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PRS6 Finale Collection: Irina Shabayeva

Collection Number 3

[Photos: firstVIEW/Getty Images]

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Oh forget the fashion! Just being there with you was a dream come true. I have blogged the shit out of this today:

Thank you Tlo for the perfect day.

Suz from NH

quite a dark the coats on four and five! but i feel so lost without knowing whom's could be what's and ohhh the agony!

congrats suz! we in my college library all gathering around to look at these pics are envious of you!

Definite winner!

after looking at the other collections, i'm going to agree with the already popular consensus. this one was strong and defined. although i DO think 2 was quite fabulous, and one was ok. their history of picking points me toward 3!

too many cats

Historical question:
In the shows, has the winner always been the last to show?
Leanne was.
Christian was last.
Jeffrey was last.
Chloe...not sure
Jay...I don't remember.

Or did the edit for TV change the order of the show?

I'm calling this one the outerwear collection and I'm also calling it the winner. The hats and boots are killer.

I would have loved to have been there!! However, I am so darned bummed about what has happened with all the legal BS going on with PR. I miss the show so much.
On to this collection. Not "knowing" the designer, and just based on what I am seeing from the pics, where's the funeral?
I love black, but black upon black upon black is depressing and boring.

depressing. maybe i won't be watching this season when it finally comes on. I didn't see a single original idea in any of these collections. totally amateur

Of the three collections, this is my definite favorite. Having said that, however, I need to say that there was a lack of wow in all of the collections.

Poor anonymous designers. Will they ever get their day in the sun?

UGH - every single one of these collections is in Black or dark brown. I can't see a damn thing in a majority of them. Overall, boring. Some fun elements, but BLAH.

Collection 1 was meh; the competition for me is between 2 and 3. The third collection is hard to judge because of dark clothes and dark background, but it appears to have a fairly interesting unifying look or theme. Collection 2 has some beautiful looks, but it doesn't feel like a coherent whole. I guess I'm leaning toward collection 3....

Of course, without a whole season of Tim Gunn awesomeness and TLo snark....who cares?

StkrShock said...
I would have loved to have been there!! However, I am so darned bummed about what has happened with all the legal BS going on with PR. I miss the show so much.
On to this collection. Not "knowing" the designer, and just based on what I am seeing from the pics, where's the funeral?
I love black, but black upon black upon black is depressing and boring.

It is entirely possible that the designers themselves were feeling pretty despondent about, well everything..

I love the grey coat with the big lapel. But, again with no color?

Part of me wants to believe that the penultimate challenge was won by #2, and the reward was "you can use something other than black and grey! But you other two are SOL!"

Little dark but fucking fabulous.

too many cats said...
Historical question:
In the shows, has the winner always been the last to show?
Leanne was.
Christian was last.
Jeffrey was last.
Chloe...not sure
Jay...I don't remember.

No. Mychael showed last S3.

But like you said, it could have also been editing.

I love it. I hope this one wins!

Nice concept, but too much black. Would have liked to have seen a little more color.

This must look better in person. I'm bored with it based on the pictures.

I can't comment because I can't really see anything. It is too dark & the lighting sucks. A few pieces (like the dress Amanda Fields is wearing) are nice, but the rest...who can see it.

tlo, I know it was out of your control. I do appreciate your bringing us the photos. The Getty images were no better.


Not in love with it but it's definitely the best of the three. I like the knits. But aren't those almost the exact same hats Jillian used for her collection? Can't believe I'm about to say this... I miss Season 5! Even though the finale collections weren't all good, at least there was something interesting going down the runway from most designers. This is the best of the three and it's still depressing! Where's the fun?

After all, lighten up, it's just fashion!

I'm guessing the pieces are darker because it's a fall collection rather than a spring collection.

This one was my favorite, but #2 had some interesting looks.

None of these are among my favorite collections, but it certainly is higher quality this season than last season because there weren't those horrible decoy collections.

I liked leanne's and Korto's collections better than these, but probably because there was more color.

dreary depression dressing.

Hmmm...interesting. I'm not seeing any pictures on this collection. Maybe that's why it's currently my favorite.

This was the collection I liked best.

And this was also the collection that seemed to get the best response from the PR designers - who were all (but one) sitting a few rows in front of me. Korto, Jerrell and a couple of others gave this one a standing O.

A couple of the looks looked like they were great ideas, but didn't move well in reality. But all in all, I thought this one was the best collection as a whole.

The show as a whole though, was not great. I'm thinking that these poor designers, who probably started out thinking that this was their big break, ended up being caught in all the politics & greed of the producers, and the whole show reflected that.


