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Carrie Bradshaw's Wedding Dress Sells Out

Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress designed by Vivienne Westwood sold out in a few hours.

"With a tear-jerking history that may make you reluctant to wear it and a price tag you would expect would make your eyes water, Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress is firmly enshrined in wedding legend. Despite having been worn by Carrie as she was jilted at the altar, the Vivienne Westwood designed dress is proving popular with brides-to-be - helping it sell out in a matter of hours on

The site launched the knee length version of Carrie's dress yesterday and saw it disappear almost instantly as Bradshaw and Westwood fans alike fought for the gown. Fortunately the cocktail version, which vanished from the site, is still available directly from Vivienne Westwood and costs £4,530.

"For brides-to-be after the genuine article, the long version which Carrie wears in the film can be made-to-order at Westwood's Davies Street store. The cost will depend on the fabric chosen but starts at around £11,000 and will take three to six months to complete. More importantly - if cream isn't your colour - the dress can be made in a fabric of your choice."

Source: Carried Away [Vogue]

[Images: WireImage/Net-a-porter]

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why would you ever want your boobs to look like that?

I could not agree more. The bust is so terribly unflattering

Um, NO. I'm sorry but for whatever reason I have an affinity towards that dress and a knock-off like that is just insulting.

NYCourier, I don't think the cocktail version is a knock-off, because it is also by Westwood. I think it is cute and wearable.
The version worn in the movie I took to be a spoof. I am a bit suprised anyone would want to wear it to get married in for real, especially at that price point.

That bust is my nightmare!!

Maybe I'm too proud of my rack, but I would never want to present it like that. BLEH!!!

What the hell is that dress doing to that poor woman's boobs?

Sewing Siren said...

NYCourier, I don't think the cocktail version is a knock-off, because it is also by Westwood.

Well, I guess my post wasn't the clearest; I know it's by Westwood, but nevertheless it is a knock-off of the gown; a stale imitation.

It's been on her site for a few months now and I posted my thoughts about it here:

To me it looks like she took what was a costume and made it into a pretty, wearable dress, NOT like a knock-off of the original.

But yeah, that price point is INSANE

That dress makes her boobs look so wonky you don't even notice she's wearing a dead bird on her head.

I hated it. It was a dumb as the line that began the movie (the one about women coming to New York for two reasons: Labels and love.)


That dress makes her boobs look so wonky

What boobs? (Sorry, SJP.) I can only hope the RTW version is better-fitted in the bust, and therefore less costumey. It looks it, laid out like that.

I hate the bust on that thing. Like I hate the bust on the thing Marisa Tomei is wearing on the front page.

Didn't Jerrel design a dress like this that was equally hideous?

TheNYCourier said...

Well, I guess my post wasn't the clearest; I know it's by Westwood, but nevertheless it is a knock-off of the gown; a stale imitation.

Okay, I understand what you are talking about. It is a slang term and therefore the meaning is vague. However, I use the term "knock-off" exclusively for (usually a manufacturer) coping a designers work on the cheap. Example Allen Schwartz ABS label makes no secret of knocking off the most poular Oscar gowns at a price point of about $300 just in time for Prom.
As I'm sure you know, most very well known and respected designers will use the same idea (within a collection or over the couse of many years) and rework it many times. I actually enjoy seeing that.
This rework might not be the best example, but *I* actually like it better than the original ;).

she just looks pissed off and old. Or maybe pissed off because she looks old. Thanks, I will go for a prettier look for my wedding gown.

Well, SOMEBODY'S buying it.

Sitting here with my 2 year-old daughter. First thing she said was "she's getting married!!!!" Usually she follows up a statement like that with "she's so beautiful," or "she looks like a princess," but not this time. The next thing she said was "Look at her boobies!"

Does it also come with a bird to attach to your head?


I disliked the bust on that gown when I saw the movie, and still think that it's hideous-it's like two wings sprouting from her boobs.

To quote La Nina: It's not aesthetically pleasing!!!!!!!!11

One word: titscrepancy

(PS: Dear Tlo, I cannot thank you enough for adding that gem to my vocabulary.)

why would you want to wear that to your wedding? it's clearly not a wedding dress, it's a "Wedding Dress".

The only way to make that gown uglier is to make it knee-length. For god's sake, is there a less flattering length on anything? Much less a pouffy dress? If you have long legs and high heels it'll look like a marshmallow ready for the fire.

I agree: "titscrepancy", the best vocabulary contraction I've heard lately. Anyway, I am not sure (I cannot tell from the picture) whether the bodice is exactly the same as the one on Carrie. It seems to lack a kind of cut, or seam, below the boobs. Right?

Overall, I hate the Carrie-stlye overpowerment effect of the dress, at least in the movie; even if I liked her, I wouldn't thik she can pull it off. Someone got too excited.

That's straight out of RuPaul's Drag Race! all she needs is tattooed arms.

Ugly dress. Who would want it. Just to be like a movie. Sad

I remember Manolo (of Manolo's shoe blog, not the famous shoe designer) compared Sarah Jessica Parker to Miss Havisham in that dress, and frankly I couldn't possibly come up with anything more appropos.

Supposedly, the black dress pictured here was originally going to be Carrie's wedding dress:
(in white, of course), and I can't begin to imagine why you would choose Ms. Havisham over this swan of a dress. ugh.

I honestly love the gown and think it would look beautiful if the bust were filled out better.

It is, however, a harsh shape for SJP's not so soft features.

This is one fugly piece of meringue.

In the immortal words of "Four Weddings and a Funeral..."

"What a meringue!"


I honestly don't remember it looking that bad in the movie, but these stills....ugh! just unpleasant. I think I may have actually been distracted enough by the bird to glaze over the bust

Ok, the meringue-around-the-boobs look is definitely off-putting. Unfortunately, it also grabs all the attention.


Didn't they learn anything from the movie???

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