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Make Me A Supermodel Season 2: Meet CJ

CJ, 18
Hometown: San Ramon, Calif. Resides in Danville, Calif.

CJ is a driven and confident woman, who likes to always be in control as she juggles her busy life. Currently an engineering student, she also works as a private investigator. CJ lives with her boyfriend in her hometown of San Ramona, Calif., and is a motorcycle stunt enthusiast. A huge fan of the outdoors, CJ loves shooting, rock climbing, and soccer, which she has played for ten years. She's been modeling since July, when she signed with Revolution management.

[Photos and bio:]

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engineer/private eye/motorcycle stuntwoman/rockclimber/model...

she sounds like a comic book character.


I agree! Comic book hero awesomeness.

I'd like to see more pictures. Can't tell much from these. At least she looks pretty good in these Bravo pics unlike a lot of them.

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