I like the fur hoodie.

Joe Marrazzo said...
UGH - every single one of these collections is in Black or dark brown. I can't see a damn thing in a majority of them. Overall, boring. Some fun elements, but BLAH.


i'm so sick of gray and silver.
70% of the cars on the roads are these colors too.

uggggg. i'm dying for some color to be injected back into this country right now...

i'm gonna re-do my walls crazy colors in protest to all this doom, gloom and darkness!

Yow, really hard to discern details, or even the entire look, in many cases with black on the black background. That being said, this looks like the most interesting of the three. But I'm not captivated the way I was by previous seasons' finale efforts.

Downbeat show in a downbeat month and (most likely) year....

Thanks to all of you who attended who gave us your reports. That "person on the spot" take has been grand.

All the best,


last one is gorge

Actually there are shots on getty showing closeup details of this collection.

These clothes are definitely going to look much better in person Because of the black on black you can't see a lot of the interesting elements and textures. Of course you had a similar issue with Christian's PR finale.

I don't mind the somber tones since it is a fall collection and well considering the state of the economy and the politics of S6...:(


Can't really see any detail because everything was so dark. So meh--

I guess none of these collections excited me.

#1 and #3 look totally the same to me. Like the same designer.


I just spoke with Tlo, and they've asked me to let you all know that these posts are just preliminary. They took time out of their whirlwind NYC trip, to get these posts up quickly, because they knew all their devoted peeps were hungry for the details.

They are currently on the train, on their way back to Philly, and as soon as they get home, they will be posting more pictures (including close-ups, and more detail).

So fear not, and enjoy these cocktail hour nibblies: The main course is coming later.


I attended the show as well and it was wonderful. Nearly every past PR designer I spoke with predicted a win for Designer #3. There is a lot of sparkle and texture to this collection but I found it all to be very heavy and dark. My personal preference is for #2.


I see someone copied PPS color scheme!

How bout a primary color people, I know its recession chic but sheesh.

"SewingSiren said:
I love black, but black upon black upon black is depressing and boring.

It is entirely possible that the designers themselves were feeling pretty despondent about, well everything.."

I think there was a pall over the room as well. And Heidi's intro was rather down (I think she might have actually used the word 'sad', can anyone else remember?) But also, remember in the past, Christian, and other finalists had little or no color in their collections.

The thing about color is, using it is taking a chance. Not using color is playing it safe. That could as easily have been the reason for the lack of color.


Maybe all 3 collections were actually decoys. Hope so.

I'm ready for Season 7 on Bravo.

Okay, I see faces and shoes. Hopefully at some point there will be photos taken from the vantage point of the white background so we can actually see the clothes!

What IS it with the black??????
Seems like all designers are suffering from Spectraphobia... a massive fear of color!

The expressions on the faces of Nina, Heidi and the Duchess!

Ho ha! Priceless.

I'm feelin' down.

Jillian hats!!!

I love this one. The hats are amazing, but the detailing was lost.

thanks so much! I was trying to remember who those hats reminded me of! Jilian!

Can I say that I absolutely adore this collection?

I'm liking this one from what I can see of it. Actually, most were disembodied heads floating above the catwalk.

OK I have to have the gray coat with the huge collar. Now.

I'm so freaking jealous of you who got to go! I've wanted for ages to go to a Fashion Week show, so next year I'll have to be faster in my responses to TLo. As it turns out, my poor doggie had surgery and I've had to be home with her anyway. Boo hoo for us.

As for the collections -- some nice pieces but WAS THERE ONE ORIGINAL IDEA IN THE BUNCH? Honestly, TLo or anyone else who was there -- was there anything that looked like the designer had a concept of his or her own, 'cause based on the pictures I'd say there's nothing we haven't seen already -- and much of it on Project Runway, for god sake!

really? i think this show is over. O-V-E-R.

Loved this collection. Really loved it. Wish I could wear it.

It reminds me of Jillian's collection because of the coats and the sorta-equestrian feel. I like this one the best.

Honestly, half that stuff looks like it came off the rack at H&M.

Oh, God. It's lonely here on Planet Inkjet.

Did Jillian and Stella Leathah have a love child?

That said, wow, this was a strong and consistent point of view.

Wow. This is really good.

GORGEOUS collection! I really like this one.

Total winner! Using black is not the best idea for runway. Some of the details were lost. Still, I want to buy almost every look. Isn't that what a good runway show does?!

I thought this collection was fantastic, but it was impossible to see the details in some of those first few looks. The models were like walking black holes.

