played the horses wear, all toes, no heels, so that they'd look less human. It's just so...ugly.

Yes, the shoes are hideously ugly and ridculous. But, they are part of the show, I don't think anyone realistically thinks the average woman is going to take to wearing these monstrosities (at least I would hope not).

siriuslover (who still can't remember her password!)

A friend of mine sent me pictures over a year ago of shoes just like that in Japan. I think I may have said that in another post months ago. Anyway, yeah, they're hideous...and seem to want to limit women's mobility...

It was not just shoes that was painful. I could only watch for a minute till got a horrible headache from that music.

i'm not dorothy gale

Oh come ON. I can't even get a pair of cute shoes at Kohl's, for godssake, without being in danger of crashing and burning. These are beyond reason. And ugly as hell.

The little non-functional heels sticking out of the shoes remind me of my dog's dew claws. Not a good look.

They totally impede the models' walking. The one with the green at the bottom of the skirt can hardly move. I have a hard time believing that Nina Ricci was left with the rejects.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The shoes worked the music; gave the models this alien/bird sort of walk that totally jibed with the music and the fact that all the models look 3 peppermints away from concentration camp victims.

All in all the shoes lent this eerie otherworldly feeling that TOTALLY went with the introspection-caps.

Not a thing on that runway for me to wear, but as an art exhibit it looked SMASHING!

Enough's been said about the shoes from the Nazi concentration camp for women. So for the clothes...

I honestly liked a good chunk of the garments. My major OUT comes from the dress featured with the shoes on - it looks like a Star Trek outfit gone horribly wrong. The whole collection though had a very somber feel to it (possibly because the designer was on his way out, perhaps?). The gowns were a little out there, but the shorter dresses looked nice. I'm on the fence about the sheer skirts - some of them worked, but others clearly looked like tacky lingerie. I couldn't concentrate at all on the last look - what the hell was going on there? Ultimately, though, I would've liked this collection better had it nixed the trekkie dress, tamed those final gowns, and of course thrown the idea behind those shoes onto an oil & gasoline bonfire. They were just beyond tacky, painful to watch, and impossible to design for someone other than a model who has trouble standing upright as it is - those crash diets can make them plenty dizzy after all.

Final word: Dear Hollywood/celebutants,

Knock yourself silly with these outfits for the most part. But if you so much as touch the shoes, I will spread the word at just how insane you are to ever mental institution in America. Thank you, and have a good day now <(^_^)>


As props in a runway SHOW, I think the shoes effectively altered body proportions as Karen pointed out. It did help create an otherworldly effect, which, given the lighting and the music I am guessing was the point.

Though once one noticed the shoes, it did make it tough to focus on the clothes, some of which were quite nice.

As shoes, now, I immediately thought of foot binding & fetish-wear and in an icky rather than compelling way. (attractive was never on the table)

The models should have gotten a bonus for walking in those.

I must confess, I love the shoes--they're definitely not wardrobe items, but as runway gadgets they come as close as a model can to becoming a mythological creature...

In other breaking news, it's criminal that they had to walk in those, if Theyskens wants to engage in that level of fantasy, he should use animated 3D holograms on his runway. That would be radical.

" Allison said: These don't look like fetish shoes. Fetish footwear always has a element of fun"

I don't know about that. Google 'pony fetish'.


It's ugly, it's ridiculous, it's dangerous and I hate that it is allowed to make models walk in shit like this. Watching the girls walk in those shoes made me angry.

I like the boots in the first picture; I think it's because the long tops balance out the wonky bottoms. The rest of them are mostly ugly.

And it looks to me like they've been engineered to make walking possible, not like those things Posh wore a while back where she basically just had to stay on her toes the whole time. I mean, it's not like anyone's going to wear them to run out to the drug store, but they weren't designed for that. I'm just not sure they're as torturous as they appear at first glance.

Oh, those shoes are beyond ugly-what was Theyskens thinking of?

Wait I have seen these before. In fetish footwear.

Link may not be safe for work. You have been warned.

Like someone else said above, I have a visceral negative reaction to these shoes. There's just something, I dunno....dehumanizing about them.

The only person I can imagine wearing those shoes is Posh. On anyone else I'd be too distracted by the possibility of injury, but Posh is so obviously an alien from Planet Fashion that I think she could wear them and be okay.

Those are the most ridiculous gottdamned things I've ever seen.

I remember Posh wearing numbers like these.

Awesome juxtaposition of the day:

"ToddNY said...
You know Posh will be wearing them.
10:22 AM

Sara said...
Hateful shoes.
Designed by a misogynist for the most pathetic of fashion victims.
10:23 AM"

Seabiscuit and Secretariat can get away with this look and make it graceful. Human beings cannot.

