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In or Out: Three Ladies

We haven't ripped a celeb's dress in a while, so we figured we'd bang out 3 at once. Hit it!

Jessica Alba attends the 2009 American Museum of Natural History's Museum dance
at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City wearing Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2009.

Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2009 Collection
Model: Arlenis Sosa

It's a supercute dress and the color looks great on her. We're torn on the hose, though.


Marisa Tomei attends the Launch Party for LATISSE in Los Angeles, California.

Kai Kuhne Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Karolin Walter

Five inches taken off that hem would have gone a long way. The top of the dress looks fabulous on her but that length is the very definition of dowdy. And honestly, Marisa. Is that the best you could do with your hair?


Vanessa Williams attends the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at Marriott Marquis
in New York City wearing
Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Taryn Davidson

Split decision. Lorenzo likes this look on her but Tom thinks it looks a little sloppy and yes, a little young for her. Sometimes, you just can't make a short dress out of a long dress without looking like you're wearing half a dress.


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I don't really love any of them. I completely agree about Marissa Tomei's hemline. Terrible.

And the lines of Vanessa William's dress, coupled with the ankle strap shoes, just makes her look wide.

Jessica should have stuck with nude or no hose. The matchy-hose thing went out in the 80s.

Right on with your assessment that Marisa needs to shorten the dress.

Vanessa's dress? Eww! She looks like a large Betty Rubble. The longer version of the dress would flatter her figure more.


Dress #1 would look have looked nice on ShelleyO.

Dress #1 would have looked nice on ShelleyO.

10:09 AM

There I go typing too fast for my own good again. :0P

...and one more thing...

Marisa is gorgeous, but TLo's right about the hair.

A short Pixie-style crop ala Posh would look really cute on her.

big enh on all 3, though marisa tomei is the best of the bunch. maybe it's just because I think she's gorgeous.

Can't disagree with a thing you said (ESPECIALLY the hem on Marissa Tomei's otherwise fabulous dress), except that there is no indecision on Ms. Alba's hose. Too heavy and dark.

I think the original length of the dress would've looked much better on Vanessa

I'm feeling like Rip van Winkle, is it July in NYC? we had snow yesterday in OH....and Vanessa Williams looks like it's summer. At least the dark hose make Jessica's dress look a little more season appropriate.

Amanda in Austin

Vanessa looks like she's trying too hard. She should have kept the dress long. Much cuter that way, and more age appropriate for her.

I agree about Marisa's dress. Too long! It looks like she bought it off the rack and didn't bother to have it tailored. But I like her hair. I don't see what's so bad about it.

Jessica should not worn the dark hose. Cute dress though. I'd like to own it.

Can someone explain the GLAAD logo to me? I don't get it.

Alba - Mostly IN nix the hose.

Marisa - OUT she looks stumpy and hate the hair.

Vanessa - Half IN she should have left it long plus she's spent a bit too much tan at the spray tan place....

Jessica's dress-- makes her bust look non-existant, and the "wilma strap" is ridiculous and serves no fashion purpose. Horror.

Marissa - I love her and she is always darling, but you are right that the dress is too long. And I think the top is too contrived. But her face is so darn cute, how can she be out?

Vanessa- "Wide". That is the perfect word Gorgeous Things. Keep the dress long, throw on some light sandals and head to the beach. A dress that makes V.W. look bad, is a bad dress indeed.

guess I am a bit grumpy today.


Bad posture is always OUT.

I think Jessica Alba looks cute, I love the dress, but the other two ladies? I can't get past Marisa Tomei's hair. OUT and OUT.

Vanessa: In. It might be a little young, but I'm thinking, since it was the GLAAD Awards, that she was going for a theme & wore it for the subtle rainbow in the fabric. Nice touch.

Marisa: Out. I just hate that folded napkin look regardless of who wears it.

Jesssica: Eh. Another thing I don't like regardless of who wears it: The ace bandage bodice.


Marisa's is a perfect example of "the dress is wearing her."

Dear TLo,
Thanks for being so committed to your loyal fans. I appreciate how you have new content as much as you can. You are a bright spot in my dreary days.

I really like the last dress, but I wish Vanessa had left it long. And it might be too young for her, but she looks great so she can pull it off.

I do NOT like Jessica's. I've never geen a fan of that shade of orange and the strap looks like a black Ace bandage.

I also agree about the length of Marissa's and her lack of styled hair. I do not get the whole "I showed three days ago" hair look that seems to be popular right now (Kristen Stewart all the time; Jessica Biel at the Oscars).

Ooo and I think it is great that more designers are putting pockets on everyday dresses, but I hate that when a gown has them the star can't keep their hands out of them on the red carpet!

I'm ambivalent about Jessica's look. I like the dress, but I'm over the tights. Bare legs would have looked so much nicer.