The knit were amazing, the coats mostly fab (but no jillian lewis). The only thing I didn't like was the styling and those equestrian hats, since the collection didn't feel equestrian to me.

Seemed more like a futuristic urban street warrior or something.

i am not sure if it shows a new and exciting viewpoint. actually, i think i already own a lot of it, or something along its lines, but it's all something i would be excited to wear and i do quite love it.

I'm going to go out on a limb right now and guess this designer's the winner...he/she reminds me of both Jay and Christian and there's cohesion to their collection and the clothes don't make me want to vomit...

Bravo, why have you done this to our wonderful PR??? WHY!!!

Who the hell ARE these people? What happened to my Project Runway? After last season's brilliance - this is a real letdown. Of the three collections - this one was the best - but mostly for those few wonderful coats. The rest.....


How odd to judge without any prior reference, as a viewer. In these circumstances, I like this collection the best, will be amusing to see if i hate the designer if the show ever airs. ;)

jillian hats, didn't like them then, like them less now with the horse tail hair

i want to snuggle in that camel knit sweater!

likee the grey coat

kinda over the skinny jean look...not everyone can wear them, okay?!

nice details

TOO MUCH BLACK! at least christian had some tan/beige/creme!

favorite of the 3, but that isn't saying too much.

I'm overwhelmed by all the coats, jackets, and sweaters. The ripped pants are so unoriginal, but I kind of like how the designer embellished with sequins. This collection is very one-note, but definitely very wearable. In fact, all three designers must've been going for wearable fashion.

I love love love this collection, and the coats are stunning! I'm also adoring the rather macabre color scheme.

I'm going to hold out hope that these were decoy collections. Oy.

The most fabulous thing? Suzy Menkes is sitting right next to the judges.

Does that make her the guest judge? If so, that would be truly fabulous...

The clear winner. These are real clothes.

Just goes to show that fashion really is boring without the personality and attitude of the designers and models. I love PR as much for the development of the models as the designers. I did not feel like a guest at this show. I felt like someone passing by the door and sticking in my head to take a peak at what was going on then walking away, "Just a fahion show".

" TampaBay said: Just goes to show that fashion really is boring without the personality and attitude of the designers and models."

Not neccessarily. I think that is the case only when the clothes are boring. I can think of several PR final collections that would have been exciting regardless of whether we already 'knew' the designers or not (Jay, Jillian, Uli & Christian immediately come to mind).

And there are shows from big name designers who would, no doubt, be listed in the boring category if they didn't have a big name attached.


Rurouni Noaki

The criss-cross working of the fabric in a lot of the pieces reminds me of Leanne's skirt from the "night on the town" inspiration challenge.

TampaBay said...
Just goes to show that fashion really is boring without the personality and attitude of the designers and models. I love PR as much for the development of the models as the designers. I did not feel like a guest at this show. I felt like someone passing by the door and sticking in my head to take a peak at what was going on then walking away, "Just a fahion show".

I agree with you. I think knowing a designer's personality and basic asthetic adds much to one's appreciation of a collection.
For example, I am familiar with DVF's and Betsey Johnson's personalities and aesthetics, thus though they are very different, my familiarity with their personalities through the years have added to my admiration of both as designers and exciting women. I loved Jay, loved his collection, may not have if I had not known his personality.

Well, I can see why this one will probably win. It had a look & a feel, and seemed more consistently well made (if one can tell from photos). I love black-on-black, but as ensembles many of these strayed too far into a future world sci-fi movie vibe, and for some reason I kept envisioning Ursula Andress in her 60's glory in the clothes.

Loved the grey coat and the black which followed it; though if that is the absolute best that the grey coat's collar will lie, (first photo) that's a problem for me.

Already mentioned hate for oversized sleeves on sweaters.

The final, long black gown was pretty, stunning on the right woman with the right styling, though I'm not sure about the shoulder strap.

Jillian should be flattered by the imitation. Of the 3 collections, this one seems to have the most coherence. Still, I'm just not fired up about any of these and NO ONE used color! What's up with that?

Gotham, the Peeler Man! I didn't know, though I haven't seen him lately in downtown Brooklyn. :(

i'm not dorothy gale

Christian Lite.

The most interesting of the three; I loved the oversize sweater.

I don't really see any strong parallels between these designers work and the past ones ,unless fashion design begins and ends with project runway.
This one seems more influenced by bondage and discipline sex play (not that that hasn't ever been done before).
The hats suggest half masks that have been pushed up on the forehead and the deep hoods and high collars also could conceal the identity of the wearer somewhat, which considering the designers are also incognito , is sort of clever.