I played a horse in Equus a few years ago. Those are the high-fashion equivalent of those godsdamned hooves I had to strap on my feet every rehearsal and performance (10 lbs per, steel held on by leather straps and cautious walking). My feet STILL hate me for that, but boy, did my calves look hot by the time we got to closing night. And weak-ankled me remained the only horse in the cast who didn't fall on her ass while wearing them. Go team me.

Those shoes remind me of the 16th Century Chopines worn by Italian Courtesans to achieve height. Of course they were supported with a gentleman on either side. Conceptual, not practical.

That the music was ear-splittingly awful. I had to turn off my speakers. And I'm sure my dog is glad I wasn't viewing the video near her.

I hate that the idea of one model losing her footing would lead to a broken ankle. But...

I love what it did for the overall look. The clothes looked fantastic and that added height was amazing. Very bird like, almost a little alien.

Personally, I'd like to try the shoes on. I'm not entirely convinced that they are as bad to walk in as they seem


I don't get why some of them have a vestigial heel. It doesn't reach the ground, and so doesn't seem to serve any physical purpose, since other pairs lack it.

I will cautiously say that I think the concept is pretty neat, since I'm a person who likes to walk on the balls of her feet (but hates wearing heels, oddly). But walking in them looks like torture (to say nothing of falling in them) and the effect of the models wearing them with super long trousers makes them look like those stilt-legged creatures from a Dali painting.

These are actually quite useful for various household uses.
Wedges to keep double hung windows from sliding down, doorstops, and even as a weapon to keep intruders from entering the house!

But the best use is as a dual-action hammer!
The small heel end can be used for pounding in lightweight nails for hanging photos, while the heavy toe end can be used as a heavier hammer for doing things like knocking holes in walls.

the perfect shoes for Arnold Friend! (i owe a drink to whomever gets that)

and as soon as i saw them, i thought POSH! like her (or the shoes) or not, that bitch is up on everything. (and i love her).

The shoes scream, "I hate women!"

Anonymous said...

The shoes scream, "I hate women!"

I agree.

They are ugly. What's the point? Innovative, kind of, but fugly.

zora said...

Anonymous said...

The shoes scream, "I hate women!"

I agree.



I think they're great. But then again they're not for your overweight hausfrau closet-lesbian feminist.

I haven't read all the comments, but where the shoes done by Antonio Berardi? He has both sandals and boots in this style. If you Google, you can find Posh wearing a pair of his boots. According to what I've read, they are designed in such a way that the sole supports the way a heel does. If you are used to walking on high heel, you should be able to walk on these. The biggest hurdle, is getting over the mental aspect of not feeling your heel come down... or at least, that is what I've read. Cyn

OK I have read all the comments now...

I not only know people who can walk in ballet boots, they can dance in them too. *shrug* They enjoy it, so why knock it?

The shoes posh wore reminded me more of pony boots, but perhaps that's because those were made of latex. LOL

As I said... reading about how they are designed, if you normally wear high heels, these shouldn't be any different... for ball walkers they should be a snap.

As for the tiny, useless heel... ummmm kind of like the 'appendix' of fashion... no one is sure why it's there, but just leave it alone in case it's useful. LOL

I realise I'm late to the party here but it's pretty funny so many people talking about how painful and woman hating these shoes appear to be - they look quite a bit like several styles of Fluevogs - right down to the pony fur on the navy ones (Fluevog sold red pony) I have been photographed in the Vogs and they are actually quite comfortable so I'm thinking these likely the same... you may find them ugly but claiming the designer is a misogynist is a bit much.

Those of you who don't like it just don't get it.

I love these shoes and desperately want them. All of them. They're not actually NEW news, as I'm sure the...incredibly enlightened previous commentators must realize?

I own and regularly wear shoes designed like those, and they're very comfortable. I go dancing in mine.

Oh my God!!!!!! I love them! I want to get a pair but can't find the price point anywhere. I've called Neiman Marcus and Barneys and I can't even find anyone that is carrying them. Anyone with more information???? Please help

I love them!!! I want a pair and can't find price point or location. I've called Neiman Marcus and Barney's and no one seems to be getting them. Anyone know more info??? Pleae help..

I actually think that these shoes are rather beautiful. They have a dark but ethereal quality to them, and in the photo stills, the models look otherworldly--like cranes or giraffes--in a really elegant way. They give the sensation that the model is half-walking, half-floating. With some modification, they could even be practical.

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