Oh, Vanessa... As if the dress weren't bad enough, what the heck kind of shoes are you wearing???

I think they're all in, but Jessica should have lost the hose.

Jessica's dress is just Ok. Hate the black hose with it, and I'm really tired of the Wilma.

Marisa should have had the dress either shortened or lengthened. In between looks silly. I do like the basic design and colors of the dress, though. Was her hair stylist caught in traffic?

Vanessa, Vanessa. Wrong all around. Cute dress, but I would have preferred it on a younger gal. Shoes are awful. ARghhhhh....

i actually like jessica's dress better on her than on the model, but i agree with most of the posters that the black hose are awful -- too heavy and they make her legs look stumpy.

also agree that marissa's dress was kind of cute but a very dowdy length. i'm not sure 5 inches would have made much improvement -- that thing is hitting her just a few inches above the ankle -- it needs a good 12 - 14" whacked off so it will be just below or above the knee.

vanessa's dress? meh -- i tend to agree it looked better long.

Jessica Alba's black hose are bad, but other than that she looks cute.

Marisa and Vanessa both look fug, and are sooo Out. Marisa's dress is just ugly - it's even ugly on the model. It looks sloppy, unfinished, and unplanned.

Vanessa's would be fine if it wasn't in a vintage Trapper Keeper print from 1992.

Jessica's bodice appears to be made of Nori. And not enough of it. Isn't that slit about to show her Rinna?

The color blocking on Marissa's dress makes her AND the model look kind of wide. And we know that isn't the case. Plus, yes, too long.

And Vanessa's styling is fug and the belt is too wide and the hem is too short.

and I'm a cranky old lady.

Tomei's dress should be shorter, and Vanessa's dress should be longer!! They should have switched!!

Really, Vanessa Williams is so gorgeous, why did she feel the need to wear a dress that would look good on a twenty five year old? Out.

I'm feeling peevish today too:

Alba - OUT - hate the stockings and I am so tired of the Wilma look.

Tomei - OUT - too long and what's with the hip-widening pockets?

Williams - OUT - for the many reasons already discussed

Thank you, TLo, for giving me something to b*tch about today.

Jessica Alba looks fine. I like the tights too.
Is Marissa looks like she is wearing a borrowed dress.
Vanessa looks too casual for the event. The men were wearing tuxes weren't they? Her dress looks like it would be fine (even age appropriate) at an evening beach wedding.

Out, out, and out.

Hate them all. Really bad choices.


Sewing Siren said...
Marissa looks like she is wearing a borrowed dress.

That's exactly it. I couldn't quite figure out what was wrong there.

Marisa's shorter, Vanessa's longer, and skip the hose for Jessica.

I'm not into that trend, but maybe it's just cause it's too darn hot in FL to wear hose at nearly any time of year!

Jessica Alba is beautiful, but that dress is doing nothing for her. Where's her cute figure? OUT

Marisa Tomei - I agree completely on the hemline. It would have looked a thousand times better if it were shorter. Still, I don't think she's completely out, just because she looks a lot better than she has been looking lately. UNDECIDED

Vanessa Williams - Yeah, the dress was better long. She looks short-waisted and wide in that short version, and we all know that she is neither. OUT


Wow boys you must be in a great mood today! All three are big outs for me.

Am I the only one that was thinking that Vanessa is starting to look like a leather purse? Especially around the neck. Time to cut the tanning time down.

another laura

I just agree with Gorgeous Things.

Just to be different, I LIKE Jessica's dark hose--they balance out the lines of black fabric at the top of the dress. (And I'm old and generally don't like tights with more formal clothing!)

Jessica Alba -- In, except for those fucking hose. (Did she not look at the model and see how much better the outfit looked without black hose?)

Marissa Tomei -- Marginally in. That hem is tragically long and almost offensively so.

Vanessa Williams -- In. She has the gams for the gown and it's not SO short that it's tootie-baring. Any shorter and EVERYTHING would have been out. Literally.

I really like the dress Jessica Alba is wearing and I think she looks great in it.

Marisa Tomei needs to fire her hair people. It is always a freaking mess.

I love it. What don't you like about it?

All three looks are good ideas, but there are problems with each.

Jessica Alba - The dark tights are a misstep. Her lovely face and smile in the second picture makes this an IN.

Marisa Tomei - I like the silhouette and the geometry of the dress, but even on the runway, the dress is puckery. I think her curvier figure serves the dress better than the model's figure. Her hair should have been sleeker. Because of the hair and posture she's OUT, barely. Although in an hour I could go a different way.

Vanessa Williams The fundamental problem is that the dress is too short. I like the contrasting fabric. IN.

Marisa's just too short for the dress. I hate Jessica's hose (but then, I hate Jessica in general), and it pains me to say it, but Vanessa has gone horribly wrong.

The last dress looks phenomenal on the model. So much better long.

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