One more thing..
I find the fact that he used the same grey screen printed t-shirt(birds,red clouds,scrawling love letter) under looks #5 and #8 mildlly irritating.
It makes me wonder though, if he may be something that he is know for already, and possibly already has avalable for sell. It might be a clue to the identity of the designer.

It's like SteamPunk & Leeanimal had a baby and made Jay it's fairy godmother.

(repost for spelling - oops)

The coats, hats, boots, all fantabulous. But ... I don't know. For some reason I just don't like it. I'm in the minority, but oh well.

In some ways this was the best collection, but it was definitely recession-wear. The hats were distracting, and straight out of Duck Dodgers

The first thing I thought of when I saw this collection was Christian's from season 4, especially how it opened with all the black. What's with all the black?? I agree with a previous poster such that I hope all three collections are decoys.

I LOVE this collection. It's probably someone young like Christian Siriano.

I really like this collection. It's a mix of Christian and Jeffrey styles.

Oh, and some of it, reminded me of Jay's envy challenge outfit with all the writing and cut-outs.

Awesome collection!!!!!!


I have no doubt this person is going to win. I mean, just look at the other two. Not my taste, but at least he or she had a point of view.

The hats are TO DIE. A VERY strong collection!

Alice said...

Honestly, half that stuff looks like it came off the rack at H&M.

I don't think so.

I hate most of this collection for one reason only; why are the sleeves so freakishly long???

Strangely, I loved this collection. Even though it was super dark and scary, it was gorgeous and dramatic.

The hats and a lot of the clothes looked like they belonged on "Ming the Magnificent" from the old Flash Gordon movies. Too much black for my taste.

I love this collection!!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Refreshing and graphically quite interesting.

Black. Black. Black. Ugh.

Kick-ass designer and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Although I love the looks, I keep trying to imagine who would wear those clothes.

I must be getting old 'cause I don't like'em.

Suzanne and Robin (from right to left) said...

Oh forget the fashion! Just being there with you was a dream come true. I have blogged the shit out of this today:

Thank you Tlo for the perfect day.

Suz from NH

YES!!!! I had a wonderful time, guys.

And we have a winner!

Fucking awesome collection!!!!!

Most boring finalist collections EVER. I'm afraid PR may be doomed.

Mariah said...

Most boring finalist collections EVER. I'm afraid PR may be doomed.

This collection is anything but boring. IMHO.

a lot of black & grey....what's with the peter pan hats??

loved the knits and the coats overall....some were puzzling.....loved the tiered ruffle-y dress at the end (reminiscent of Leanne though....) a pair of pants caught my eye....interesting. wonder which designer?? it will be fun to guess thruout the eps =)

Okay, the print on those T-shirts includes the name "Robert Moses", "loves New York", "Empire State" and "seduces you". Robert Moses was a highway and brige planner for the city of NY, I think. Who ever designed this collections should e-mail Tlo and reveal yourself. You deserve to get credit for your work.

I'm entirely bored with all three collections.

this is definitely a winner...but quite reminiscent of old seasons
it's like a nice mix of jillian and christian from s4 with the hats and the dark color palette.


I would suggest that those who find this collection just meh, you might want to save the pictures to your computer and the lighten them with a photo editing program.
I use a free one, IrFanView.

I did and the details on those black blobs are pretty amazing.
I've never understood why PR is unable to properly light the pics of black garments.

I really enjoyed the majority of this collection. Love seeing the knitwear!

After looking at all three collections... I kind of feel like I was looking at Project Runway collections from another country. Like, they were all too *simple*, basic designs where I could walk into any JoAnn fabric and pick up a pattern to make something similar. (This collection suffered from that less than the other two, but still...)

Only the pintuck dress had anything of constructural interest and the corset-y thing in this collection, and... those are just interesting applications of very basic techniques.

Left feeling kind of disappointed.

Of course, not AS disappointed at the designers must be. Make it to the tents and no one gets to know your name!!!

I feel like PR should pay for these three designers to show again next season as they kind of got ripped off of their chance for fame this season.

Or the designers should sue Bravo and Lifetime over their petty squabbles causing them to lose what could be the opportunity of a lifetime. (Yes, they got to show, and that's something... but by the time they announce who they *were*, will anyone remember?)

yet another laura

So, I know Leanne probably didn't invent this kind of layering, but the third, seventh and twelvth look still gave me flashbacks to her New York at night skirt. The same technique is also used on the last look, and on the pants in the tenth look. But these are much more different from Leanne's version, so the the association isn't as strong.

