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Kenley: Yes, another update!



"The only reason why a cat was involved in this story because when I first approached Zak, I was holding my cat and it was gently tossed onto my bed," she said.

"There was no cat hurt or thrown. The cat was not thrown at Zak. It was tossed onto the bed. There was an argument. No violence was used. Nothing was thrown."

Penley did not reply to a request for comment.

But in an earlier email to The Post, he said, "The situation did not need to go that far. You simply can't do what she did. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. I feel really bad for her and care deeply for her. It was a relationship gone sour, yes, but it could've ended in a smooth amicable way."

Daily News:

It never happened, the 28-year-old Collins claimed in a Brooklyn Criminal Court hearing Wednesday at which she was promised the felony charge against her would be dropped to a misdemeanor, likely next month.

The fashion designer's story jibed with what she had told her mom.

"My daughter told me they were arguing," said Jeannie Collins, "because she broke up with him and he wouldn't get out of the apartment.

"Zak's cat, Arlo, was bothering her so she plopped him on a down comforter on the bed and told Zak to 'go feed him.' That's all there was to it," the mother said.

I didn't fling feline, 'Project Runway' star Kenley Collins claims [Daily News]
Feline Misfire [NYPost]

[Photo: NYPost/Paul Martinka]

Wait, maybe I'm slow, but has anyone thought of how her name, once married to Zak, would be Kenley Penley?

Yes, Anonymous, thank you. Everyone has mentioned that.

maybe that's why she broke up with him

So is the coat a Kenley Almost Penley?

By the way did anyone see the late night show a week or two ago where Heidi was a guest and the Project Runway stalemate was being discussed and Heidi suggested that people set up picket lines on Harvey Weinstein's lawn (or something to that effect)? Hmmm.

Sure the cat was "tossed." Something sure is being tossed. This whole thing makes me wish I was going to be a prosecutor when I finish law school just so I could wait until she defends her character, allowing me to introduce tapes from the show. "Ladies and gentlemen, would an innocent woman be that rude to Tim Gunn? Is this 'avant garde' dress the work of a woman who is not completely mad? For the good of fashion, you must put Tugboat Girl behind bars. For life!"

What's the point of prosecuting her so harshly, at this point? I don't want to pull a Chris Crocker here--"Leave Kenley alone!!"--but jesus, her home life is her business. This is NOT a matter for the law, and if it is, I'd like to know why the law isn't getting more involved in real domestic abuse cases. I'm sorry if this seems a little bit like an overreaction, but the whole situation is ridiculous. People are only zooming in on her particular case because she was a bitch on TV.

@carlabarla: Perhaps you missed the part of the story in which she's accused of repeatedly smashing her boyfriend's head in a door, ala Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill Vol. 1". That part she hasn't publicly denied yet, as far as I know. Call me crazy, but I think that act alone qualifies as "real" domestic abuse.

"a said...

So is the coat a Kenley Almost Penley? "

Nope, it's Anthropologie.

Wow. People who are impressed they can put a first and last name together are truly intellectual wizards. NO ONE else would ever think of doing that!!! *Rolls eyes*

I believe her about the cat. And, even if she chucked it with a little force because she was angry, it's still not going to hurt the cat. If she used a kitty slingshot to rocket him across the room, ok, but let's get real here.

Also, in all the stories I've read, I haven't encountered the "slamming his head in the door frame" accusation in a single way. It does not take a genius to realize that that kind of abuse would leave clear tell-tale evidence and injuries, none of which Zak had. Fail.

the only trouble with her version that everything was calm was the fact that the neighbors all reported that they could hear her shouting at him constantly. You don't go from shouting and screaming at somebody for weeks to suddenly having a calm discussion.

I'm sure to Kenley, screaming IS her idea of a calm discussion. I have a family like that. I think it's all been blown out of proportion. If my bf pissed me off and refused to leave MY apartment, I'd throw a few apples at him too, if they were present. I mean it's not like she threw an iron statue at him or anything. I think he's just a pussy. And seriously, anyone who's CAN'T throw a damn cat. They will not have it. Her story sounds SO much more plausible.

I have to say, the stories never say she slammed his head IN the door, they all said that she slammed his head WITH the door, probably like she shut the door when he was directly behind her and it hit him kind of thing. This may hurt quite a bit, but also wouldn't necessarily leave obvious bruises. Whatever happened is their problem, I just found the original headlines funny no matter who it would have been about, "Assault with a Deadly Pussy". Tee-hee.


Hate to break it to you, but you CAN throw a cat. And I'm sure Kenley threw that and much more (apples, bananas, and other fruit varieties, cookies, Cap'n Crunch cereal, toothbrush, used OB...)

The real point is we all dislike Kenley Penley, so for all I'm concerned, she threw fruit, cats, knives, poisonous snakes etc. The more ridiculous the better. So of course I am assuming she is lying becuase she is rude and obnoxious. -and I know this is a real juvenile argument but that just proves I would never survive becoming a judge!

Haha anon @ kidding

I do agree you can throw a cat, but it is hard, especially if you're gonna try to aim and throw with force. Even the tamest cats will usually get wriggly as hell when they can sense they're not being held with much security. I guess this is why we fight wars with guns and bombs and not felines, lol. They are inefficient weapons.

Wouldn't she have to be awfully strong to slam a grown man's head in the door way? I'm trying to imagine how that could be done...

Whatever. She threw a cat or she didn't. She slammed a door in Zak's face or his head.

I think the bigger missed point is that she posed & smiled for the camera like she was Mary Tyler Moore while being escorted off the property by the police.

That screams of someone with some sort of emotional & possibly mental problems.

Thank you, Bailey and Sewing Siren. I can't see Kenley having the strength or martial arts training to grab a full-grown man by the head and slam his head into a door. Repeatedly. I can see slamming the door behind him and accidentally hitting him on the back of his head (and not caring). If he wouldn't get out of the apartment, though, then I have to sympathize with Krazy Kenley.

Ugh, quit calling the cat "it".

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