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Laura Bennett Dressed to Kilt


Laura Bennett attends the 7th annual "Dressed To Kilt" charity fashion show
at M2 Lounge in New York City.

Laura sent us a picture of the dress on her dress form last week. She loved it and so did we. We can't help thinking a "Dress to Kilt" challenge would be perfect for that TV show called Project Runway that we all used to watch. Remember that show?

Although we have to say, seeing it on her, we think she could have ditched the sporran. A little too clunky and literal. Love all the feathers, though.

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The shoes, lovlies!


And the dress is sooo Laura. Just that fashionable wit that is her trademark.

The shoes are gorgeous, but wrong for this dress.

I agree about the sporran (it would have been more Laura if it had been made to look like a Birkin bag).

But the question of the evening would have to have been: Do women wear the same thing under their kilts as men do?


Love the dress! I agree about the sporran, but I kind of get the point - feathers on the sporran tying together with the feathers on the dress. I am totally with you, Gotham Tomato - a Birken/Sporran would have been fab!

These plaid/kilt-inspired dresses are always so ugly, and this one is no different. I don't think anybody can make that bold tartan look fashionable (and every dress I've seen from this event was fug, fug, fug).

I love the dress but I don't think the shoes go with that dress.

Okay, my computer is really slow and I always read the post before I see the picture, but am I the only one that was wondering what the hell a sporran was? Or is that common knowledge?
Anyhoo , the dress is cute. I like the feather boa and hem. It's a stunt dress it isn't supposed to be high fashion. It's fun. I agree that a fur Birkin type bag would have been cute, too.

For the themed event, this dress is darling. However, even on "real" Highland wear, I have always disliked the sporran. It flops around when the bagpipers are marching, and looks like it would injure some private parts (if ya get my drift!).
I agree with Gotham Tomato and some others that a Birkin inspired sporran would have been so much more in keeping with LB's style!!!

When I saw the first picture, the little buckle things on the sides of the bust and the tartan immediately put me in mind of the little wanna be goth school girl skirts my friends and I would wear in high school. You know, the sort you wear with fishnets and a corset like top to try and attract the little goth (and if you weren't picky, "punk") boys.

Oh high school.

If she had turned the sporran into a little clutch purse it could have worked, too.

Still fun, though.

She looks gorgeous! And damn, I bought that same fabric at Mood!

I like the sporran-- without it, it's just a tartan dress, and she's got a purse right there ready to go.

Nothing is ever worn under a kilt-nae, lassie, it's as good as it ever was!

Lady Jane Grey

It's refreshing to see a celebrity without the whole boobs thing going on.

I *love* the dress, and it's so "un-Laura". And the shoes:


Love the dress! It was one of the better looking one's at the event from what I saw. I can picture one in solid ivory with ivory leather straps and ivory feathers at the bottom......

Anyway, what I really want to know is why Laura makes her husband wear a kilt every new year's eve as she said in the new york post youtube video from last night.
Find out for me you guys.

One feathered element, or two, would have done just fine. Three is overkill.

Other than that, I love it. It fits her beautifully, and the colors are good on her. I even like the shoes. Just wish one of those feathered elements--hem, sporran, or shrug--would have stayed home.

LB is FOIN (rhymes w/ "coin")!
The stalks on that woman-- Gore-Jus!
The feathers are so quintessential her, the sporran speaks of the occasion.
My only (tiny) quibble-- Maybe black satin Louboutin slides (w/ red undersides, natch!)instead?
All in all, she looks tremendous!

Well done, Bad Mommy!

Ach. She's such a cutie!

(TLo, I hope you cover Michelle O's outfits for Europe... The two today were fab)

PS - Technical question. How do you those shoes stay on?

The dress, shoes and shrug are all fab, just not together. I like the idea of the feathers.

I like Ms Sangril's idea of turning the sporran into a purse. Love the dress and the shoes, but just not with each other.

I like the dress on the dress form, but I don't like it on Laura. And I love Laura! It looks like the dress is wearing her. Something about the frivolity of all those feathers combined with the more grounded plaid fabric - it doesn't work for everybody. On a high fashion runway, yes (it's art) - at a celebrity event, no. I understand it was for a theme event, but you still need to wear what looks good on you. Sorry Laura, I still think you're fabulous!

tacky tacky

That dress would look grotesque on any woman with boobs. On her? Fabulous. I loathe plaid, but I think she looks great.

I actually get where she's coming from with the shoes--the ghillie brogues men wear with kilts have laces that wrap around the ankle.

The sporran would have been better as a clutch, though, or rendered in a less literal way. (Though, like my plaid-hate, it could just be my overall loathing of the whole traditional kilt look spilling over.) But god, I adore her.

I just love that you know it's called a sporran :)

The Diana Gabaldon (author, not designer) fans all knew about the sporran and the lace-up shoes...

I think she looks grand. As grand as one can wearing formal tartan above the waist.

no no no!

she usually looks so classy and together, this just looks like something a teenager would wear.

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