I don't care how this stupid legal fight gts resolved, I just hope it happens soon. I want the show back!!
3, / 10, 12, 13

Very black but from what I've see so far I'd say this is the best collection.

potty mouth princess

Love the coats.

Heck, Christian won with a spare, black collection; this one could as well.


Definitely my favorite, but I wish the person had used some color, still, there's not a single look that I hate.

Ok...I "lightened" the images, studied really hard the collection, and I still hate it. In fact, seeing all those so overdone "cutouts" and hangy things, I hate it even more than when I couldn't see anything but black blobs on the runway. Blech

I think this is some kind of joke. All three collections were very bad. And plus, what's the point of showing a collection without an owner?

The winner. That said, you can tell the dark specter of "Will this ever show light of day?" looms over all three finalists as they are dark, dark, dark.

No, no and hell to the no on this one. Number 2 by far looked the best. Although it was far from perfect, at least it had color.

Fantastic collection! Man, I love it!!!

I gotta say, I kept thinking "Jay plus Jillian with a smattering of Rami's small layers." It's nice, with some really great pieces, but nothing mind-blowing.

I'm kind of looking forward to season 6 now, to see if I can figure out which designer it was in advance of the last few episodes!

I'm seeing Blane here. Think about it

Very nice! I love the coats, the sweaters, the hats, and the shredded leggings.

A really amazing collection.

This collection has to be a winner.

Well made, well executed, and is an actual collection, not just a random assortment of clothes (Collection #2 has almost no cohesiveness at all).

Collection 1 was a bit more cohesive than #2, but the looks were dull or ugly. Only a couple strong looks from that collection and pale in comparison to most looks from this collection.

" Sewing Siren said: Okay, the print on those T-shirts includes the name "Robert Moses", "loves New York", "Empire State" and "seduces you". Robert Moses was a highway and brige planner for the city of NY, I think."

Interesting. I hadn't noticed any of that til you pointed it out. I suppose this will make it easier to figure out who this finalist was (assuming they did the writing on the fabric) because, would anyone other than a New Yorker even know who Robert Moses was? That's a pretty obscure reference.


The one that has a strongest pt of view out of the 3, and the one that garner sort of a pause. More drama in form of dresses would have made for a fuller offering.

The extra photos here have removed my reservations about this collection winning. (thanks again TLo). The black on black detail is even more appealing and the collection just looks better made and finished than the other two collections.

I like the black coat after the grey much more now that I see it better, and I am upping my admiration for the final black gown.


This one is working for me, but I'm definitely get a strong Jillian/Leanne vibe from many of these pieces. Still,there's a lot to love here.

This collection is pretty much what would happen if Jillian, Leanne, and Christian had a baby that was slightly less talented and made a collection.

Unlike Jillian's armor helmets, these shark hats look cheap.

The headwear on this collection is quite distracting. I would have liked it better had the designer not included it. The headwear aside, the only garment that really grabbed my attention was the black full length gown.

If this is what we have to look forward to, having surveyed the wreckage of all three design collections, all I can say is RuPaul better get Drag Race S2 in the can STAT.

Thanks for the new pics, TLo!!
I still hate the collection, but now I have to say, I really like the gray coat. "Like", not "Love"!
The hats are ridiculous, cheesy and cheap looking.
I am going to now go back and watch every episode in every season of PR and enjoy it all even more! Much as I disliked Jeffrey and his winning collection, it looks magnificent compared to these three bummers.

In terms of cohesiveness and vision, this collection for the apocalypse must be the winner. I don't mind the black, but it is a bit disappointing that so many of seasons past designers seem to be reflected in this collection (Jay (in the styling and Chrysler effect of some of the clothing), Rami, Jillian, Leanne, Kara). Although some imitation/influence is always a fact of life, isn't the sign of a great designer something that only reminds you of that person (and I'm thinking of Leanne here, but also Rami, Uli, etc.)

This collection makes me smile.

Tha hats are kind of goofy, though. The dark and monotone palate works here, since the focus seems to be on form and texture. Very chic and tasteful without being boring. Thumbs up.

I would wear Look 3 anywhere anytime any minute of the day. I'm in love with it. Most of the rest are also fab, it's just a shame so much of the workmanship is lost because of the black.


Some of these looks are so reminiscent of Jay's inspiration challenge from season 1.

This is the winner for sure. All the looks were awesome. The hats were great and you get the cohesiveness needed for a show. Hope I can buy those pieced leggings (#9) someday.

Two points:

1) Total Jillian knockoff - cheaper, and not as well done

2) The model in the huge grey coat (about halfway down, I lost count) looks like an alien. It's distracting, I had to look at it several times before I realized how much I actually like the coat.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kirby said...
...Unlike Jillian's armor helmets, these shark hats look cheap.

I beg to differ with you on the hats. These hats (in my estimation)were made with old school millinery techniques. They look like hand blocked custom made hats that would be very expensive, to me. At the very least who ever made them had a lot of skill and put a lot of time and effort into it.

Oh for god's sake. too dark.

After seeing pics of all three final collections,
Season 6, I'm sorry, but you're out!

In-so-far as this collection goes:
strongest POV; well-contructed; cohesive. I think it will win.

**But** since these three collection were a bit meh (at least for me), if this season doesn't air soon, I think that for PR, not only has the shark been jumped but a stake has been driven into its heart.



Seriously, I can't get past the color enough to look at this.

I love this one! Too bad we may never know who this is or who the winner was....


Gee..are we all so depressed with the recession the runways are gloom and doom as well. some gorgeous pieces in this collection though.

To add yet another unnecessary comment (because it's my right as an American and TLo fan):

Winner. Not because it's so awesome, but because it has a similar aesthetic to Number 1, and shows it up considerably both in terms of construction and ideas. However, I have to say I prefer the styling on the models of the Number 1 show.

Number 2? Meh. was that a maternity dress in there? And I hate, hate, hate, the hair on the models. It takes a lot to make Amanda Fields look unattractive. (Though the blue color was amazing on her).

Peace out all.

some of the coats where not that well fitted on the models and the collection seemed to be dark. Love the lattice details on the garments especially on the black gown. Love the hats too reminiscent of Jillian Lewis...

This one is clearly the front runner against the other two. Number two was alright, though it reminded me a bit of Sweet Pea and a lot of it looked maternity. this one makes me think of Jillian because of the outerwear and helmets, but edgier.

My early bet-- this is Althea's collection

this collection is actually quite similar in theme to project runway canada's s2 winner, sunny fong's final collection- though i have to say sunny did it better

I want to see Malvin Vien's portfolio before I make a guess on this one. Didn't he say something about exterior skeletons?

If this were a video Daily Double, the question would be "What do you wear to a hipster's funeral?"

Actually, I like many of these pieces. It's just that all together, they're a bit overwhelming with their darkness and lack of color.

I wasn't sure where to post this but since it concerned the finale I figured I'd post it here. Does anyone else remember an interview with Tim Gunn where he implies that in order to keep the finale collections secret without using decoy collections Lifetime did something really creative. For some reason I remember him saying it was something he never would have thought to do. I have troubles thinking that Tim Gunn never would have thought to not have the designers at the finale- it seems like the only other options outside of decoy collections. Maybe I'm way overthinking it and just trying to find a way to excuse these collections but has it occurred to anyone that these aren't the real finale collections.

I'm probably losing it. I should stop thinking about PR but I can't wait for the 20th.

That's one possiblity Anon or what if the final 3 have to design another collection for the September 09 fashion week and they are judged on both.

this collection is nothing like Sunny Fong's from PR Canada 2. I do get where you're coming from but this collection is way more structured, detailed, and tough.

and to the person who can't stop thnking about what Tim said - i think he just means that the designers wouldn't be presenting their collections, which hasn't been done before.

and my guess is that this is Althea's collection...her portfolio shows a lot of this similar detail.

to anyone who was at this event- what music was used in this show?

this looks like its johnny's

The text revealed:

25. Because Just When You Take the Empire State Building for Granted, It Seduces You Again

3. Because Robert Moses Would Have a Coronary If He Were to See Our Streets Now

52. Because Even in These Times, People Are Still Opening Stores

58. Because Every Once In a While, There Is Dancing in the Streets

As much as I would like to think Ari Fish did this collection, I think if she liked NYC so much she wouldn't be living in Kansas city. She would also have had more color.

The whole collection seems to be inspired by NYC now that I look at it, with the weaving techniques reminiscent of art deco skyscrapers such as the Chrysler and Empire State buildings.

The contestants revealed to be living in NY are Malvin Vien, Carol Hannah, Qristyl Frazier, Althea Harper, Irina Shabayeva, Nicolas Putvinksi,& Rodney Epperson.

I'm guessing one of these people did the 3rd collection.

How in the world did you find that article Al? Great dectective work on your part.
I had noticed the scrawling writing and could make out some of the words on the t's back when they were originally posted, but would have never guessed it was lifted from a magazine article.
These additional phrases (reasons )are also on the t's

The avant garde is our playpen

It has become a world capital of philosophy

We're resilient

Because people will still do crazy things to live here

Madonna is

My money is still on Malvin, for now anyway.

This season's finale collections are sooooo season 4-esque.

The 2nd collection is so Rami-esque, and this one is so Jillian-esque with Christian influent. Or is it Christian-esque with Jillian influent?^^

I thought the 2nd collection was the best, until i see this one. Now, I can't decide which one is the best.

But this collection, marveleous construnction, but they are sooooo black. I'm 99% sure the judges is going to give that comment. It's probably Christian-esque in the colour and Jillian-esque in the construction.

Can't stop doing the "esque" talk.^^

My bet is on Irina for the designer of this collection. Let's hope my detective work is right!

Just to add... Kalyn is rocking one of the outfits:

Kalyn was picked by Irina in the last ep.


Hmmm.... While I would have guessed Althea, does anyone else think the hats might tie this to Shirin? She's selling hats on the seenon site, she's wearing one in the opening credits...

Don't let all the leather fool you, this is not Althea's collection.

Seriously... take a good look at Irina's website, the stuff TLo posted her was only the tip of the iceberg. She is not just shiny fabrics.

She is definitely not a one trick pony, and this collection does read as hers... specially in the styling of the models, the usage of fur, and her attention to detail.

I think this is Logan's collection. He does leather, some of the outfits in his portfolio have similar constructions as the pants, and he also uses hats as a design element.

I'm back and forth if this was really Althea's collection or not since the first collection is similar to Althea's sketches.

But after seeing episode 3 and how Althea created the avant garde look (and the fact that she lists "architecture" as one of her inspirations), is it safe to say this is her collection?

I think looking at the aesthetic and models of this collection that this collection belongs to


Irina Shabayeva. Her aesthetic is more winter wear with an edge. She likes the darker colors sometimes and this seems to fit her persona. She makes wearable clothes with some edge. I love this collection, especially that one strap evening gown. I can tell that would move beautifully on the runway. I believe that this New York themed collection would fit Irina's New York personality and also looking at Kalyn the model, whom Irina seems to like and has stuck it out with, this collection will be the winner as it is just gorgeous.

Okay the bodice on the Avant- garde look of team Althea/Louise is very similar to the some of the work in this collection.
Althea's name has come up a few times, but what about Louise? Her level of workmanship is very high, some of the pieces in this collection are corset-y, there is the darkness in her work, and also a bit of a 20's vibe in this collection....

But Althea was the one who picked the fabrics for the avant garde right? And she said something along the lines of "so I could execute the vision I have in my head."

Doesn't that mean that she was the one who designed the look?

I'm thinking Logan could've done this one or collection #1. Like a poster above stated, he does leather. Based on pre-show work, the only designers who do leather are Logan and Althea.

Logan's portfolio contains several looks that share similar detailing as the pants in look #11. His use of hats on the show and in his portfolio is also notable - none of the designers on the show have actually MADE a hat, whereas he did (surfwear inspired challenge). He also uses fur: look him up on ModelMayhem and check out his pictures. One features a little inspiration board, which has fur patches on it.

So I'm thinking this is Logan's collection. Well. Maybe...

I'm going with Althea. If you watch her in person audition, she does lots of looks like this.

Damn! I'm kinda conflicted. I'm sensing an Eastern European vibe here.

Gordana or Nikolas. I need a few more weeks to deliberate.

Augusta pretty much summed it up for me. Look at the models, that should be the dead giveaway. By now all the designers have shown which models they want. This collection was done by a New Yorker, and I am so certain that New Yorker is Irina.

All-Girl Finale, Irina FTW.

Nicholas. I'm 95% sure it's him. He can really straps very well... his first dress (on the show) is quite eye catching^^

After seeing Episode 4, collection one seems to be Althea's, and three Shirin?

i feel confident this collection is by althea-she's inspired by architecture and has many sketches that have this criss crossing detail. althea works with leathers and knits as well, as seen in her portfolio.

i know collection 1 has leathers+knits but that collection is DEFINITELY designed by a straight guy-logan.

i know you all are also saying that this is irina's because kalyn is here-but guess what, they could always switch or ask the models to chose. this just doesn't look like irina's aesthetic at all.

I think collection 3 is Althea's. At first I was questionable if collection 1 was hers because her model is the beautiful african american girl but after a look at next week's episode they have to change models (I believe). Althea is so creative and architectural and collection 1 looks nothing like she would do...even though it is leather. There's just no creativitiy to collection 1. I could be wrong though.

The newspaper challenge makes me think this is Irina's: the "fur", the silhouette, the coat/knits... all strike me as being very similar to this collection.

So many designers this season have similarities in their aesthetics. I go back and forth over whether this collection is by Althea or Irina. I feel as the competition goes on I'm more convinced this collection is by Irina. The birds on the t-shirts are dead give aways.

Just to remind people, while it might be Irina's, Louise did live in NYC and is moving back there. She also did the headline thing in the newspaper challenge which reminds me of those pants.

This is a pretty rad and impressive collection (although I get emo without much use of color, hence why I'm wavering between Collections #2 and #3).

Well, Leanne had a soft color explosion, so I guess it's okay to alternate.

Since the Top 10 has more girls than any other season (6), unless this goes the way of Survivor: Vanuatu (epic fail, long live Ami & Eliza), they're pushing for a female winner. But is the All-Female-Finale guaranteed? Because I get an Epperson vibe from the middle outfits....And an Irina/Althea one elsewhere. Some mentioned Logan. I'LL DIE IF IT'S NICOLAS, UGH. Maybe even some Shirin? Oy vey.

Again, as I've said elsewhere, I have strong vibes that these could be decoys planted early to make us THINK these are the Final 3, while the actual Final 3's collections were concealed in plain sight in the same or another show. (The Weinsteins are sneaky bastards, and I believe PR would do anything to prevent spoilers/leakage.) So, let's not jump to conclusions just yet.

As long as Nicolas doesn't make the Finale and a FEMALE wins, I will be quite pleased.

Please let Althea win, PR lords!....Also, please don't her collection be Collection #1 =\.

And by the way, those hats totally scream BATGIRL.

My guess is Epperson.

He likes darker, earthy colors. He likes romanticism, deconstruction, and creating texture through straps and the like.

Well these won't look out of place in either a Rick Owens or Yohji Yamamoto F/W collection. My guess is Epperson because he 1) hails from NY, 2) likes Yohji

althea's family was in the front row during the show..maybe this collection is by her!

I would be shocked if this wasn't by Irina at this point.

Did anyone else notice the gray t-shirt with bird graphic and gnarled twigs that Louise was wearing when they were given the challenge, in last nights (Macy's) episode? Damn, I thought it looked like it popped right out of this collection. But then she was given the AUF' .

Model in the 7th (?) look is Kalyn.
Plus, her audition video shows her working with tooled leather, a la the first garment, so I'm going with Irina.

There's little doubt this is Irina. Looking at her work on the show thus far, she does go back to that "V" shaped design a lot. And although they can be a little reminiscent to Lianne's pedals, I think it was more a variation of the "V" pattern she likes.

And is it just me, or is that second to last model Melissa from season 1?

Looking at last night's challenge, I think this is Althea's collection. Look at all the criss-crossing fabric designs in these garments. Just like in her Mackie/Aguilera dress last night and I think I've seen her do it once before this season.

This is Irina. Black bondage -- who knew? Hate the hats too.

Definitely Irina.

This one should win. Lots of interesting looks, detail, etc.

Probably Irina- with the remote possibility of Logan.

Very cohesive, elegant, and well-made.

NEEDS color. Which is one of the reasons why I like the second one best.

Almost undoubtedly Irina, and quite deservedly the winner, unless the producers decide to give the win to another designer based on personality.

Which I'm not sure I'd mind at this point, because I'd hate to see as vile a person as Irina get rewarded for her behaviour.

Upscale Cat Burglar outfits.

Very useful in today's economy as Cat Burglary is probably a profession that is or soon will be on the rise. : )

I thought there were some very nice pieces. It might be the winnner. It's difficult to tell because the monotone-ness of the collection gives it the most pulled together vibe of all three colections, but it also makes it so DAMN BORING. It's tricky tricky tricky, and why rely on tricks? So that we don't see you just sent the same design down the runway again and again.
Plus, I don't like T-shirts for this collection.
Maybe I'm just being nitpicky because it's Irina's (right?) colection and I can't that she hasn't actually been critiqued tgis season.

Irina's for sure. She wins.

It's pretty dark and dismal for me but does suit the times. I wish I could see the details. The one closeup of the shoe shows some cool detailing on the pant that is not visible in the larger photos.

I would say in order: Irina wins (this collection), Carol Hannah second (second collection), Althea a distant third (first collection).


Sounds good to me, I agree.


Whoops, I mean I agree about who's collection is whose, but I think Collection #1 (Althea's?) should be second place - not feeling #2(Carol Hannah's?) much.

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